Vitamins D and K2

  • Published on Mar 3, 2021
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    Latest on Vitamin D
    Basically, consider 400 units (10 mcg) per day
    But, NHS mid Essex
    Routine screening of vitamin D levels and prescribing of Vitamin D is not advisable.
    Both clinical symptoms and risk factors must be present before measuring Vitamin D levels (25OHD).
    As yet there is no clear evidence to prove the risks from non-symptomatic Vitamin D deficiency.
    Vitamin D levels less than 30nmol/L (12ng / ml)
    Oral capsules, 40,000 units (1,000 mcg or 1 mg) colecalciferol weekly for 7 weeks
    (400 units per day = 2,800 units per week)
    Vitamin D levels 30 - 50 nmol/L (12 - 20 ng / ml)
    Buy your own, 400 units per day
    Vitamin D levels more than 50 nmol/L (20 ng / ml)
    Buy your own, consider, 400 units per day
    Vitamin K1
    Involved in blood coagulation (1929)
    Found in plant foods like leafy greens
    Vitamin K2
    Mostly bacterial origin
    Animal-based and fermented foods
    Adult vitamin K Adequate Intakes, 90 -120 mcg
    Fermented foods
    High fat dairy from grass fed cows
    Animal organs
    Gut bacteria
    Vitamin K might play a role, osteoporosis and coronary heart disease
    Vitamin K-dependent proteins
    Vitamin K2 supplements may improve bone and heart health, while vitamin K1 has no significant benefits
    Promotes bone calcification
    Three-year low-dose menaquinone-7 supplementation helps decrease bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women
    May prevent tissue calcification
    Tissue-specific utilization of menaquinone-4 results in the prevention of arterial calcification in warfarin-treated rats
    Vitamin K2 (MK-4) reduced blood vessel calcification whereas vitamin K1 did not
    Dietary intake of menaquinone is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease: the Rotterdam Study
    K2 may help with dental health
    Especially with vitamin D
    Links with liver cancer
    Links with preventing advanced prostate cancer
    Dietary intake of vitamin K and risk of prostate cancer in the Heidelberg cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Heidelberg)
    Synergistic effect with vitamin D
    Vitamins D and K as pleiotropic nutrients: clinical importance to the skeletal and cardiovascular systems and preliminary evidence for synergy
    Prevalence of hypercalcemia related to hypervitaminosis D in clinical practice
    Determine the concentrations of 25-OH-vitamin D at which the risk of hypercalcemia
    N = 25,567
    Hypervitaminosis D was defined at serum 25-OH-vitamin D more than160 nmol/L (64 ng / ml)
    382 samples were identified as the first record of hypervitaminosis D
    39 presented hypercalcemia (10.2%)
    Some had 25-OH-vitamin D levels between 161 and 375 nmol/L.
    (most subjects presented hypercalcemia at serum concentrations of 25-OH-vitamin D less than 375 nmol/L, 150 ng / ml)
    In 15 subjects, hypercalcemia could be directly attributed to vitamin D
    In no case, serum calcium achieved concentrations considered as critical values (more than13 mg/dl).
    Hypercalcemia due to vitamin D represented less than 4% of the total hypervitaminosis D detected
    Less than 0.1% of the tests performed.
    No strong evidence proves that moderate amounts of vitamin D are harmful without an adequate intake of vitamin K. However, research is ongoing, and the picture might become clearer in the near future.

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  • dave johnson
    dave johnson Year ago +1919

    I'm a community pharmacist and often recommend your videos for clinical information. You're what the Internet was made for. Kind regards

    • chuck ayers
      chuck ayers 3 months ago

      @Marian Serra I'm just wondering is all that safe

    • Marian Serra
      Marian Serra 3 months ago

      @chuck ayers I saw those online too!

    • chuck ayers
      chuck ayers 3 months ago

      I just started taking vitamin d 3 4000 iu K2 mcg vitamin a 300mcg vitamin e 23mg magnesium 50 mg zinc 10 mg Alpha lipoic acid 100 mg probiotic blend 42 mg in one capsule is this safe to take thank you in advance

    • Frankie Fugazi
      Frankie Fugazi 3 months ago

      @Dede Tudor Do what I did, get a Yak 😁

    • Diane Hartnett
      Diane Hartnett 4 months ago

      @Nick Halloway you are INSANE!

  • A'Shasa
    A'Shasa 7 months ago +587

    I had my yearly checkup in June. It went as it typically does until we got to the blood work. My doctor was telling me the blood work she was ordering and she had not mentioned vitamin D. I asked her why we were not checking my vitamin D levels and she said they don't. If they checked it at some point previously (prior years) and the patient was deficient they would have been told to take it and if they took it their numbers would be better, if they didn't it would not. No need to check it. I said 'Isn't there a relationship between a person's vitamin D levels and how bad COVID-19 does you?' She said yes. So during a pandemic that has killed a number of people why wouldn't doctors as a practice check for a deficiency in their patients that could potentially save them if they get COVID-19? That does not make sense to me. This pandemic has opened my eyes about the healthcare industry.

    • Conscious Citizen
      Conscious Citizen 4 days ago

      Thank you for sharing your story

    • Fauve Corrigan
      Fauve Corrigan 13 days ago

      @Greg Nixon That is also why the good ones leave for better working conditions

    • Katie Pena
      Katie Pena 24 days ago

      They’re crooked as a barrel of fish hooks, I don’t them at all, it’s all about getting your money for more of them.

    • Amanda Roe
      Amanda Roe 25 days ago

      When they do bid tests they test for a whole bunch of stiff I don't need and I'm not having symptoms of. Why not include this?

    • Brenda V
      Brenda V Month ago

      I was told by my doctor that most insurance companies don’t cover that test. I told him I don’t care, I’ll pay the difference. I now get it checked 2 times a year. I was told if our vitamins D levels are in the 80-90 range our chances of getting cancer and other diseases is very low because our immune system is strong. I believe it, my sister has strong D levels and she never gets sick

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle 6 months ago +170

    I have to applaude this one more than others John. Bravo mate. You've reduced mortality by massive amounts if just 1% of your subscribers takes action on what they've learnt from you.

    • Kathy Storer
      Kathy Storer 3 months ago

      I share these videos with people I care about but they can't stay off social media long enough to watch. Very discouraging.

  • andrew haire
    andrew haire 6 months ago +132

    His lecture on the heart philology is brilliant. Having had an aortic valve replacement 35 years and tried to understand the working of the heart. He’s the only lecturer that give clarity! Clarity ! Clarity, genius!

    • Marian Serra
      Marian Serra 4 months ago +3

      He is a gift to us all. 🇺🇸 It's sad that it took a pandemic to bring him to all of us.

    • Ken Peachey
      Ken Peachey 6 months ago +3

      Thank you for your comment. I had mine replaced 11 yrs ago , cow tissue. 35yrs!? God bless you! I dont wanna go thro this operation again .

    • whigwood
      whigwood 6 months ago +6

      "Philology" is the science of language. Physiology is what I think you mean (= the science of bodily function).

  • Tulsi Vana
    Tulsi Vana 7 months ago +111

    Thanks for mentioning autoimmune diseases. I have subclinical Hashimotos (discourages me from getting vaxxed, I feel vulnerable to extra/ unresearched disturbances of my immune system) and your vid has led me to find out more quality research on the link between Vit D and autoimmune issues.It seems clear from numerous articles that Vit D supplementation, as well as some elements, are highly advised. Not one doctor in 20 years has mentioned it.

    • Linda McLaughlin
      Linda McLaughlin 4 days ago

      @tjgrafiks sounds way too high on the d level 50 to 60 is a high level and you are over a 100! I would talk to your doctor about backing off on the d, too much of something can be as harmful as too little..

    • Vixinaful
      Vixinaful Month ago

      @tjgrafiks Because the only thing Ive done differently is to take vitamin D and Ive gone from bedridden to going to the gym every other day which hasnt happened in 45 years.

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks Month ago

      @Vixinaful yeah but how will u know if ur levels are improving if u don’t measure over a period

    • Vixinaful
      Vixinaful Month ago

      @tjgrafiks Honestly I dont know, Im waiting for a while longer and then having it checked.

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks Month ago

      @Vixinaful so what’s ur D level at right now?

  • Cindy Bogart
    Cindy Bogart Year ago +383

    This is the best information on vitamin D &K2 I have ever heard. Not even my Dr. could touch on these concepts. Thanks, Dr. John for all you do to help keep us informed. It’s extremely valuable & appreciated!💫

    • Christine Barnfield
      Christine Barnfield Month ago

      To SA in comment below: You may be right about any licenses Dr. Campbell has framed and up on his wall, however, that is only part of the "unquestionably qualified to advise" theory. In my opinion, a HUGE part of this equation is . . . how determined a professional healthcare worker is in consistently delivering the TRUTH to his patients. Anyone on a search for medical integrity who has tuned regularly into this channel, (and a multitude of other channels), has probably realized that for a good while the medical industry has been practicing some irrational, and possibly even deceitful, policies and procedures when treating patients. For years now, I know I have left many doctors' offices wondering if most of the advice and treatment administered had more to do with their bottom line ($$$) than anything else. For sure, the highly deficient protocol selected to treat COVID patients in every hospital in the USA in the last two years certainly firmly implanted that conclusion in my brain. Ultimately, in my opinion, not only a doctor's willingness, but their INSISTENCE on sharing the TRUTH with their patients, (come what may professionally), is just as important as the number of licenses on their wall.

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks 5 months ago +2

      @MaryAnn Hardy does that make his information false? or not trust worthy???

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks 5 months ago

      @S A yet seems to provide more valuable information than most doctors 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Broken Butterfly
      Broken Butterfly 7 months ago

      There's a shortage of k-2 in my area atm. Can I use k-1 with D3 instead?

    • MaryAnn Hardy
      MaryAnn Hardy 7 months ago

      HE'S NOT A medical DOCTOR!! He's a nurse, NOT a specialist in any science, including nutrition. He did get a PHD, but in teaching, teaching other nurses.

  • Jean Lemagnen
    Jean Lemagnen 6 months ago +57

    Again and again I so grateful to John for sharing his clarity of thoughts and his knowledge with a wider public. I cannot imagine how at the age of 88 I would have been able to keep informed and moreover learn painlessly about drugs and the pandemic, bearing in mind my native tongue is not English as well. A great teacher you are Sir, thank you.
    Jean Lemagnen

  • Karen Hunt-Ahmed
    Karen Hunt-Ahmed 5 months ago +88

    I’d lived in Chicago for years, always low Vitamin D levels. Moved south, but levels didn’t rise much, though I was taking about 2000 in/day sporadically. Doc told me this was plenty. Because of these videos, I began taking D religiously. After about 3 months of this, I realized I was sleeping really well and much less depression. Doc confirmed normal range. When I went to get new supply, I realized I’d actually been taking 10,000 iu/day! That’s the dose it took, but no doc had taken me seriously. Thanks to these videos encouraging us to keep up levels!

    • Catherine Ankrah
      Catherine Ankrah Month ago

      I also take 10,000 IUs a day. My naturopath informed me everyone uses about 7,000 a day so if you take less you may be running at a deficit. My gp tolf me just to take 1,000 iu and nothing changed. Naturopathy it is for most things anyway. K2 is also very important.

    • 4th S&S
      4th S&S 4 months ago

      Very glad you’ve been taking D religiously 🙏.

    • Gennady Shenker
      Gennady Shenker 4 months ago

      @ustin ia what was your initial level and how long has it taken you to raise it to 60 ng/ml please?

    • Zmajcek
      Zmajcek 4 months ago

      @Christa L how does it do that ?

    • skol vikings
      skol vikings 4 months ago +1

      @Kathy Hasty I'm guessing you believe everything Fauci tells you too ..LOL

  • An Industrious Mom
    An Industrious Mom Year ago +854

    I went to my GP with extreme exhaustion, anger issues, up and down in emotion, and feeling borderline depressed. I thought it was baby blues or postpartum depression, but she checked my blood for vitamin d and said my numbers were through the floor. Prescribed me 50,000 IUs/week for 3 months and it was life changing! From the first 30 mins I took the first pill I felt instantly better. No more falling asleep behind the wheel (literary, I had to pull over the road to sleep smh). My previous doctor had given me anti depressants without checking for vitamin D. I wish docs would check for Vit D before prescribing anti-depressants.

    • jessie
      jessie Month ago

      @AM MR me too

    • Druann Pellegrini
      Druann Pellegrini 4 months ago

      @Kelly Carver LOVE your story!!🙌 the Lord works in mysterious, yet VERY effective ways! 🙏🌞😁

    • Druann Pellegrini
      Druann Pellegrini 4 months ago

      @Jim Gill GOOD 4 YOU! taking charge of your Own health!!🌞

  • Tracy Grotefend
    Tracy Grotefend 10 months ago +49

    Thank you Dr. John. My son got COVID and because of your videos we have been taking our vitamin D with zinc and turmeric. He only got a cold and felt fine.

  • Tracy Heaslip
    Tracy Heaslip 6 months ago +68

    Going back about 20 years there was a guy in Edmonton that his 17 year old son came down with MS. The Globe and Mail in Toronto Canada covered the story. The father was a geologist I believe. He decided to study the world and discovered that anybody around the equator did not come down with MS or diabetes, he contributes it to lack of vitamin D. He put his son on 4,000 units of vitamin D a day and his Son never had another MS attack.

    • Tracy Heaslip
      Tracy Heaslip 2 months ago +1

      @Making It Through but while the research on vitamin D has proven positive. How the father and son are doing. I have no idea, I wish I did know how his son's Health went though. And my doctor has man 5000 units a day as I have lung cancer. It helps with depression it helps with everything, it is a hormone which also affects your epigenetics

    • Making It Through
      Making It Through 2 months ago

      I remember this story, I have often wondered where his research led.

    • Tracy Heaslip
      Tracy Heaslip 4 months ago +5

      @GrainOfSand it is amazing news but it's very old news it's unfortunate the medical world has not caught up with it

    • Tracy Heaslip
      Tracy Heaslip 4 months ago +3

      Multiple sclerosis

    • Druann Pellegrini
      Druann Pellegrini 4 months ago +1

      🙌 Great news! 🙌

  • Louisa Smith
    Louisa Smith Year ago +56

    Love that you guve your citations and say “don’t take my word for it” (among similar expressions). Also that Dr Campbell never condescends to his audience and recognizes it’s very diverse by now (perhaps always has been). He is closely followed by physicians, nutritionists, nurses and lay persons with string interests on science and aplied science (eg clinical practice). Such a great balance achieved on all counts I can contemplate. Kudos.

  • Philippe Sandelé
    Philippe Sandelé 8 months ago +23

    Given the importance of vit D in proper bone healing, in our periodontology/implantology office (Belgium), we have been testing routinely for vit D levels prior to oral implant surgery, this for approximately the past 3-4 yrs. It is surprising to see how many people, who overall are in good health, come out with low or suboptimal vit D levels.

    • Marian Serra
      Marian Serra 4 months ago +1

      @Druann Pellegrini nope, they are still low. Doc. won't give me a Pharmaceutical grade of D3. Welcome to to most expensive health and Pharmaceutical care in the world! 🇺🇸

    • Druann Pellegrini
      Druann Pellegrini 4 months ago

      Great info! Marian, glad you got your levels up.😁

    • Marian Serra
      Marian Serra 4 months ago +1

      That is amazing information and you said this is in Belgium? My levels were single digit of 4 yes 4 I'm in America and was prescribed 50,000 I U's of D and then 1000 daily of D3. At the next year's check up I was a 12. Again, we repeated the 50, 000 prescribed pill and back on the D3.
      What most people don't know is you can't absorb vitamin D through a window. I think that should be told to the patient as the Doctor is writing out the prescription.
      Thanks for posting. Your information confirms what several people have said about their own bone fragility 🇺🇸

  • barbvdvelde
    barbvdvelde 4 months ago +9

    I’m so admiring of the way you explain so many complex issues in such a clear easily understood manner John. Have recommended you to many. Much gratitude to you, you’re providing such an incredible service for us all. 🙏🏼

  • Ms B
    Ms B Year ago +595

    Hi Doctor Campbell, am pleased to inform you that I have watched your videos on pharmacology and physiology and I have passed all my written exams for my nursing course. Thanks very much sir for your teaching videos.

    • Sterling Williamson
      Sterling Williamson 3 months ago

      What arrogance? 🥸

    • Linda Reaney
      Linda Reaney 5 months ago

      @Kim Neiswanger m

    • Linda Reaney
      Linda Reaney 5 months ago

      @Dr. John Campbell

    • Edwina Huggett
      Edwina Huggett 5 months ago

      @Ms B I

    • Kim Neiswanger
      Kim Neiswanger 6 months ago +1

      It's good to hear that if you're going to be in the medical field that you listen to experts like John. So that you won't be a nurse like the one who told me my daughter wasn't at risk for having osteoporosis because she had such high amounts of calcium floating around in her blood, as she pulled up the blood test results to check herself. Boy was she wrong, come to find out my daughter had a hairline fracture of her left hip. And there were adequate amounts of calcium showing up in her blood test.

  • Ramon Juan
    Ramon Juan 9 months ago +34

    Hello Dr Campbell Great breakdown on what the body uses and needs especially after the covid 19 epidemic . Helps people who didn't have info like this . Continue on Sir 👍🏾🌵

  • Shirley Anderson
    Shirley Anderson Year ago +15

    Very helpful as usual. I was wondering about the fermented foods. If you cook them, do you destroy the bacteria? Also, I wonder what was meant by a low dose of K2 over three years (conclusion of study)? What would be a low dose? I appreciate that you go on hard evidence and never overstate your case. Thank you.

  • Kate Makeup Looks
    Kate Makeup Looks 4 months ago +7

    Hello John, I’m really enjoying your videos, although I’m coming to this a bit late. This is very interesting. I live in Germany and am having a TLIF spinal fusion surgery next week to correct L4/L5 spondylolisthesis. My GP here has advised me to take D3 and K2 together in order to aid the bone fusion process, which will take place over the next year after the bone graft is inserted between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. This makes a lot of sense in light of the evidence you presented (very clearly and understandably) here. Thank you very much! By the way, you need to heat the sauerkraut for a few minutes for it to taste good 😉.

  • Momzilla
    Momzilla 11 months ago +24

    Doc, thank you so much for this talk. Being that my hubby has been on warfarin for the last 6 years, it's time we learned all this. Very disappointing that our family doctor never said a word about K2, and only advised my hubby to stay away from Vitamin K. I never heard about K2,3,4,5,6,(7) last week. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Boy have I been missing out!

  • Johan van den Heuvel
    Johan van den Heuvel 7 months ago +13

    Dear Dr Campbell thank you for the clear videos that you make, even for me as non-medical trained can understand them. 😀

  • Leia Lee
    Leia Lee 5 months ago +11

    I have now watched this video 3 times and have found it very helpful. Thank you Dr. John and with your new videos out very recently looking at Vitamin D3 and K2 I have decided to now take K2 for the first time as I know I am not getting any from my diet. I started taking Vitamin D3 in February this year at a very low dose for the very first time as my levels where only very slightly above sufficient until the sun came. In Autumn I started taking a bit more still what most people would say is still a low dose and will be increasing my levels of D3 even more although they will not be anywhere near as high as what other people are taking but still quite modest.

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine 3 months ago +7

    Interesting that you often hear people with heart problems removing the egg yolk when cooking them to reduce the cholesterol but that yolk also contained k2 which this video seems to suggest is good for heart problems.

  • sukie flanders
    sukie flanders 8 months ago +20

    Thank you Dr Campbell, I have watched you since the beginning of the Pandemic and you have been such a valuable source of information. Keep safe .

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell Month ago +1

    I went to the doctor for the first time in years a couple of months ago. Found out my Vitamin D levels were in single digits and were very low. I am glad I found out and it explained a lot. Glad to say that I am now on a 50,000 IU supplement.

  • Maroo
    Maroo 5 months ago +5

    Hello Dr. Campbell, first of, thank you for all the information you share in such a pleasant manner with the world. I really appreciate the way you approach this all. About the origin of how much K2 is recommended, I think I've read something a couple of years ago about it being based off how much Natto (fermented soybean) is eaten by the Japanese. Natto is said to be (one of?) the richest source of vitamin K2 found in food. Maybe you could try and look into that? And now I think about, it, perhaps there's even a possible link between the low to none cases Japan has since some time now..? Japan has a large fish consumption as well, I'm thinking vitamine d3, Omega 3. Quite a stretch perhaps and yet it could play a role.

  • Ben Phartine
    Ben Phartine Year ago +16

    Excellent presentation and your show notes are deeply appreciated. I only wish there was a way to copy the show notes so that I could add them to my own research log.
    Thank you for your work and for sharing.

  • Kimberly Perrotis
    Kimberly Perrotis Year ago +55

    I’ve been taking K2 in my D3 supplement, based on, I think, the FLCCC recommendations last year. It’s important, though, if extra D3 is needed, don’t double up on the K2, just take extra D3 only.

    • Marmocet
      Marmocet 4 months ago +1

      @Broken Butterfly The answer is "maybe". Bacteria in your gut can convert some K1 to K2. It's not clear how much K1 your gut bacteria converts to K2 or whether your gut bacteria is capable of converting enough K1 to K2 to prevent K2 inadequacy.

    • Snoopy
      Snoopy 6 months ago

      Thanks for that info. I have liquid spray D3 at 1000 IU and pills with D3 1000 + K2 120mcg. So I started out taking 4 spray shots plus one pill= 5000 D3 IU and K2 120 mcg. To day I took 3 pills, and 1 spray= 4000IU of D3 + K2 360mcg. Ok going back to one pill and extra sprays.

    • Broken Butterfly
      Broken Butterfly 6 months ago

      @judith Margret thank you

    • judith Margret
      judith Margret 6 months ago

      Broken butterfly No. Listen from 11.00 miss on.

  • Laura Patience
    Laura Patience 4 months ago +3

    My Vitamin D levels were really low at 43. So I’ve increased to 6000 IUs a day but then saw K2 should be taken at higher levels of D3. So today I started K2 at 120 mcg a day. I then watched this video and realized K2 was mainly found in meat, cheese and eggs. I eat none of these being Vegan. So I must need K2 as a result of this life choice. I also have liver disease (non alcoholic) and sounds like a compromised liver would benefit from K2. SO, with no real advise from Drs on supplements these videos are both fascinating and necessary. Big pharma make no money on selling vitamins - seems they’d rather you become sick and need one med after another added to your daily regime. Sad. You have to do your own research and do what you feel suits your own body. As here it was made clear 2 people can take the same levels of supplements yet obtain different results. However, thank you ! I feel confident in my decision today to add K2

    • Becky M
      Becky M 4 months ago +1

      I'm a long time vegan. I'm currently taking Vit D3 3,000 iu x2 with K2 100ug(mcg) x2 daily.

  • adzyfelly
    adzyfelly 5 months ago +4

    New to your channel Dr. Great stuff so far. You seem to answer all the questions I would ask you (im not a dr) if I were face to face having a real conversation with you. You explain the anomalies I would pick up on with my limited knowledge. Keep it going, loving the content.

  • Roy Zlatan Estevez
    Roy Zlatan Estevez 6 months ago +6

    I only come across this now; very informative and great analysis. Thank you for producing value content like this, doctor.

  • Sherry Woodrum
    Sherry Woodrum 9 months ago +12

    Thank you for a wonderful explanation of the way these vitamins work! Another great video.

  • Bill sonic Fricke
    Bill sonic Fricke 5 months ago +4

    Thanks so much Sir for your heart and clarity. You are serving a community that needs truth. Not political farce.

  • Drastic Evasion
    Drastic Evasion 6 months ago +5

    Your drawing of the heart and clot was very informative! I've suffered a pulmonary embolism and so when I went for my Vaccine I was being offered the AZ much to my concern as at the time blood clot risk was the major concern. However upon the risk assessment questionnaire I was asked if my clot was ischaemial and I was at a loss and made me worry further but was told if it was I'd have been aware it was! Anyway, I'm fine now. Not totally as I had episodes of raised heart beat and I was worried it could have been linked to the double dose AZ vaccine.. Upon checking it out with all tests and blood results came back negative for everything including thyroid function, I've been told it's probably due to anxiety after going through a PE which I'm told is a serious event. It didn't feel massively serious, 6 mnth on anticoagulant and a lot of rest due to fatigue; I didn't feel I was being taken seriously with my concerns about my sudden bouts of increased heart rate... Perhaps it has highlighted a pre existing irregular heart rate condition, of which is not being considered as an outcome of vaccination. So I just have to believe that I already had this condition and for some reason it has now decided to rear its head. I am being monitored sort of, I'll be called back to see cardiologist two years as of end of my immediate care - so next year. It's always on my mind but for now I'm trying to not let it concern me as they've put it down to anxiety, although I'm not anxious in feeling, just in body... What is one to do but wait 😑

  • pat gollin
    pat gollin 7 months ago +6

    I raised my dosage of vitamin d3 after watching you last year and my doctor was pleased with the results.

  • Millan Ferende
    Millan Ferende 6 months ago +20

    You know what's amazing... I remember pharmacists and certain small pharmacy stores were saying exactly this. D, C, Zink, K2. Yet the governments were silent about this. Imagine reducing hospitalization rate by 80%. They are either very smart, or very stupid, and both options should be worrying.

    • Jerry Marnon
      Jerry Marnon 5 months ago +5


  • Robert Livingston
    Robert Livingston Year ago +336

    Interesting that a researcher at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada won a Nobel prize in studies of vitamin K2 Mk4 and Mk7, a number of years ago, only to be mostly ignored.

    • Mj P
      Mj P 5 months ago

      @Ella Vek fermented soybeans

    • Ella Vek
      Ella Vek 6 months ago +1

      @Chris what is natto?

    • Ella Vek
      Ella Vek 6 months ago

      No money in it

    • Arimethius2
      Arimethius2 7 months ago +2

      @Lynn Burns dark leafy greens, grass fed meat and butter

    • Arimethius2
      Arimethius2 7 months ago +3

      @Dee I've been taking 330mcg per day plus 10000iu's of d3 for two years now and no ulcers

  • Sifu - Myers
    Sifu - Myers 8 months ago +3

    I honestly hope more people listen to your advice. Hopefully from this pandemic people become more informed and more on topic with this more healthy

  • Mark Gray
    Mark Gray 4 months ago +8

    Just an update, in 2009 I was living in MA - USA, my levels of D3 were nonexistent and every winter I got the flu and whooping cough, my doctor put me on D3 and I have not been sick since. I also added K and Zinc to my daily consumption. I live in a retirement community now in Florida and many folks around me did get COVID and many were hospitalized and some died, I did not get sick and I was exposed to many who did get this flu. I recommend D3, K and zinc to all my friends and some are now doing this as well.

    • Ale
      Ale 3 months ago

      Do you take these vitamins in addition to a multivitamin?

    • bellaboo
      bellaboo 3 months ago +1

      MAKE sure you take copper with zinc, because zinc depletes the copper.

    • Robert Williams
      Robert Williams 4 months ago

      Can you tell me what Brand and form of zinc you were taking and how much?

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    Chez Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for your helpful video. A few months ago, I was experiencing extreme tiredness and joint pain and requested a vitamin D test. My levels came back at 12mmol/L! I was prescribed weekly 40,000 IU of Vit D to be taken over 10 weeks. I have nearly finished my course now and feeling a bit better and brighter in mood but sadly, I still have some joint pains and still at times really tired. (Doctors are investigating me for Arthritis) I will continue to take 4000IU daily from now on. I am definitely going to start K2 as well, I have a feeling I am deficient in that one as well. I didn’t even know about K2 and the link with osteoporosis before this video so thank you 🙏

  • Scott Scott
    Scott Scott 10 months ago +3

    I read exactly the same thing a few years ago. You are correct, most medical organisations are still calling it collestarol
    fering up the arteries, but it is actually calcium.
    And vitamin K2 is the only thing used by the body as a transporter of that calcium that the body naturally stores in the arteries for later use in the bones, eyes and teeth ect.
    If we aren't getting Vitamin K2 because artificial sweeteners have killed of a vast amount of our intestinal bacteria and sources from cows milk, cheese, butter etc are low because they are now mainly fed on grain instead of grass, then our bones, eyes teeth and other organs and tissues that require calcium will degenerate and cease to function as they should, while the arteries continue to narrow to dangerous levels as there is no transporter to move that stored calcium through the blood to the body.
    I can't remember the exact name of the process as the body convert's the vit K2 into some sort of amino acid or enzime ??
    You will have to excuse any spelling as I'm dyslexic.

  • Ingrid Messner
    Ingrid Messner 2 months ago +2

    This man is such a blessing in our lives. I’m not a GP but I always wanted to study evidence based research on vitamins and Covid etc etc. Dr John Campbell is like my teacher. I wish he were in real life. He makes everything about pharmacology sound exciting explaining words and this making learning exciting. Thank you for just being yiur gorgeous quirky intelligent self. I’m addicted to your channel. You deserve an award. By the way I had a most terrible reaction to the Pfizer 2 vaccine and still bedbound with seizures abd at times blindness as my eyes burn and they won’t open. It’s been 4 months of agony and visits to and from hospital. The medicos can’t accept that it was the vaccine that did this to me but I know that all my symptoms began within 25 mins of having the vaccine and then my seizures began 2 weeks after I had the shakes hit and cold shivering shaking and all sorts of other issues. I’m a mental health social worker and I’m curious to know more and I pray that one day I’ll be able to direct as many people to Dr Campbell’s utube site. It’s just fabulous and I feel heard and understood. You have helped keep me sane all night when I can’t sleep and I’m alone. Thank you so much. By the way has anyone else had a reaction to the Pfizer vaccine as my head feels really hurt on fire like an electrical pain and my eyes burn. Also I have severe gastrointestinal issues and my
    Wound are not healing I arrived back from the hospital just in time after I had 4 days of bleeding. Even my gums were so inflamed that when I went to the dentist my dentist told me I was at severe risk of having a stroke or heart attack I cough up mucus as well and am frothy in the mouth. I am trying to keep as calm as possible but if anyone else has had any issues will you email me with any suggestions. I have children and I’m not getting any better.
    I hope we can support each other or exchange ideas. Dr Campbell if you have ANY IDEAS I would be most appreciative although I know how busy you must be. Thanks again Dr Campbell. Your keeping me alive. Love the research. I’m totally addicted.

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    Love your videos, you are so easy to understand. I love my doctor but "oh you kid". : )
    Really well done and will be following you on a regular basis thanks so much from Iowa !!!

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    Thank you for your service. Congratulations on the recent vaccination & please keep uploading the videos on nutritional value alongside the rest, I appreciate these all so much.

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      Nick Halloway Year ago +1

      tony this is the most important video you will ever watch. go to brand new tube. dr vernon colemans channel. and watch this video:
      Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race

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    I have been watching you for several months and I like the combination of your experience and your breakdown of reports and data. I've been told we (USA) have the highest PPM ratio of fluoride/water. Some doctors say fluoride is poison.. Wish you could do a video so I'd know the truth.

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    Thank you very much for your video. It is clear and seems comprehensive, and I appreciate the citations to studies. I years ago I started taking a chewable calcium summplement which also contains Vit. D and Vit. K, because I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. The chew is tasty and easier to remember than gulping a large pill. Last year I learned from some other videos that the Vit. K that was in those chews didn't seem at all related to the purpose of my taking the calcium supplements, because, on close reading of the label, it is K1. So I started taking a K2 supplement of 100 mcg per day. I told my HMO doctor, and he did not say anything in favor or against. It is a large HMO and I'm sure they tell their doctors what to do. Anyway, I think I am okay and will keep on taking both supplements. Thanks again!

  • Shinjo Kagama
    Shinjo Kagama Year ago +1

    Thank you doc. I watch your vlog regularly and depend on it to get better understanding of how, why and when the supplements can benefit or hurt us.

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    Lynne Lintot 3 months ago

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  • BA
    BA 4 months ago +3

    Dear doctor Campbell, thank you so much for your informative video.I have some queries,
    what is defined as a “ moderate “ amount of vitamin d in supplements ( in IU / day) that is safe to take without vitamin k2 ?
    In our country combined supplements are rare and the brands available are not trustworthy or 3 rd party tested!

  • Andrzej Hajder
    Andrzej Hajder 3 months ago

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  • Joyful Preterist
    Joyful Preterist 5 months ago +17

    I take 5000u of D3 and 800mcg of K2. Doing so for 2 years absolutely no problems. Mainly because it is a combo dose put out by Piping Rock. Havent had the flu for 5 years or been to the dentist for same time. Bone density at 100% at age 79. Still work in busy surgical ward in a hospital.

    • ER
      ER 3 months ago +1

      Piping Rock is a great company.

    • Enlightened Patriot
      Enlightened Patriot 5 months ago

      Thanks for that useful information :-) Keep up the good work!

  • Gilly Lovett
    Gilly Lovett Year ago +19

    I’ve been taking D + K2 with cardiologist for 4 yes, my doctor Rh doc was surprised to see my osteopenia improved. I also lifted weights. She said I don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it. 👍🏻

  • Cynthia Buatte
    Cynthia Buatte 5 months ago +2

    Thank you so much for your work. I share and watch you for all my updates. I trust you more than I trust the info from local, state and country. I am a nurse and I am vaccinated. I also administered many vaccinations. Your information is always helpful. Thank you for what you do. I just had my calcium levels checked, I most likely have the beginning signs of osteoporosis as seen per bone density.

  • Lyra Black
    Lyra Black 8 months ago +11

    Not even halfway through but this is fascinating!! It's so helpful to learn that K is for Koagulation as vitamin K is so important in clotting factors in the blood!!

  • Beaky Twitch
    Beaky Twitch 5 months ago +2

    Fascinating where you listed sources for Vit K. I am on a "Healthy Keto" diet and by this list am not likely to be going short on K. My home made sauerkraut especially... :-)

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  • Jeremy Barlow
    Jeremy Barlow Year ago +6

    My understanding is that in a study 100 mcg per day of K2 MK-7 supplements were shown to have a beneficial effect on preventing & reversing calcification of the arteries.

  • David Costello
    David Costello 5 months ago +12

    Great video! But left me with a huge question: What is the benefit/detriment between K2 MK4 vs K2 MK7?

    • David Costello
      David Costello 4 months ago +1

      @Sonja Brajkina Thanks so much. That video was great. It explained everything. Great of you to pass it along! 👍

    • Sonja Brajkina
      Sonja Brajkina 4 months ago +2

      MK7 stays longer in blood. Check this video

  • Roxanne Sumners
    Roxanne Sumners 6 months ago +1

    Yes, we all need to understand what you are bringing to light. “Physician, heal thyself” - with you, with many thanks, we will. ❤️

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    Keep up the great work Doc. I have a question, is beer considered to be a fermented food?

  • Sarcypants
    Sarcypants 4 months ago +2

    When my vit d was first checked it was 17 then when I saw endocrinologist it was too low to get a reading. He gave me 20k iu every other day for 8 weeks and it went up to 100. I have never felt so good after it went up to that.
    Subsequently found out I have coeliac disease, pernicious anaemia, gastritis and thyroiditis so no shock as to how I got so deficient. Been taking vit d3 for 10 years now.

  • Henrique D Camara -Rio
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    To face powerful entities in bigpharma industry requires: courage and knowledge.
    I do believe you have both.
    Keep working in benefit of truth.
    Congrats, Doc !

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    Here in AZ we usually rinse some of the brine out of the fermented veggie products before serving. ☺
    Or, you can ferment your own and adjust the brine to your own taste. Just be aware that there is a trade off: less salt equals less preservation. 💖

  • Carly S
    Carly S 8 months ago

    Thanks for your interesting videos. A minor point on this one: hunter gatherers were probably not the main form of lifestyle, gathering with small animal predation would have been more normal. Even a child can use a sling to bring down a monkey or bush rat or such like.

  • Average Jane
    Average Jane 4 months ago +1

    I am fairly confident in supplementing with Vitamin D in terms of safety. I know much less about Vitamin K. This one I might be concerned about overtaking. The topic of blood clotting makes me a little nervous. However, so far I am reading that it is K1 that is involved in clotting where K2 is not. Trying to find more info to confirm this. So far, sounding like K2 is involved in calcification and not clotting.

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller 4 months ago +1

    I love this man so much, I nearly fell of my chair in laughter when he broke out the bottle of kraut. Thank you for all you do to keep us so well informed.

    • Druann Pellegrini
      Druann Pellegrini 4 months ago

      And his face when he tried taking a bite. I love sauerkraut and cabbage. Will start eating more.

  • maureen kelly
    maureen kelly Year ago +185

    Vitamin D3 is more than a required nutrient; it fits the definition of a hormone. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and appears to protect us from viral pulmonary infections. K2 helps coronary circulation.

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks 5 months ago

      @Pete F in my case supplementing vit d3+k2 over 8-9 months caused my immune system to suddenly go crazy and now i do have autoimmune issues. my levels went from 15 to 53 in those 8/9 months. now a year and 4 months since it all started, my body is practically destroyed. suffering malabsorption and losing over 30lbs in 4-5 months and then another 10 a few months later. also reacting to foods with pain and swelling in my joints. foods i never had issues with before. D level is now 122 and no improvement in inflammation 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • tjgrafiks
      tjgrafiks 5 months ago

      so i literally just got my D level results back today. its 122 up from 59 a year ago and 15 two years ago. they’re telling me level is toxic🤷🏽‍♂️. also my inflammation is still rampant and in more areas of my body than before. although my RF rheumatoid factor has dropped from 107 to 69. think i shld continue taking it?

    • Broken Butterfly
      Broken Butterfly 7 months ago

      There's a shortage of k-2 in my area atm. Can I use k-1 with D3 instead?

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne 10 months ago

      @adlozi yes K1 is for blood clotting but K2 isn't so people on blood thinners can take K2

    • espy
      espy Year ago +3

      it also helps a LOT with long hauler covid symptoms. Breathing is better, heart palpitations stopped, no more daily headaches that are like cavemen with spiky clubs are beating your brains out...dealt with that for 9 months before I came across another video from this doctor talking about it. Thank you SO MUCH, Dr. Campbell!!! The US isn't talking about any of this! (except for your NIH papers, which you graded a 'D'

  • janet Blanc
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    DR Campbell, thank you. This is the best and simplistic explanation I have heard

  • Mariana de Jesús Núñez

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  • Jeremy Barlow
    Jeremy Barlow Year ago +2

    Given the positive outcomes for Covid patient with high vitamin D levels & the negative outcomes for individuals who are vitamin d deficient in regards to Covid, Vitamin D is more important than ever before.

  • A E
    A E 6 months ago +7

    I buy Vitamin D3 (5.000 I.U.) with K2 (90 mcg). I take 2 daily. Have been for one year. Able to double my D levels from 24 to 50. Covid (10 months ago) was extremely mild for me and I haven't been sick again since. Also, I feel so much better. Get your levels checked!

  • Thorsten Michaltseck

    Excellent analysis based on somewhat murky evidence Dr. Campbell. Thank you!

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    With a lot of people using sun screen, we really do need more vitamin D. Thank you for telling us about D, zinc, and others vitamins needed! August 15, 2021.

    • dovey62
      dovey62 7 months ago

      You're so right! My daughter used to be a mail carrier in Arizona. She used sunscreen on her face, and was diagnosed with low vitamin D when she complained about bone pain all over her body. Out in the sun all day, and still had low d!

  • Marian
    Marian Year ago +1

    Thank you for a great video. Is there a risk of clotting if I take K2 in
    a natural form, like fermented cabbage or is it only supplements that
    are risky? Thank you.

  • William White
    William White 5 months ago +6

    I'm a 77 yr old male located in the USA. 2 years ago, I was told two of my heart's arteries were 85% clogged and the third was 65% plugged and they were evenly plugged all the way down to the capillaries. The cardiologist installed 3 stents, one in two of the arteries main branch and one in a branch artery of the 85% plugged arteries. I have been feeling angina pains with not much activity. I started taking Vitamin K2 about a month ago. Within 2 weeks I felt much less angina pains with activity. So, I'm a believer in Vitamin K2 for heart patients. The brand I take is Doctor's Best. Whether it's the best brand to take or not I do not know but I'm convinced it is helping my plugged arteries. Thank you for your video.

    • William White
      William White 2 months ago

      My latest cardiology visit included an EKG that showed an irregular heartbeat. I've since read that it may be a side effect of the K2. So I reduced my K2 to one 45mcg supplement daily with no noticeable changes in my angina. I also stopped taking Losartan for blood pressure since that also may have that same side effect and I started taking magnesium. My irregular heart beat seems to be better. My blood lab test also revealed low red blood cell count along with low hemiglobin, so I started a Vitamin B12 with iron supplement that appears to be helping with my energy level. I'm taking Triam/Hctz more often to control BP.

    • William White
      William White 3 months ago

      @Taiwo Omotosho My wife had a bottle of Vitamin K2 100mcg and I took one daily until that ran out. I ordered more but I didn't notice that they were 45mcg until they came. So, I take two of them. It seems to work very well for me.

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @William White Dose?

    • William White
      William White 5 months ago

      @Francesca G I don't take Vitamin D. I do get some in my multi-vitamin that I take daily at noon after lunch and I take Vitamin K2 in the morning after breakfast.

    • Francesca G
      Francesca G 5 months ago

      @William White Some FB groups say to take it separate from D3.

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    • dbsean
      dbsean 5 months ago

      how much magnesium do you supplement daily? what form of magnesium?

  • judith Margret
    judith Margret 6 months ago +1

    I am supplementing with d3 + k2. My mood has improved considerably. I did read that plant based d3, made from lichen is the same d3 that our body makes. The other type synthetic d3 is made from lanolin.
    I have found that much of the natural health helps I have used, are trial and error and I have many half filled bottles that I either can't take or they didn't work for me, and I hate to throw them away, so every now and then I will try various ones again.
    A few years ago I started to supplement with magnesium for depression, and my journey has gone on from there.

    • S KJ
      S KJ 6 months ago

      also, living wool (washed only cold or hand-warm at most) preserves d3 and so also, people who care for fury animals also profit in this way from stroking their animals. I heard, d3 is produced from sheep wool, from the natural lanolin, the fat or grease in their "hair".

    • S KJ
      S KJ 6 months ago

      that lichen thing is new for me, and it immediately made sense when I quickly googled it and a pic of it on a tree bark came up. I remembered instantly, that bark from trees was recalled as a staple by people in need to preserve from starving to death during wars and other extreme situations.

  • Paul Kiely
    Paul Kiely Year ago

    Natto at 109 mcg of K2 per 100grams is said to be the highest source of K2. My wife and I have been taking supplemental K2+ D3 for about 2 years now.

  • Sandra Roome
    Sandra Roome 6 months ago +2

    My mum broke the neck of femur at hip at 80. After this she was on vit d and k2 (no calcium). She had falls after this but never broke any more bones. Also if you have a shower after sun exposure it doesn’t get absorbed. It is harder to get from the sun than you think (at higher levels).

  • Pietro Cantuccini
    Pietro Cantuccini Year ago +1

    K2 activates
    • Osteocalcin proteins which incorporate calcium into bone
    • Matrix GLA protein which binds excess calcium to prevent deposit in soft tissues such as arteries
    That 6000mcg bottle contains probably an MK-4 version which is much less effective than an MK-7 one
    (60µg MK7 have better impact than 500µg MK4). I gather the shown recommendation amount of 90-120µg refers to MK-7.
    It is also the smarter choice as MK4 stays only for about 4 hours in the body, whereas MK7 works for roughly 72 hours.
    [300µg is said to be the upper processing limit. So, any more seems a waste of money.]

  • Sarah perry
    Sarah perry Year ago +19

    Wow John , that talk was so interesting , thank you for the research you’ve done and for your fantastic abilities to break it down in order to teach ! Very helpful thank you 😊✨

  • Organic Convenience Stores

    Thank you for your brilliant work Dr. John

  • Dianne Fitzmaurice
    Dianne Fitzmaurice 5 months ago +1

    Recently found info that low D is linked to Alzheimers. Also bone pain comes in many forms and requires more than 4000 IU . Increasing to 6000 IU's makes a bIG difference to counter bone and muscle pain.

  • Youssef gmail
    Youssef gmail 7 months ago +32

    400 units a day is extremely low. And 200 units for children too. It was adviced for rickets. An increasing number of specialists advice higher. Just being for 20 minutes in the sun is equal to 1000 to 2000 units.

    • Snoopy
      Snoopy 6 months ago

      If you live in a place with sun. Northern regions have overcast days for months.

    • Youssef gmail
      Youssef gmail 6 months ago

      @Lee Mager i don't know in which context they said it.

    • Lee Mager
      Lee Mager 6 months ago

      If you are low in D you can not correct it with sunshine according to our doctors in Australia.

    • The Landuu Company
      The Landuu Company 6 months ago +2

      Its 20 minutes when your shadow isn't longer than you as a guideline. With skin exposure and no sun cream as this prohibits vit d production

  • Ian Mclaren
    Ian Mclaren 11 months ago +2

    Well done Dr. Can you have a look at correlation between D3 K2 and clinical symptoms of Covid 19.? There seems to be a low incidence of Covid when D3 and K2 are adequate. Maybe diet might do more good than lockdown.

    • ohbaby baby
      ohbaby baby 11 months ago

      Both have shown in studies within the last year to fight and protect us from the deadly effects of this virus.

  • Benjamin Joe
    Benjamin Joe 6 months ago

    Thank you for the clarification about vitamin K. For the sake of exploration, there are some studies that suggests that the heart is not a pump.

  • Carmen47 Freixas
    Carmen47 Freixas Year ago +7

    I have been taking VD 5,000 daily and VK 180 mcg. for years, when i have my test, it shows
    normal, not excessive not low. I started to help my bones, age 65 now at 74 all looks good,
    I take many natural supplements, have not been on any pharmaceuticals, I hope that is stays
    this way.. Strong immune system is the key to any illness.

    • Mikaella
      Mikaella 11 months ago

      @Carmen47 Freixas I will research. Thank you for your time.

    • Carmen47 Freixas
      Carmen47 Freixas 11 months ago +1

      @Mikaella Every one is different, I use LUGOL iodine. . have done for years do the research on it, I also have used the natural things for menopause, I am in Australia, so, products are different. I use frank Caruso.. Menopause relief. good luck.

    • Mikaella
      Mikaella 11 months ago

      How about hormone (Thyroid) supplements? Any you’ve heard, also for premenopausal? I’m on a medication for thyroid and it truly concerns me being on it for so long. It’s like poison in small doses.
      Thyroid (Armour) 0.5GR (30mg) 1x daily.

    • Carmen47 Freixas
      Carmen47 Freixas Year ago

      @Mikaella Hi, I am in Australia, I buy all the Frank Caruso range, you can even speak or write to their Naturopath . have a look on Duckduckgo, I don't use Google. Good luck, if not, have a look at iherb.. not sure how much synthetics ones they use.

    • Mikaella
      Mikaella Year ago

      Which kind of D3 K2 do you take. Where do you get your natural supplements?

  • Ronald Clark
    Ronald Clark 7 months ago

    I responded negatively to one of your videos just to see if you actually read them. You did and I am pleased. You keep pressing on, mate. By the way, I am a graduate of Kings College, Cambridge in the early 80's. Well done here. I recommend getting your K1 & 2 through food intake. Being very careful to understand blood thinners vs K.

  • Jacob Grindsted
    Jacob Grindsted 3 months ago

    Thank You for informative and critical push for increased focus on D and K2.
    One minor error: vitamin K1 discovered by danish professor Henrik Dam - coagulation in danish spelled with a k.

  • Susan Purcell
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    Thank you, Dr Campbell! I appreciate the way you always base conclusions on the evidence, are ready to change your opinion with new evidence, and are not afraid to say "we just don't know yet".

  • Rosanne Dunn
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    Thank you Dr Campbell. I really appreciate the way you teach and love your UK accent! God bless you and your family, in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name amen! 😇 💕 🌺

  • Samantha Dry
    Samantha Dry 7 months ago +1

    100% most valuable information. I am 69 years old and have been experiencing all symptoms due to lack of vit. D and k2. My holistic doctor prescribed me with both, plus magnesium. For awhile I was feeling good, until I ran out of k2. A couple of weeks later and I am experiencing again achy bones, dental issues again, and last night experienced pain in chest, and was wondering why. I watched your video now 4 times during last night , and you gave me all the answers to these health issues. I wish I knew all this when both my parents were sick because of same issues.
    Fantastic information. Thank you dr. Campbell , God bless you for doing this work for benefit of others.

    • V
      V 7 months ago

      Consider having your parathyroid & calcium levels checked.