Zach's TikTok Adventure - The TryPod Ep. 32

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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    The boys are back from Thanksgiving to talk about their beefs, Zach getting into Tik Tok, Baby Yoda, and drunk emails from listeners. Listen to it BABY.

    The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.
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Comments • 435

  • Crazy Potter head
    Crazy Potter head 2 days ago +1

    Wait why isn’t anyone taking about how miles was working in buzzfeed

  • spark
    spark 3 days ago +1

    "nobody's watching this on youtube"
    literally the entire comment section: "am i a joke to you?"

  • Meghan Correll
    Meghan Correll 3 days ago

    eugene’s Miles impersonation is everything

  • Siena Costanzo
    Siena Costanzo 5 days ago

    Ah I wanted them to talk about knives out

  • Ad Mar
    Ad Mar 7 days ago +1

    It feels weird when Keith wears a plain shirt like wheres the plad

  • Julie McLean
    Julie McLean 7 days ago

    Eugene is right. I only recently realized that you guys are your own company now! I think I just subscribed to your main channel last week.

  • meee meee
    meee meee 9 days ago

    When Zach was like "oh no ones watching this whose not subscribed". oh ups I've been watching this for months without being subscribed haha. I've been watching the try guys for years without being subscribed. Well now that they have their own channel I could technically subscribe, but I don't know if I'm going to. I only have 5 subscribtions, because I don't wanna have to many and have it cluttered with subscribtions, I don't know if I'm gonna take a sixth, maybe.

  • Yaesu Appa
    Yaesu Appa 11 days ago


  • Beauty Room Confessions

    put a post-it over your webcam esp females... I found out a neighbor had hacked into mine.. he went to jail for a few mos but still, super scary, esp because he had posted the pictures on some site for pervs

  • Beauty Room Confessions

    I don't answer my phone.. if they know me, they know I don't answer my phone, I also have a landline still for doctors, landlord, etc... PLUS, about Passwords, I suggest using the app Dashline, and they'll generate a random PW for every site you're signing up for, and they'll remember it for you, and you can either look it up through the app when needed or allow them to auto-fill everything for you

  • Miranda T
    Miranda T 13 days ago

    I listen to your podcast through apple and I follow your other channel,but I wasn’t following this channel! I didn’t even realize and I knew you guys had left a long time ago. It’s crazy how that happened.

  • Emily Harmon
    Emily Harmon 15 days ago

    This entire video is just Ned being confused with the "young people" tingz.

  • Sophia S
    Sophia S 16 days ago +1

    try guys fashion this week:
    keith: jennifer, the yoga guru with 3 preschoolers
    eugene: kyle, the goth teenager making a statement
    ned: steve, the friendly lumberjack in the woods
    zach: the kinda normal outfit

  • C M
    C M 22 days ago

    This is a portrait of narcissism.

  • Institute of Human Anatomy

    Thanks for the shout out Eugene! Our name on TikTok is the Institute of Human Anatomy. We truly appreciate your kind words and support! Let us know if you'd be interested in stopping by!

    • P VP
      P VP 18 days ago

      Y'all "Try guys visit the Institute of Human Anatomy (and make a tiktok with them)" would be dope af! That is exactly the kind of learning experience I signed up for.

  • Claudine Blue
    Claudine Blue 25 days ago

    omg did zach said lame siol AHAH #SGSLANG

  • Yzh Luna
    Yzh Luna 26 days ago

    I only watch Try Pod. Haven’t tried listening to it anywhere else.

  • PeytonNintendo !
    PeytonNintendo ! 27 days ago

    Doesn’t capital ones text code literally say “capitol one won’t call you for this code”

  • Ashley Crabtree
    Ashley Crabtree 27 days ago

    It seems like every week one of the try guys have a wedding or bachelor party to go to lol

  • Bella E.B.
    Bella E.B. 28 days ago

    Ok but like there are Dads out there that do "father" their audience and I'd honestly love for Ned to be that for me lol 😂

  • Marcy Hughes
    Marcy Hughes Month ago

    Hey - Nicole Byer's new podcast with Whitney Cummings(Why won't you date me) had a segment where they talked about people keeping websites hostage for big money - Whitney stated it was illegal and maybe you should get your entertainment lawyer to involve to fight it.

  • LuaStardust
    LuaStardust Month ago +7

    Keith talking about beauty guru drama is everything

  • Laci
    Laci Month ago

    30:20 great insight Keith

  • Laci
    Laci Month ago

    I think the TryGuy success is because we're all a part of each TryGuy. I'm a kitten and also into weird things, I'm exuberant but also not into hype.
    Figure it out folks. (the kitten is a given....ha poet. Didnt realize it

  • Cakes Creates
    Cakes Creates Month ago

    “When 900 years old..” bed saying that was so great. Thank you for knowing yay

  • Yeet Yoot
    Yeet Yoot Month ago

    Petition to make Ned become the TikTok dad

  • Bailey Biggs
    Bailey Biggs Month ago

    Ive gotten ads for pills..... and im a tween girl

  • Katie Atmakur
    Katie Atmakur Month ago


  • Crescent Moon Gaming

    omg i love miles

  • LilHeatha Smith
    LilHeatha Smith Month ago

    Is that Lewberger in the Samsung commercial?

  • Lauren Hammons
    Lauren Hammons Month ago

    As a 23 year old college grad student on TikTok I don't make any but I do enjoy watching them because they are very funny. I agree with Keith, let the kids have it, let them make the videos and let them enjoy their space without big celebs coming and basically ruining it with so many ads. That's basically what happened with Vine.

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Month ago

    Preach Keith. Adults dominate most of the social media platforms already, including those that most teens/college age adults use. Let the K - 12 kids have their own social media platform with a fairly equal algorithm for exposure.

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Month ago +1

    I can name at least 50 of the original 151 Kanto region Pokemon because of their evolution trees and watching the Pokemon anime as a kid, and seeing one or two let's plays of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee. It was fun to see Ned try and name 15. Pokemon Sword and Shield suffered in its un-skippable cutscenes, but the Galar unique Pokemon were interesting to encounter/highly connected to UK culture and history. I really liked the curry making mechanic and the soccer pitch style gym arenas, and if you like fashion and customizing your adventure, there's plenty of shops for you and your Pokemon to go to.
    I'd love to hear more about Matt and Eugene's life together, when he feels comfortable of course. After all, TheXvid fans first heard about Eugene's bae here on the TryPod and some of us, who are not active on other social media platforms, have very little go off of except for Matt's brief appearance in the Try Australia series.

  • pictureframe
    pictureframe Month ago

    Can we also get a Eugene advice segment? I mean, I think I'd probably already do all the things he would advise, but I wanna hear them anyway.

  • DessySaurusRex
    DessySaurusRex Month ago

    For real if I start getting boner pill ads I'm gonna screen shot them and send them right back to Keith 😂

  • Captainsailor
    Captainsailor Month ago

    In the goddamn thumbnail I was like
    "*is that Jun from juns kitch- wait nvm it's Eugene.*"

  • tellmeastory95
    tellmeastory95 Month ago

    Today's the day I found out I'm older than Miles, yet I'm the one who looks like a baby... There goes my self esteem 👶🏻

  • Amelia Joy
    Amelia Joy Month ago

    Alexander Skarsgard is my favourite pokemon

  • Mandi H.
    Mandi H. Month ago

    Oh my God I came across the cadaver one and I was like ahhhhh what am I watching

    KYLA RUBUSH Month ago +3

    8:58 You can hear someone in the back screaming MCR...

  • KatRin
    KatRin Month ago +1

    I remember, the moment it became clear to me that you left Buzzfeed, that's when I subscribed.

  • lilmonkey13
    lilmonkey13 Month ago +1

    eugene's comment on ppl being confused on where people are confused if they've left buzzfeed to add on to that confusion sometimes when I watch LadyLike on buzzfeed the next suggested video is easily try guys on their own channel.

  • Amanda Ledezma
    Amanda Ledezma Month ago

    Eugene. Lol advice that will go the length of your jeans. W Eugene.
    Love that!

  • Mari Fazekas
    Mari Fazekas Month ago

    “Never answer your phone, especially if it’s a number with no contact information” Eugene I’m way ahead of you. If they ain’t in my contacts I’m not answering 😂

  • Briana Sandoval
    Briana Sandoval Month ago

    I always get spam about my insurance for my car or recalls on my car and I'm like ha jokes on you bitch my car isnt even in my name

  • Briana Sandoval
    Briana Sandoval Month ago

    I didnt know simswap was a thing and now I'm scared but like also I'm no one so idk what info they want from me

  • tamara Kendrick
    tamara Kendrick Month ago

    I was in the middle of my makeup when Keith said bonner pills lamo! I just messed up my eye liner from laughing so hard lol!

  • Shelley Troupe
    Shelley Troupe Month ago

    Get your elite miles on Aer Miles.

  • Audrey Head
    Audrey Head Month ago

    Who else looked up 💀😂💀😂

  • Seraphina Edan
    Seraphina Edan Month ago


  • Seraphina Edan
    Seraphina Edan Month ago

    Zach is Baby

  • jiji
    jiji Month ago

    I'm in the same boat as Keith, I don't even have a voicemail inbox. If you call me, it will just ring. I don't answer? Try something else. I won't ever call or answer.

  • Julia Santana
    Julia Santana Month ago

    What VPN did miles say!?

  • Yesi Travels
    Yesi Travels Month ago +5

    Let me just say.... Zach’s hair is growing 😧

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    And I love all of you for not being troublemakers like some other youtubers. From the past days when you worked at Buzzfeed to today (go try guys!👊❤) the very core of your great works has been 'creativity', not 'making troubles'. I don't know anything about making videos, but I do believe that anyone can pretend to be a troublemaker just to gain some popularity easily in such a short amount of time. But your videos are based on unique challenges and the beautiful friendship that you guys have. Not anyone can do that. But you have been doing it for years! I think it's remarkable. ☺ with lots of love💓, please don't change.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Gosh! Ned reckoning up the names of pokemons exactly looks like me trying to list all the names of BTS members in front of my teenager nephews(, which I always try really hard to nail it personally because I want to be considered as a cool aunt, and don't want to embarass them in front of their friends😭)! I relate to him so much. 😚

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 Month ago

    "Wrinkled Bernie Sanders baby man"
    That's awesome

  • Hayden Daviau
    Hayden Daviau Month ago

    That moment when Alejandro is my boyfriend's name xD

  • PineapplePie
    PineapplePie Month ago

    don't mind me, commenting my timestamp for later: 20:00

  • Morgan Le
    Morgan Le Month ago +2

    When you have a friend named Milo who lives in Cincinnati....