suffering in minecraft monday w/ Wilbur Soot

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • tournament starts at 12:12
    sponsored by MrBeast apparently lmao
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  • Technoblade
    Technoblade  4 months ago +3157

    ok i emailed the youtube dudes and audio sync should be fixed. probably. at least on desktop for me it is lol
    tournament starts at 12:12
    this seems like the start of a beautiful friendship
    full VOD will be available when YT deems it ready, don't yell at me im not in control here

    • Turbous
      Turbous 3 months ago +1

      @Technoblade Are you gonna stream Hypixel on Monday?

      SNOWGOLEM GOD 3 months ago

      Now work harder

      SNOWGOLEM GOD 3 months ago

      If you fail us once more there will be no more pig blood sacrifices. Got it blood GOD

    • Tom Scout
      Tom Scout 4 months ago

      You forgot Iballistic squid is from England too.

    • Dragon Frost04
      Dragon Frost04 4 months ago

      You were John Wick from the 3rd movie

  • Kylie
    Kylie 3 days ago

    My two dads 🥰

  • Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon 4 days ago

    Wilbur's chuckle is what's keeping me alive lmao

  • Please Refer To Other Acount

    2:17:31 iconic wilbur spongebob moment

  • jo hn
    jo hn 7 days ago

    Wilbur soot more like wilburthot

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 8 days ago

    It's really disgusting how Minecraft youtubers think it's fine to exploit glitches like this. I will never understand how they can justify this behavior to themselves. While Techno isn't one of the most egregious offenders on this platform (just look at Shotgunraids) and Wilbur, being the horrible influence he is, encouraged this problematic behavior, Techno still needs to take responsibility and stop hiding behind the "It's just a joke" excuse. Techno wondered why fellow participants of Minecraft Monday didn't like him, and this is likely why. Another thing: Even though Minecraft Monday isn't the best event, Techno should appreciate it more than he seems to in this video because of how much channel growth he received as a result of participating in the event. This isn't just a Techno thing; this appears to be a problem with all Minecraft youtube channels where they feel entitled to exploit glitches and just generally break the rules. For instance, one week, Bajan and Jerome decided to lava other players in Bingo and even caused Connor to lose all of his items. It would have been fine if they dumped lava on players of they hadn't killed any.
    Thank you for reading this lengthy rant. I feel like if we talk about these issues in a civil manner, then we can help make the Minecraft community a better place for veteran and new players alike.

  • Nocturne 03
    Nocturne 03 11 days ago

    5:57 Techno doesn’t need teammates to win. He needs them to maintain a conversation with.

  • Cat From Hell
    Cat From Hell 14 days ago


  • Mayor O'Raily
    Mayor O'Raily 16 days ago

    Kahoot is such a weird name for a test game

  • lzl Magician lzl
    lzl Magician lzl 17 days ago +1

    So glad Wilbur has an accent or I would confuse their voices so much. 😂

  • Stephanie Hellman
    Stephanie Hellman 18 days ago +2

    Technoblade: look I’ve killed a lot of people

  • peanut butter is lit
    peanut butter is lit 18 days ago

    1:58:21 techno passes a bowel movement (video added to audio, 2019)

  • J&G
    J&G 19 days ago

    This is the best team ever cause u both r pigs :D

  • evie
    evie 19 days ago

    ‘ich bin ein Winner’
    this is what my gcse german is for

  • Eliza Martin
    Eliza Martin 19 days ago

    plz play with mr Beast

  • Lorenzo Fuggetta
    Lorenzo Fuggetta 21 day ago +1


  • softxdaisy
    softxdaisy 22 days ago +22

    no one:
    not one single soul:
    Technoblade: *”treace peaty”*

  • Pilot404
    Pilot404 23 days ago


  • Tapioca Spaghetti
    Tapioca Spaghetti 23 days ago +2

    “Let’s negotiate a treace peaty with him.”

  • Emo Face
    Emo Face 24 days ago

    I’m in elementary school not high

  • omaawx
    omaawx 24 days ago

    this is actually the best duo. you two have such fantastic chemistry and both contribute so much to each other's conversations. there was not a single second i was bored and you two are so goddamn wholesome together. please do more collabs

  • Little Jimmy
    Little Jimmy 24 days ago

    I feel bad that techno is good but pppl don’t like him for dat. I’m not hating on anyone I’m just pointing it out

  • Mrocnz
    Mrocnz 25 days ago

    I don't like the map, is called "Wyverns". Though there is only one Wyvern and the other one is a Dragon.

  • Livy B
    Livy B 25 days ago +1

    9:48 Have I finally found where I belong as a Senior? It's my first time actually watching MM from Techno's perspective (Not jschlatt's, Wilbur's, or Carson's) and he's awesome wtheck.

  • TheLiveKiller
    TheLiveKiller 26 days ago

    you and skep should combine and remake a Minecraft Monday for you and his friends (BBH, nestorio etc)

  • BigBrain69
    BigBrain69 26 days ago

    first spleef round: epic technosnipe
    second pleef round: epic techno fail

    Edit: third spleef round: epic technocheat

  • Captain Derp Sparrow
    Captain Derp Sparrow 26 days ago

    26:28 center meters

  • some kid
    some kid 27 days ago

    what ever happened to Minecraft Monday :/

    PHANTOM GAMES 28 days ago

    no u techno

  • Random Dils
    Random Dils Month ago

    Use this in cases of people saying annoying things, or parents nagging 48:34

  • TheC900 - Video Games

    2:03 top left of the tab, technoblade is a dummy

  • Cancel Out
    Cancel Out Month ago

    My name is milo and when he suddenly said this i got surprised since i was playing minecraft and randomly heard milo

  • LOLELx
    LOLELx Month ago +1


  • Lilev
    Lilev Month ago

    a perfect example of a hero who live long enough to become the villain hahahhaha

  • Mavric
    Mavric Month ago +1


  • Gabe Hackney
    Gabe Hackney Month ago

    little did techno know Wilbur would decree a rule crushing techno

  • Citrus Ciana
    Citrus Ciana Month ago

    37:54 I just realized that's a strip club 💀💀 what the-

  • Toba TheRawringKing
    Toba TheRawringKing Month ago +1

    Treace peaty treace peaty t

  • Ffe1 1106
    Ffe1 1106 Month ago

    I watched for 2 hours before realizing that this video was more then 30 minutes and I could watch 10 more hours of this

  • Vma791
    Vma791 Month ago


  • An Old Flame
    An Old Flame Month ago

    Oof he talks over and ignores MrBeast. He does this though, proabably just something he does with out knowing.

  • CLN
    CLN Month ago

    I guarantee you that Techno would’ve won without the stress of that Bounty.

  • Power Spirit
    Power Spirit Month ago

    You need to collab with Wilbur again. The chill atmosphere is really relaxing.

  • phamz2697
    phamz2697 Month ago


  • a moron
    a moron Month ago

    Im gonna swear

  • N0XX
    N0XX Month ago

    How many mcm has he won all together?

  • Ifan Stoddart
    Ifan Stoddart Month ago

    'I've played with Phil, Dan, Jack'
    Squid's just crying in a corner

  • Hansel Finnegan
    Hansel Finnegan Month ago

    I mean its still great win 4 week out of 13

  • R S
    R S Month ago +1

    Wheres the damn wilbur/carson music video

  • X AmplE
    X AmplE Month ago


  • Treeko13
    Treeko13 Month ago +1

    Treace Peaty sounded legit until you brought up that you were wrong

  • Hollie Xuen
    Hollie Xuen Month ago

    This is so stupid that they put a bounty on you. It woupd have been cool if they hid everyone's name and skin

  • Ghostlux
    Ghostlux 2 months ago +3

    Title: suffering through Minecraft Monday
    Gets third place anyway

  • Angelic Depresso
    Angelic Depresso 2 months ago

    Solid 5 out of giraffes

  • Agro Orange
    Agro Orange 2 months ago

    For Carson!

  • BakedBanana
    BakedBanana 2 months ago


  • Alyssa Pruiett
    Alyssa Pruiett 2 months ago +5

    15:15 him saying, “this is for Carson.”

  • Direct_Ive
    Direct_Ive 2 months ago +2

    Ive been waiting for this collab

  • MeloNights
    MeloNights 2 months ago +1

    Not normally a fan of techno as I have different tastes for content but the "for carson" battlecry was pretty wholesome