Modeling Buildings In Blender

  • Published on Apr 16, 2020
  • This tutorial is not only for beginners but also for the advance users.
    In this tutorial you will not only learn creating building but also you will learn how to create modular buildings, windows,corner modular pieces, top modular pieces,entrance, baking normal maps and ambient occlusion map.
    You will also learn how you can use blender spin tool and snapping tool .
    You will learn how you can use 3d cursor in your workflow. You can use the building for your vfx videos and also for your gaming projects.
    Hope you guys like it and hope you will find it beneficial.
    The textures that I have used in my tutorials are from cg textures site . If you want to download them you can download them from this link:-
    You can support me on PATREON where you will be able to download the the project files and models that I have used in my tutorials and speed up modelling or sculpting videos.
    Here is the link:-
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  • Saqib Hussain
    Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +115

    UPDATED :-
    For the people whom are struggling to make transparent material , I would like to to tell that you will need to check REFRACTION inside screen space reflection which is under SCENE TAB.
    And also from the material under material setting check SCREEN SPACE REFRACTION. If these two are checked then you will just need to increase the transmission value to 1 and
    roughness value to 0.
    The second part of the video is here :-
    For the people whom did not got the chance to read the description here is the link of textures that I have used in this tutorial
    All the texture were taken from the Cgtexture except the one I have baked in this tutorial is also included in this link:-

    • Aztec_o
      Aztec_o 11 months ago

      I did all of that but its still not transparent and is reflecting back the leaves.

    • John Sinister
      John Sinister Year ago

      for windows, i changed alpha value in material, thats works for me

    • Deepesh Kumar
      Deepesh Kumar Year ago +1

      What to do if your pc hangs in detailed models..

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      @AMAN deep 12 saal ka . Par maine blender 7 saal phele istemal karna shru kiya tha.

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      ​@Famous LifeTM Use Linear for color space of a textures. The normal map kinds of make it look dirty if you don't use linear for that. If you use it and export it out to any other program then you will need to define area which is transparent and which is not under that program.

  • Dark Libertário
    Dark Libertário Year ago +460

    I think I'm getting ahead of myself, My Donut is not even done yet

    • AmbitionTv
      AmbitionTv 3 months ago


    • Howdymynameishow
      Howdymynameishow 5 months ago

      Same here

    • NightVision Official
      NightVision Official 10 months ago

      Lol, I had finished it, but only like, to the part of the special chocolate texture, and then I started doing random stuff to the donut, and then I left, and only some days ago, I've started doing things, I couldn't imagine I could do :O, now I want to do a game assets, to use and to sell :)
      That donut tho, is the start of every fire!

    • KC Newz
      KC Newz Year ago

      😂me too

    • Osama bin laden
      Osama bin laden Year ago +1

      I finished half of the donut and im trying to model guns, i think you know what happened next....

  • Auto Naut
    Auto Naut 2 years ago +57

    This long form modelling on blender is like meditation. Very calming and teaches patience.
    Thank you for the great instruction sir, you are a true master at your craft!

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +5

      Thank you very much! Glad it helped you it mean alot to me if you guys are getting benefits from my video tutorials.

  • Electric Animation
    Electric Animation 2 years ago +178

    God your precise modeling style is so satisfying.

    • Javier
      Javier 2 years ago +8

      And the texture and lightning are sooo good. Two of the things that I hate doing

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +6

      Glad you were satisfied with that . Thanks for the comment.

  • Elenora Daimio
    Elenora Daimio 2 years ago +23

    Wow, Saqib, that second window was a masterclass in smart and professional modeling. Makes me realise how far I have to go. I will stop now, get some sleep and, then re-start this video tomorrow and follow along religiously. I'm so glad I found your channel, all your videos are always amazing and informative.

  • cat99
    cat99 Year ago +20

    As a beginner I cannot stress the excellence of this Web series. No offence to Defaut Cube etc. But after viewing much Blender content on TheXvid, I can sincerly state that Saqid's content is far superior.
    If you have stumbled across this upload and are looking for Blender content. I implore you to devour as much of this channel as you can, for you shall not be dissapointed. Happy Blending.

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago +3

      Wow . Thank you so much for your comment . Glad to hear that.

  • Trevor Soh
    Trevor Soh 8 months ago +3

    You’re teaching is so good, speed is perfect and the material is really helpful thank you.

  • Adrian Jevons
    Adrian Jevons Year ago +18

    I'm impressed how you created a whole building out of 1 plane. I never finished the donut either.

  • Ravn3D
    Ravn3D 2 years ago +11

    I must say, I am impressed very much of this tutorial, learning alot from it. Thank you

  • Canal CGI Brasil
    Canal CGI Brasil 9 months ago

    Estilo de modelagem incrível. Exatamente o que eu estava procurando.

  • Maxi
    Maxi 2 years ago +3

    This is absolutely amazing. Also, I didn't know vertex snapping could be that useful. There are so many situations where it will make things easier while maintaining precision!

  • Charly Barrera
    Charly Barrera 2 years ago +3

    Love your tutorials! We need more architectural channels with this amount of information :D
    For importing new textures, you can do it a bit quicker with node wrangler ,Ctrl shift T while selecting the principal bsdf, then select all the maps you need, and it will connect all automatically.

  • Fitzliputzli23
    Fitzliputzli23 11 months ago

    Just superb! Thanks for this high class tutorial!

  • picture enthusiast
    picture enthusiast 2 years ago +99

    You're the Ian Hubert of us slow learners , Thank you

  • Empire Explorer
    Empire Explorer 8 months ago

    Thank you for an excellent tutorial. I've watched so many looking for a lesson like this one

  • Nadim Kazi
    Nadim Kazi 2 years ago +17

    Fabulous, I was just searching for modular building guides courses for some time now and you read my mind, thank you!!!

  • Lloyd Boyette
    Lloyd Boyette Year ago +2

    What a great tutorial. Thank you so much for putting this together. My only piece of feedback is slow down a bit. I was having a really hard time keeping up with what you were doing even though this tutorial matched my skill level. But, again, thank you so much. My building came out looking awesome. :)

  • Matthew Murchison
    Matthew Murchison 2 years ago +1

    Really nice, solid tutorial! Thanks

  • Dhaloh
    Dhaloh 2 years ago +3

    I can't believe I didn't know about the snapping magnet tool on top in my 100 hours of creating stuff in Blender. This tutorial taught me so much. I've been replaying the first 5 minutes about the window creation for about an hour haha

  • nupp nupp
    nupp nupp 2 years ago +4

    It is really important to train the skill of creating modular assets. Thanks for your tutorial and stay safe!

  • Jo
    Jo 2 years ago +3

    I am actually never writing comments. But I have to say, that this channel deserves it. I love that architectural tutorial. Please keep doing them. You present it very good, even if some parts are very fast. You have way to less
    Subscribers. I want to help you with that and so you have one more.
    Thank you very much for teaching me that wonderful workflow!

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +1

      Thank you so much 😀 Glad to hear that . Yeah will try to work on it .

  • Nikolay Shiderov
    Nikolay Shiderov Year ago +2

    Thank you for this tutorial, the result seems amazingly good looking. I will be trying it out soon.

  • gpchrosa
    gpchrosa Year ago +1

    No sabes cuanto me haz ayudado! He aprendido bastante con tu video *0*!
    Gracias, gracias!
    Chispas, (probablemente) no hablas idioma tacos, paella
    Thanks a lot, great content! It was (actually is) very helpfully for me

  • Alan Pentland
    Alan Pentland 6 months ago +1

    Many thanks for this It has been a big help. 1 thing to think about. A wall section with a window should be longer underneath the window as windows are set into the building usually at waist height. When stacked up the floors of the building have real height ;) Homes for the vertically challenged lol

  • Luke Pawelek
    Luke Pawelek 6 months ago

    Amazing, thank you. Not finished yet but already learned so many useful tricks. Subbed.

  • Maciej Kurzyca
    Maciej Kurzyca Year ago +1

    Amazing tutorial. Thank you.

  • ElectroNatasha
    ElectroNatasha 7 months ago

    Great stuff, im only half way through but the results are good and your tutorial style is perfect for me.

  • A. China
    A. China 11 months ago

    Thank you! That's why I love these tutorials. You learn tips on tricks on workflow and pickup years of experience in short amount of time.

  • Brian Buckley
    Brian Buckley Year ago +2

    Fantastic tutorial, many thanks.

  • Armon J
    Armon J Year ago +2

    Incredible tutorial, thank you so much for this advanced guide.

  • Rejs Rejsiasty
    Rejs Rejsiasty 2 years ago +4

    Great job, I really appreciate your workflow. It's calm, precise and flows like a river.

  • Midi Poly
    Midi Poly 2 years ago +1

    Really well explained. Nice workflow!

  • Cris M
    Cris M 23 days ago

    This video was extremely helpful, very educational and easy to follow. i love it

  • UH Studio Design Academy
    UH Studio Design Academy 2 years ago +1

    Great video! And really nice result!! And thanks for the baking trick for the usually high-poly blinds. Super useful!

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago

      Thanks, It can make your workflow fast enough to get the job done short amount of time.

  • Uragan27 _cg
    Uragan27 _cg 2 years ago +1

    Nice tutorial! Thank you!

  • Roman
    Roman 2 years ago +2

    Great content, thank you! One question I have is what's the reason for not using arrays/mirror modifiers instead of duplicating the different parts?

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +2

      Good question! The reason I have duplicate them and make their instances is because you can easily change their position. So if I wanted to have curved windows in the place of simple one I can easily switch them . If I had used array or mirror modifier for that I would not be able to do switch them .

  • Ron McDowell
    Ron McDowell 2 years ago +1

    Wonderful work and great tutorial as always. Thanks so much for you efforts.

  • Tanner3D
    Tanner3D 2 years ago +2

    Your process is amazing to watch, I plan to watch again and follow along in the morning. This will be great to create an asset file to pull from repeatedly!

  • Joussef Jouda
    Joussef Jouda 2 years ago +7

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  • J H77
    J H77 7 months ago

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    Sheigon Sheffield 9 months ago

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    Ali 2 years ago +3

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  • ilbars11
    ilbars11 Year ago

    Very nice video and work style.:) But ı would like to ask about joining parts with correct topology , uv and textures. Is there a way to make whole building one mesh for exporting etc.? Or do we need to combine all mesh to one object for exporting ?

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    Krokzy 6 months ago

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    JP 2 years ago +2

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    Owen Richards Year ago

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    Elaine Always Year ago +1

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  • Hammad Malik
    Hammad Malik 9 months ago

    @saqib Hussain thanks for the great detailed tutorial, Awesome stuff, one quick question. you used many textures for this model kindly tell me. can we texture the whole building with one texture for games in blender without using Substance Painter or Quixel Mixer

  • Paola L
    Paola L Year ago

    thanks a lot for this! I was only here to watch how to build a window and stayed for the entire tutorial, tomorrow i will watch it again while trying to apply some stuff to my own building. Really helpful, a bit difficult to follow sometimes but it is ok! thanks!

  • Bruno Jorge
    Bruno Jorge 2 years ago +2

    Amazing tutorials... I have to model a few NY city buildings for my 3rd year project. These tutorials will come quite handy.

  • Future Intelligence

    28:58 Man!!! i was looking for that curve and finally got it thanks alot bro

  • PraiseTheMibbers
    PraiseTheMibbers Year ago +1

    dude i havent even finished the tutorial yet and im still amazed. You really know your way around blender

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      Thank you so much for the appreciation . Means alot .

  • Юрий Малов
    Юрий Малов Year ago +1

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  • Doverdown
    Doverdown 2 years ago +1

    Thank you very much for those super good free tutorials! stay safe

  • Kurt Euler
    Kurt Euler Year ago +1

    Hi Saqib. Thanks much for this.
    May I ask, when I attempt to bevel the edge of the first blinder slat at 9:51, the bevel insists on fanning out to the right side only, yielding this strange result:
    I played your video at 50% speed, and can only see that you did a Ctl-B after moving the loop cut up.
    Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong. (I've ensured that the entire loop is selected.)
    Thanks again.

    • Kurt Euler
      Kurt Euler Year ago +1

      Figured it out. I needed to apply the transforms first.

  • dougieladd
    dougieladd 2 years ago +1

    Excellent tutorial. Well taught.

  • Benedetto Battipede
    Benedetto Battipede 2 years ago +3

    You save me a lot of time!
    And there are many tricks in this tut. Thank you!!

  • Kurt Euler
    Kurt Euler Year ago +2

    Satin, i'm looking forward to start this tutorial. Do you use any addons 1) in the tutorial and 2) in general for archviz work? Thx!

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      Thanks, No I did not use any addon or any of my archviz work.

  • Ni Colas
    Ni Colas 2 years ago +1

    thank you man. I have some problems with rendering in Eeve, but in Cycles it works well. Already did two windows, on my way to finish the whole building :)

    • Ni Colas
      Ni Colas 2 years ago

      @Saqib Hussain the program just crashes when I start rendering in Eevee. But in Cycles it's ok. So will just continue to render in Cycles as I did with my first donut :) maybe I'll find the root of this problem later...

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago

      Glad I could help! Would like to know what problems you were facing while rendering in eevee?

  • NecroMouse
    NecroMouse Year ago +1

    its great i was looking for somethink like this but could i ask if it would be better to use array modifier instead of duplicating the panels at 16:33

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      Array can be used to duplicate a single window panel but you can not manually delete or replace the arrayed window panel. Therefore if you use instance you can easily swap any other window panels with the instance one.

  • Burning Bright
    Burning Bright 2 years ago +1

    A very clean way of creating buildings....
    Really good work bro....
    Really like your other videos as well...
    Compare to your other videos this was much detailed and comprehensive.
    Keep Creating...

  • Roy S
    Roy S Year ago

    Great tutorial. I'm switching from C4D to blender. On 28.01 minutes, 'creating an upper panel of the window' how did you select all the vertices at the same time? I can only select one section.

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed 2 years ago +1

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you!

  • Roman Souček
    Roman Souček Year ago +2

    realy good video, i tried it and i was surprised... its looks like your building and in particular its really nice work but my pc had lags when i finished :) btw your time 46minutes and me 6 hours :D but now i know new things in blender... thanks a lot :)

  • Torchw8
    Torchw8 2 years ago +1

    Hey! Great tutorial. Liked and subscribed. I have one problem. On my windows i can see reflections of some trees and they work like mirrors instead of glasses. I can't see the window shades which i made. Probably its a small setting of the material i am missing.

    • SR
      SR 2 years ago

      @Torchw8 Turn on "Screen Space Refraction" in your material settings.

    • Torchw8
      Torchw8 2 years ago

      @Saqib Hussain Maybe i didn't explain my issue correctly. Here is a picture of my building in blender:
      I can see the windows but not whats behind them. Is there a way to fix this, please?

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago

      Thanks for the sub! the thing is you are not using the hdr images for the light to reflect trees as background images. You will need to use an HDR image for such kind of job. You can download hdr for free just you will need search it on google.

  • Merwin Atticus
    Merwin Atticus 10 months ago

    lovely video. I just think you can break the series into parts such as 1.modelling the parts for the building 2.texturing the parts 3.assembling the parts to create a variety of buildings, instead of putting all of it in one video. maybe for future videos :)
    Thanks for the video once again.

  • Prema Interactive
    Prema Interactive 2 years ago +1

    Nice workflow!!!! Thanks for all the tips! :)

  • Zaal'Koris Vas Qwib-Qwib

    After a week I finally managed it!
    I was able to finally create a new cube after deleting the default one!!

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      :D atleast you tried to open the program and gave your time to do that . Come on you can model it too.

  • Lannox Gaming
    Lannox Gaming Year ago +1

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    Jairo Abad 2 years ago +1

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    Sayan Sanyal Year ago +2

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    FireFlies Interactive 2 years ago +1

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    David Catalano 2 years ago +1

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  • Studio
    Studio 2 years ago +3

    At 14:10, I never knew there is this way to bake the normals! Is it as accurate as doing the baking with cycles?

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +2

      Yes, these are accurate as I am using the normal matcap for baking the meshes .

  • Benjamin Altenburger
    Benjamin Altenburger 2 years ago +1

    Really impressive work an thanks for teaching me. All the best from Germany

  • LZ
    LZ 2 years ago +1

    Hi great tutorial. May I ask regarding the technique? So are using the 3d models and baking the textures so that we are faking geometry with AO and normals? So that it will be more optimized for view or in games since less vertices etc are rendered? Also this will be good for medium to far away shots since the details cannot be seen upclose regarding the real geometry? Thank you

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +1

      Yes , It helps me to create LOD's(Level of details) . One of the coolest thing is that you can reuse these meshes to create even a lower version of the mesh so that you can use them for visualizing them from far distances. Even can pop there bricks to create higher version of the mesh . The meshes I have created in this tutorial are kind of mid level or lower then mid but these are good for any gaming engine .

  • Arthur Arman
    Arthur Arman Year ago +1

    Awesome video - Helps me a lot!!!
    Thank you Saqib

  • Roary666
    Roary666 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for the tutorial. I have a question, at 20:30 you fill up the geometry by using just f key 6 times . Are you using a plugin for that or am I missing something?

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago

      No worries :)

    • Roary666
      Roary666 2 years ago +1

      Neverming :) you need to just choose bottom edge like you said :)

  • onionface
    onionface Year ago +1

    Nicely done. Very relaxing to watch.

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      Thank you very much! Glad you find it relaxing.

  • DOFT
    DOFT Year ago

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  • KaLul0
    KaLul0 Year ago +1

    Thanks for this absolutely good tutorial.
    but do you have a moment to help me out?
    at 28:50 you start to bevel it negative (i got that)
    then you selected the face without choosing face selection. how? if i press L the whole roofside thing is selected.
    also when ich extrude it i cant just move it off the place. how did you archive that?
    thanks in advance

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      You're welcome.I think your mesh is still connected to the roofside. You will need to select the edge and duplicate it then you can use the bevel command .
      If its separate then you can easily select it by pressing L key and you will be able to extrude it later .

  • Himesh Anand
    Himesh Anand Year ago +1

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  • scott duke
    scott duke 2 years ago +2

    You are such a patient and talented artist. Thank you.

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago

      Thank you , yeah its a part of learning without discipline a person can be talented but can not get thru the struggle of emotion. Indeed, a person needs to coach himself to control his emotions .

  • saurabh Kaushal
    saurabh Kaushal 2 years ago +1

    Hey! Great work. Can you please answer my question? Why don't you use color space of normal as Non-color instead of linear?

    • saurabh Kaushal
      saurabh Kaushal 2 years ago +1

      @Saqib Hussain thanks mate. I will try your way today. 😇

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +1

      Linear just makes some adjustment to the color values of the map just slightly give brightness to the map or you can say plays with the value of the map so that later you can use the gamma correction on your whole scene to get rid of the black values of the scene. But you can use rgb and non color data too its just about preferences.

  • Paul Atréïdes
    Paul Atréïdes 2 years ago +1

    So rare to find good environment stuff , thanks man :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +1

    Very impressed with the speed at which you can complete a model, yes I know it's sped up but still.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago +1

      @Saqib Hussain Yea I followed along to build different buildings for a city build I'm doing and noticed that when it came to the sidewalk haha

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      @John Doe Yes for this tutorial I have used it but usually I scale it up abit more. Its kind of a compact building.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago +1

      @Saqib Hussain Still very impressive. Random question though, on average you use a default plane, is this a 2m square?

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago

      Some of the stuff was speed up but not all.

  • Mr Jee
    Mr Jee 9 months ago

    amazing tutorial!

  • Danny Dimension
    Danny Dimension Year ago +1

    These frames, which are above the window, destory the snapping function for me. Without, everything is fine. But when i use the these 3 cube frames, the snap is no longer plane on plane. Its always slightly behind every plane.
    But without it, everything is fine.

    • Danny Dimension
      Danny Dimension Year ago

      @Saqib Hussain Thanks. But sadly this dindn't work, too. With median it use directly the window and it snap on the half. But i found a solution for me, when i duplicate it, i use g and x,y,z and then it snap without a gap

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago +1

      I think you need to use the median option from the snapping tool to snap it from it center , try it out and do let me know.

  • Ed Leszczynski
    Ed Leszczynski 2 years ago +1

    Love it! You should make an ASMR timelapse with you modeling

  • Pangolin Productions
    Pangolin Productions 2 years ago +2

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  • D. Edmunds
    D. Edmunds Year ago +1

    This really makes me want to learn blender. But right now I'm learning web development and I don't want to spread myself too thin. Great video

    • Christina McKay
      Christina McKay Year ago +1

      Maybe try it anyway. It can be really relaxing to dabble around in Blender. Just don't expect to be a master after a few hours. But you don't have to master the software to have fun with it, and especially the videos on this channel are easy to follow.
      You might be surprised how much you can achieve even as a beginner, and it might even help you with learning web development, just because it frees your thoughts in times you are too focused on a coding problem. You might notice a missing bracket much easier after being away from the code for an hour while you play around with Blender.

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago +1

      You can do it! try it out . By the way thanks for the comment.

  • Faceless Man
    Faceless Man Year ago

    Its true gem! thank you.

  • PaperCrease
    PaperCrease 2 years ago +2

    Hi ,I want to learn how to make a modular set for game. Should i build the building in game engine or build them also in blender? If i want to build them in the game engine, should I export all the parts separately or in one file? Also should a module be one single object or parented together? Thank you

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  2 years ago +1

      You will only need to export separate modular pieces one by one but not all of them . 2 modular pieces of the corner window panel for covering both side and one for the middle. Same goes for every other model .
      Only few of the modular pieces are exported out of 3d software that are combined later so that you can change the width and length of the building inside the gaming engine .In gaming engine only simple geometry is used to block out an environment to know how it will turn out but those meshes are replaced later with the one that are modeled in 3d softwares. Hope this helps.

  • gucci mane in 2006
    gucci mane in 2006 Year ago +2

    wow this is really really amazing work

    • gucci mane in 2006
      gucci mane in 2006 Year ago

      @Saqib Hussain have you tried archimesh and archipack? they are built in extensions in blender, they help with buildings and stuff

    • Saqib Hussain
      Saqib Hussain  Year ago +1

      Thank you! Cheers!

    LEGATO 9 months ago

    thx you it was such a nice tutorials to follow :) everything worked well

  • a i t o r
    a i t o r 2 years ago +1

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