2020 4WD UTE COMPARISON! 8 utes torture tested - SHOCK winner! Industry experts expose the truth

  • The ultimate 4WD dual cab ute comparison for 2020 is here! Which 4WD ute wins?
    Ford Ranger vs Nissan Navara vs Isuzu D-MAX vs Volkswagen Amarok V6 vs Toyota HiLux vs Mitsubishi Triton vs Mazda BT-50 vs Holden Colorado
    To learn more about getting more engine performance from your 4WD Ute - speak to Rob and the team at Ultimate Diesel Tuning: ultimatedieseltuning.com.au/ or call 1800 034 373
    We ran Goodyear Wrangler ATs on all the utes - they made an immediate difference to how well they went 4WDing - size up a set for your 4WD here: www.goodyear.com.au/
    Towing or carrying heavy loads with your dual cab ute? You will likely need to upgrade your brakes! Check out the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade kit here: www.bendix.com.au/product-range/ultimate-4wd-brake-upgrade-kit or call 1800 819 666
    All these utes need quality aftermarket suspension if you want to take them off-road or load them up. Get 10% with code '4WDACTION' off a suspension kit at: fulcrumsuspensions.com.au/ or call 1800 385 278
    MITS Alloy make lightweight, super strong and fully kitted out canopies for all these dual cab utes. Check them out at: mitsalloy.com.au/ or call (02) 4967 6817
    Looking for a 4WD Mechanic you can trust in Brisbane? You can't go past Darren at Custom RV Creations. He does all the work on the 4WD Action 4WDs and knows anything and everything about your model and how to fix it. Call Darren on: 0425 148 618

    What we cover in this off road test:
    Off-road review
    Automatic Transmission & Auto gearbox problems
    Engine & Engine problems
    Brake Problems
    Towing review and towing capacity
    Models we test in this 4x4 review:
    Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2 Litre
    Nissan Navara np300
    Isuzu D-Max
    VW Amarok V6
    Toyota HiLux sr5 off road
    Mitsubishi Triton
    Mazda BT50
    Holden Colorado Z71
    In this 2020 review we don't just review - we do a proper offroad test!
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Comments • 80

  • Ian Van Zyl
    Ian Van Zyl Day ago

    Hilux all the way !!

  • Karin Coetser
    Karin Coetser Day ago

    I expected that the Triton was gonna end 1st.

  • Rece Kie
    Rece Kie Day ago

    Try it everyday..not just one way

  • Jorge Marques
    Jorge Marques Day ago

    I think it was missing one category...the accessories available on the market?! For example....can you put a bull bar on that triton?!

  • Ney Ney
    Ney Ney Day ago

    No one ever mentions this, but the Triton has the best turning circle of any Ute by at least a full meter

  • VinceC V
    VinceC V Day ago +1

    I have the DMAX. I chose it among others because of the fuel efficiency and bulletproof engine. I'm living with 15km/L eversince I bought it

  • KB 13
    KB 13 2 days ago

    I bet Grayham was happy when he saw the dmax

  • Lee Johnstone
    Lee Johnstone 2 days ago

    Mitsubishi and the toyota all the way

  • MrOG1998
    MrOG1998 2 days ago

    Bt-50 an ranger dont have the same 3.2 engine an suspension

  • o k
    o k 2 days ago

    Super select ❤️

  • Beyond Bastard Syndicate Productions

    Do this test for their SUV counterparts please!

  • barkh farm
    barkh farm 2 days ago

    we not buy china's product such as wuling,DFSK

  • chiccolino
    chiccolino 2 days ago

    Great video! I just bought a new 3.2 Ranger and I've been getting a lot of recommendations to install an oil catch can but there's been no solid answer as to why. What do you guys think about that one?

  • JhazmyneLei Manuel
    JhazmyneLei Manuel 3 days ago

    Japans product are on the top 3

  • Duck 747
    Duck 747 3 days ago

    perhaps add in the prices of all the fix up prices, suspension lockers ect and then see total cost and therefore value for money. anyway triton should loose at least 5 points cause there ugly

  • Shane Stone
    Shane Stone 3 days ago

    Hey guys thanks for the awesome review, I purchased the Mitsubishi Triton. You really helped me with my choice. I looked at the others, I’m really happy with the Triton. It’s a beast- l love it! Thanks for your excellent expert advice 😀

  • Akshay Desai
    Akshay Desai 3 days ago

    I have a question, is the Ranger Wildtrak better at 4WDing than it brothers, the XLT and the Raptor?

  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer 4 days ago +1

    Love my 2019 dmax dual cab xrunner i chose this vehicle thanks to you guys at 4wd action particularly Graham thanks mate 👍. have had issues with transmission overheating but nothing the boys at legendex can't fix.

  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer 4 days ago +1

    Love my 2019 dmax dual cab xrunner i chose this vehicle thanks to you guys at 4wd action particularly Graham thanks mate 👍.

  • Frode Skibrek
    Frode Skibrek 5 days ago

    Why is the Mercedes-Benx X-class not part of this test ? And Toyota Landcruiser Arctic Truck Edition ?

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar 5 days ago +1

    They should have thrown in a Ute with upgraded suspension and things to show the difference in stock and aftermarket parts

  • Eric Singson Evalla
    Eric Singson Evalla 5 days ago

    Thanks Mate'S 4WD for this Review from Philippines I always watch your Ride..

  • tita lolo
    tita lolo 5 days ago +1

    Triton all the way

  • Taj KAIRYS
    Taj KAIRYS 5 days ago

    oi graham come up to tallangi one time me and dad know alot of tracks it will be sick as

  • Shaquedelilic SS
    Shaquedelilic SS 6 days ago

    Vw, Isuzu and the Mercedes (not in it) are all based on the Nissan Nevara base.

  • Yamen Hidory
    Yamen Hidory 6 days ago

    like he said dmax will never let you down

  • A Verek
    A Verek 6 days ago

    Toyota!!!!!! Should be 1st

  • Holdin Neyuorai
    Holdin Neyuorai 6 days ago

    From the onset I knew Triton will come on top.

  • Joel Hartley
    Joel Hartley 7 days ago

    I bought an Amarok after testing all the utes available at the time (2015)
    As I enjoy heading offroad but only find myself hitting dirt maybe once a month, as a daily driver it was streets above the rest. No vibration through the pedal set. Low engine wind and engine noise, a better feeling and more compsosed ride, had me sold. A mate has a nav and swears by the engine, but he also swears by carlton draft, so..

  • kar lar
    kar lar 7 days ago

    Great in real life factual video! Not just stating numbers but testing numbers. Great comparisons!

  • Lachie Gillies
    Lachie Gillies 7 days ago

    nice maths lads, Triton should be on 60 after the towing round

  • Leken Ollemoita
    Leken Ollemoita 7 days ago

    Doesn't the Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Double Cab V8 count as a Ute?

  • Dietrich Beck
    Dietrich Beck 7 days ago

    Hey and regards from Germany,
    after I watched your video, I was quite astonished about its result.
    Although I am German, the Amarok would be the latest car I would buy. I am totally done with the Volkswagen Group. All this still ongoing cheating really brought me to a point, saying I am totally fed up with that topic. Up to the hilt.
    Since 31 years (1989, January) I am an Audi driver and had several different Audis. Still owning an A6 and Q5. And my next cars won’t be from any of the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes or BMW. Those brands make Germans living in Germany pay a sack full of money and the cars are worth nothing if it comes to endure. That is so sad. But these brand act as if they are the best in the world, but that is history. This is a pain to me.
    I was surprised that the Ranger in your country is the most expensive truck. I already have been at a Ford dealership here in Germany and the Wildtrak with all extras you can get was about 58 000€. But then, a second later, when we were talking about the discount, I was told, that the car would cost me only 42 000€. It is a reduction given by Ford to everybody here in Germany.
    How are experiences regarding that in your country?
    Thanks for a great test
    Dietrich and regards from my channel

  • damon fawcett
    damon fawcett 7 days ago

    Ranger Raptor where would it be placed? do they make one in diesel or a raptor kit for the ranger?

  • Arran Short
    Arran Short 8 days ago +1

    Toyota should of came 1st its just the best then mitsubishi

  • Louie bodenstaff
    Louie bodenstaff 8 days ago

    Great review chaps, just 2 points I feel MUST be considered, namely average service costs, as well as average fuel consumption ... these affect ALL owners after the vehicle has been purchased. Thanks again, good work!

  • Mark Foster
    Mark Foster 8 days ago

    I will just keep my 80 series I think!

  • Overland Phil
    Overland Phil 8 days ago

    I do believe the Amarok's intake and low Alternator make it a "No way" for any serious off roader or tourer. Just my opinion. Greeting from Southern California, U.S.A

  • Poofter
    Poofter 8 days ago

    All the Mitsubishi tritons got recalled for overheating

  • Ashish Turbo
    Ashish Turbo 9 days ago

    Best reviews ever

  • titanium1228
    titanium1228 9 days ago

    i want a nissan navara n warrior series.

  • Tom Colly
    Tom Colly 9 days ago

    That intro is superb 😂

  • Glenn Tribe
    Glenn Tribe 9 days ago

    Go the triton

  • Alex Siega
    Alex Siega 9 days ago +1

    Cheers for this boys. Proper non bias review of all the utes and covered every point especially around reliability.

  • Jamie Nicholson
    Jamie Nicholson 9 days ago

    I am curious as to why you talk each vehicle through highs and lows, but yo never mention the highs and lows of the colorado?

  • Kempee Eyas
    Kempee Eyas 10 days ago

    Triton.tested.. baget car.. realible and engine power

  • Tyson Aslanidis
    Tyson Aslanidis 10 days ago +1

    I'd rather a 79 than all of these combined

  • Vince C
    Vince C 10 days ago

    Great review guys but i would have liked to see the Mercedes X class

  • King Daniel
    King Daniel 10 days ago

    I'd love to get my F150 down there and let them compare it to those little trucks.

  • Samo Kray
    Samo Kray 10 days ago

    I will keep my Isuzu best towing 4wd

  • C Gerri
    C Gerri 10 days ago

    Ahh vw,.. service department hey it looks like you have taken it off road... yeah I went down a dirt track after it rained.... oh well taking it off road voids your warranty as they are not designed for it.... oh and your service comes to $2000 for today... cheers vw and bye amarok haha.

  • Inala .I.T
    Inala .I.T 11 days ago +1

    would be good to see a comparison vid between these yank tanks we now have more access to like the new silverado by hsv, the dodge ram and the new F truck (the whole is bigger better, gvm gcm, bla bla bla).

    • Inala .I.T
      Inala .I.T 11 days ago

      @Geoff Prothero theres also the jap range with the toyota tacoma and the nissan titan,
      your not wrong but would make for some good viewing, like i'm not in the right tax bracket for anything on this channel lol

    • Geoff Prothero
      Geoff Prothero 11 days ago

      Payload in these big utes is very poor. Ram and Silverado 1500 only have around 750-800 kg

  • pernoh azimat
    pernoh azimat 11 days ago

    Nissan what happen...

  • Elvin Sulo
    Elvin Sulo 12 days ago

    I liked the video. Was very good comparison between pickups. I have a mercedes benz glk 220 - 4 matic , 2010 year of production and I love it. Perhaps and the new Mercedes pickup should’ve been there for comparison.

  • Archangel Enham
    Archangel Enham 12 days ago

    Love the triton...💓

  • jose palavicini
    jose palavicini 13 days ago

    Thats stupid You put the same point in confortable test Hilux anda navara. Navara is more confortable than Hilux.

  • albino bokchoy
    albino bokchoy 13 days ago +1

    Can you please pleeeeaaaase do an SUV version of this? Everest, trailblazer, Jimny, Pajero, mu-x and I'm sure there is a few more

  • Dave B
    Dave B 13 days ago

    Hi Shaun great article. I own a 2015 DMax really like it capability. I spent some $$$s on mt little Truck to make it awesome.I point it just dose it. The only things i need to do is a full break up grade, Roof Console, a fully setup camping canopy with solar and lithium batteries . Then she is complete.
    I bought the Isuzu for it reliability, towing capabilities and now it's bullet proof.

  • Palait Son
    Palait Son 13 days ago +1

    Equally importantly, the availability of service centres should be considered.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 14 days ago

    Isuzu is the real deal, no gimmicks just pure reliability. In the transport industry they are the number 1 selling truck for over 25 years straight not because they are cheapest, but because they are the most reliable ! People are fools for believing 4wd shows that are sponsored by other brands. Isuzu and Toyota have no rivals in reliability! Who cares about useless comfort features if you don't have reliability. I guess the only benefit to creature comforts is that you will sit in comfort while you wait for a isuzu tow truck to come and save you🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Gatt
    Daniel Gatt 15 days ago +1

    Love my new Triton watching youtube reviews such as this was what helped me make my decision and choice especially being my first dual cab 4x4 I wanted something good value for money for camping / family car would be cool to see a triton on the track of a 4wd action episode just to see how they go properly offroad.

  • Alex Koch
    Alex Koch 15 days ago

    My favourite Ute is the Ford Ranger. Here in south Australia there isn’t too many extreme 4wd tracks around but the ranger makes a great farm up which is what we use it for. It handles great on their road as well. The Dmax would come in second as we also have one that has not given us any trouble. Both great Utes however to me the ranger takes the cake

  • Dennis Njeha
    Dennis Njeha 16 days ago

    Have me 2008 Raging Bull. Wonderful truck! Fuel pump broke recently. Bit low on on torque, have to rev up on tought racks. Only upgrade.. TGM Gold front and rear and LED lights..

  • Terry Fitzy
    Terry Fitzy 16 days ago

    3.2 litre ranger all the way. same motor and drive train as the bt50

  • Mike K
    Mike K 17 days ago

    raptor v dodge ram v new chevy

  • Prageeth Athapaththu
    Prageeth Athapaththu 17 days ago

    👍 ...... hilux - for better durability
    amarok - for better performance
    Isuzu - for good look
    Ford range - best look

  • Triiton one
    Triiton one 17 days ago

    Best ute rundown I've seen on you tube, glad to see an honest opinion for once. I did my own homework before buying my 2016 triton and value for money with ability it won hands down. 4yrs later still going strong just like the Paj I traded for it.

  • Jessie Flores
    Jessie Flores 17 days ago

    Triton rockssss! I'm about to purchase one.

  • Random videos
    Random videos 17 days ago

    Pretty sure all of these trucks went to a garage for a repair except for Toyota 😁😁😁😁

  • 4WD Camping Hiking
    4WD Camping Hiking 17 days ago

    Although the Navara didn't seem to excell anywhere in the categories, i absolutely love mine, it hasn't missed a beat. cheers for the video lads.

  • roy browning
    roy browning 17 days ago

    Comment from VIET NAM DATE 3/14/2020 :)

  • Buenaflor S.C.
    Buenaflor S.C. 18 days ago

    Its odd that the Navara in Australia has the twin turbo 2.3l instead of the single turbo 2.5l engine in my country. It has the same power (190hp/140kw and 450nm) but starts at a lower rev, better response, and has a bigger power band.

  • Doldur Cosmin
    Doldur Cosmin 19 days ago

    o well, the ugliest car won ! :)) BTW: nice review :)

  • cote casey
    cote casey 19 days ago

    Good explanation of the payload and towing capacity issue, thanks.

  • John du Preez
    John du Preez 19 days ago

    Really??? The alternator on the Amarok sits down low and the wheels use Bolts and not studs and that makes it less bush worthy??? Did the alternator fail??? I have had my Amarok since 2011 and the alternator is still working. I've also never had issues changing the wheels even though I had to line-up the wheels using the bolts. Is it easier using studs ... sure it is. Does bolts make it less bush worthy ... I don't think so. You lost all credibility on the second scoring!

  • ngh
    ngh 19 days ago

    Great comparison. I only wish a couple fo those models were available here in the U.S.

  • fattynorun
    fattynorun 20 days ago

    How all you VW lovers like paying for Adblue

    • Grant Walters
      Grant Walters 11 hours ago

      Obviously haven’t done your homework, v6 doesn’t take adblue

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 20 days ago

    I liked it....the pipsqueak engine killed the Nissan....Surprised about the Mitsubitsu .....and Volkswagen. No one here in Colorado USA hasumm. 🤠. Thanks guys

  • Chiky&Llegua
    Chiky&Llegua 20 days ago

    And the new jeep pickup 2020?

  • Carlos Cristoffanini

    I put a cheap tune on my navara and got 23% more low end torque, and goes right up anything