Binging with Babish: Harry Potter Special


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  • William Breeher
    William Breeher 2 hours ago

    This a year old, but my friend's birthday is coming up and she just loves Harry Potter. I was wanting to cook these for her, and I was wondering if you needed to use the water + vodka mixture instead of just using regular water.

  • Merple Turple
    Merple Turple Day ago

    Never knew you were a house elf

  • Terry
    Terry 3 days ago +1

    why would i want vodka taste in my pie? the alcohol is long gone after baking so why?

  • Rebecca Greenwood
    Rebecca Greenwood 4 days ago

    Someone tell me what butter beer tastes like. I've never had it and probably never will so I'm relying on any information

  • stacey o'brien
    stacey o'brien 4 days ago

    6:55 best part I'm kidding I love babish

  • Jarrett Mcgee
    Jarrett Mcgee 4 days ago +2

    Lyle is my middle name

  • TheGmodMagician
    TheGmodMagician 4 days ago

    He put vodka into a thing that those kids ate
    I don’t know if this is cannon tho

  • FrenchOreos
    FrenchOreos 5 days ago

    2:29 *s h a g g y ?*

  • Despicable Dizzy
    Despicable Dizzy 5 days ago

    Treacle tart is best with lemon zest added, the difference is amazing

  • Noah Ampe
    Noah Ampe 7 days ago

    Treacle was my favorite word in the entire series

  • Yeeterpeeter
    Yeeterpeeter 8 days ago

    Im gonna put it into the freezer until- almost frozen

  • Travis K
    Travis K 10 days ago

    wait... your telling me that I actually have the ingredients for the beer?!?!

  • Belle Morris
    Belle Morris 11 days ago

    Lol sweet ? It's more likely to be a savoury pumpkin, onions, veg pasty in the UK 😊

  • Xx FlamselkMusic xX
    Xx FlamselkMusic xX 12 days ago

    What do u call it when u fight with binging with babish

    Beefing with babish

  • Delaney Delagrange
    Delaney Delagrange 12 days ago

    4:04 get it in all the corners that a circle doesn’t have

  • Brendan Hart
    Brendan Hart 13 days ago +1

    Lick my farts

  • Aiden Ingle
    Aiden Ingle 13 days ago

    I clicked on this and before it started got an ad with Daniel Radcliffe in it 😳

  • Mr. Primet
    Mr. Primet 13 days ago

    Schnaps is german

  • s h o o k e t h
    s h o o k e t h 14 days ago

    w a d k a

  • Jose Toral
    Jose Toral 14 days ago

    ...there's vodka in pie crust?

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 15 days ago

    I want to eat everything you make I'm so jealous

  • nrrork
    nrrork 16 days ago

    Aww... I basically made a couple of those when I had a little excess crust while I was making sweet potato pie. I just made a little one and folded it over. A little chef's reward.
    Also the pie because I wasn't making it FOR anyone, that was a treat for ME over the next few days. ^_^

  • Panic! at the Forehead
    Panic! at the Forehead 17 days ago +1

    pretty much 21 savage's favorite dish

  • Karl Striepe
    Karl Striepe 18 days ago

    I think the alcohol disconnect here in the US is that in the UK, you can drink beer and wine when you turn 16. Whether the Potter characters were yet 16 when they had butterbeer, however, I can't remember. But hey, given the Potter culture seems stuck in the early 19th century when there was no drinking age and often beer was safer to drink than water, so everyone drank beer, no matter the age, why not?

  • Tiny Shell
    Tiny Shell 20 days ago

    Those pasties are so small wtf. Guess I'm just used to my dad's traditional Cornish pasties being waaaay bigger

  • Ivan Buckingham
    Ivan Buckingham 23 days ago

    A pumpkin pastie is not the same as a pumpkin pie! One is savoury and one is sweet!

  • RiceKrispy Theory
    RiceKrispy Theory 23 days ago

    I'm only ** years old, and I still enjoy this channel IMMENSLY (I do cook!)

  • Martin De Luisa
    Martin De Luisa 24 days ago

    water vodka sounds kinda redundant if you're slav 😂

  • gnbman
    gnbman 24 days ago

    "A cauldron cake!"
    "A pumpkin pasty!"
    "A wizard card!"
    "An owl treat!"

  • Lance Black
    Lance Black 26 days ago

    Spell to summon pumpkin pasty= pumpkin tasty pasty

  • Soviet Sosig
    Soviet Sosig 28 days ago

    So it’s time for little refresher (cracks out the vodka)

  • Olivia Stolzenthaler
    Olivia Stolzenthaler 29 days ago


  • Goldowl
    Goldowl Month ago

    i can see some 15 year old glenfiddich in the background, you got my eternal likes for that

  • Gweedy_L C-137
    Gweedy_L C-137 Month ago

    Right let’s argue... Hufflepuff ftw

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley Month ago

    BwB drinking game: bingewatch and take a shot every time the phrase "shaggy dough" is mentioned.
    I'm a little drunk at this point.

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry Month ago

    Oh yum yum

  • NeoGenMike
    NeoGenMike Month ago

    Just made the Treakle Tart with light molasses. Bad idea..

  • Of Luxe
    Of Luxe Month ago

    The last line... haha! I am definitely going to try all of these, but especially the butter beer, as I was sorely disappointed and not just because of the ridiculous price.

  • Jodi Lovensheimer
    Jodi Lovensheimer Month ago


  • Oh Boy Boiyo
    Oh Boy Boiyo Month ago

    Out of all this the only thing i could make is butterbeer T-T

  • Mert Arnas Cabuk
    Mert Arnas Cabuk Month ago

    Bitchin with badbitch

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral Month ago

    Rice or beans can be pie weight

  • Ela The Sixth
    Ela The Sixth Month ago

    I love this! I found your Krabby Patty episode a few months back and i have been hooked in your vids ever since! And I love Harry Potter! I would love it if you made Queenie's Strudel from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • Isaac Clark
    Isaac Clark Month ago

    Is the vodka optional? I’m a teen, and I’m not about to break the law for a pie

  • P Mc
    P Mc Month ago

    Pumpkin pasties in Harry Potter are almost definitely savoury. Pasties are a savoury dish and squashes are almost exclusively used in savoury dishes in the UK.

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith Month ago

    Please make Beverly goldbergs shrimp parm from The Goldbergs!! Love your show!!!

  • SN6T
    SN6T Month ago

    я бы с тобой переспал )

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter Month ago +2

    curry buns from black butler

  • Aratrika Roy
    Aratrika Roy Month ago

    I once tried making this at home. I used honey instead of golden syrup. It tasted pretty well!

  • Ry Ry The Science Guy
    Ry Ry The Science Guy Month ago +1

    The fact that the butter beer is alcoholic explains a lot

  • Daniel Vickers
    Daniel Vickers Month ago

    sugar on a pasty u mad man its savoury!!!

  • Sa Suwi
    Sa Suwi Month ago

    Did I hear correctly "add the vodka?" :o

  • darcy boyd
    darcy boyd Month ago

    i refuse to believe that none of these joined the clean plate club

  • TheFuriousGamer
    TheFuriousGamer Month ago

    he stroked the pumpkin stem at the start 0:21

  • Hannah Maxwell
    Hannah Maxwell Month ago

    You should’ve made the sandwiches that Ron had in the beginning of philosophers stone

  • Hannah Maxwell
    Hannah Maxwell Month ago +3

    Is it possible to do the crust recipe with out vodka

  • Eleijah Daniels
    Eleijah Daniels Month ago

    As a Brit, I’m insulted that you made the pasty sweet. Pasties are savoury

  • Jade Thrasher
    Jade Thrasher Month ago

    Please do the butterscotch cinnamon pie from undertale!!!!!

  • Monika Shanmugam
    Monika Shanmugam Month ago

    Andrew/Mr.babish would make a great Harry Potter

  • Omawe 89
    Omawe 89 Month ago +1

    wodka, a thing that russian furries like

  • Erica McKinney
    Erica McKinney Month ago

    Why does you use vodka in your pie crust?

  • shirley rae
    shirley rae Month ago

    *I've a really great idea for an episode!* Check out _'A Series of Unfortunate Events'._ Sunny Baudelaire has spectacular teeth & a keen culinary sense throughout the series, which results in quite a few tempting literary dishes: Dishes which are represented in the new Netflix series as well 😊. Would be sooo cool to see them on a BwB episode!

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith Month ago

    i thought you were allergic to banana

  • Alisha Santiago
    Alisha Santiago Month ago

    Why vodka?

  • Sniper Snake
    Sniper Snake Month ago

    can you use something else but vodka just wanna know

  • mister Moody
    mister Moody Month ago


  • Lacey Rojas
    Lacey Rojas Month ago

    What about a Knickerbocker Glory?

  • Apel Pie
    Apel Pie Month ago

    "wordka" lol

  • watermelonxsmile
    watermelonxsmile Month ago

    The whole idea of a sweet pasty with pumpkin in it is an abomination honestly

  • Fahad Mirza
    Fahad Mirza Month ago

    When should you use egg yolk wash for pastries vs egg white wash?

  • Tristan Claxton
    Tristan Claxton 2 months ago

    Why the vodka

  • Lapis' Best Friend
    Lapis' Best Friend 2 months ago

    The way you said “wodka” was just like Chekov from Star Trek

  • Inferno
    Inferno 2 months ago

    Is the alcohol optional? (for the butter beer)

  • Captain Oppai
    Captain Oppai 2 months ago

    5:06 *_PSSSSSH_*

  • DarkSunToggaf HD
    DarkSunToggaf HD 2 months ago

    Just bought your book for a friend and made butterbeer with them. Came out great! Love you babby

  • Evan Abeling
    Evan Abeling 2 months ago

    Hey Andrew, are those like panko bread crumbs? If not what do you use and does it matter? Thanks!

  • RetroMarineX13
    RetroMarineX13 2 months ago

    Nah, my friend. That’s water squared. What’s vodka mean in Russian again?

  • LoveMusic
    LoveMusic 2 months ago

    Why vodka in the water???

  • aladeez nutz
    aladeez nutz 2 months ago

    Have you done the jelly fish jelly krabby patty from spongebob?

  • Dash Medina
    Dash Medina 2 months ago

    I just discovered this channel. After watching a few episodes, I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  • Marcos Salazar
    Marcos Salazar 2 months ago

    Hey banish can you please do a pie episode?

  • Brewski Brandon
    Brewski Brandon 2 months ago

    Call it wadka

  • Brewski Brandon
    Brewski Brandon 2 months ago

    Call it wadka

  • done dane
    done dane 2 months ago

    If your not afraid of raw egg
    You mean having the will to live and common sense

  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi 2 months ago

    "As you can see I'm having a hard time handling it."

  • Joshua Gusman
    Joshua Gusman 2 months ago

    6:16 and 6:29... Oh my 😏

  • Patrick Meyer
    Patrick Meyer 2 months ago

    Someone gonna tell Babish that Pasties are savoury?

  • Scarlett Sutcliff-Michaelis

    cecil palmer food addition

  • LetsNeverPlayAgain
    LetsNeverPlayAgain 2 months ago

    Harry Potter is for centrist cunts

  • monstermasher 83
    monstermasher 83 2 months ago +1

    Make pican pie or pan fried catfish from ST:Enterprise

  • A Man With No Hat
    A Man With No Hat 2 months ago

    Golden syrup is not treacle. Treacle is more like a liquid liquorice

  • John Cena
    John Cena 2 months ago +1

    2:45 Close your eyes

  • Andrew mendenhall
    Andrew mendenhall 2 months ago

    Please do the foods of Lord of the Rings!

  • Sweet Cardamom
    Sweet Cardamom 2 months ago

    I tried making the treacle tart, it was burning at around 30 mins in a 350F oven :(

  • Ali Jeffreys
    Ali Jeffreys 2 months ago

    I think this all looks amazing, but pasties aren't a sweet thing, they're savoury.

  • Vince Russell
    Vince Russell 2 months ago

    Baking with bobish

  • Jerey Palasol
    Jerey Palasol 2 months ago

    Did he said Vodka?

  • Heather Carothers
    Heather Carothers 2 months ago

    I always assumed that treacle tart had nuts in it for some weird reason.

  • Christa Scott
    Christa Scott 2 months ago

    Water + vodka = vodker
    Not wadker

  • maureen mcglade
    maureen mcglade 2 months ago