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  • Life with Malamutes
    Life with Malamutes  Month ago +517

    Hey guys
    Getting lots of comments on Phils tail (the bigger grey dog) or lack of it!
    We have recently been undergoing months of tests at the vets you might also noticed some shaved parts on his front and back paws from all the blood tests.
    Here’s the video on all the tests we did and explaining what we are treating him for which is called hyperthyroidism:
    And here’s the follow up video showing us giving him his daily medication he’s so cute trying to avoid taking it breaks my heart:
    He’s only been on the medicine 2 weeks will take 6-8 weeks to show any fur changes we are hopeful his tail could return but it also could stay the way it is x

    • Ann Bell
      Ann Bell Month ago

      Fluffy tail or not, they are both beautiful pups.

    • Deborah Sumrall
      Deborah Sumrall Month ago

      Life with Malamutes each kiss from the beautiful dogs 🐶 adds years to their 👵🏼 grandma's life. They're so happy to see her. They're singing. They love ❤️ her . The 🐱 cat too .So Beautiful

    • Brett Lane
      Brett Lane Month ago

      Life with Malamutes look up “coat funk”...I had a Malamute with this condition. He was my best buddy for almost 14 years. It’s hereditary and not contagious. It started out around 3 years of age at the tail, then top coat, then he basically lost all his hair except his head( he looked like a lion-ha). I just made him a wool sweater. Malamutes are truly amazing. Peace and love😉

    • Why
      Why Month ago

      Zoid Burg did he explain what that meant? An earlier comment said when they moved to a different city the weather there affected their dogs tail, just wondering because this seems very interesting

    • zarasbazaar
      zarasbazaar Month ago +2

      If your dog was hyperthyroid he would be losing weight. I suspect your dog is HYPOthyroidism, which is much more common in dogs than hyperthyroidism.

  • Jaime Chomik
    Jaime Chomik 7 days ago

    Big sucky babies! 😘😍🥰❤️🐾

  • Vi Si
    Vi Si 8 days ago

    Heart Warming! Cheers Xxx

  • Gena La
    Gena La 10 days ago

    Do they also like watching "Father Brown"?

  • The F
    The F 22 days ago

    You have beautiful pets the dogs are gorgeous, and the cat oh how pretty. Thanks for sharing the video

  • Julie Henderson
    Julie Henderson 24 days ago

    Lovely smiles for all! 🐕😊

  • Tatiana Gareeva Orenburg НОВЫЕ ГОРИЗОНТЫ!

    С наступающим НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!

    AVIES WARD-BROOKS 25 days ago


  • VSYC
    VSYC 25 days ago

    They are chunky

  • Gail Bohannon Starke
    Gail Bohannon Starke 26 days ago

    What a sweet video❤️

  • Cenk Celik
    Cenk Celik 27 days ago

    What a great family... bless

  • DFDigital
    DFDigital 27 days ago

    they look like chubby huskies haha

  • Kevin
    Kevin 28 days ago

    Where is this? Sounds like England or Australia

  • arctis100
    arctis100 28 days ago

    Malamuten und ausließ sind so tolle Hunde,seit 1975 lebe ich mit ihnen

  • Anca820
    Anca820 29 days ago

    Milo loves Grandma too, absolutely adorable.

  • Shell King
    Shell King 29 days ago

    Dogs: GRADMA!!!!!
    Cat: meh.

  • The Great Gazoo
    The Great Gazoo 29 days ago


  • Tamara Larabee
    Tamara Larabee 29 days ago


  • miss pee
    miss pee 29 days ago

    l love the stylish "bark" rugs and they have one each. Lovely grandma is trendy too.

  • Юлия Соболева

    🐕🐈 💗💑👫👬😊😘

  • Sally Henderson
    Sally Henderson 29 days ago +2

    That is so very sweet! I think when she went out and then came back in, they were saying, "don't ever leave again." Woo woo woooo!

  • Brandon League
    Brandon League 29 days ago +1

    Phillip loves his Gran! And you know she calls him, "Phillip."

  • Злата Малышева

    Классные 👍

  • D Lite
    D Lite Month ago

    Such beautiful dogs!

  • Bianca Maier
    Bianca Maier Month ago

    Love it its so cute

  • Alberto H
    Alberto H Month ago

    Hi im an new viewer. I just wanted to know why phil tail is so much smaller

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve Month ago +2

    My kids act the same way when their gramma shows up

  • Holy_Fox 306
    Holy_Fox 306 Month ago

    Anyone else been getting ads about spicy peas

  • Jesslistens YouTalk

    Our "Neko" is a 10# shih tzu... Gorgeous doggies you have!!

  • Pentti Saarikoski
    Pentti Saarikoski Month ago

    Mummo 🤧🎅🇫🇮👌👍🌷

  • familiafelizvlogs
    familiafelizvlogs Month ago +4

    Like a child excited to see their nana. Im loving phil and nico hehe

  • Jennifer Dennis
    Jennifer Dennis Month ago

    Sorry I am not trying to be rude but your dogs AND CAT are so unhealthy.... it isn't entertaining in any way at all to be looking at animals that are so grotesquely overweight. It's an affront to intelligence to watch the video.
    Please please put them on rations and EXERCISE THEM. Walk them 2 km per day and increase up to 5.
    It is NOT cute to see.
    If you love them - SAVE them.

  • Courtney Petit
    Courtney Petit Month ago

  • Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor

    So cute. Love it!

  • Tejas
    Tejas Month ago

    That cat is magnificent

  • Poesjes Vines
    Poesjes Vines Month ago +3

    Awww, grandma, do you know how lucky you are ???!!!! They're so adorable ! Merry Christmas everybody ! 🐶🎅❤🌟☃🎄🎋⛄🎆😘

  • starsky dhillon
    starsky dhillon Month ago


  • Friedrich Von Eichel

    The action starts at 2 minutes

  • Marilou Dimalanta
    Marilou Dimalanta Month ago

    So much LOVE for (and from) these 2 dogs.

  • Alex McBeth
    Alex McBeth Month ago

    Doggos: Grandma is here 😍
    Kitty: *who are you again* ?

  • willowraine725
    willowraine725 Month ago

    They know somethings up when you start filming them! They are so beautiful!

  • Emosi
    Emosi Month ago +2

    This video confirms that Milo is literally the King of the House... Grandma bows to him when she enters😂😂

    CT LOCKE Month ago

    I love the old boys face i just want to give him kisses

  • Rick Fenczik
    Rick Fenczik Month ago

    They sure do love their gran!

  • Paddy Partington
    Paddy Partington Month ago

    Phil's friendly growl is awesome

  • NJA 3
    NJA 3 Month ago

    They are gorgeous.

  • Fabian K
    Fabian K Month ago

    Must be a full time job cleaning up the pet hair! Yikes!

  • Holland zzstu Ericson

    So cute!

  • rollerblading geek
    rollerblading geek Month ago

    Anyone noticed they don't give as much attention to the dark coloured one. This is what is sad about people who are so greedy they think it's appropriate to own more than one dog

  • Susie Brown
    Susie Brown Month ago

    I actually enjoyed that.

  • ToniPS
    ToniPS Month ago

    They are sooooo cute 😍👌

  • Zu Galvan
    Zu Galvan Month ago

    Beautiful Family!!!

  • Pat Rivard
    Pat Rivard Month ago +2

    My only exception is that these dogs are allowed to jump up on people.

  • Lou Arnold - Youtuber Cristã

    Father Brown on in the background!!! My fave show 🤣🤣🤣

  • SOYZI123
    SOYZI123 Month ago

    Lovely lady-amazing animals -beautiful house!

  • Jerry Watts
    Jerry Watts Month ago


  • Марина Фоминова


  • Billy Brent Malkus
    Billy Brent Malkus Month ago

    Kissing dogs is idiotic. They harbor massive amounts of MRSA and other even more highly resistant super bugs.My doctor tells her patients this and not to let dogs in bed as well. Yes, MRSA is ubiquitous but not in such concentrated amounts.

  • govtom4
    govtom4 Month ago +1

    Your dogs are sooo cute and your mum has a cool accent. Love and peace from Texas.

  • Emilia Witek
    Emilia Witek Month ago +1

    They are unreal! Look like teddy bears!