BOWLING BALL Vs. AXE Blade from 45m (150ft) Tower! | How Ridiculous

  • Published on Aug 11, 2016
  • Probably your best chance with a 7-10 split
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    A big thank you to the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us come to film at the leaning tower!! You guys are awesome.

    Music used (with permission): The Analog Affair - Ignite
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Comments • 3 711

  • Alexander S. Stålvang

    Atlas stone next on the chopper

  • Joseph Cioe
    Joseph Cioe 21 day ago

    Split the atlas stone

  • Jack Sybicki
    Jack Sybicki 23 days ago

    The whistle noise was awesome , would like to see multiple blades dropping food through and making salads . Perhaps a different type for each of you

  • Skar
    Skar 26 days ago

    Has the Commtest started yet?
    Edit: or does that start in a later vid?

  • Skar
    Skar 26 days ago

    It’s actually 147.64ft

  • PeaBraine
    PeaBraine 28 days ago

    You guys should hold a give away for some of the items you’ve dropped. I know a 2/3s of a bowling ball On a shelf would make an interesting display piece.

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell Month ago

    How about a bed of axe blade vs a bowling ball

  • Zach Borgan
    Zach Borgan Month ago

    I remember I was at a bowling alley and I dropped the ball on my foot. I believe the ball was like 6-8 lbs.

  • Cassie Jo
    Cassie Jo Month ago

    I don't think I have ever watched this old of a how ridiculous video... omg...

  • richie3341
    richie3341 Month ago

    What’s that tower for

  • Jen Harris
    Jen Harris Month ago +4

    Atlas stone Vs. Atlas stone

  • bamboe schuut
    bamboe schuut Month ago +2

    I have a good idea , a Burning bowling ball faling from 45 meters and bounce on a bigg trampoline and looking whats happening greetings Danny from the netherlands, city enschede.

  • Sam Eden
    Sam Eden Month ago

    How many people tried to re-create that whistle noise lol

  • matt hoult
    matt hoult Month ago

    Drop an anvil on the axe

  • Donnie A
    Donnie A Month ago +2

    You guys should drop an axe on somerhing. Like make a giant dart but put an axe on the bottom instead of a point

  • Tomo Spaso
    Tomo Spaso Month ago

    Like a glove.... Ace Ventura

  • Laura Calderon
    Laura Calderon Month ago

    U guys are goofy

  • I know you're right, but

    That whistling noise proves my childhood filled with Cartoon Network science is right. Coyote throwing stuff off the cliff at the road runner makes that sound :).

  • Sam Terry
    Sam Terry Month ago


  • claire speed
    claire speed 2 months ago +1

    What a good way to cut stuff in half

  • Matthew Wang
    Matthew Wang 2 months ago +1

    What kinda movie has a bowling ball dropped from a 45m tower?

  • Tromb Oyer
    Tromb Oyer 2 months ago

    Your face.

  • Shane Lamkie
    Shane Lamkie 2 months ago

    We would love to see the anvil vs. the axe!

  • shaolinwisdom
    shaolinwisdom 2 months ago

    You guys should make a thing with a samurai sword blade

  • Joseph Beatty
    Joseph Beatty 2 months ago

    Humpty Dumpty got used in a drop test

  • A J
    A J 2 months ago

    Anyone else interested in the song?

  • Jordan Carlyle
    Jordan Carlyle 2 months ago

    split a exercise ball

  • Sameer Sethuram
    Sameer Sethuram 2 months ago

    are you guise brothers

  • Sameer Sethuram
    Sameer Sethuram 2 months ago

    are you guise brothers

  • ayden gaines
    ayden gaines 2 months ago

    That's stupid

  • jharkins30
    jharkins30 3 months ago

    Split a bullet

  • A games
    A games 3 months ago

    جميل 😍😍😍😍

  • joe wright
    joe wright 3 months ago

    Ax vs refrigerator!

  • joe wright
    joe wright 3 months ago

    Ax vs anvil!

  • Speed Stacks everyday
    Speed Stacks everyday 3 months ago

    People drop balloons to test gravity

    BADBOYONE 3 months ago

    Watching this made me want to eat a bag of maltesers

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson 3 months ago

    Imagine if they slipped in the sand while putting the axe in and fell on it...

  • creativeboy 101
    creativeboy 101 3 months ago

    Bowling ball on paper

  • One3rdNinja
    One3rdNinja 3 months ago

    You guys NEED to collab with The Slow Mo Guys ;)

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 3 months ago

    Satisfying Crunch. :D

  • mini mathappan
    mini mathappan 3 months ago

    Split a anvil

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall 3 months ago

    Next you should throw axes at bowling balls from 45 m

  • Ashdown Dental Clinic
    Ashdown Dental Clinic 3 months ago

    try impaling a bowling ball on a spike. either a javelin or the dart placed point up and drop the bowling ball

  • Ashdown Dental Clinic
    Ashdown Dental Clinic 3 months ago

    atlas ball vs axewhich will win

  • Hailey Gamble
    Hailey Gamble 3 months ago

    you should drop oobleck from 45m intoa car

  • Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone 3 months ago

    How about bowling ball vs a full can of soda? Don’t cost much but I bet it’s pretty cool.

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith 3 months ago

    Bowling Ball Vs. Bowling Ball/s

  • welshy
    welshy 3 months ago

    Need get this axe blade out again :)

  • Drew Reed
    Drew Reed 4 months ago

    Split fruits

  • TheinsaneJoe
    TheinsaneJoe 4 months ago

    Axe vs anvil.

  • raul santos
    raul santos 4 months ago

    How about bowling pins vs axe. Something a bit more challenging

  • MCFalcon
    MCFalcon 4 months ago

    Truly “ridiculous “

  • Planet Penguin
    Planet Penguin 4 months ago

    Try split a GIANT dart

    IMRICHnRIGHT 4 months ago

    Split a 2x4, 4x4, and a log by dropping them on the ax.

  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago

    How ridiculous!

  • Corvus Crump
    Corvus Crump 4 months ago

    Is this your first tower use?

  • Craig Lumsden
    Craig Lumsden 4 months ago

    omg your voices on this sound madddddd #fromscotland

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black 4 months ago

    Gotta try this with a cricket ball

  • Glove Save Raanta
    Glove Save Raanta 4 months ago


  • Elesa Brooks
    Elesa Brooks 4 months ago

    Anvil vs that axe blade

  • Thomas Morgan
    Thomas Morgan 4 months ago

    split pumpkins or watermelon

  • :3
    :3 5 months ago

    next do a bowling ball vs a pickaxe head

  • terakita101
    terakita101 5 months ago

    You should split a bowling ball with a core!

    FUN CLICK 5 months ago +2

    We'll pin ya!!!!!

  • Kim Distefano
    Kim Distefano 5 months ago

    Annville Annville Annville

    BOB THE CHICKEN 5 months ago

    anvil vs axe

  • Carson Hieber
    Carson Hieber 5 months ago


  • Victor Gavloski
    Victor Gavloski 5 months ago

    Jesus loves you my friends!!

  • Taylor Baruch
    Taylor Baruch 5 months ago

    Anyone else watching in 2018

  • Taylor Baruch
    Taylor Baruch 5 months ago

    Oh Herro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner 5 months ago

    If that first drop was really your first go, you would be an incredible bombadier...

  • Zeke McHenry
    Zeke McHenry 5 months ago

    What a cool video and The Analog Affair was the perfect song! Keep up the awesome videos! Cheers 🍻

  • TommyEagle777
    TommyEagle777 5 months ago

    I think you guys need a bigger ax

  • Kalangu Daniel Mumba
    Kalangu Daniel Mumba 5 months ago

    Oh it is

  • Kalangu Daniel Mumba
    Kalangu Daniel Mumba 5 months ago

    That's not a bowling ball

  • Sean Bodhaine
    Sean Bodhaine 5 months ago

    This is the very first of the 45m drop videos.

  • Javier panzermocha
    Javier panzermocha 5 months ago

    Hi whats app men am from Chile

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 5 months ago


  • Tido Bass
    Tido Bass 5 months ago

    So maybe someone else said this but what about grabbing some wood and split some wood from ridiculous heights

  • BafodeS
    BafodeS 5 months ago

    Why the tittle is in french ?

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt 5 months ago

    Is this before or after the 44 club?

  • Evan Wright
    Evan Wright 5 months ago

    That Hilux in the background there though.

  • McKay Brown
    McKay Brown 5 months ago

    You quoted ace ventura. I will subscribe.

  • kids doing stupid stuff

    I want to see a blowing ball split

  • johnrob1977
    johnrob1977 5 months ago

    U guys are really good at dropping stuff

  • Stephen Tyler
    Stephen Tyler 5 months ago

    Do that from the swiss dam, that wouldbe a bonza vid

  • Daniel Sorrow
    Daniel Sorrow 5 months ago

    Who cleaned the mess?

  • Reach For The Sky!
    Reach For The Sky! 5 months ago

    Beberapa video channel ini judulnya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, apakah viewers terbanyak dari Indonesia?

  • zedimiah quick
    zedimiah quick 5 months ago

    Emu egg vs. axe really embrace that Aussieness.

  • savannah Telles
    savannah Telles 5 months ago

    Drop a fire extinguisher on Giant Dart

  • Baby Hulk
    Baby Hulk 5 months ago


  • sinfull ban
    sinfull ban 5 months ago

    I love you guys, but please stop saying trick shots. They really are not. But keep up the good work

  • Gee Bee
    Gee Bee 5 months ago

    Can you please tell me the names of how ridiculous

  • isola_d_elba2006
    isola_d_elba2006 5 months ago

    What about BOWLING BALL VS BOWLING BALL on a hard surface?

  • Phil Rendell
    Phil Rendell 5 months ago

    Please do a joint video with Slow Mo Guys!

  • Moldygreenbean
    Moldygreenbean 5 months ago

    Why not get a slo mo camera. Like 20k FPS camera so we can see this shit in ultra slow mo

  • Natã Valério
    Natã Valério 5 months ago

    i love how bowling balls whistle when they fall

  • andrew shourd
    andrew shourd 5 months ago

    Great stuff mates....I know you three have thousands of hours at that tower...but I was thinking if you had an over sized bullseye on the sand...or even spay painted a center red dot something the peron dropping the bowling balls could focus on to get more accurate hits...

  • John Kerr
    John Kerr 5 months ago

    Can’t believe you hit that ax the first time you tried!

  • Frederick Kidd
    Frederick Kidd 6 months ago

    Line 3 axes up and drop a car on them.. Yeah it would be a lot of preparation, but it would be fun to see the results!!