He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • For a man whose greatest talent is bankrupting businesses, Trump is amazing at tricking the dumbest and whitest people into giving him cash. Sam unwraps how much money the Trump 2020 campaign has, how they got it, and what it means for the Democrats running against him.
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Comments • 808

  • Delique Scence
    Delique Scence 2 days ago

    A fool and their money are soon parted.

  • Rickey Floyd
    Rickey Floyd 2 days ago

    World worst white people

  • Jeannette Johnson
    Jeannette Johnson 3 days ago

    He probably will use the money to pay back St Judes Hospital for children with cancer, and the other 9 charities he stole from. He is not a money maker he is a thief and con man. Vote blue !

  • Alex McGregor
    Alex McGregor 3 days ago


  • Edgar Payne
    Edgar Payne 4 days ago

    When will an Android version become available

  • Nessuno Dorme
    Nessuno Dorme 4 days ago

    You a bolt o' sunshine and hope, Samantha!

  • Steve
    Steve 4 days ago

    One of his running points in 2016 was that he was self funding his campaign so couldn’t be bought. Of course he didn’t and us being bought and his supporters don’t care.

  • vladeckk
    vladeckk 9 days ago

    Love the game, love your newsletter! Totally #TheXvidAndrewYang myself, but onboard with supporting whoever ends up with the nomination.

  • Aelita Karmen
    Aelita Karmen 13 days ago

    Girl hook a girl off with your bot. Think imma name mine sunny lol

  • mymathmind
    mymathmind 14 days ago +1

    sam’s old timey voice gets me every time - “he’ll be here, you’ll see”

  • Curtis Kimbrough
    Curtis Kimbrough 14 days ago

    In so far as trump raising what some $106 million dollars, age old saying a fool and his money is soon parted. Enough said!!! Renegade 101st.



  • ProjectFlashlight612
    ProjectFlashlight612 18 days ago

    Compared to this primary phone game, Fallout 76 is a tour de force

  • MyQueenFreddieMercury
    MyQueenFreddieMercury 18 days ago

    Sam calls out trump for running a gimmick to gather people’s info then proceeds to run gimmick that will gather people’s data.

  • Denise Eugene
    Denise Eugene 19 days ago

    Too bad it won’t matter to the courts . He will need to pay his 20 something lawyers he has on retainer.

  • Anton Derbes
    Anton Derbes 21 day ago +1


  • Miguel Minjarez
    Miguel Minjarez 23 days ago

    Illegal immigrants for trump 45 2020
    Finish the wall.

  • Shitbird McAssfuck
    Shitbird McAssfuck 27 days ago

    I love how literally zero Samantha Bee followers know that she is fighting to prevent poor minorities from being bussed into her kids school district. Google it people. Samantha Bee is a fraud

  • Travis H.
    Travis H. 27 days ago

    This is a public service. Thank you!

  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith 28 days ago

    LOL all chinese players on the app

  • Gina Wills
    Gina Wills 28 days ago

    One night about a year ago I participated in a 'Trump poll' and I actually wrote in and gave him a piece of my mind. I was a little nervous about it but went ahead and hit 'send'. Since then, I get a MINIMUM of one email per day from him, or his daughter-in-law or Don Jr and they always use my name and ask me to contribute so I can be on 'the list of contributors that we will put in front of President Trump first thing tomorrow morning' or I will be put in a raffle to win an autographed MAGA hat (it doesn't say who will autograph it though). There is also an 'accidental' link to the merchandise page and they even had a Veteran's Day sale! I have kept on the mailing list just to see what jackassery they are up to and the propaganda is truly, truly frightening.

  • photodojo57
    photodojo57 28 days ago +2

    Andrew Yang, the King Of UBI, is here to stay. He will win the primary and the general. No usurping this coalition building, innovative, patriot.

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 29 days ago

    Only Trump 2020 re-election ( Russian mode 🦵🦶🦵🦶🦵)

  • flynavy2222
    flynavy2222 Month ago

    How can I drop my phone in the toilet when I’m sitting on it?!

  • Jakub Mareda
    Jakub Mareda Month ago

    Bit weird to point out how Trunm's campaingn dishonestly mines personal data and then promote a mobile app in the same segment.

  • Rich Greene
    Rich Greene Month ago

    Red =status quo big money doesn’t like change.

  • Sailen Katel
    Sailen Katel Month ago

    Vote Bernie

  • OhPlease a
    OhPlease a Month ago

    This just shows how broken the democracy is in america. You should be elected on the basis of your merit, proposals and ideas. But everyone including the lefties all talk about how much money. Somehow in their mind money equates to power and status. Guess everyone forgets what type of business man this orange clown is, the gape in his hand is bigger than the holes in the wall he tries to build.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett Month ago

    Why don’t the cities Trump owes money to, take him to Court? Isn’t he committing fraud? He’s the biggest wimp ever, shame him with big posters and TV ads telling all his followers that he hasn’t paid for the rally they attended.

  • Ian C.
    Ian C. Month ago +1

    Where is Tulsi in your nominee graphic? She's above others.

  • macsmith2013
    macsmith2013 Month ago

    I'm always flabbergasted that you can basically buy a political office in the US.

  • Llewellyn Kereiff
    Llewellyn Kereiff Month ago

    Once again money buys elections....sad

  • joseph price
    joseph price Month ago +1

    Yang Media Blackout in full effect with Sam Bee. Very disappointing, but what were used to with corporate media. You've bought and sold democracy, keeping us misinformed

  • Steph C
    Steph C Month ago

    Don’t incumbents historically tend to raise way more than challengers though? That sort of makes it slightly less scary.

  • Braedan Sings
    Braedan Sings Month ago +2


  • Lana Kahl
    Lana Kahl Month ago

    With all the money coming in for his campaign you’d think he would pay the bills for the rallies.

  • Owen Ginsley
    Owen Ginsley Month ago +2

    Yang gonna win this ez

  • Aditya Nema
    Aditya Nema Month ago +4

    4:00 They put Booker, Harris and even Castro instead of Yang. This is why democratic party loses elections.

  • P Tranz
    P Tranz Month ago +3

    where is Yang?

  • .......... hi
    .......... hi Month ago +3

    Cover Andrew yang #yanggang

  • Seetiyan
    Seetiyan Month ago +1

    Sam, you are precious and I would never drop you in the toilet.

  • Ken Bob
    Ken Bob Month ago +2

    I wonder how much of that money was --stolen from-- er, redistributed through Donald's "charities"?

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago +2

    Trump could raise a lot more if he ran a contest where the prize was never, ever having to hear about Trump or his vile family ever again.

  • Nnaenye
    Nnaenye Month ago

    Of course Trump will win again as long as Americans elect Muslims as congress women and blacks as governors. America is divided. But I don’t know if majority will ever win

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    Amazing concept Sam from the app, and the jokes are fun, a really entertaining political trivia game. But please please please please, get it the resources it needs not to crash so often. Tnx

  • Георги Стоев

    Please, make the app available in the EU!

  • Davi Booth
    Davi Booth Month ago

    When will the game be available?

  • Geo Dez
    Geo Dez Month ago

    So does more money mean you can afford to buy more votes? Is this how democratic elections work? I didn't know I could sell my vote. How much does ones vote go for these days?

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill Month ago


  • Ana Wieder
    Ana Wieder Month ago +1

    Ugh, trust me I am very scared of another trump administration. I’m all in favor of impeachment but I really worry it’s going to cost us 2020

  • Gerald Posey
    Gerald Posey Month ago

    Did you read the terms of acceptance? I backed out.

  • Josie Englin
    Josie Englin Month ago

    Haha!! Diamind & Silk...

  • sirkreuab
    sirkreuab Month ago

    My generation the youth vote and millennials will not vote for Biden accept that now because he isn’t the front runner and if the dnc picks him it will just be a repeat

  • Orion
    Orion Month ago

    102.4M all together

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull Month ago

    How have they not thought of making squid dolls that say squid pro quo?
    Don’t worry. According to a commercial I saw a fast food breakfast sandwich will replace the sun. Like the sun u will go blind if u look directly at it. Plus u will want to try to remove it from the sky and eat it.

  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson Month ago +2

    Funny Yang is not in the graphic behind her at 3:55. Even more entertaining is that Yang just moved from 5th to 2nd place on the app. #YangGang

  • Michael Knapp
    Michael Knapp Month ago

    I didn’t realize they raised that much money! Holy frick!!!!

  • David Christie
    David Christie Month ago +1

    Samantha Bee is courageous, sassy, intelligent and articulate.

    GROOVE ECHO Month ago +1

    So SANDERS has the most cash on hand of the dems... All from INDIVIDUAL DONORS. Yet Samantha and CNN still make an art out of ignoring him. So, they don't really want to get rid of trump that badly. Do they??? Sanders is likely the only candidate that has a chance of beating him. But the DNC would rather the GOP win. The system IS rigged.

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS Month ago

    The graphic should've shown the flash light coming out of the old mans ear.