$60,000 Extreme Hide And Seek - Challenge

  • Published on Jan 17, 2020
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  17 hours ago +23833

    Watch until the end for a surprise!

  • Mannik Bhambhu
    Mannik Bhambhu 5 hours ago

    20 million subs : MrBeast *Helps plant 20 million trees*
    30 million subs : MrBeast *Cleans the ocean*
    Let's do it boyss !!!!!

  • floris van der zouwen
    floris van der zouwen 5 hours ago

    i love jimmy just "saying flashlight me"

  • senytex senytex
    senytex senytex 5 hours ago


  • Aka
    Aka 5 hours ago

    Bro literally screamed and ruined his opportunity to get 60k because of a fukin bug

  • meh loves chocolate
    meh loves chocolate 5 hours ago +1

    I was hoping that chandler wins😑

  • Zman201
    Zman201 5 hours ago +1

    Omg they brought becca back!!

  • floris van der zouwen
    floris van der zouwen 5 hours ago

    i love karl

  • Coastin.net
    Coastin.net 5 hours ago

    Chandler did well! Great vid as ever 🙂

  • Scavenger Games
    Scavenger Games 5 hours ago

    You should get a mister beast house

  • RandomPig Stuff
    RandomPig Stuff 5 hours ago

    Please give chandler 20k

  • epico
    epico 5 hours ago

    Smash Bros!?!

  • Hockey4Vlogs
    Hockey4Vlogs 5 hours ago

    I wanna do this so bad!! I guarantee I’d win.. how could I get involved??

  • Nino
    Nino 5 hours ago

    I don't care about the money, I just want that adidas bag.

  • Terrorform Pyro
    Terrorform Pyro 5 hours ago

    You guys should do airsofting there

  • Joshua Aguila
    Joshua Aguila 5 hours ago

    Chandler is so handsome sh8t!

  • Robi
    Robi 5 hours ago +1

    Why does chris look so depressed

  • DyingFighter
    DyingFighter 5 hours ago

    More Karl, hes awesome!

  • Fiskar 33
    Fiskar 33 5 hours ago


  • Fizzman23
    Fizzman23 5 hours ago +1

    *how do I make my text small and bold*

  • Suolane
    Suolane 5 hours ago

    Why u didnt rebuild that window in zombie house

  • DrScoopy
    DrScoopy 5 hours ago +1

    TheXvid: *sees MrBeasts channel*
    also TheXvid: sees 5.2 million views in 12hours
    TheXvid: lets just pretend we didnt see anything

  • Alex Curmi
    Alex Curmi 5 hours ago

    Mary Lisa’s first spot was probably the best, too bad they all had to move

  • h_artandstuff
    h_artandstuff 5 hours ago

    Chandler was so smart tho

  • Tyler Roharris
    Tyler Roharris 5 hours ago

    I can't believe I lost h
    That 60000 dollars 😭😭😭

  • Michael & Paula
    Michael & Paula 5 hours ago

    Hi Mr beast you welcome 🙏

  • kkk ggg
    kkk ggg 5 hours ago +1

    "Is that a hole for becca"
    I am coming satan

  • KUkU PiO
    KUkU PiO 5 hours ago

    A challenger comes
    Finds his opponents crushes dream

  • AmazinPlayz _
    AmazinPlayz _ 5 hours ago +1

    9:42 the camera shake got me rly dizzy

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 5 hours ago +1

    I wish I could play some of the challenges with Mr.beast. They look so fun !

  • HoPe_ szabi
    HoPe_ szabi 5 hours ago

    7:59 there is 6 people left ,,shows seven heads"

  • Debbie Covey
    Debbie Covey 5 hours ago

    Dang Ben is so freakin gorgeous

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner 5 hours ago

    More of an entire neighborhood than an "entire city", but cool idea. This would be fun to do.

  • OscarBL
    OscarBL 5 hours ago +3

    17:28 look at Carl’s face

  • Feetuss Mcksketuss
    Feetuss Mcksketuss 5 hours ago

    Is that hole for Becca. Lmao dude I’m dying 🤣🤣

  • Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO:*

    I would have literally handed a wad of cash to everyone in that room.

  • Gacha Berry sisters
    Gacha Berry sisters 5 hours ago

    This must’ve been soo fun

  • Kathleen Feliciano
    Kathleen Feliciano 5 hours ago

    Bruv, is this District 12?

  • Jeff Dearing
    Jeff Dearing 5 hours ago +3

    When you find a person in a tree than you know they're playing Fortnite

  • Sean Bibby
    Sean Bibby 5 hours ago

    3:01 here pupils became . bit smaller

  • Sacharia Tyea
    Sacharia Tyea 5 hours ago

    so we vrought the strongest flashlight
    beshiouuuu buuussssh

  • Aidan Schaap
    Aidan Schaap 5 hours ago

    How dramatic...

  • Tit Slobodjanac
    Tit Slobodjanac 5 hours ago

    R.I.P Karl

  • xa
    xa 5 hours ago


  • Carly Philburn
    Carly Philburn 5 hours ago

    Lol next tumbnail chandler falls out of tree

  • Track Music
    Track Music 5 hours ago

    I listen to the minecraft og soundtrack while studying

  • Track Music
    Track Music 5 hours ago +2

    I listen to the minecraft og soundtrack while studying

  • Sean Bibby
    Sean Bibby 5 hours ago

    Is it only me that thinks that hes running out of ideas?

  • 1 Subscriber before 2021?

    My dad would easily win this, I still haven’t found him from the game we started 10 years ago

  • Shahnawaz Naimat
    Shahnawaz Naimat 5 hours ago +1


  • Alexus Brock
    Alexus Brock 5 hours ago

    He should've gave Chandler and Karl something for coming in 3rd and 2nd

  • Lui Padron
    Lui Padron 5 hours ago


  • Ali Rad
    Ali Rad 5 hours ago

    He uploaded finaly.

  • Carolin Bischoff
    Carolin Bischoff 5 hours ago

    Becca is back

  • Mp frmda6ix
    Mp frmda6ix 5 hours ago

    Beast bounty hunter 👮‍♂️

    THE PEACE MAKER 5 hours ago

    Everyone wanted Chandler to win.

  • vPhantasm
    vPhantasm 5 hours ago +1

    Even if Morgz did this first I will still claim he copied MrBeast

  • jarryd sims
    jarryd sims 5 hours ago

    Shoulda got a "Johnny" for this challenge, then you could walk around saying "where'sssss Johnny"

  • dinesh kumar yadav yadav

    Go Chandler.

  • • Tøma •
    • Tøma • 5 hours ago

    I realy had hope that Chandler would win...