• Published on Apr 26, 2012
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    Tara Adams (Debby Ryan: Jessie, The Suite Life on Deck) is just an ordinary high school junior... except for one little thing. Tara's got a secret-a secret identity, in fact; she's Radio Rebel, the most popular radio DJ in Seattle. In person, Tara is as shy as they come, but on the air, Radio Rebel is the smoothest talker around-a skill she needs more than ever right now, since her school is in the midst of a clique-crisis. Radio Rebel gives voice to all kids, popular and unpopular alike, and questions the status quo, to the chagrin of her school's administration. Now, with the principal hot on the trail of Radio Rebel's true identity, and mean girl Stacy coming between her and cute boy Gavin, Tara must decide between keeping her identity a secret, or being true to herself... and risk losing everything.
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  • Caca_ Fangirl
    Caca_ Fangirl 3 days ago

    This movie deserved better ngl. I never hear anyone talk about it but I used to LOVE it.

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin 11 days ago

    I need to find my voice

  • zerocool
    zerocool Month ago

    OMFG this film is a load of absolute CUNT

  • Xhoana Mali
    Xhoana Mali 6 months ago

    I use to be shy like tara like she was in the beginning of the movie. Now I am a free spirit like she was doing her broadcast.

  • PTX lover!!!
    PTX lover!!! 8 months ago

    I loved the film... btw can I just say that the guy she fancies looks a bit like Shawn Mendez or is that just me?

  • Skierz 13
    Skierz 13 9 months ago

    Reject the *Status Quo*

  • Marguerit Georgetin
    Marguerit Georgetin 9 months ago


  • Renée Tyler
    Renée Tyler 10 months ago

    Hate hate hate. Stop ripping off good movies you shits.

    B VENKATESH REDDY 11 months ago

    I love this movie...

  • Richard Fukuda
    Richard Fukuda 11 months ago

    The best film of my gen old shutheads say our films r bad like boss baby and five nights at freddy johns but this oscars 👌👌😍😍 why no oscar 2018 pls

  • Lamber Genie Girl Grantz

    I watched this on Netflix and it was waaaaaack!!

  • Heidi Goodhue
    Heidi Goodhue Year ago


  • Thomas Carroll
    Thomas Carroll Year ago +1

    I really hate the fucking movie. They say its a teen film, why the fuck would a teen wanna watch a dumb bitch talk over the intercoms about random shit. And how the fuck did the school not find out who it was until she said something, like what the fuck. I more of a Quentin Tarantino movie guy, I love Inglorious basters, Django, and many other films of his.

  • BHuynh
    BHuynh Year ago

    0:42 AYYYE SEATTLE!!! GANG I live there

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson Year ago

    “Who do you think you are?”
    “You Disappointed Everyone.”
    “Do you even care about anyone but yourself?”
    “Do you know how many dreams you’ve crushed?”
    “I thought you were on my side.”

  • JakeMccoyNickIngrassia Network

    “Until Radio Rebel’s Identity is revealed, I’m cancelling the prom.”
    I wouldn’t care at all she cancels the prom.

  • Emiliano Velasquez

    Im Radio Rebel

  • Alizé
    Alizé Year ago

    My favourite movie especially cause I'm like Tara except I don't have any friends

  • Shifat Ara
    Shifat Ara Year ago

    Debby Ryan from Disney's JESSIE

  • Shanthi Rao
    Shanthi Rao Year ago

    I love radio rebel

  • Sarah Craggs
    Sarah Craggs Year ago


  • Sarah Craggs
    Sarah Craggs Year ago


  • isabel_ruby
    isabel_ruby Year ago

    Well if it isn't the feminist version of pump up the volume

  • Swamp Fire Productions

    Your a fucking decently attractive white girl from an upper middl class income family that live in an area with zero crime plus you go to a school that's pretty lax on just about every rule that is in its rule book. The worst you have to deal with is a slightly dickish principal and a few mean girls.
    Luke skywalker was a rebel
    Katniss was a rebel. You are to use a Poser.

  • Grace’sVlogs G
    Grace’sVlogs G Year ago

    Anyone watching this in 2017

  • Lior Edrich
    Lior Edrich Year ago

    this gave me radio free roscoe vibes idk

  • Nakeisha Scales
    Nakeisha Scales Year ago

    Love you radio rebel✌👍⭐

  • Daniel Grassiano
    Daniel Grassiano Year ago

    well disney is cute but the high school sucks

  • Puck Wever
    Puck Wever Year ago

    That's Mimi from Mako mermaids

  • Dan Quick
    Dan Quick Year ago +2

    I watched this movie and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lena Steiner
    Lena Steiner Year ago

    please make more of them in germany

  • Lena Steiner
    Lena Steiner Year ago

    I love this film

  • clay cartel
    clay cartel 2 years ago

    this shit was my favorite in 2012

  • I love country music.
    I love country music. 2 years ago

    GTA V?

  • Roberto Amalfi
    Roberto Amalfi 2 years ago +2

    I like dance 😄

  • Simon Frederiksen
    Simon Frederiksen 2 years ago +3

    wtf? - fluffy, poppy, gender reversed pump up the volume? Teen rebellion goes mainstream, lol.

  • amoureux • やモラ
    amoureux • やモラ 2 years ago +6

    I watched this on Netflix and this is like the best movie ever!!

    • Masque
      Masque Year ago

      Zoipen-Star same! I've watched like 9 times 😂

  • GingerLivesMatter
    GingerLivesMatter 2 years ago

    i habe canser b0ss

  • saba shaji
    saba shaji 2 years ago +1

    cool trailer

  • Youtube Red
    Youtube Red 2 years ago +8

    OMG does this movie remind anyone else about a show called Hannah Montana

  • India Aaaa
    India Aaaa 2 years ago +3

    I wanted that one girl to get the shit beaten out of her

  • MH The Goat
    MH The Goat 2 years ago

    This movie is hot

    FANGIRLOVERLeO 2 years ago +40

    When you realize that this movie was a crappy ripoff of 'Pump Up The Volume'

    • VladZVampX
      VladZVampX 4 months ago

      A hardcore re-make of “Pump Up The Volume” w/ serious actors would stir things up in our times.

    • culivlone
      culivlone 6 months ago

      Im GoNA EXPlode!!! *claps hands aggressively*

    • Myles432
      Myles432 10 months ago

      FANGIRLOVERLeO I didn’t know that

  • Josannah Tamayo
    Josannah Tamayo 2 years ago +1

    This girl is exactly like my Sister

  • paula anaís
    paula anaís 2 years ago +6

    love this movie 😍😙

  • deleted deleted
    deleted deleted 2 years ago +8

    I love debby ryan really good movie

  • Irini Papadopoulou
    Irini Papadopoulou 2 years ago


  • Valeriu Ifrim
    Valeriu Ifrim 2 years ago

    Care e roman?:))

  • radioman1075
    radioman1075 2 years ago +9

    Watched this on Netflix thinking it was a "real" pirate radio movie. In the end I see it was just a cheap digital age spin off from Christian Slater's 1990 hit "Pump Up The Volume". While Debby is cute, this was so cheesy. And what is Slam FM? Just a bigger internet web/pod-casting station? It never ID's. What's the frequency? FM stands for frequency modulation. Which means over the air radio terrestrial radio. Same as AM is amplitude modulation. I did find it ironic she had a turntable in her bedroom and one can be seen in "Slam FM's" studio. Odd though as not a single piece of vinyl can be found. Would this girl even know how to cue a record? Would she even know what the word "cue" means? No CD players shown at all. Tara your a doll and maybe when I was 18 a teen dream but you aint got what "Happy Harry Hard-On" had in Pump Up the Volume. Such as an over the air transmitter to make what your doing actually illegal..

  • Brenda Pinho
    Brenda Pinho 3 years ago


  • Twinkiess
    Twinkiess 3 years ago +85

    Gawd this is so Disney cheesy as hell, it makes me cringe a bit ;/

  • Lauanda Thauane
    Lauanda Thauane 3 years ago


  • Abed Aboudi
    Abed Aboudi 3 years ago


      MORGAN WELLS 9 months ago

      honestly i fount this comment so inspirational, as of tomorrow i will have this tattooed permanently on my left tonsil. so thank you for motivating me to live on yet another day.... you are my hero.

  • Jessica Bradley
    Jessica Bradley 3 years ago

    love this movie!

  • Jocelyn Odette Sanchez Acosta

    no me mandas un vídeo porfaaaa

  • Josue Mamani
    Josue Mamani 3 years ago

    a like dis movie

  • Midnight Clawe
    Midnight Clawe 3 years ago

    Yeah it's so amazing I can't wait to watch it but I don't how to watch it in iPad?

  • Gustavo Ureña
    Gustavo Ureña 3 years ago

    me gusto😍😍

  • jojjji
    jojjji 3 years ago

    I seen this and it's AMAZING I want to be like Radio Rebel!

  • AJ Acuna
    AJ Acuna 3 years ago +23

    It's like if Kidz Bop covered Pump Up the Volume

  • Xhoana Mali
    Xhoana Mali 3 years ago

    I used to be just like Tara a shy girl

  • Molly333
    Molly333 3 years ago

    Debby Ryan! O ador,poate sa fie mai geniala in ceea ce face?!

  • The One And Only Marissa Gutierrez

    Tara is just like me shy at school, the girl who never raises her hand, the girl who doesn't talk much l'm like that at school but on youtube l just let myself go l express myself and one of my favorite disney channel movies

  • Gallina Brindamour
    Gallina Brindamour 3 years ago

    this movie was awesome!!!! a must watch

  • Kiarah v
    Kiarah v 3 years ago +8

    This is an AMAZING MOVIE that every Misfit will love so check it out I dare you :)

  • Michael McBride
    Michael McBride 3 years ago +10

    sooooo... basically a pump up the volume, rip off ?

    • tomatoesarevil
      tomatoesarevil Year ago

      it says at the beginning that it is based off "Shrinking Violet"

  • lheylala
    lheylala 3 years ago

    wow i love Radio Rebel

  • Madhavi K
    Madhavi K 3 years ago +2

    what's up homees. People who don't like this movie are wierd.

  • Alexis Lex
    Alexis Lex 3 years ago +40

    I love the movie Radio Rebel it really inspires me to be my ownself and not change who I am 💖

  • Kate Ohagwa
    Kate Ohagwa 3 years ago

    How does the magic happen

  • Zosire Ortiz
    Zosire Ortiz 4 years ago

    I love Debby ♡😍😙😘😚

  • Tiger Lee
    Tiger Lee 4 years ago +19

    Piece of shit movie copied "Pump Up the Volume." It was a movie in 1990 starring Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis, with the exact same theme, where Christian Slater played a shy and awkward teen who owned his own radio station and inspired thousands of other students to be themselves. You kids from this generation don't have a clue at how some of the modern movie ideas we have today have been stolen from the past.

    • fizzieizzie
      fizzieizzie 3 years ago +6

      +Tiger Lee They put that in the beginning of the film when the actors are scrolling down! They just made it so us 'modern' kids get the message to not be afraid to be ourselves!

  • Kidtronic10 Gaming
    Kidtronic10 Gaming 4 years ago

    Radio Rebel is coll

  • Mr.Midnight Movie
    Mr.Midnight Movie 4 years ago

    Be yourself don't go with the status quo how original I don't think I've ever been told that before

  • Dalia Ramli
    Dalia Ramli 4 years ago +23

    Watching this in 2015! Hmm.. I miss Disney Movies in 2000-2010

  • Yasmin Fayz
    Yasmin Fayz 4 years ago +2

  • Nia Lewis
    Nia Lewis 4 years ago +6

    I'm mainly watching it for Atticus Mitchell

  • Rosie Rolph
    Rosie Rolph 4 years ago +8

    This is pretty much my life....... well except i don't go as radio rebel.....but the um shyness is me.

  • Nicols Floris
    Nicols Floris 4 years ago


  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 4 years ago

    Best movie ever

  • JenG593
    JenG593 4 years ago +1

    This is such a cute movie

  • Reinhard Lange
    Reinhard Lange 4 years ago


  • harry apenstaart
    harry apenstaart 4 years ago

    I am redio rebel!

    • fizzieizzie
      fizzieizzie 3 years ago

      +EmanTheKingPlaysROBLOX 71704 It is a quote from the movie where they protect her identity!

    • fizzieizzie
      fizzieizzie 3 years ago

      +EmanTheKingPlaysROBLOX 71704 Yeah! I am!

  • Rere Mana
    Rere Mana 4 years ago

    I love this vidoe

  • Fernanda Duarte
    Fernanda Duarte 4 years ago +1

    This movie was a copy of Pump Up the Volume

  • isa gonzalez
    isa gonzalez 4 years ago +1

    isn't this based on the book shrinking violet

  • kikyy babe
    kikyy babe 4 years ago

    sooper ultra movie recommend to all romantic girls

  • Erin Zammitt
    Erin Zammitt 4 years ago +2

    Did you know this movie is based on a book called 'Shrinking Violet?'

  • Sara Teixeira
    Sara Teixeira 5 years ago +1

    Linda amo

  • Venkat Reddy
    Venkat Reddy 5 years ago

    Debby rules

  • Venkat Reddy
    Venkat Reddy 5 years ago

    Great movie

  • seth1999100
    seth1999100 5 years ago +9

    "Does you're royal shyness want to say something?" "I--" "I thought not."

  • Hi It’s me
    Hi It’s me 5 years ago

    Debby Ryan has been in two movies 16 Wishes and now in Radio Rebel right!

    • fizzieizzie
      fizzieizzie 3 years ago

      +Frank Perdomo And the suite life movie...And What if...And Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings...And the long shots...And Kristin's Christmas past...And Granted: Campfire stories 2.

  • Eep Crood
    Eep Crood 5 years ago

    The only reason I would watch this is because of Atticus Mitchell. Period. End if story.

  • maclach1
    maclach1 5 years ago

    This looks like a super lame version of Pump Up the Volume.

  • Katie Errante
    Katie Errante 5 years ago

    I feel bad for this generation who has to grow up with this movie instead of the classic Pump Up the Volume with Christian Slater!

  • Cappal Finatic
    Cappal Finatic 5 years ago

    This was an awesome movie :)

  • apathyissopasse
    apathyissopasse 5 years ago

    BEST MOVIE EVER !!!!!!!!!

  • Chrissymiss00
    Chrissymiss00 5 years ago

    If anyone wants to see the non-Disney version with a guy, go watch Pump Up The Volume, soooo good

  • Marium Khan
    Marium Khan 5 years ago

    What's the song at 0:21?