The 10 Time Travelers That Will Convince You It's Real

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • These time travelers were caught on tape and they might prove it's actually possible to Time Travel! Time travel is one of those things that we want to exist but science hasn't been on our side. However, these photos and videos will definitely make you wonder.
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    For over a century, we have been catching signs of time travel from interesting videos and photos of people who just don’t belong. If you have ever looked at a vintage photo, take a closer look. Don’t let your eyes just glaze over the multitudes of people in the picture.
    Make sure everyone is wearing relevant clothing to the time period. Also, take a look at the haircuts of every person. If they’re all of the same period, then you know a time traveler didn’t sneak into the photo. But more often than not, you might see someone who doesn’t quite belong.
    If you suspect that a person’s clothing might look like it’s from a different time, definitely don’t let that go. Explore it and see what you can find! It is because of vigilant people online analyzing vintage photos and video that we have the ever growing archive we have today. In this video, we’re going to be talking about mysterious time travelers caught on tape.
    We have to wonder if these time travelers snuck into these videos on purpose so that they had a record of being present? Or, did they have a moment of weakness and allowed themselves to be documented?
    It’s hard to tell. It is possible that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of time travelers roaming about the world. How will we know that the history we know of today isn’t altered?
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  6 months ago +200

    Who said dogs weren’t allowed to time travel too 😂
    What is the first thing you would do if you could *time travel* ?

    • sahabealam khan
      sahabealam khan 3 days ago

      I would go to future to watch star wars 9 and check if there will be a star wars 10,11 and 12

    • Sean Dunbar
      Sean Dunbar 6 days ago

      @Princess Amaechi prevent autism?

    • Everest_ WolfGirl 101
      Everest_ WolfGirl 101 24 days ago

      Umm.. Giving peeps in the 1970s smart phones, and things from 2019 :"v

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 24 days ago

      I was 3 my brother was five when he passed away. I would go back and save him.

    • Terry Patton
      Terry Patton 27 days ago

      Id go back in time to my 17 year old self, befriend myself and make sure I did everything different as to create a better furture for myself..

  • joe whitton
    joe whitton 49 minutes ago

    Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Aliens, The Girl from the ring. Now Time Travelers wot the hell is next

  • Jiren The Grey
    Jiren The Grey 5 hours ago

    Im sure that time travel devices are only used by government and high rank personnel. So blurring your face won't protect your identity. Short brown hair like that would be easily recognisable among very few allocated travellers. So I call bs

  • PLX Gaming
    PLX Gaming 7 hours ago

    Anything is possible. 😁 We humans are a very intelligent species so you can't say its impossible.

  • PhatCrayonz
    PhatCrayonz 11 hours ago

    Who here is watching in 2026? Trump won in 2020.

  • Stanley Rinker
    Stanley Rinker 13 hours ago

    Maybe they could give us lottery numbers we all could be millionaires

  • Heather Wade
    Heather Wade 23 hours ago

    If I time traveled,I would be very sad.Because I wouldn't have my family,my boyfriend or anyone.That I knew,I'd be in a place where I knew no one.The Video of the guy in the "Hoodie" looked very real,because why would he just disappear like that?After taking a few pics.That is just plain weird.And the dog just appeared out of nowhere.I believe some of these vids might be real.😀

  • Crazy World
    Crazy World Day ago +1

    The man in the suit at the beach was unbuttoning his coat

  • Thehoelogdog
    Thehoelogdog 2 days ago

    3:57 look at his shoes. Converse?

  • Rhinos Designs
    Rhinos Designs 3 days ago

    "We will have smart high tech nano clothes in the future"
    *time travel appears wearing a black sweat with hoddie on, extra thicc slim jean zara and a nike airmax with ray charles glasses"
    -hello im from year 6450 ive come to warn you

  • Drake Smith
    Drake Smith 3 days ago

    All the transactions are killing me like shit stop

  • Fredo edo Ojang
    Fredo edo Ojang 3 days ago


  • Osgood James
    Osgood James 3 days ago

    Hate that grainy filter you add to the video😒

    THE COIN MAN 4 days ago

    Time travel is possible. But if you want to do that, you need to know where the first time machine started.
    It also shortens your life.

  • Princess Horny clown

    Hey everybody I just time traveled I went back and watched this video and commented below

  • Princess Horny clown

    I’m not believing for one minute about time travel but I hope Donald Trump wins the 2020 election over Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

  • Princess Horny clown

    I think you’re full of shit

  • Princess Horny clown
    Princess Horny clown 4 days ago +1

    Gertrude Jones wasn’t holding the phone to her ear that was likely one of those handheld pocket radios people used to listen to you put it to your ear to listen to different things

  • Shoe Freak
    Shoe Freak 4 days ago

    Anybody peep those infrareds @5:45? 👀

  • foodiefrankie
    foodiefrankie 5 days ago

    If time travel is real. Gov. would debunk it anyway. Area 51 might still hold answers.

    Think about Knight Rider...KITT drives itself. Today Self driving cars.
    Six Million Dollar Man, Today we have electric limbs and such.

    So time travel just may be real.

    IMO to time travel would take a lot of power. Like a sun going super nova or even more power than that.

    and theory of black holes can be to travel through time... only speculation no real facts...

  • Michael Anastasio
    Michael Anastasio 6 days ago

    Henry Fonda has a little note book with black leather cover. Very popular in those days.

  • Kamenko TV
    Kamenko TV 6 days ago +1

    For the part where the car have driving really fast maybe that dog is in same place but in another time and speed of car made him to time travel.

  • Kamenko TV
    Kamenko TV 6 days ago +3

    woman in "The Circus" clip: maybe the cellphone was designed for time travelers to get signal from future.? (or its just a company testing phone before laucnhed their first smarthpone so they maybe alerdy made it secretly)

  • Raymond Hickman
    Raymond Hickman 7 days ago +7

    Cell phones were out back in the mid 80s when I was in high school. The drug dealers had em'.

    • Gerard Fitzgerald
      Gerard Fitzgerald 5 days ago

      Correct And other criminals in wall street had them too

  • the village idiot
    the village idiot 8 days ago

    Aren’t visual affects cool 🤣👍

  • Gus Stone
    Gus Stone 9 days ago

    This is the dumbest shit.

  • gamers gaming
    gamers gaming 9 days ago

    That time the casio not invented a WHITE COLOR camera

  • Justin Wong
    Justin Wong 9 days ago

    Wish i can do time travel

  • Stacy P
    Stacy P 10 days ago

    Mandela effect

  • Falscher Bruce
    Falscher Bruce 10 days ago +29

    Who is still watching this in 2039?

    • JohnJ469
      JohnJ469 Day ago

      I had to. It was required watching for my ancient history exam.

    • ShamanFury
      ShamanFury 3 days ago

      @nur firdaus 5 days ago hmmm

    • nur firdaus
      nur firdaus 8 days ago +2

      Still watching in 3088

    • PHON3X X
      PHON3X X 9 days ago


  • violetstar20
    violetstar20 11 days ago

    I'm a time traveler. I go to bed at night & wake up 8 hours into the future.

  • Jaafar Shiha
    Jaafar Shiha 11 days ago

    You have THE MOST annoying voice in the world.

  • SSJ3xTeam3xStar
    SSJ3xTeam3xStar 11 days ago

    Ummmm trump did win

  • Matthew McR
    Matthew McR 11 days ago

    Anytime we see a picture from the past of someone doing something resembling being on a phone (looking at what is in their hands, scratching their face, holding a personal mirror, etc.) the conspiracy theorists will get at it faster than a fat girl gets at cake.

  • Matthew McR
    Matthew McR 11 days ago

    Because of this video a lot of my brain cells just vanished quicker than the guy behind the warehouse. But I am pretty sure they didn't move through time.

  • manxkin
    manxkin 11 days ago

    Hardly convincing.

  • Ash A
    Ash A 13 days ago

    You guys.......people hold other things in their hands besides cellphones, looks like that guy on the beach was reading a label on something, or something like that anyways.

  • Capate Rangie
    Capate Rangie 14 days ago


  • Miguel Anghel
    Miguel Anghel 14 days ago +1

    we need more mental hospital in the future lol 😷😷😷😷😷😷

  • Tally Ho rizzla
    Tally Ho rizzla 14 days ago

    Guy on the beach is probably rolling up a smoke.

  • JussiJustinYT
    JussiJustinYT 14 days ago

    Anyone watching in november 2073?

  • Paul Ismetoglainen Darudian

    There are many times, pictures show "time travellers" looking at their phones or even talking on the phone...if they have travelled to the past, with their phones on them and everything, how is it possible for them to be talking on the phone? Do they take signal from the future antennas? 😂😂

  • Chandrakanta Behera
    Chandrakanta Behera 15 days ago

    I am from 6350.

  • I D K
    I D K 16 days ago +4

    2:35 I see a iPhone 11

  • Siddesh Gannu
    Siddesh Gannu 17 days ago

    I’d go to the 1980’s

  • Steven
    Steven 17 days ago +1

    Hit like if your still watching this video in 1867.

  • ꧁KAMINA꧂ Gamer
    ꧁KAMINA꧂ Gamer 18 days ago

    The smartphone in oldage was a lie. I mean network would never work properly.

  • Rexx Dogg
    Rexx Dogg 19 days ago

    Wild wild west.
    Horseback riding gunslingin'.

  • Galacticalsara
    Galacticalsara 19 days ago

    i feel like the skateboard guy was taken a picture of in black and white around our time and the people who posed pictures though
    oh black and white he's from the past DUH!

  • charles brooks
    charles brooks 20 days ago

    The only time you can time travel is in your dreams

  • Mattie's Catz!
    Mattie's Catz! 20 days ago

    6491? According to Democrats we'll all be dead in 12! Someone's lying.

  • Mattie's Catz!
    Mattie's Catz! 20 days ago

    Maybe the man in the brown suit on the beach was looking down at a shell.

  • Coley Duncan
    Coley Duncan 20 days ago

    I've seen a few things about the woman from 1938, and it's not a cell phone, at least not as they are today. No use of cell towers, but more of a wireless radio. Supposedly, it was something an intelligence agency was trying to develop in order for female spies to discreetly report back. It was made to look like a makeup case (one that unfolds with makeup on one side and a mirror on the other). That could just be a cover-up, but WWII was imminent and right around the corner, so that makes more sense than traveling through time, just to get caught on film trying to use a device that obviously won't work.

  • Levi McKinney-Best
    Levi McKinney-Best 21 day ago

    watch someone watch this viddieo in 2028

  • Jay Bradley
    Jay Bradley 22 days ago

    All of these ones where they think they're on cell phones that's impossible because the cell phone towers were not built

  • Scott Birrell
    Scott Birrell 22 days ago

    I'm a time travelling pantie sniffer.

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB 22 days ago

    Why would you assume humans can evolve? We haven't! We've been this "form" since God inceptionalized humanity...don't let the elites fool you!!!

  • Jose Velazquez
    Jose Velazquez 23 days ago +2

    The skateboarder woudnt have used that skateboard if he wanted to travel just to skate if he would’ve been from our time he would have more likely brought a modern board if skating was his motive

  • Tommy Lane
    Tommy Lane 23 days ago +1

    Apex TV is a fraud. They admitted it already. They said that they just wanted to put fun videos up. It's not real.

  • Christian Persad
    Christian Persad 24 days ago

    I just stopped watching this shit early, decided to put in my 2¢ & go look @ something that really makes sense.
    Where's the definitive, convincing element... misrepresentation & lies just for views...smh