Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao - Highlights - Best Moments

  • Published on Oct 10, 2015
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, billed as The Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness, was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. It took place on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. won the contest by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 116-112 and the other 118-110. Although the fight was considered to be one of the most anticipated sporting events in history, it was largely considered a letdown by critics and audiences alike upon its broadcast.
    Despite predictions that Mayweather-Pacquiao would be the highest-grossing fight in history as early as 2009, disagreements between the two professional boxers' camps on terms for the fight prevented the bout from coming to fruition until 2015. The failure to arrange the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was named the 2010 Event of the Year by The Ring. Serious negotiations were kickstarted in 2014 by an unlikely source: a Hollywood waiter and part-time actor, Gabriel Salvador, made a key introduction between Pacquiao's trainer and confidant Freddie Roach and CBS President Les Moonves, who both worked to facilitate the match. By 2015, negotiations for the fight had been finalized, with all of the major issues that prevented the fight from happening in the past resolved, including purse split, drug testing, and location.
    The fight was televised through a pay-per-view (PPV) jointly produced by HBO and Showtime, the respective rightsholders of Pacquiao and Mayweather. In the Philippines, the fight was also broadcast in simulcast across three of the country's major broadcast television networks. The fight was expected to be the most lucrative in the history of professional boxing: with an initial estimate of 4.4 million purchases, the PPV alone broke revenue records in the U.S. with $410 million in revenue, making it the highest-grossing PPV in history, surpassing Mayweather-Álvarez in 2013. By September 2015, the figure had been amended to 4.6 million.The broadcast of the fight in the Philippines was watched by nearly half the country's households. Due to the record high price of the PPV, the fight was also widely broadcast through unauthorized online streams on services such as Periscope.
    Despite the large amount of hype that surrounded it, critics felt that the bout itself was disappointing, primarily citing Mayweather's defense-oriented strategy in the ring and Pacquiao's difficulty in landing punches on Mayweather. This had led to some critics re-labelling the fight 'Better Never Than Late' rather than 'The Fight of the Century'. It was later revealed following the event that Pacquiao had sustained an undisclosed injury to his right shoulder while training, and that while it had healed in time for the fight, he re-injured it during the 4th round. Further controversy emerged when it was alleged that prior to the fight, Mayweather had been administered IV fluids cleared by the United States Anti-Doping Agency through a retroactive "therapeutic use exemption"-an exemption, however, not authorized by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.
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    BoxEntertainment  4 months ago +88

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  • 김성호
    김성호 4 hours ago

    This game winner is pacquiao.....

  • Mrinmoy Gogoi
    Mrinmoy Gogoi 14 hours ago

    Manny was fighting with an injured shoulder...

  • Mrinmoy Gogoi
    Mrinmoy Gogoi 14 hours ago

    Boring match

  • Athing Remai
    Athing Remai 14 hours ago

    Mayweather is just a moneyboy.

  • Mark Condren
    Mark Condren 15 hours ago

    Pacquiao won every round

  • Damzkie Qouh
    Damzkie Qouh 16 hours ago

    The only one worse fihter the only one boring fihter ever floyd maywether

  • Phan Thị Đông
    Phan Thị Đông 17 hours ago

    Manny lose and thats it, shut up phillipines...

  • RMagico
    RMagico 23 hours ago

    Floyd is smart
    Manny is a fighter

  • Asiedu Harrison
    Asiedu Harrison Day ago

    Paccao was only hitting mayweather stomach and that can't be counted,May weather was blocking most of his punches and he hit paccao really well,so just be honest and stop the jealousy cus running part of game plan.if a football team is playing and the possession is 70- 30 but the one who get 30 win that doesn't mean the team is weak but it means they were the best on the pitch cus at the end of the day the win is most important.

  • Meljoy Bello
    Meljoy Bello Day ago

    This is an evidence proving that manny pacquaio won

  • Adi Kuba
    Adi Kuba Day ago +1

    Кыргыздар барбы??????

  • daudsastrajaya
    daudsastrajaya Day ago

    Pacquiao is the best more than mayweather.. pacman winner

  • neded9
    neded9 Day ago

    May weathers balance is awesome

  • Alex Millimo
    Alex Millimo Day ago

    Mayweather is king

  • Yamel Reyes
    Yamel Reyes Day ago

    Floyd mejor campeon corredor del ring nadie como el para correr, pinche zacaton

  • Fellipe Bonfim
    Fellipe Bonfim Day ago

    Esse cara aí pega muita vontade ela é esperta velho ditado espera o cara cansar para depois começar a bater do cara é isso aí

  • Anita Lu
    Anita Lu Day ago

    That is why boxing is never too to watch anymore! All fake as long as you can pay!!🙄Manny won apparently!

  • ayieu medom
    ayieu medom Day ago

    I watched this fight live and without a doubt Floyd surely lost this fight.

  • Ningma Sherpa
    Ningma Sherpa Day ago

    Omg who is the winner.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • natureboyinyourface

    Four years later, Manny is still beating the best a world champion at forty one years old! Floyd is fighting Mixed Martial Artists and kickboxers, he could've been so much more, we'll see who history remembers.

  • Obinna Ezeh
    Obinna Ezeh Day ago

    I reject the result

  • Dafuq Shiiit
    Dafuq Shiiit Day ago

    Keep in mind that this is a Manny Pacquiao that was knocked out by Marquez. Had this fight happen before the Pacquiao-Marquez 4, Mayweather could've been knock out cold. The Pacquiao we see here is a very careful one which is good and bad at the same time since his recklesness was gone which he needed for this fight specially for a guy like Floyd who likes to run around and push you during combat. It's obvious here that Pacquiao is being extra careful but still gave us a good performance.

  • Godfrey Mhochi
    Godfrey Mhochi Day ago

    Pacquao won the game but why the results was not upon him??

  • cuauhtzin martinez
    cuauhtzin martinez 2 days ago

    Mayweather is a cocky clown

  • Butsky Gomez
    Butsky Gomez 2 days ago

    Many Paquiao was paid on that fight👌

  • Evan mungai
    Evan mungai 2 days ago

    I still wonder up to date how mayweather won this

  • Ogie Cruz
    Ogie Cruz 2 days ago

    This only showed how scared Mayweather Jr of Paquiao and showed Paquiao intensity to knock Mayweather out, but Floyd just kept on backing off cause Floyd has no punching power

  • Ading Bagis
    Ading Bagis 2 days ago

    Take this bicht

  • Mechanical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer 2 days ago

    0:27 "Hard right hand again by Mayweather." wtf dude? They
    count as many Mayweather punch as possible. What a scam.

  • lazaro Hamisi
    lazaro Hamisi 2 days ago

    I wish these two boxers to come at our home land Tanzania and fight with #Mwakinyo #Twaha kiduku #Dulla Mbabe.
    #Vitasa plus#Heavy fist

  • lazaro Hamisi
    lazaro Hamisi 2 days ago

    I wish these two boxers to come at our home land Tanzania and fight with #Mwakinyo #Twaha kiduku #Dulla Mbabe.
    #Vitasa plus#Heavy fist

  • lazaro Hamisi
    lazaro Hamisi 2 days ago

    I wish these two boxers to come at our home land Tanzania and fight with #Mwakinyo #Twaha kiduku #Dulla Mbabe.
    #Vitasa plus#Heavy fist

  • Shaaban Ramadhan
    Shaaban Ramadhan 2 days ago

    My weather champion

  • Saule Sabieva
    Saule Sabieva 2 days ago

    Пакьяо 100%

  • Jonathan Lelhchhun
    Jonathan Lelhchhun 2 days ago

    This boxer chicken runner i dont like...

  • Ferdinand Dela Luna
    Ferdinand Dela Luna 2 days ago

    Floyd mayweather is coward

  • Connection Tv
    Connection Tv 2 days ago

    Foking American

  • Zaifun Vlogs
    Zaifun Vlogs 2 days ago

    Floyd scared ! he look like chicken😂

  • John Addison
    John Addison 2 days ago

    Haters be hating for life. Pro boxing ain't no street fight, PAC fought hard but Moneymay fought smart. That's why he's undefeated hate him or love him he's the smartest in the eing

  • Zhexi Xing
    Zhexi Xing 2 days ago

    This mayweather. Did he is a runner?

  • ND ND
    ND ND 2 days ago

    How Mayweather BEAT Pacquiao is unreal. People who say Manny won are only typing out of frustration and hate. 55 seconds in is amazing how Mayweather threw Pacquiao off balance! This should not be happening to a elite boxer like Pacquiao.

  • Donald Victor Abao
    Donald Victor Abao 2 days ago

    I remember when I watched this live. It was in a Chapel

  • Josiah Charles
    Josiah Charles 2 days ago

    If u see double impact from Maywether in 4:00 drop ur like!....

  • worship of living God

    Manny Pacquio won clearly!!honestly i found it unfair decision!

  • King Mahad
    King Mahad 3 days ago


  • Kaydenn
    Kaydenn 3 days ago +3

    U dont need to be an expert to see who won this fight. biggest robbery ever.

  • Tomas Puc
    Tomas Puc 3 days ago

    Un vil robo

  • Saqlain Farid
    Saqlain Farid 3 days ago

    Manny came in the ring to knock him out, but mayweather was just running to save his dump ass. Lol
    He a boxer only but manny is real fighter. Everyone can see how mayweather were looking the corner. 😅

  • Godfrey Lukas
    Godfrey Lukas 3 days ago +1

    Wabongo tujuane hapa kina mwakinyoooo

  • Shaymordon Roimov
    Shaymordon Roimov 3 days ago

    Здес победител Менни Паккиао. класс

  • Stevoo Vlogs
    Stevoo Vlogs 3 days ago +1

    Many is the best

  • Gorgonio Panes
    Gorgonio Panes 3 days ago

    Takbo nang takbo ang puta duwag makipag sabayan kay idol

  • afdul manaf
    afdul manaf 3 days ago

    Monyet hitam floyt

  • Rei Per
    Rei Per 3 days ago

    You dont know s#*t about boxing. Watch in half a speed slower and you will realise how fast these two actually are and what they are doing in the ring. Absolute chess match. The sweet science at work here. You score with punches landing not hitting arms and gloves! Close fight

  • FuzeLink180
    FuzeLink180 3 days ago

    When is number 2 happening

  • Sherwin Resureccion
    Sherwin Resureccion 4 days ago

    1:40 not hard right hand, its a hard right push,

  • Alexander Justine
    Alexander Justine 4 days ago

    Manny Robbed

  • rj bin
    rj bin 4 days ago

    boxing corruption👌

  • Hridoy Gogoi
    Hridoy Gogoi 4 days ago

    Mayweather Jr was running like a dog