Angry Russian Kid (Original)

  • Published on Aug 5, 2016
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Brett -
    Brett - 4 days ago

    Are these the actual words he’s saying?

    • rane
      rane 22 hours ago

      no lmao not even close. I dont think they swore once in the entirety of the video. The kid wanted to read something and although he was being a piece of shit, he was still polite in a way???

  • pig X
    pig X 4 days ago

    No matter where I looked I couldn’t find the real original version

  • Giedrius povilas
    Giedrius povilas 6 days ago

    2:17 got me😆😆

  • Darren Ong
    Darren Ong 8 days ago

    1:11 when you step on a Lego and you try not to cry

    MIGHTY PEANUT 8 days ago

    1:11 i charged my ipad at 2% but when i see its steal 2%

  • Francisco Saraiva
    Francisco Saraiva 10 days ago

    Era levar 2 bacalhaus naquela fussa que via o que era respeito

  • Nagy Juska
    Nagy Juska 13 days ago

    I never saw a kid like this ... it was beautiful

  • Pileci Batak
    Pileci Batak 14 days ago +1

    subtitles are fake, he said NO and in subtitles is WHAT -_-

    • Pileci Batak
      Pileci Batak 10 days ago +1

      @Bread Man ik bro

    • Bread Man
      Bread Man 10 days ago +1

      Lol all the subtitles are fake that's the joke XD

  • Take Studio II Official II

    1:37 illuminati

  • Shahrul Hafizi
    Shahrul Hafizi 16 days ago

    0:26 360 no scope 😂

  • Ducky Squad
    Ducky Squad 18 days ago

    Кыргыз Республикасы

    SOVIET CAMRADE 20 days ago

    I thinked Nyet is no

  • Olga Eduardovna
    Olga Eduardovna 21 day ago

    thats not what he is saying dude i speak russian

  • Delightfulrainbow 205

    the goddamn WWII music in the back tho wtf

  • Mister Glass
    Mister Glass 21 day ago

    That's not the real translate

  • Sean Jeremae Alejandrino

    1:11 when you notice that your mom deleted your fortnite account

  • Brat za brata Productions

    *THAT ARE NOT REAL TRANSLATIONS! I’m Russian, you can believe me*

  • Anastasy
    Anastasy 24 days ago

    The translate is not right
    Yes,i now russian

  • Windrunner
    Windrunner 24 days ago

    Actually subtitles are fully incorrect lol

  • Fate YT
    Fate YT 24 days ago

    This kid has definitely been snorting gfuel

  • Scalarr
    Scalarr 25 days ago

    The subtitles are wrong and this is not russian it's Belarusian or Ukrainian

  • Doomshop records
    Doomshop records 25 days ago

    Translator : this kid has problems me : *no shit Sherlock*

  • ZeuzBeast
    ZeuzBeast 25 days ago


    THE COLD SAMURAI 26 days ago +1

    This is not a gamer move dude uncool

  • Infousmascher Der Wahre

    His smile it scares me

  • Tiny Boi
    Tiny Boi 28 days ago +1

    1:11 *When all the pizza rolls are gone*

  • RetsuNii
    RetsuNii 29 days ago

    I predict the mom regrets stopping his gaming hobby.

  • Tosh Bat
    Tosh Bat 29 days ago

    His cheeks are raw af from all those rage tears

  • Vorr
    Vorr Month ago +1

    This isnt even the right translation. Im russian amd it is quite annoying when someone puts english substitles over words they dont know

  • McDonald’s burger ham __

    Poor chair LMAO

  • Kemal
    Kemal Month ago

    Why was there retarded military camping music in the background lmfao

  • Who Put You On This Planet Huh

    When your found hentai in your computer

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago +1

    1:42 true face of a demon I'm so freaked out

  • KuramaMiyazaki
    KuramaMiyazaki Month ago

    1:42 His face.. it reminds me.. of the devil.

  • William pellas
    William pellas Month ago +1

    Is he playing rainbow six siege

  • BittersweetOreo
    BittersweetOreo Month ago +2

    This Isn't Russian, this is actually Ukrainian

  • fallen angle
    fallen angle Month ago


  • The Sandwich
    The Sandwich Month ago

    Wrong translation

  • Just Souka
    Just Souka Month ago

    It wasnt what it means

  • Andrew Atavin
    Andrew Atavin Month ago

    Ого такой мальчик негодяй

  • Cute border Collie
    Cute border Collie Month ago

    Oh man i Dont wanna look

  • cyprian karpowicz
    cyprian karpowicz Month ago

    lol that kid is like me but 1000 worst xD

  • Georgedagamer 7
    Georgedagamer 7 Month ago

    This translate is very wrong

  • FeatTempl
    FeatTempl Month ago

    im russian but i know english soooo this translation is fake

  • CrazzySquirrel
    CrazzySquirrel 2 months ago

    that's actually ukrainian. But okay, close enough

  • Goku san
    Goku san 2 months ago +1

    Actually '' net'' meants no translating to English

  • Manambina Hates Cannibalism AUTTPH

    He is a kid and he say "cunt"

  • bing bong boi
    bing bong boi 2 months ago

    I can understand Russian and the subtitles are 225% correct

    BIG POPA PUM 2 months ago +1

    Isn't Sasha name of girl

    EVIL-HATE-FURY 77 2 months ago

    This translate iS not correct and it is not a russian kid its a Ukrainian kid

  • Starla
    Starla 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh this kid is crazy

  • Konstantin Kodjabashev
    Konstantin Kodjabashev 2 months ago +1

    My face when i had diarrhea and realized that there is no toilet paper 1:11

  • Konstantin Kodjabashev
    Konstantin Kodjabashev 2 months ago

    Substitles are wrong

  • Senko San
    Senko San 2 months ago

    Maybe give off the actual fucking translation.

  • Alicroc YT
    Alicroc YT 2 months ago


  • Sodj
    Sodj 3 months ago

    He's Ukrainian

  • Pilot Paul
    Pilot Paul 3 months ago +3

    When you realize that you’re out of pizza rolls

    DARTY 3 months ago

    It’s not the right translation

  • Playalexf - PvZ and Undertale

    Wrong translation.

  • small Kirb
    small Kirb 3 months ago +2

    I'm so glad I grew up with this:
    *Relaxing games*
    And not this:
    *Addicting games*