The 10 Time Travelers That Will Convince You It's Real

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • These time travelers were caught on tape and they might prove it's actually possible to Time Travel! Time travel is one of those things that we want to exist but science hasn't been on our side. However, these photos and videos will definitely make you wonder.
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    For over a century, we have been catching signs of time travel from interesting videos and photos of people who just don’t belong. If you have ever looked at a vintage photo, take a closer look. Don’t let your eyes just glaze over the multitudes of people in the picture.
    Make sure everyone is wearing relevant clothing to the time period. Also, take a look at the haircuts of every person. If they’re all of the same period, then you know a time traveler didn’t sneak into the photo. But more often than not, you might see someone who doesn’t quite belong.
    If you suspect that a person’s clothing might look like it’s from a different time, definitely don’t let that go. Explore it and see what you can find! It is because of vigilant people online analyzing vintage photos and video that we have the ever growing archive we have today. In this video, we’re going to be talking about mysterious time travelers caught on tape.
    We have to wonder if these time travelers snuck into these videos on purpose so that they had a record of being present? Or, did they have a moment of weakness and allowed themselves to be documented?
    It’s hard to tell. It is possible that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of time travelers roaming about the world. How will we know that the history we know of today isn’t altered?
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  3 months ago +134

    Who said dogs weren’t allowed to time travel too 😂
    What is the first thing you would do if you could *time travel* ?

    • Charles lee Ray
      Charles lee Ray 4 days ago

      I would go to year 3115

    • Nolan Kirkby
      Nolan Kirkby 5 days ago

      Oh yeah thanks for waiting my time with more apex bullshit

    • Nolan Kirkby
      Nolan Kirkby 5 days ago +1

      Trump will be president2k19? yet this is posted in 2019 soo good try..

    • Tanya Cervantez Moreno
      Tanya Cervantez Moreno 5 days ago

      TheRichest I would probably explore places I haven’t gone to

  • Sal T Sal
    Sal T Sal 5 hours ago

    The lady in the Charlie chapmen video was holding a 1920’s hearing aid

  • Laura Sebly
    Laura Sebly 6 hours ago

    Ha ha there are tons of ppl (men and women) who are dressed up on the beach! Not just the guy rolling a cigarette 😂

  • Mark Fehring banana cow

    2:38 suits like that had bottoms at end of arm

  • jesus alday
    jesus alday 7 hours ago

    Go to 2077

  • isa isa
    isa isa 11 hours ago

    2046..not 45😅😅😅 sowwy

  • J Diaz
    J Diaz 11 hours ago

    Jesus defiantly

  • Faze Kerminator
    Faze Kerminator 11 hours ago

    All Apex TV stories are ruled out recently Noah exposed Apex TV for paying for people to make up personas.

  • Michael Duke
    Michael Duke 11 hours ago

    If I could back to any time it would be last week when I lost my fucking wallet


    Really liked the last one

  • Fathima Azbha
    Fathima Azbha 19 hours ago

    But in 4000 years Humans are still wearing a hoodie. I mean just look at the way our dressings are improving day by day

  • Fathima Azbha
    Fathima Azbha 19 hours ago

    But in 4000 years Humans are still wearing a hoodie. I mean just look at the way our dressings are improving day by day

  • Fathima Azbha
    Fathima Azbha 19 hours ago

    But in 4000 years Humans are still wearing a hoodie. I mean just look at the way our dressings are improving day by day

  • Fathima Azbha
    Fathima Azbha 19 hours ago

    But in 4000 years Humans are still wearing a hoodie. I mean just look at the way our dressings are improving day by day

  • Anchy
    Anchy 22 hours ago +1

    I would go back in time from before I was conceived and give my mother birth control

    • Tdez92
      Tdez92 11 hours ago

      Anchy pretty sure you get caught in some sort of time loop the minute you handed her the birth control.

  • coope1999
    coope1999 Day ago

    Of course we had cell phones in 1995!

  • jezandryl pohnac

    If noah is true he know what year will Jesus come back?

  • Rita Finnigan
    Rita Finnigan Day ago

    I would stop world war 2 ever from happening so I would undo it so it never happens and 9/11 I would stop that

  • Rita Finnigan
    Rita Finnigan Day ago

    I would undo world war 2

  • Darrel Sedney
    Darrel Sedney 2 days ago

    Wow this is a great doctor who¿ the next generation trailer WL watch it @box office

  • david diehl
    david diehl 2 days ago +5

    Time travel is possible now, travel fast enough from east to west. when you cross the date line you are now in yesterday. Only thing necessary to go further is more speed.

  • DarePlayerDavid
    DarePlayerDavid 2 days ago

    Those glasses were in the simpsond

  • Romeo Romeo
    Romeo Romeo 2 days ago

    How would they get signal if they time traveled 🤔

  • John Rebel
    John Rebel 2 days ago

    I like that guy that recently popped up claiming to be from six thousand and something but yet he looks just like us! lol! He's trying to say that 4000 years from now humans haven't evolved at all? I'm sure in 4000 years not only has the environment remained unchanged, but we haven't merged with machines yet?? Then his "proof" is a very blurry picture!!! lol!!! Not even cameras have been upgraded to like holograms or something? What a load of b.s!!!!

  • Michael Osborne
    Michael Osborne 2 days ago

    We had cell phones on 1995. Just not photo cell phones.

  • jacob vallescas
    jacob vallescas 2 days ago

    who is time travle SAY YOUR YEARS NOT LIED OKAY MINE 5612

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 3 days ago +5

    If I could time travel I would sink all three of Columbus ships. Or tell the natives to dispatch of them all.

  • Mon Ocampo
    Mon Ocampo 3 days ago

    Hello! 🤭

  • English.
    English. 3 days ago

    Hello.... I'm from 2864.

  • Kelly Justus
    Kelly Justus 4 days ago +2

    How could a time travelor phone anyone? There are no towers back then

    • Romeo Romeo
      Romeo Romeo 2 days ago

      That's what i said or even go online

  • Kastriot Shala
    Kastriot Shala 4 days ago +14

    Time travelers next time you come bring e Newspaper of that year with you

  • kgd lfc
    kgd lfc 4 days ago

    Why would he go back in time to go watch Tyson vs mcneeley hahahaha all them great classic like rumble in the jungle and haglar vs hearns and barrer vs morales and this guy picks Tyson vs mcneeley hahaha he can’t be a boxing fan !!

  • Austin Ramos
    Austin Ramos 4 days ago

    hello im from 2104

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 5 days ago

    Whatever happened to J J on Good TIMES?

    • John Rebel
      John Rebel 2 days ago

      He time traveled "out of sight.... because he's kid DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!"

  • x30 spash 23x
    x30 spash 23x 5 days ago +1

    7:35 bro really used his ben 10 watch

  • Nolan Kirkby
    Nolan Kirkby 5 days ago

    No ghost dog either just a really shitty camera 🙄 like always 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻can we not get bullshit all the time comon a little kid wouldn't believe this

  • TigerLilly
    TigerLilly 5 days ago +1

    if their time travelers then their also idiots. Who knows what could happen to the timeline if they went back in time! they probably messed up the timeline so bad. (if this is real that is)

  • Loading Mikke
    Loading Mikke 5 days ago

    Why would timetravel be released to the public? Do they have timecops in the future?

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell 5 days ago

    There is one BIG problem with the woman in "The Circus" clip: If she really was talking into a cellphone, how did she get network coverage in 1928?

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell 5 days ago +18

    There is one BIG problem with the woman in "The Circus" clip: If she really was talking into a cellphone, how did she get network coverage in 1928?

    • Kevin Russell
      Kevin Russell 2 days ago

      @MattF There would then be the question of: to whom is she speaking?

    • MattF
      MattF 2 days ago

      It might be an advanced phone from the future that does not need cell phone towers to operate

    • Kevin Russell
      Kevin Russell 2 days ago

      @Sakshi Arora Not that early - they'd be far too large, as the transistor had not been invented yet. Besides, it appears that the woman is TALKING into it.

    • Sakshi Arora
      Sakshi Arora 2 days ago

      Could it be a radio?

    • Kevin Russell
      Kevin Russell 2 days ago +1

      @Master of the Universe Did you not notice that she appeared to be TALKING into it?

  • Anne Charisma Iglesias

    Too much internet for the whole day. Enough.

  • GM Junkyard
    GM Junkyard 5 days ago

    Amazing what they can do with CGI these days.

  • Andreea Manoliu
    Andreea Manoliu 5 days ago +1

    I m scared because i saw myself this morning.

  • Birdman 68
    Birdman 68 5 days ago +28

    So James Oliver from 6491 speaks 21st century English. Wow! Dialect hasn't changed in 4.5 THOUSAND years.
    Dost thou not thinketh thine tale strange?

  • Valarie Valdez
    Valarie Valdez 6 days ago +4

    "a skate border who wants to skate through the decades doesn't sound to far fetched"
    Hmmmm..... your sure on that?

  • Hello Strange
    Hello Strange 6 days ago +3

    A few thousand years is actually very short time time in terms of evolution.

  • Àñdreaa Whelpley
    Àñdreaa Whelpley 6 days ago

    In fort apache the dude is looking at a tin type an early stage of photography.

  • Brandon Shut up
    Brandon Shut up 6 days ago +12

    But how they use cellphones without cell towers impossible

    • Angel Velasquez
      Angel Velasquez 2 days ago

      Brandon Shut up maybe the satellites
      Time travel police swings by and drops a satellite for their people

  • Comp Wiz2007
    Comp Wiz2007 6 days ago

    Complete HORSESH!T...

  • Jenn James
    Jenn James 7 days ago

    I love all the subjects you touch on!! THANK YOU For So much you do ❤️!!!!

  • Mailani Cabarloc
    Mailani Cabarloc 8 days ago +1

    If time travel is real probably my future self traveled to see myself.

    ABSOLUTE ZERO 8 days ago

    Trump won

  • robert T.
    robert T. 8 days ago

    more edit. lol

  • Marcus Pacheco
    Marcus Pacheco 8 days ago

    Human beings are not evolving. Evolution requires 3 things.
    1. Natural selection. Natural selection no longer applies to humans because we are at the top of the food chain.
    2. Geographic isolation. If you geographically isolated a population of humans they would have to interbreed resulting in a greater abundance of recessive traits. But almost no groups of humans remain isolated geographically today. We have airplanes cars and boats and helicopters.
    3. Non-random breeding. This one is one humans clearly are not participating in. Breeding is totally random in humans white people date black people short people date tall people fat people date skinny people there's no formula here.
    You really have to be doing one or all three of those things to undergo Natural Evolution.

  • Nino Lagno
    Nino Lagno 8 days ago


  • Nikhil Londhe
    Nikhil Londhe 9 days ago


  • Melvin Jojij
    Melvin Jojij 9 days ago

    If you were able to travel back in time and warn yourself about anything . Like say if your in 2010 and and your gonna warn yourself about something than when you were living in 2010 than your future self would’ve already been there in 2010 bc in the future you decide to go back in time . So when you were living in 2010 your former self would already been there .

  • lawrence worrell
    lawrence worrell 10 days ago

    Fail. None of this was convincing. Fuck you!

  • hossmonkey1
    hossmonkey1 10 days ago +2

    Cell phones in the past with no cell towers or satellites, who they going to talk to!? Come on people, get real, use that thing that's between your ears and not what's up next to one!

  • Nasteho Yusuf
    Nasteho Yusuf 10 days ago

    Am surprised coz time travel and aliens only happen in Europe and American why not in Africa or in time travelling Africa and Asia doesn't exist .hhhhhhh

  • dara licha
    dara licha 10 days ago

    if i could travel back i would go back in 1632 when shah jahan was building the taj mahal ...
    and would've travel many other options ..🤣🤣🤣

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 10 days ago +1

    Spoiler alert!

  • John Rebel
    John Rebel 10 days ago

    Again I must stress that these pictures that show up from the past where it looks like someone is using a cell phone! This CANNOT happen people!!! There were NO cell phone towers in the past 'nor satellites ,so the fact that a cell phone is being used is completely ludicrous!!!!

  • Indirah Casimra
    Indirah Casimra 11 days ago


  • MichaelMorbius4ever
    MichaelMorbius4ever 11 days ago +3

    I wish I could go back 2 weeks ago so I could cuddle with my dog one more time.

  • Mr BeastJunior
    Mr BeastJunior 11 days ago

    Guys I’m from the future no joke in 2020 something really crazy will happen can’t tell you what but be ready

  • ely 666
    ely 666 11 days ago


    RANDOM VIDEO 11 days ago

    ha? hatdog

  • 77_Ricardo_
    77_Ricardo_ 11 days ago

    Plz sub to me 😢

  • Stephen Paxman
    Stephen Paxman 12 days ago

    all fucking bullshit