i only ate THE SIMPSONS FOODS for 24 hours!!!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • i decided to only eat foods available on THE SIMPSONS for a whole day! krusty burger, crayons sandwich, pink donuts and many more weird foods lmao. please don't forget to subscribe.
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  • ʙʟ0ssᴏᴍ •

    Next video is going to be academy for 24 hours 😂😂😂

  • Jayden hunter
    Jayden hunter Day ago +2

    So cheese toastie is the foreign grilled cheese

  • Anton Engblom
    Anton Engblom Day ago +2

    How the *** do you slice your pizza?

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Still called wafle fries in the us. I love them. Of course i love potatoes.

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Love your jokes. Im dying here. Im laughing too hard. Those donuts looks so pretty. The burger. Omg. Would love to try it.

    • Alp
      Alp 13 hours ago

      Lol donuts look really good

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Krispy cremes are so good try them warm.

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Breakfast looked really bad. Lunch awesome. Pizza. Spaghetti os. Yes

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Love the video

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Day ago

    Rainbow nipples. Rofl.

  • Lily Prociuk
    Lily Prociuk Day ago

    Am I the only one that checked to see if he actually linked Liza koshy channel in the description😂😂😂

  • Calen Keels
    Calen Keels Day ago

    Eat corn does the back good

  • Calen Keels
    Calen Keels Day ago

    It’s not a cheese toasty it’s a grill cheese dip shit

  • Gacha chicken nuggets! !

    Liquid yogurt...... yogurts like basically already liquid Haha no hate love your channel

  • cami cami
    cami cami 2 days ago

    make Venezuelan food

  • Gacha chicken nuggets! !

    Whoever disliked this vid is stoopid! ( stupid)

  • Wesley Jean
    Wesley Jean 3 days ago +1

    Im sorry but am i the only one that founds his jokes not funny🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Wesley Jean
      Wesley Jean 5 hours ago

      Carly Taylor OMG, didnt u see what i type, i respect raphael but his jokes are corny, ugh

    • Carly Taylor
      Carly Taylor Day ago +1

      If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything

    • Carly Taylor
      Carly Taylor Day ago


  • Emily Sanz
    Emily Sanz 3 days ago

    At 1:41 I started laughing

  • Mason Games
    Mason Games 3 days ago +9

    11:09 did he say from Crusty Crab

  • Amie Fletcher
    Amie Fletcher 4 days ago +5

    You should eat christmas food for 24 yours

  • Richie Q Martínez
    Richie Q Martínez 4 days ago +4

    I about to hate you but you said sorry so your okay

  • DespicableBrett ッ
    DespicableBrett ッ 5 days ago +4

    *half pizza but only a single slice*

  • Lil Kitten
    Lil Kitten 6 days ago +2

    Try Canadian foods

  • adrii ramoz
    adrii ramoz 7 days ago +10

    Only one slice
    *half pizza 😂😂😂

  • Gabbie Marcus
    Gabbie Marcus 8 days ago +1

    Then why are you not dead

  • Juliana Osorno
    Juliana Osorno 9 days ago +10

    Porque el título está en español y el vídeo en inglés?

    • Nayra Sad
      Nayra Sad 7 days ago

      A mi también me lo pone el título en español y el video en inglés 🧐🧐

    • luna Lue
      luna Lue 7 days ago

      Depende de que idioma tienes tu telephono

  • Denny Yang
    Denny Yang 9 days ago


  • Charlizee Nevada
    Charlizee Nevada 10 days ago +7

    9/11 caller : hello 9:11 what’s You emergency
    Him : hello the love of my life is bleeding
    9:11 caller: -_-b. -> (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾

  • Jaxon Lowre
    Jaxon Lowre 11 days ago +3

    Crusty crab it the Simpson’s not sponge bob

  • Hatcher fishing and a lot more to do Walston

    We call them waffle fries

  • Dana Younus
    Dana Younus 12 days ago +7

    why did he say the Krusty crab 11:09

  • Alinne M. Gonzales
    Alinne M. Gonzales 12 days ago +7

    OMG¡ How many calories did you eat? 😨

  • Depression
    Depression 13 days ago +2

    Raphael: I'm gonna put the Cadbury Worm sweerly sqeerly on the cereal.
    Me: What have you done....

  • Richard Vise
    Richard Vise 13 days ago +3

    You are funny 🤣😂😀😁

  • Swartz Swartz
    Swartz Swartz 13 days ago +2

    From the krusty crab the clogger burger

  • deadking reapper
    deadking reapper 13 days ago +3

    Sign of crusty crab *
    Me: who's crabs are crusty ?????

  • Yazmyne Vasquez
    Yazmyne Vasquez 13 days ago +3

    Joke:Why does Saturn have rings?
    Awnser:God liked it so he put a ring on it.😄😄😄

  • grim_ Reaper_luckydeath14

    Have you try Homer Simpson moon waffles

    AVIAE W 14 days ago +2

    Im half mexican

    AVIAE W 14 days ago


  • mikey blakely
    mikey blakely 14 days ago

    how do you now

  • Audrie Goodluck
    Audrie Goodluck 14 days ago +1

    Bruh u just Sayed I'm starving!!

  • Lexie Haro
    Lexie Haro 14 days ago +6

    11:06 did he say the crusty crab

  • StayWeird
    StayWeird 15 days ago +3

    anyone who had this randomly in your recommend?

  • Gino Bob
    Gino Bob 16 days ago +7

    7:55 I’m actually not too hungry I’m just gonna get one slice he cuts the biggest slice

    • Gino Bob
      Gino Bob 15 days ago

      Kylie's World i just put that as my name cuz it’s a Clan tag

    • Kylie's World
      Kylie's World 16 days ago

      Gino Bob 😶

  • Gino Bob
    Gino Bob 16 days ago +3

    755 I’m actually not to hungry I’m just gonna get one slice he cuts the biggest slice

  • Salvador Chavez
    Salvador Chavez 16 days ago +1

    You said at lunch that you were starving at the start of lunch and when you cut the pizza you said you were not hungry

    • Lily Qubti
      Lily Qubti 9 days ago

      Salvador Chavez that’s why he cut that huge slice! He was joking

  • Bray Low
    Bray Low 17 days ago +3

    He said crusty crab at 11:10 & 11:11

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson 17 days ago +3

    You are adorable!!!

  • Catherine Buller
    Catherine Buller 17 days ago +2


  • Catherine Buller
    Catherine Buller 17 days ago +2

    What can’t I just have normal Cheerios meanwhile eats even more Cheerios

  • Malthe Søndergaard
    Malthe Søndergaard 17 days ago +2

    911 The love of my life is bleeding😔😔

  • Amber Lewis
    Amber Lewis 17 days ago +2

    I thought u were English? Yet don’t know what haribos or curly wurlys are. 🙄

  • Katherine sharn
    Katherine sharn 17 days ago

    Nope. We call them waffle fries too. They typically taste better when you make them from scratch.

  • Christina Zvinterikos
    Christina Zvinterikos 17 days ago +1

    Using a baking off set spatula to spread the mayo
    Iconic and funny 😂
    Your the best ❤️

  • Karen Fuentes
    Karen Fuentes 18 days ago +2


  • hi dotnet
    hi dotnet 18 days ago +3

    I am so sorry Mexican people, offensive

  • Jaiden Peralez
    Jaiden Peralez 18 days ago +3

    Mr. Krabs arrest him he's told us the secret Krabby Patty formula

  • Jaiden Peralez
    Jaiden Peralez 18 days ago +1

    I don't like to exposed but l
    He said he was coler blind how would he know wgat color the crayons are 😦😦😦😮😮

    • Crystal Studios
      Crystal Studios 9 days ago

      Shades. Different colourblind people see colours in shades or different colours for each colour. He saw that shade or colour for his whole life so he'll know. I think

  • Evakes
    Evakes 18 days ago +3

    Can somebody sub to me cuz I’m saving up to help my family

  • Mylene Sunga
    Mylene Sunga 18 days ago +1

    your so cool