• Published on Feb 19, 2019
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Comments • 142

  • Brendan Hourican
    Brendan Hourican 8 months ago

    I don’t get why people are calling this click bait. It says value for money not cheap

  • Elad Rodrigues Lopes
    Elad Rodrigues Lopes 8 months ago

    What's your opinion on upamenaco ffs from Leipzig?

  • Tùng Trần Bá
    Tùng Trần Bá 8 months ago

    How to perform CR7 move at 4:20. (the ball through then run)

    • autistic vibes
      autistic vibes 8 months ago

      Tùng Trần Bá np

    • Tùng Trần Bá
      Tùng Trần Bá 8 months ago

      @autistic vibes ty bro

    • autistic vibes
      autistic vibes 8 months ago

      Tùng Trần Bá you press L2 and x on ps4 it’s a skill pass but if there is no one behind him he’ll run for it he basically passed the ball to himself it’s not all that useful if i was in that situation i would’ve pressed r3 and bang the ball top left corner with a volley

  • Magnum_82
    Magnum_82 8 months ago

    You make the game look so easy I can't get the opportunity to get on goal struggling on my build up play really frustrating watching videos on builder play but nothing comes on my gameplay when looking for opportunities to pass

  • Anselmo Vasconcelos
    Anselmo Vasconcelos 8 months ago

    come on fucking click bait title, daviz luiz is not good price .

  • Taaha A.
    Taaha A. 8 months ago

    Makes fifa look easy af

  • WillBurr
    WillBurr 8 months ago

    Please get a louder controller

  • mKn
    mKn 8 months ago

    Ovvy try to do the Alessandrini sbc,you can link him with ibrahimovic very easy and he's a beast with 99 agility

  • Antonio Bucur
    Antonio Bucur 8 months ago

    Why ronaldo on 5 chem and no neymar on 10?

  • Tom Fletcher
    Tom Fletcher 8 months ago

    So out of touch with your fans mannnnn

  • whacky
    whacky 8 months ago

    Did it, got LLoris, Son and Filipe Luis in packs :P

  • P. D.
    P. D. 8 months ago

    Good games Ovvy, at the end of the video you should go to the screen where we can see the number of wins/matches played.

  • TiTo
    TiTo 8 months ago

    Shooting from inside the box became impossible. Shame how EA got us used to years worth of finesse shots from everywhere and now all the sudden power shots are what's left.

  • Razvan
    Razvan 8 months ago

    Dc nu joci cu dumfries ?

  • johnmiceter
    johnmiceter 8 months ago +1

    You and Krasi should Vs eachother, have a few friendly games and make a video of it

  • Young Boss
    Young Boss 8 months ago

    Ovvy, how come you always match up with cheap squad opponents?

  • Harley Ward
    Harley Ward 8 months ago

    *shoots straight at keeper*
    “Why doesn’t it go in first time?”

    • TiTo
      TiTo 8 months ago

      That's the thing with people who don't watch soccer. A keeper will always cover his close post. And these "pro" players always wanna go for the near post finish. Let them harvest what they planted 🤣🤣🤣 always shoot at the far post.

  • Omar
    Omar 8 months ago

    how come your gameplay seems so much faster paced than me, it seems like most pros have it like this

  • joe96 WARD
    joe96 WARD 8 months ago

    Do you jus play for money ? Cau you have every player you need what's the point anymore ? Lmfao

  • Ionut Neagu
    Ionut Neagu 8 months ago

    Fifa 2019 e execrabil 😡

  • Sunny Legend
    Sunny Legend 8 months ago

    Ovvy 😊 👍

  • Trappy —
    Trappy — 8 months ago

    Ovvy, go on the fut market, search for Hector Villalba for Atlanta United.. he even has the same hair as you 😂😂💪

  • Bayzel Bozwell
    Bayzel Bozwell 8 months ago

    I wouldnt spend 3$ on david luiz 🤣🤣🤣 ask Germany. 7-1 in Brazil.

    FIFA NICK 8 months ago

    Who is better 92 Maldini or Luiz?

  • arthur frank
    arthur frank 8 months ago

    Ea must put game developers mothers to the game cover. We will be able to know to whom we are cursing

  • Ahmad Elmahdi
    Ahmad Elmahdi 8 months ago

    anchor is better than shadow on him

  • johnmiceter
    johnmiceter 8 months ago

    How do you always Vs easy teams ? I watch Krasi alot and he Vs hard teams all the time and gets a bad connection and you vs easy teams and have an awesome connection. Would make a big difference and would be alot easier to play against.

  • King Shak
    King Shak 8 months ago

    Luis did everything? That’s AI defending that you always complaining about

  • Mark Litvinchuk
    Mark Litvinchuk 8 months ago

    Ovvy would appreciate if you test Haps from Eredivisie SBC

  • Elliot White X
    Elliot White X 8 months ago

    I honestly just had a game on Rivals and can’t even put it into words. Christ this game, we’ve all been there, I’ve never felt rage like it, it’s fucking unhealthy. Every touch, every movement, player switching, just felt 2 seconds delayed, like someone else was FUCKING CONTROLLING THEM. I’m over and out. Fuck this biggest pile of trash I’ve ever played. Embarrassing EA.

  • Vlad FCRB
    Vlad FCRB 8 months ago

    Ovyta da-ti cu parerea ca nush ce sa fac : 1) mi-a picat baby baggio 89 la icon sbc pe postul asta il am pe kdb , e mai bun baggio decat kdb? 2) intre neymar gold si felipe anderson if 88 care e mai bun ? 3) intre fs mendy , sandro (toate variantele ) si TELLES UCL pe care sa aleg care e mai bun ? 4) mi-a picat la al 2 lea sbc icon Baby Campbell , iar eu in aparare am trioul lui real (varane , ramos si courtois ) , e mai bun baby campbell decat varane?ca decat ramos nu e sigur SAU 5) Flashback luiz se merita sa il fac daca ii am pe varane si ramos?//// Sper ca o sa mi raspunzi :D si bafta in continuare !

  • Mark Litvinchuk
    Mark Litvinchuk 8 months ago

    Ovvy man try 433(4) it's sick after patch! it brings out the best of attackers. Let me know if you read this comment

  • Philippe Larouche
    Philippe Larouche 8 months ago

    You use this stupid tornado pass... I dislike your video!

  • Melvin Goris
    Melvin Goris 8 months ago

    Must i do this sbc david luiz i have italian team.

  • Mihai Aldescu
    Mihai Aldescu 8 months ago

    My favorite team

  • Emanuel Furrer
    Emanuel Furrer 8 months ago

    Ramos or david luiz

  • Mesh Saber
    Mesh Saber 8 months ago

    ovvy come man buy coins then sell R9 , sell ferdinand
    then buy this squad team
    GK : De Gea toty
    RB : Arnold future star
    CB : Van Dijk toty
    CB : Ramos toty
    LB : Marcelo toty
    CM : Gullit prime icon
    RAM : Vieira prime icon
    LAM : Eusibio prime icon
    RM : Mbappe toty
    LM : Neymar toty
    ST : CR7 toty

    then wait until pele 99 comes out and sell eusibio to buy him 👌

  • Mario Sala
    Mario Sala 8 months ago

    Hey Ovy, why don't you stream on twitch?

  • Demetrios Jussi Tsinopoulos

    Any ideas on how much about the SBC costs? I think that EA needs to correct the Finesse shots in the next patch, I understand not having all crazy shots go in, but if a player has over 90 long shots and the finesse trait, a perfectly timed shot should go in, and that's not the case currently.

  • Bilal Khichi
    Bilal Khichi 8 months ago

    Ovvy post patch formation review please

  • Bentley Skywalker
    Bentley Skywalker 8 months ago +15

    I’m on a mission to build the best MLS team ever assembled. I have acquired Flashback Zlatan, Flashback Rooney, MVP Martinez, The Tim Howard Card. Waiting for TOTS now. Thank you for reading

    • notNIHAL
      notNIHAL 8 months ago +2

      @johnmiceter villa is in j league now

    • johnmiceter
      johnmiceter 8 months ago

      They might release a flashback David Villa if your lucky ;)

    • Mark Litvinchuk
      Mark Litvinchuk 8 months ago +1

      Cool idea bro! What bout alessandrini?

    • Mr Ty
      Mr Ty 8 months ago

      Also use giovinco

    • DΛZ
      DΛZ 8 months ago +7

      Also get the new allisandrini from mls league sbc

  • Sap Mi
    Sap Mi 8 months ago

    Who is better CB in the game, Rio ferdinand 85 or Rijkaard 88, thanks

  • Dimitri Bernardo
    Dimitri Bernardo 8 months ago

    I feel like you too cocky special when you see a weak squad you get too cocky that is not the way anything can happen while you playing its a game come on man

  • fcrb 1923
    fcrb 1923 8 months ago

    Park the bus and pay to win..fking idiot

  • Kora Tactics
    Kora Tactics 8 months ago

    David Luiz best chem style as a cb?

    • Tehzeq
      Tehzeq 8 months ago

      IGaming 74 Shadow or anchor

    IB7GAMING 8 months ago

    I wish i could have any one of your players...

  • Martin
    Martin 8 months ago

    Ovvy you should try out FS Havertz. He costs 600k but he's stupidly good. Basically a cheap ToTY De Bruyne

  • Glenn monie
    Glenn monie 8 months ago

    The defenders are amazing at long shots now. In my case potm Virgil and FB david luiz

    IB7GAMING 8 months ago

    Where are the pictures for the LB and RB? 🤣🤣

  • the t man t
    the t man t 8 months ago +23

    What happened to the cheap gullit viera guy

  • Eu Revikz
    Eu Revikz 8 months ago +3

    He never said best cheap player he said best value for money

  • Pepegovič ok?
    Pepegovič ok? 8 months ago

    Next shit video man.....WTF

  • jonnis163
    jonnis163 8 months ago

    Try rock n roll soundtrack in back ground.

  • Captain Manny.
    Captain Manny. 8 months ago

    u7buy player

  • Menaz A
    Menaz A 8 months ago

    stop with the clickbait + play with a shit team if you’re really good, it’s easy to beat teams with an OP team

  • Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva


    • Martin
      Martin 8 months ago

      @Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva No value for money means you are getting something for less than it should be worth. For example if I bought a house for £10,000 that's a lot of money but it's very good value

    • Dionyssus Adhie
      Dionyssus Adhie 8 months ago

      Dude, calm down and take a look at the stats. Compare the stats with the majority of Prime Icon CBs, you will find that David Luiz has better stats/combination of stats than a lot of them. Next you check the prices of those Prime Icons CBs, you'd be very very lucky to find one at twice the price of David Luiz, which makes Flashback David Luiz easily a bargain…….

    • Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva
      Tito Nícias G. T. da Silva 8 months ago

      @Martin it says value per money... in my understanding value per money is something that is not really expensive but and it's way better than its significant price...

    • Martin
      Martin 8 months ago

      How is it not value lol? You're getting an icon level CB for 300k. You'd have to pay at least 800k on the market for that quality

  • Dorin Sprîncenatu
    Dorin Sprîncenatu 8 months ago

    David Luiz or Ramos?

    • Quontee
      Quontee 8 months ago +1

      Dorin Sprincenatu Luis Bc hes Medium Medium and Ramos is High Medium

  • Jeffrey Hart
    Jeffrey Hart 8 months ago

    Do you play press after poss loss?

  • Malik MAKKES
    Malik MAKKES 8 months ago +2

    Ovvy who is better ucl sanchez 87 or david luiz flashback

  • Mohamed Moneim
    Mohamed Moneim 8 months ago

    Hi Ovvi .. Why you keep 3 bronze players as subs in your squad? Please explain

    • The Kernel
      The Kernel 8 months ago +4

      To lower the rating of his team so he verses weaker teams than his.