BEST Biryani! & Food Tour of Kolkata India: Kathi Rolls!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Kathi Rolls, Biryani, and Ragulla sweets are some dishes that Kolkata is known for. In India, biryani is prepared in different ways according to region and Kolkata is no exception. The Kolkata biryani is known for its egg and potato in the dish, and I totally agree that it is a MUST.
    Bengali food is also prominent in this city, so in the final two locations, we tried the traditional and modern versions of the cuisine.

    2:30 Nizam's Rolls
    5:30 Nahoum and Sons (Cheese Samosa, garlic bread, fruit cake)
    8:00 Arsalan Restaurant (Biryani, mutton curry)
    13:28 Mithai (Rasgulla Sweet)
    15:35 Zeeshan rolls (Mutton Tikka Roll)
    17:54 Campari (Fish Roll)
    19:39 Bohemian (Modern Bengali Food)
    22:16 6 Ballygunge Place (Traditional Bengali Food)
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  • Rajdeep Kundu
    Rajdeep Kundu 14 hours ago

    Love that red dressed girl. Every bangali surly can guess why❤️

  • Napoleon Fontanosa II
    Napoleon Fontanosa II 18 hours ago

    The one in red is hot! 👍

  • Napoleon Fontanosa II
    Napoleon Fontanosa II 18 hours ago

    I studied Archaeology in college. And, Mike is right. Archaeology students actually study food. Especially where each food originated from and how/when they were introduced to another part of the world.

    RAKESH MITRA 3 days ago

    Wonderful thanks

  • MrMozoak
    MrMozoak 6 days ago

    I'm eating my humble ragi ball and peanut chutney while watching this's not fair..........

  • Sally Walker
    Sally Walker 8 days ago

    You didn't look like you were enjoying yourself.

  • TECH 3
    TECH 3 12 days ago

    you came to bengal but didnt eat the authentic bengali food

  • timmo
    timmo 13 days ago

    forget the food i`d take some poh pls.

  • Zaber Ansary
    Zaber Ansary 15 days ago

    Red girl looks very adorable and cute with her glasses and shy smile haha. 😍😍

  • apon nobin
    apon nobin 18 days ago

    When you coming to BANGLADESH? you missing out on HAJI'R BIRIYANI, KACCHI

  • alina ray
    alina ray 19 days ago

    Mikey please do come visit to odisha especially cuttack ❤️

  • The free mind indian
    The free mind indian 20 days ago +1

    Dude bengali's are actually the perfectionists at all

  • The free mind indian
    The free mind indian 20 days ago

    The brown rossogolla is actually made with Indian dates jagry flavoured

  • Aliva Salmeen
    Aliva Salmeen 21 day ago

    Both the girls looked so awkward!

  • S Halder
    S Halder 29 days ago

    I knew it you are the guy from chen dynasty ..... hi

  • abhisheksinghal94
    abhisheksinghal94 Month ago

    the girl in the red dress was soo godamn beautiful, i was only watching her.

  • gabh4x
    gabh4x Month ago +1

    I can see 2 mia khalifa's sisters

  • Fast Twitch
    Fast Twitch Month ago +2

    Never been to Kolkata, but discovered Bengali cuisine in Mumbai. This Lucknow boi is in love with Bengali food.

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    오세훈 Month ago

    If you want to have Bengali food then visit Bangladesh. You'd love the food here!

  • Tawfiq Comedy UK
    Tawfiq Comedy UK Month ago


  • Somalicious
    Somalicious Month ago +1

    I'm Bengali but brought up in London. The best biriyani I've ever had is when I've gone on holidays to Kolkata. I've even made my mum smuggle it back in her suitcase lol. There are like a million Indian restaurants in London but can't get Kolkata biriyani 😭😭

  • subhojeet sinha
    subhojeet sinha Month ago

    6th ballygunge place ❤❤

  • TameTusker Silly
    TameTusker Silly Month ago

    He is the Indiana Jones of food.😊🌹😊

  • Manag Muni
    Manag Muni Month ago

    2:38 are they Indians ?
    I'm from South India.
    They don't look like like us.
    Their dress style, attire is totally different like foreigners

  • R A Y
    R A Y Month ago +1

    3:40 The girl in the middle kinda reminded me of Mia Khalifa 🙆‍♂️

  • Sandeep Swain
    Sandeep Swain Month ago

    Hey mikey ! What was your best food experience in India

  • Ashish Jha
    Ashish Jha Month ago

    Hey any bengali girl here? Can you be my guide in kolkata?

  • Somedutta Sengupta
    Somedutta Sengupta Month ago

    You went to my city Mike! Yayyy!11 I met you last year at Clamour :)

  • Arpan Majumdar
    Arpan Majumdar Month ago

    Indian food has huge range...and it's not about meat only

  • Nishmitha B
    Nishmitha B Month ago

    Yea..i suggest u hv sauces.. I Kolkata is original for katti roles.. But Bangalore improvises every dish of every cuisines.. North indian..south indian.. Costal..seafood.. Like foe example.. Im sure i can made u try a kati roll which will blow ur in Bangalore

  • S5 boxster
    S5 boxster Month ago

    Mike you have to try Indian milk cake. I recently started watching your videos. Let me know if you tried it.

  • Jd Toledo
    Jd Toledo 2 months ago

    Si Asunta De Rossi pala sa india na naglalagi ngayon.

  • John Mekenro
    John Mekenro 2 months ago +1

    My lovely India ❤️

  • Sumit Verma
    Sumit Verma 2 months ago

    Why didn't u try mishti doi. It's one of the best dessert from kolkata. I m from Delhi and always have cravings for mishti doi.

  • Anant Shukla
    Anant Shukla 2 months ago

    how you make storage in your stomach man
    btw i hope you like our country"s food

  • Brandon Harwell
    Brandon Harwell 2 months ago

    I wonder if they were offended when he brought up burgers.

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams 2 months ago

    just watched this episode and totally different in normally what you do firstly well done and the fact you are showing 2 people eating with you..... also Mikey can you do more of those not just you eating all the time as you do have crew with you and would be nice to see them enjoying it too.... p.s. hope the camera man was fed greetings from Ireland and love all types of Indian food.

  • Dan C
    Dan C 2 months ago

    WHAT A CHEAP DUDE....camannnn bro

  • Adharsh Reddy
    Adharsh Reddy 2 months ago +6

    Mikey: *uploads a video with a thumbnail that says "best Biryani" and shows the Kolkata Biryani*

    Me: *Laughs and gets triggered in Hyderabadi*

    • Somalicious
      Somalicious Month ago

      @Adharsh Reddy lol. Pls also smuggle the biryani for me

    • Soumyojit Dey
      Soumyojit Dey Month ago +1

      Adharsh Reddy are hysterical & sagacious ...delve yourself and you would fathom out Kolkata biriyani is the most delicious and mouthwatering ...And ya...(I eat more spicy food though ) this love for spicy food would saccharize you with the sweets of are welcome chap.

    • Adharsh Reddy
      Adharsh Reddy Month ago

      @Soumyojit Dey I love Awadhi biryani too, just haven't tried the Kolkata Biryani yet. Even though I'm a sucker for maddeningly spicy food, I like to eat some mildly spiced food for a change.

      PS: But your biryani's got nothing on the Hyderabadi Biryani, Nemo.(I hope you get that reference lol)

    • Adharsh Reddy
      Adharsh Reddy Month ago

      @Somalicious oh you're gonna pay for that. I'm gonna smuggle some elaichi into your biryani!

    • Soumyojit Dey
      Soumyojit Dey Month ago +2

      Nizam boi, I honour the oldest hyderabadi chefs with cordon bleu. But needless to say, being a pan Indian ,you or me can't proof & predict the origin and real ecstasic taste & origin of biriyani. Your's are dum style & ours are mild, scented and tenderly cooked.I have seen North Indian homies rummaging for awadi or Calcutta biriyani

  • Ernest Yeap
    Ernest Yeap 2 months ago

    Luv your female companions

  • Shovo Sokal BD
    Shovo Sokal BD 2 months ago

    I m bangali 😍

    GREA-Z MONKEY MOTOVLOGS 2 months ago +2

    Damn son, you showed my house on video!

    Got a subscriber!

  • C J
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    Love ya Mikey, but sometimes u need to relax on the jokes! 🤫👌

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  • Dennis abo
    Dennis abo 2 months ago

    For a minute there I thought Mia Khalifa did a guesting with Mikey

  • Priti Das
    Priti Das 3 months ago

    I like kathi roll but in lacha paratha one.

  • Jayl
    Jayl 3 months ago

    Wow so far the Indian food presented is so greasy and rich. Is that their regular diet or this is more like outside food indulgence do they eat that home too? My Bengladashi friend says brown food even home cooking is usually unhealthy with little greens that’s why the general brown family has some health complications. But I’m not sure if that’s true let me know! Is the food usually unhealthy even for the general Indian home cooking?

  • Rohan Gupta
    Rohan Gupta 3 months ago

    Those two ladies look like hey what about us

  • rahul uddin
    rahul uddin 3 months ago

    nizam sa accha roll kio nahi banata ha sis.

    • rahul uddin
      rahul uddin 3 months ago

      @Mango Fango kon hay a log..kaha sa ata ha a log....

    • Mango Fango
      Mango Fango 3 months ago

      Dude you're deluded....Nizam won't even find mention in the list of ten best rolls in the city...

  • Huzaifa Mushtaq
    Huzaifa Mushtaq 3 months ago

    I love that sugar to punch me in the face. I'm that person who snorts that syrup after roshogolla

  • Abhijna rai
    Abhijna rai 3 months ago

    hy come to mangalore karnataka india u can try some good sea good ❤️❤️

  • Kads Roxx
    Kads Roxx 3 months ago

    That was my school winger 0:30

  • kamal singh Deo
    kamal singh Deo 3 months ago

    Will you fall in love with them 😂

  • FIFA Freestyler
    FIFA Freestyler 3 months ago

    bangali hole subscribe koro (i'm Britindian)

  • THE invincible channel with siddu

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  • Tushar De
    Tushar De 3 months ago

    I hate talking so much while eating... njoy the food first.. and the girl in red is a real foodie tryin biryani with hand.. Love u

  • Priyal Gajbhiye
    Priyal Gajbhiye 3 months ago +3

    You should've tried "Doodh malai" too it's a good desert 😍💙

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    MKB aSSaSin 3 months ago +1

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  • Riya's Rasoi
    Riya's Rasoi 4 months ago

    Your every video makes me hungry and my mouth gets full of water

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    Sadia Khan 4 months ago

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  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan 4 months ago +2

    He calls mutton "mutthon"

  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan 4 months ago +6

    He has excellent food vocabulary

  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan 4 months ago

    Y his eyes glued to only the darker sister? The fair one feeling left out

  • Aishwarya kumar
    Aishwarya kumar 4 months ago +4

    that girl said about my feelings regarding nizam's because i was disappointed too with their biryani and kathi roll,, i do not recommend nizam,, its overhyped.

  • Phiba Ckhynez
    Phiba Ckhynez 4 months ago

    Mark please come to meghalaya, i would love to eat with you....

  • Joel William
    Joel William 4 months ago +20

    The short lady looks pretty

  • Expeditioner
    Expeditioner 4 months ago

    There are many Kolkatans who rate Nahoum's cakes very highly. I personally don't understand the fuss about their cakes. I find them pretty average.

  • Suparna Nandi
    Suparna Nandi 4 months ago

    I've been to every restaurant you went to.... And they are pretty tasty .. and you really close to my house

  • Sweet Seconds
    Sweet Seconds 4 months ago

    I felt like I've carb loaded just watching this episode.

    KEVIN PEREIRA 4 months ago

    Sucks that they dont share his passion. For the food

  • Jeevsub
    Jeevsub 4 months ago

    She's so cute ugh

  • Sahal Rehman
    Sahal Rehman 4 months ago +1

    i don't like potatoes in my biryani even though potatoes goes with everything

  • brenda taylor
    brenda taylor 4 months ago

    These ladies were fantastic

  • Prodbyvivek
    Prodbyvivek 4 months ago

    Lmao, u said the the Kolkata biryani is the best biryani. Well Dumpling have u ever tried Hyderabadi Biryani AKA the BEST BIRYANI in the whole world, true now ppl from other states stop complaining saying u have better biryani than Hyderbadi, admit it u guys don't , but West Bengal has the best fish and HYDREBADI BIRYANI IS THE BEST BIRYANI just admit it don't try arguing..

      SREYASHI CHAKRABORTY 2 months ago

      He has tried Hyderabadi Biryani. Go n check the video.
      Stop overhyping Hyderabadi Biryani. Who puts coriander in biryani? Lol

  • n2b8r
    n2b8r 4 months ago +1

    Mikey's food guides are so outgoing and informative and their descriptions of the food are spot-on!

  • Mister LeCoy
    Mister LeCoy 4 months ago

    18:12 did he just say eggroll?................hasnt he ever heard of a croquette????...................and he claims to be food expert????........this is insane!
    the girl in the black shirt looks annoyed and wants to go home. the girl in the red shirt is more responsive.

  • Krishnendu Kundu
    Krishnendu Kundu 4 months ago +1

    Hay...even i take the same seat position...Yet Nizam biriyani and roll is traditional but they are very unhygien.. I with my family going to this restrurant to try biriyani.we observe , a couple come and order a mutton biriyani, they eat little but quarrelling among themselves and finally left. Then a restrurant stuff come to this table and took the left food,, look the surroundings and mixed with main biriyani handi......we are they can mix the dipping food with main handi....
    They compromised with public health ......

  • Moli Riba
    Moli Riba 4 months ago

    the look on girl at0:26 in the black😑

  • Shrestha Sharma
    Shrestha Sharma 4 months ago

    These two females seemed more into eating out than actually introducing things to him. The Mumbai hosts were way better.

  • Tomly Khonglah
    Tomly Khonglah 4 months ago

    Mr are really a monster eating

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    Mia khalifa

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    Pulkit Srivastava 4 months ago +1

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    raktima bose 4 months ago

    I am reaching for an antacid pill just by watching you eat all that food😱 by the way, I am a Bengali from Kolkata and can vouch that the sisters did a great job giving you a food tour of Kolkata👍🏼

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    Inko desh ka ijjat Se koi matlab nahe.

    • barun burman
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      Love. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ria Rio
      Ria Rio 4 months ago

      What do you even mean lol

    SANANDA NATH 4 months ago

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