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The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Pinwheels

  • Published on Jun 27, 2012
  • The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Pinwheels
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  • tropicwave1
    tropicwave1 15 days ago

    The Smashing Pumpkins

    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun
    Say, I got you, I got you
    Sister Sun
    Lovers of the tune
    Sing, I got you, I got you, I got you

    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    [As the view]
    Floating away, I think I'll stay in blue light
    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    Next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss in you
    Cuz you don't deserve me
    I know, that I deserve you

    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun, Say,
    I got you, I got you
    Sister Sun
    Lovers of the tune, Sing
    I got you, I got you
    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun, Sing
    I got you, I got you
    Oh I got you
    Oh I got you
    Mother Moon

    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    [as the fuse]
    Floating away, I think a day with you
    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    Next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss in you
    Cuz you don't deserve me
    But I deserve you
    Flowers for the May Queen
    But life for the prayers
    If nobody wears
    And what is loss, if I've got you

    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

  • alonso 05-06
    alonso 05-06 2 months ago

    This is a hugely underrated album by miles, if alternative hadn't been so commercialized I believe it had the potential to evolve into more like this, I've been a fan since day one and I say this album and current Pumpkin music is as good as their past, just matured for me. Thanks Billy and Pumpkins.

  • pauloing1 pauloing1
    pauloing1 pauloing1 2 months ago

    Good, but usesless 48 sec intro.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 6 months ago

    Reminds me of 99 Floors from their residency at the Fillmore.

  • Martin Bradley
    Martin Bradley 6 months ago +1

    Any yahoos listening DEC 2018 ?

    • scatalin09
      scatalin09 4 months ago

      Martin Bradley would February 2019 do? ;)

  • Daniel Perugini
    Daniel Perugini 7 months ago

    Cute song.

  • Jorge Luis Muñoz Carrasco

    So fantastic, Oceania is a great album, one of their best, an Odyssey. This song is so inspiring!

  • Dorsia Rez
    Dorsia Rez 7 months ago

    Pumpkins fan from the beginning, and I think this (album) is as close to sounding like the OG Pumpkins as anything that Billy has attempted since the break up. Pinwheels is definitely a song I'd confidently throw into a Pumpkins mix. To me, it's not a song that would have felt "off" if it were somewhere on Mellon Collie. Certainly not as off as Cupid de Locke. be clear, I actually love Cupid de Locke. I appreciate it for the variety that it brought to the table, and I think Pinwheels would have fit right in.

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 7 months ago +1

    Its kind of hard to listen to this song because its incredibly overwhelming and beautiful it fills me with all sorts of different emotions sad, and happy. Its pretty phenomenal

  • Roiy Benkel
    Roiy Benkel 8 months ago

    Mother moon
    Mistress of the sun, say
    I got you, I got you
    Sister soul
    Lover of the tune, sing!
    I got you, I got you, I got you
    Floating away I thing I'll stay as refused
    Floating away I thing I'll stay blue-black
    Floating away I thing I'll change next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss seem new
    'Cause you don't deserve me
    But I deserve you
    Mother moon
    Mistress of the sun, say
    I got you, I got you
    Sister soul
    Lover of the tune, sing!
    I got you
    I got you
    Mother moon
    Mistress of the sun, say
    I got you, I got you, oh I've got you
    I got you, I got you mother moon
    Floating away I thing I'll stay as refused
    Finding a way to make the loss seem now
    Floating away I thing I'll change next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss seem new
    'Cause you don't deserve me
    But I deserve you
    Flies for the may queen
    But life for the prince
    If nobody wins
    Then what get's lost?
    If I've got you

  • Peter Barnes
    Peter Barnes 10 months ago

    God I love this song.

  • Henry TheGreatAmerican
    Henry TheGreatAmerican 11 months ago +3

    song starts around 1:27

  • J Cureton
    J Cureton Year ago


  • Paul King
    Paul King Year ago

    We're getting married to this next year

  • Thomas Ramquist
    Thomas Ramquist Year ago

    This album was a bit ahead of its time... to me has fully " marinated"... this album would win a Grammy if it was released now... in 2017

    • Frank Anderson
      Frank Anderson Year ago

      Agree it gets better with every listen, still. But Billy Corgan nor his band will ever receive a Grammy under any circumstances at this point. He has never gotten anywhere near the credit that he deserves as an artist. If he had Mellon Collie would be in the top five of every "greatest albums of all time" list that gets printed. However, now he has been labeled with the label that makes him less than human in the eyes of all the established media, musical and otherwise. A Trump supporter. Darcy certainly got her payback with that little remark. Its not actually based on anything he has actually said, though one could infer that he doesn't align with the leftist media's talking points, he hasn't came close to being a "supporter" of Trump in reality. If he had been labeled a satan worshipping pedophile who wondered around his house each morning in a dress while drinking the blood of infants that he had just sacrificed with his bare hands he would be fine. In fact, that would probably assure him of multiple Grammies. But not with the "Trump supporter" label. To top it off, he committed another unpardonable sin by exercising his free speech and appearing on Infowars. What he actually said while there doesn't matter, just making an appearance there is enough to completely end the career of any musician who didn't already have 25 years worth of fans. This album certainly does marinate its way into your soul though, doesn't it.

  • Lizette Cortes
    Lizette Cortes 2 years ago +1

    i love this album

  • tropicwave1
    tropicwave1 2 years ago

    corrected lyrics

  • tropicwave1
    tropicwave1 2 years ago +4

    Smashing Pumpkins
    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun
    Say, I got you, I got you
    Sister Sun
    Lovers of the tune
    Sing, I got you, I got you, I got you
    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    [As the view]
    Floating away, I think I'll stay in blue light
    Floating away, I think I'll change
    Next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss seem new
    Cuz you don't deserve me
    I know, that I deserve you
    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun, Say,
    I got you, I got you
    Sister Sun
    Lovers of the tune, Sing
    I got you, I got you
    Mother Moon
    Mistress of the Sun, Sing
    I got you, I got you
    Oh I got you
    Oh I got you
    Mother Moon
    Floating away, I think I'll stay
    [as the fuse]
    Floating away to make the loss seem new
    Floating away, I think I'll change
    Next to you
    Finding a way to make the loss seem new
    Cuz you don't deserve me
    But I deserve you
    Flies for the May Queen
    But life for the Prince
    If nobody wins
    And what is loss, if I've got you
    Songwriters: Corgan, William Patrick
    Pinwheels lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

  • Katy Likens
    Katy Likens 4 years ago +1

    Just saw this song performed live...."In Plainsong" tour. Amazing!

  • vinnykster
    vinnykster 4 years ago +39

    Oceania is a masterpiece! Fans and critics that bash the more recent Pumpkins are just bandwagon/casual fans. The core audience like me gets what Corgan is doing. I'm not listening to songs like this one and going "OK if this doesn't sound or make me feel like Zero or Disarm did then it sucks" No. That is not a good way to judge it. Because its a different fucking song, a different feeling, different time and place. Its equivalent to me asking someone to behave as they did at a different time whether it be months years ago. To behave and be the same exact person is an impossibility. Some people that you knew then are dead now. Different people are in your day to day life and same with experiences. Music is a time capsule. If fans understood this fact maybe they'd enjoy the music more.

    • Greg Spradlin
      Greg Spradlin Month ago

      @Frank Anderson This is true. I'm tired of Bandwagon fans.

    • TheCandyHole
      TheCandyHole 4 months ago

      @Megafayce basically what he said, w/e I like it.

    • Hallucination
      Hallucination 9 months ago

      Sadly in todays music world if a band released an album like this nobody would ever hear it because nobody in the industry would help promote it even in the slightest. As good as this album is the only reason those who heard it did was because it had the Smashing Pumpkins name attached to it.

    • Hallucination
      Hallucination 9 months ago

      Exactly! I posted my other comment just now before reading yours but you're bang on.

    • Hallucination
      Hallucination 9 months ago

      haha! I love how you suggest ina round about way that the core fanbase will love anything regardless. Basically calling them sheep. I loved this album because it's good not because I've been a Pumpkins fan from the begining. Reality is not everyone will like this and if someone has been a fan for years and even a hardcore fan if they don't like this that doesnt automatically make them a casual fan. It's hilarious to me how people like yourself find ways to make being a fan some fucked up competetion.

  • Matt Chase
    Matt Chase 4 years ago +7

    definitely the closest he has gotten to a great album since the 90's

    • Ben Moore
      Ben Moore 8 months ago

      I put zwan an the unreleased zwan as my fave an imo most closest to the oldschool broke my heart when they broke up. Love this album an if all goes wrong dvd

    • Matt Chase
      Matt Chase 4 years ago +4

      My biggest problem with monuments is that it feels so disjointed and as if each song, while good in their own way, just doesn't have that lasting appeal and effect. One and all is definitely the best track and on its own, one of his better songs in a long time, but the rest of the album is a tad boring for my personal tastes.

    • Mindcrackings
      Mindcrackings 4 years ago +2

      @vinnykster Can't say I agree with you about monuments. But I absolutely love Oceania.

    • vinnykster
      vinnykster 4 years ago +2

      Zeitgeist, Teargarden, Glow/Superchrist, Monuments are all money albums right up there with 90's. It's a matter of listening to it with an open mind and without living in the past. I would take any of these more recent Pumpkin's song collections with me to a desert island.

  • Eric Upperman
    Eric Upperman 4 years ago +14

    I hated this song when i first listened to it; now i love it. Things are weird.

    • An Elephant
      An Elephant 2 years ago +1

      i know ayyyy

    • zeldafan734
      zeldafan734 4 years ago +1

      @vinnykster Exactly what I was thinking. The track Oceania on this album is a testament to this.

    • vinnykster
      vinnykster 4 years ago +1

      That's why SP new stuff is great. It grows on the listener because it's not pop garbage. Corgan has a ton of things going on in his songs so it takes time for the listener to catch up to that.

    • zeldafan734
      zeldafan734 4 years ago +3

      @Eric Upperman I couldn't agree more. This whole album was that for me. Now I love it!

  • Wallace Gaming Unactive
    Wallace Gaming Unactive 4 years ago +4

    Never had a listen to any new Pumpkins stuff until now although I love their old stuff I have to say its all great! especially this album

  • HanM
    HanM 4 years ago

    Very similar to Ma Belle, which I prefer.

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott 5 years ago

    I think I'll change...Next to you.

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott 5 years ago +16

    Pumpkins. Helped me through life.

    • C. A. Aguirre
      C. A. Aguirre 2 years ago +1

      Im in a mayor depression by now, this song has enlighten me...

  • Justin Bowlin
    Justin Bowlin 5 years ago +27

    I love this album. Haven't smiled so much listening to a Pumpkins/Corgan album since Mellon Collie.

    • jak2324
      jak2324 Year ago

      mikeisagodd2012 no you

  • Frank Dozier
    Frank Dozier 5 years ago

    If nobody wins then what gets lost if I've got you?

  • SuperDungeonBoy
    SuperDungeonBoy 5 years ago +1

    YES! YES! I love this !

  • Ricky Jay
    Ricky Jay 5 years ago +1

    Amazing song. SP for ever

    THExRAZGRIZ 5 years ago


    THExRAZGRIZ 5 years ago +3

    it really pisses me off that some hardcore SP fans don't like this album just because its different. those same people would've hated houses of the holy back in the day because its a bit of an experiment.

  • Benjamin A
    Benjamin A 5 years ago +3

    I really like this one. Oceania was the best album they've put out since the 90s, I'm glad to see Billy got back into a legit sound for the Smashing Pumpkins name.

  • overanether
    overanether 5 years ago

    That's Nicole Fiorentino singing. She's the bass player. Jeff Schroeder told Billy they shouldn't bring in any extra musicians, to keep it tight with just the 4 of them. I like the result. But wouldn't rule out any experimentation in the future...

  • Frank Dozier
    Frank Dozier 5 years ago

    Me too. It has become one of my favorite songs.

  • roosterwrite
    roosterwrite 5 years ago +1

    xro1983 obviously you know absolutely nothing about music or Billy Corgan. Let's keep expecting them to remake Siamese Dream over and over and over again. You probably thought Coda or Physical Graffiti was garbage as well.

  • xro1983
    xro1983 5 years ago

    What is this FUCKING GARBAGE?!? This is NOT SP! I want SP back NOW!!,,,,,

  • Jerome Green
    Jerome Green 6 years ago

    You can do it. Every time.

  • Rick Lloyd
    Rick Lloyd 6 years ago

    Like the acoustic breaks, but those synth sounds I've heard on every other song made in the last 5 years.

  • Brunella
    Brunella 6 years ago

    WHO 'baba o' riley' influence? Nice song btw.. ;)

  • Jonnie Bassett
    Jonnie Bassett 6 years ago

    I thought the exact same :3

  • lantern1002
    lantern1002 6 years ago

    Didn't think I was gonna like this song at first, but it's really grown on me. :)

  • oberon960
    oberon960 6 years ago +1

    Man I swear this has a The Who feel to it..

  • Nexstarcrazyness
    Nexstarcrazyness 6 years ago

    It sounds like a very raw MCIS track. That this is like 60% of a fully produced MCIS track.

  • rvfgfgu5u
    rvfgfgu5u 6 years ago


  • Fernando Sousa
    Fernando Sousa 6 years ago

    the best song in this album! love it!

  • scatalin09
    scatalin09 6 years ago

    So beautiful it makes you cry! Can't wait to see them again in July!

  • Swordof zaLord
    Swordof zaLord 6 years ago

    pure genius, love this song, love every song smashing pumpkins has made.

  • libertarianjury
    libertarianjury 6 years ago

    Everything Billy does is art. He never went away. Music for the soul. Music that keeps you alive. Music for the pre-Singularity.

  • VendettaAllan
    VendettaAllan 6 years ago

    So tender. Love it.

  • baan58adam
    baan58adam 6 years ago


  • TheAlibabatree
    TheAlibabatree 6 years ago +2

    The Rolling Stones write their music collectively (mostly Richards and Jager), but they all contribute... Smashing Pumpkins music has always been written by Corgan; that's the difference.

  • maikai196
    maikai196 6 years ago

    Well that's just his opinion.

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 6 years ago

    billy is the pumpkins. iha and wretzky were nothing more than stage presence. that counts for something iguess but if they were still togther this album wouldn't sound very different at all.

  • angelfatal
    angelfatal 6 years ago

    Really great song, love it, amazing, makes me cry of happyness, i dont know, its so epic, thanks BC :)

  • Swami Chihuahuananda
    Swami Chihuahuananda 6 years ago

    "From boy with rockets in his head to man with shining mind"
    (Bill Nelson) Nice to see BC aging well ; would love to hear some instrumentals....

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 6 years ago

    He never can be though: this is Billy Corgan with a fresh group of musicians. I suppose he has the (legal) right to call it "Smashing Pumpkins", but the Rolling Stones maintained its member list. Corgan wasn't able to do that.

  • zeecarflip
    zeecarflip 6 years ago

    It's scary how this song touched me today. I'm amazed. Thanks

  • dwk67
    dwk67 6 years ago

    It sounds like Billy finally found his muse from the Saimese Dream-Mellon Collie era again. This is a beautiful track and would fit nicely on either of those CD's. This song gives me the feeling of wistfully looking back on your youth in a video with all the happy, sad, and bittersweet emotions wash all over you at once, both wide eyed innocent and regretful at the same time...touching stuff.

  • Derrick Tyson
    Derrick Tyson 6 years ago

    The song began in my mind, Pre-0:00

  • cebrin
    cebrin 6 years ago

    To each their own I guess. It's a solid album but, I certainly wouldn't give it best of 2012. It is an opinion on both our parts certainly. :) I can't stop listening to the new Big Wreck album myself. It rawks!

  • mariellemaple
    mariellemaple 6 years ago

    at first i didnt like it now it speaks to me, this song is so beautiful, cant wait to hear it live

  • Cmonkey1980
    Cmonkey1980 6 years ago

    Do you like Pale Horse? For some reason I can't get into it, but I pretty much love everything else. I've only had the album for a few days though.

    • Anti Elijah
      Anti Elijah Year ago

      Cmonkey1980 Pale horse was my favorite on the album.

  • Cia Schipanski
    Cia Schipanski 6 years ago

    This kicks ass.

  • Dallas Lewis
    Dallas Lewis 6 years ago

    Intro reminds me of Baba O'Riley by The Who. Love this album though.

  • SimmyFlora1
    SimmyFlora1 6 years ago

    This song intro is in a Major key, but drop it to a Minor and it's the fuckin' "Halloween" theme. Michael Myers is Coming!

  • jeremywoot
    jeremywoot 6 years ago

    every second of this song transports me to another world

  • randomstuffandy
    randomstuffandy 6 years ago

    no doubt that this track should have started at 1:30. I usually love SP intros yet this one is empty and, imho, pointless in context. Even SP lovers (like me) are allowed to speak up sometimes? XxxX

  • Zach England
    Zach England 6 years ago

    The beginning reminds of (500) Days of Summer.

  • rafael cruz
    rafael cruz 6 years ago

    ke chingon tema pff me trasporta perroncicimooooooooooooo felizidades ala banda the smashing pumpkins

  • HatsOff2TheBull
    HatsOff2TheBull 6 years ago +1

    the reminds me of something by the Replacements, love it

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown 6 years ago

    One of the only Albums i think I have listened from start to finish and not skipped a single song.

  • GoneWithReality
    GoneWithReality 6 years ago

    Man I love this song; it's so beautiful!

  • Allan Vendetta
    Allan Vendetta 6 years ago

    I love this tune. Makes me feel so... happy (:

  • Frank Dozier
    Frank Dozier 6 years ago

    I agree. I've listened to it continuously since it came out. Usually I tire of an album after about a month. Not this one. This one really delivers.
    It is Billy's White Album, IMHO.

  • killbotone
    killbotone 6 years ago

    its like a cross between "pinball wizzard" and elbows "lippy kids"
    great album great song

  • Demention94
    Demention94 6 years ago

    i got youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • DistortedFaiths
    DistortedFaiths 6 years ago

    This song takes you out into a place completely unknown due to its eccentricity with all the alien-wave-like-sounding noises and dynamic strumming. This explains how it can be seen as space rock; it really pulls you out there.

  • Chris Pearson
    Chris Pearson 6 years ago

    Seriously, he needs to get those female back up singers in more songs. I think the band would be that much better with a few other voices along.

  • Vincent Davis
    Vincent Davis 6 years ago

    Such beauty, how does he do it? Genius.

  • Arthur Quotations
    Arthur Quotations 7 years ago

    An artist has to grow musically...Billy went from young kid with great talent, too mature man with great genius!

  • killbotone
    killbotone 7 years ago

    Reminds me of a cross between "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who and "Lippy Kids" by Elbow, beautiful stuff

  • Devan Gill
    Devan Gill 7 years ago

    This is solid proof that Corgan really knows how to put a song together.

  • Danton Steele
    Danton Steele 7 years ago

    oh boy, its like owl city and daisy...its very unique....I wonder if you or he feels that the foil album is like alice in wonderland...whats this the secret of no.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 7 years ago

    Let the Celestials bless you, Billy Corgan! Thank you!!

  • Flavio Pezzorgnia
    Flavio Pezzorgnia 7 years ago

    this is like a mayonaise from 2012. best song from the album!

  • Sara Haouzi
    Sara Haouzi 7 years ago

    This is a true album. You have to listen to the whole thing to absorb all the songs in context properly.
    You got me KO. I'm sorry... can you forgiuve me? I made a mistake, LOL!
    Fucking WOW.
    Man, the world is getting bacj iunto shape!
    Shall buy album now. This song made my mind up.
    Oh thanx... fuck me! Sam Van Halen instead.
    There's a sticker saying to wath for a fall tour. Billy's mentioned the tour. It featured some ne

  • znerrah
    znerrah 7 years ago

    unbelievable......... Im sorry SP... can you forgive me? can i please listen to you again? i made a mistake lol!

  • martin jones
    martin jones 7 years ago

    fucking wow

  • pizza
    pizza 7 years ago

    '_' ? ---> ( o.o ) ---> *o* !!!

  • dodu450
    dodu450 7 years ago


  • Nick M
    Nick M 7 years ago

    shall buy album now. this song made my mind up.

  • Dan
    Dan 7 years ago

    On the CD itself, there's a sticker saying to watch for a fall tour. Also, in many interviews this year, Billy's mentioned the tour. He wanted the CD to sink in with a lot of people before going on the road with it so the songs are familiar. On the last US tour they did, it featured some new songs and a lot of Gish/Pisces sprinkled with Siamese and MC&IS. He's said he doesn't want to be a traveling juke box so he leaves the songs like 1979 under lock and key.

  • Dan
    Dan 7 years ago

    They're going to be doing a Fall tour this year in the US. Keep your eyes open for the announcement. They're also going to be performing this CD in its entirety and follow the other part of the show with their older stuff. Don't expect songs like tonight,tonight or 1979. He refuses to play the big hits. Google it if you're still curious for more info.

  • no somos bloggers pero somos chidos

    Every track is marvellous!!!!!!

  • Takrezz
    Takrezz 7 years ago +2

    Intro remind me of the Who -Baba O'Riley.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 7 years ago

    The song begins at 2:11? Whaaa-? The beginning intro is the best part.

  • jonathan schulze
    jonathan schulze 7 years ago

    I'm going out driving in the middle of the night, just so i can roll down the windows and listen to this as the wind hits my face...

  • ale jad
    ale jad 7 years ago

    you're nice as cabbages for breakfast

  • Francisco Varas
    Francisco Varas 7 years ago

    the song begins at 0:00