First Day In LA (also 10 minutes of us annoying each other)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • So I attempted to fly to America and got turned down but I made it there eventually. SO much is happening here ur not prepared...
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Comments • 107

  • Cameron Drabble
    Cameron Drabble 15 days ago +1

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  • Cameron Drabble
    Cameron Drabble 15 days ago +1

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  • Evie Everall
    Evie Everall 19 days ago

    I have 2 questions. Is Jordan wanting children and can I help make them

  • Evie Everall
    Evie Everall 19 days ago +1

    “Hi I’m Millie T I smoke 40 a day and drink non stop and secretly attend AA meetings, but I love long walks in the beach and am a sucker for plastic surgery” 😂😂

  • Hana Beg
    Hana Beg 22 days ago

    9:20 moodddd

  • d x
    d x 27 days ago +1

    hey mil ik this is so irrelavant and i probs wont get a reply but are u still fighting fangs in august? X

  • sweet one
    sweet one 27 days ago


  • July May
    July May 28 days ago +5

    When Lewys started talking about Glee i died 😂

  • Sarah Bone
    Sarah Bone 28 days ago +5

    No one :

    Not a person:

    Millie : youuuuuberrrrrr

  • Zach M321
    Zach M321 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who got Lewis Glee references

  • blinky28890
    blinky28890 29 days ago

    "Still clapped" FFS Millie! Ahahhahahhhahahha

  • JayneeGoesViral
    JayneeGoesViral 29 days ago +6

    7:53 lewys talking about glee has made him a superior

  • sydney hudson
    sydney hudson Month ago +1

    What’s an Ester??

  • Owen Owens
    Owen Owens Month ago

    ✪ ✪ ✪

  • anna shah
    anna shah Month ago

    In the thumbnail you look somewhat similar to Grace Foley

  • georgina marsh
    georgina marsh Month ago

    Turned in to such a mess

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle Month ago

    I'm glad you and Jordan are still friends 😂

  • Phoebe Wright
    Phoebe Wright Month ago


  • Freya Mathews
    Freya Mathews Month ago

    Lewis was talking about glee hahahahaha

  • Freya Fitzpatrick
    Freya Fitzpatrick Month ago

    Millie and lewys’ videos literally make my life ahaha

  • Emily Marsden
    Emily Marsden Month ago

    You literally never post your not consistant 1 vid every 3 weeks ain’t good

  • Eira Brooks
    Eira Brooks Month ago

    I love you don’t listen to haters they are jealous xx

  • SF X
    SF X Month ago

    Why did the others not go?

  • Clara Rose
    Clara Rose Month ago +2

    Millie’s lips look so good omg

  • Phoebe Hardman
    Phoebe Hardman Month ago

    Best TheXvidr on the platform such a Queen tra xo

  • goddesthetic
    goddesthetic Month ago +1

    bet jordan breaks his ankle again

  • AgendaCompleteBliss !!

    What is wrong with your face?? You don't even look like the same person 😭😭

  • Hannah Storan
    Hannah Storan Month ago +4

    7:52 lewys talking about glee gives me life

  • Callum Mcdonald
    Callum Mcdonald Month ago +139

    Millie has the potential to be the UK Tana

  • Molly Latham
    Molly Latham Month ago +8

    Low key think there back together, I can't be the only one 😘💞

    • SF X
      SF X Month ago

      Molly Latham he has a girlfriend

  • Rebekah S
    Rebekah S Month ago

    But Virgin Atlantic’s food SLAPS SO HARD

  • d alb
    d alb Month ago +4

    lewis stole the ciroc bottle covers and wore them as gloves lmaooo

  • Holls xx
    Holls xx Month ago +1

    I feel like their kinda together again!!!!!

  • Jess Harper
    Jess Harper Month ago

    I’m early

  • Remaining Unknown
    Remaining Unknown Month ago

    “Still clapped” hit too close to home

  • Alex Mckenzie
    Alex Mckenzie Month ago +13

    Lewys talking about glee made my life it's my fave show yay !

  • Lily Bult
    Lily Bult Month ago +3

    Lewys talking bout glee 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cycling Lucy
    Cycling Lucy Month ago +25

    When Millie was like “were nearly at the villa” I got the biggest love island vibes 🤣

  • soph & grace
    soph & grace Month ago +1

    i will be seeing u at SITC eeee

  • DJ
    DJ Month ago +1

    Omg, Millie, get a new phone. How can you deal with that cracked screen ? it would drive me up the wall.

  • Emma Jade
    Emma Jade Month ago +1

    I have that top that you were wearing at the end❤Love you Millie😋❤

  • Gals
    Gals Month ago +23

    No disrespect to Jordan’s gf but these two belong together 😩

    • Diana Petcheva
      Diana Petcheva Month ago

      @Maddy Cairns 🙄

    • Maddy Cairns
      Maddy Cairns Month ago +4

      Diana Petcheva get a grip

    • Diana Petcheva
      Diana Petcheva Month ago +1

      Putting no offense before something offensive... doesn't make it any less offensive. I would hate it if someone told me something like if I was in the girlfriend's situation.

  • It's Me
    It's Me Month ago +4

    You need to hire an assistant to manage your life, Millie.

  • Saalihah Shamsuddin

    Love you Millie...
    Millies videos just put me in the best mood...x❤

  • Alley Mac
    Alley Mac Month ago +16

    ugh i ship you and jordan so hard - wish you never broke up! so lovely to see you get along so well still though

  • Luis Eden
    Luis Eden Month ago +3

    Does anyone spy a relationship between these two??? Sooo cute

  • Ella Cohen
    Ella Cohen Month ago


  • Christie X
    Christie X Month ago +6

    Love that you and Jordan are still friends 💕

  • Elin Jones
    Elin Jones Month ago +26

    Ngl I wouldn’t be able to be around Lewis for a day let alone a whole holiday

  • Erin Birch
    Erin Birch Month ago +147

    Just me or does millie's voice high key sound different?

    • .
      . 17 days ago

      AgendaCompleteBliss !! Well she gets loads of fillers so that’s why😂

    • chelsealouxxo
      chelsealouxxo Month ago +2

      And changes multiple times on each video 🙈

    • chelsealouxxo
      chelsealouxxo Month ago +3

      Erin Birch her voice sounds different on every video 😂😂😂

    • Clara Rose
      Clara Rose Month ago +4

      Sounds more American lol

  • Ava Mae
    Ava Mae Month ago +3

    and i thought i was unorganised

  • Ashleigh Norman
    Ashleigh Norman Month ago


  • Xo mina Xo
    Xo mina Xo Month ago

    Ooo love your outfitssss😍

  • Soph k Vlogs
    Soph k Vlogs Month ago

    Early ❤️

  • Tiger-Lily Jonathan

    Ayy so excited to watch this video 🤩🤩

  • Martyna Xox
    Martyna Xox Month ago +1

    Love your vlogs , especially watching the social climbers haha

  • Summer Penguin
    Summer Penguin Month ago

    Ughhh I fricken love you

  • aimee spears
    aimee spears Month ago

    Love this xx

  • Charlotte’s World
    Charlotte’s World Month ago +1

    hang on i thought u had an iphone x???

    • Allyson
      Allyson Month ago +2

      Likely sold it like everything nice she owned. Drugs.

  • ItsTakara
    ItsTakara Month ago

    Love ur vlogs

  • Emily Chapman
    Emily Chapman Month ago +34

    I'd love to be part of your friend group, you guys have so much fun and so many laughs!!! Your so amazing! Sending love from Australia Xxx

  • Daisy Xox
    Daisy Xox Month ago +73

    I still ship millie and jordan 😅💖

  • Nicole Jade
    Nicole Jade Month ago +256

    I love Jordan and Millie's friendship. so happy that they're still mates

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago +41

    How you have the guts to drink underage out there, I’d be so sketched out. I’m 24, so it wouldn’t apply, but I would be so worried about getting caught out if I were you guys😂 this looked so great though, glad you had a good time x

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago +8

      shudve ben fbeieiej If you’re a British citizen drinking out there & are caught disobeying their laws, the consequences are allot stronger than for those who are native Americans. It goes against access rights if you’re fined, actually..

    • shudve ben fbeieiej
      shudve ben fbeieiej Month ago +5

      Bella hahaha they’re hardly going to be arrested.

  • mikelouden
    mikelouden Month ago +3

    Do you make these mistakes on purpose cause it would only happen with you.

  • Nicole Jade
    Nicole Jade Month ago +12

    I love that you're living your best life Millie. so so so proud of you

  • Shazza_B 18
    Shazza_B 18 Month ago +1

    Never been so excited for a vlog!!🤪🥰

  • Shelbey Smith
    Shelbey Smith Month ago


  • Tanisha Hogarth
    Tanisha Hogarth Month ago +12

    So happy to see your face ❤️ can’t wait to see you at sitc ❤️ your videos are amazing x

  • Kacey Louise
    Kacey Louise Month ago

    Earlyyyy ❤️❤️ love you Millie x

  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith Month ago

    How the fuck is she drinking, partying and clubbing in America? When the drinking age is 21 and America is very strict with this. Underage drinking damn. But how the fuck did u do it and party underage in America?

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan Month ago

    Hi Millie I love your videos xxx

  • x_becca.k _x
    x_becca.k _x Month ago

    Love your vlogs Millie!!! Xxx

  • molly_robinson 05
    molly_robinson 05 Month ago +1


  • Kiran Xx
    Kiran Xx Month ago +1

    love ur vlogss ❤️