Dance Moms: Chloe Cries Over Her Hair (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
  • Abby yells at a crying Chloe when she refuses to put her hair up for dance practice in this clip from Season 1, Episode 5, "When Stars Collide". #DanceMoms
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    Dance Moms
    Season 1
    Episode 5
    When Stars Collide
    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Comments • 2 798

  • Daslothmaster
    Daslothmaster 4 hours ago

    Abby: a kid should be crying when there arm is hanging or if someone died
    ME:and when someone yells at them like a maniac like you

  • Heiley Martinez
    Heiley Martinez 5 hours ago

    Then how come abby lee could let her hair down

  • Emily Hinkley
    Emily Hinkley 7 hours ago

    Paige has her hair down too duh but idk why ur yelling at just chloe then

  • Lyla Harrison
    Lyla Harrison 9 hours ago

    Abby says "kids should cry when their arm is broken or someone died that's it" Maddie cries and it's all "why the tears sweetheart"

  • Shania Bolling
    Shania Bolling Day ago

    Did Abby really say that"A kid should only cry if their arm is hanging off or if somebody dies"

  • Leah Pantaleon
    Leah Pantaleon Day ago +1

    Clowe is a nice person and the girls

  • Leah Pantaleon
    Leah Pantaleon Day ago +1

    I promise I will scream at Abby for the girls if I need to even for clowe

  • delidatorresable

    I think the lady who is the practice dancing teacher is rude like Abby like both of them are the one’s being rude on Chloe’s birthday

  • sharingan
    sharingan Day ago

    lol what type of push ups are those lmao.

  • Sangyeol Kim
    Sangyeol Kim 2 days ago +1

    She is so unfair to chole l mean Paige also had her hair down

  • jesus ojeda
    jesus ojeda 2 days ago

    Paige had her her hair down

  • Gracee Blackwell
    Gracee Blackwell 2 days ago

    She says “i DoN’t HaVe TiMe To Be NiCe AnD sWeEt” But the thing is she is never nIcE aNd sWeEt

  • Sloane Hamblin
    Sloane Hamblin 3 days ago

    But Paige gets away with her hair down

  • John Bijani
    John Bijani 3 days ago


  • Rayna Feuer
    Rayna Feuer 3 days ago


  • Saima Begum
    Saima Begum 3 days ago

    It was her birthday

  • Alison Meh
    Alison Meh 3 days ago

    Paige had her hair down because it was too short to put it up

  • Janelle Hunt
    Janelle Hunt 4 days ago

    Paige hair was down too

  • Ava Sparks
    Ava Sparks 4 days ago

    Are you stupid abby

  • Ava Sparks
    Ava Sparks 4 days ago

    Shes crying because you hate her duh

  • Noor Lauwers
    Noor Lauwers 4 days ago

    Did you notice paige has her hakt down to

  • Sandra Salazar
    Sandra Salazar 5 days ago

    Wow abby that is just so rude ( thats why you are fat because you cry alot and eat eat eat)

  • Althea Cooper
    Althea Cooper 5 days ago

    Paige's hair is down and it is Chole's birthday

  • kimberly gibbs
    kimberly gibbs 5 days ago


  • Melana Homer
    Melana Homer 5 days ago

    I actually hate Abby.

  • Pig lover 135
    Pig lover 135 5 days ago

    Abby kids cry over other things to like you yelling at them that’s why she’s crying ok so you ask why that’s why I just said it so be nice and they won’t cry

  • Azul Almager
    Azul Almager 5 days ago +4

    Abby chole broke the rules

    Me paige broke the rules to
    2019 anybody

  • Velma Squish
    Velma Squish 5 days ago +1

    Why is Paige allowed to have her hair open Chloe’s hair is only a little bit longer than Paige

  • lucca cerminaro
    lucca cerminaro 6 days ago

    “ I don’t have time to be nice this week” that was really mean. A****le

  • Raquel Reyna
    Raquel Reyna 6 days ago +1

    What about pages ?😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Brianna Duncan
    Brianna Duncan 6 days ago


  • Mustafa Kayam
    Mustafa Kayam 6 days ago

    I wish you guys were my friend,s

  • Sakurii-Gacha
    Sakurii-Gacha 7 days ago +3

    If Chloe can’t have her hair down than why can Paige?

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia 7 days ago

    That is not fair and why is paiges hair down that is not right

  • Malia Yleah
    Malia Yleah 7 days ago

    She’s skinny

  • Diane Paladin
    Diane Paladin 8 days ago

    You are aa jurk 😬😬😡😡😠😠😠😡

  • Iheartbeanieboos
    Iheartbeanieboos 8 days ago +1

    Abby is so right, Chloe just should have came with her hair up. So what if it's her birthday I'm not on her side, Smh...

  • Nxghtcore Sounds
    Nxghtcore Sounds 8 days ago +1

    Abby:kids should cry if their arm is hanging off or somebody died,that’s it.
    Also Abby;cries cause Maddie forgot her solo

  • 2007deccy
    2007deccy 8 days ago

    Paige has her hair down too

  • Rebecca Rucker
    Rebecca Rucker 8 days ago

    Well. Abby you need to not yell at the girls and you don't know what is going on in Chloe's life and you acting like that you are making them in to pagent queens and not athlets

  • Morgan Grill
    Morgan Grill 8 days ago +9

    The only time a kid should cry is when they see Abby

  • Peter Pham
    Peter Pham 9 days ago

    I feel bad for chloe

  • Cassidy Zolty
    Cassidy Zolty 9 days ago +1

    Paige has her hair down because its too short to put in a ponytail

  • Amelia Pittman
    Amelia Pittman 9 days ago +2

    At the end the picture of Abby looks skinny but in real life she look like a cow 🐮

  • Mia Hoffpauir
    Mia Hoffpauir 9 days ago +1

    Well maybe should not cry when there favorite dancer forget her solo

  • Manya Shah
    Manya Shah 9 days ago

    𝔸𝕓𝕓𝕪 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕥𝕠 𝕓𝕖 ℕ𝕀ℂ𝔼 𝔽𝕆ℝ 𝕆ℕℂ𝔼

  • Basanta shrestha
    Basanta shrestha 9 days ago

    Abby is so mean
    She should have politely asked and then chloe could have said the truth
    Abby : kids should only cry if they broke a bone or their arm is hanging off
    Me : says the 400 pounded woman who crys bc maddie forgot her solo

  • bakuriani 2018
    bakuriani 2018 9 days ago +2

    Abby : kids should cry whenever there arm is broke, hanging of, someone dies
    Me : but what if they get a needle huh stupid lol

  • Allyson Snell
    Allyson Snell 10 days ago

    Is it me or that Abby only cares about Maddie like if she is her daughter?

  • Jhanelle Dillion
    Jhanelle Dillion 10 days ago

    Abby stop it now i will tell the popo an you

  • its Jen
    its Jen 10 days ago

    Abby:you shouldnt cry unless your hand is broken or someone died
    Also abby:*crys cause maddie forgot her solo*

  • ***Josie**
    ***Josie** 10 days ago +1

    She was crying because you always put pressure on all those kids and you don't care about nothing

  • ***Josie**
    ***Josie** 10 days ago +1

    She can have her hair down because Abby you're not her mom Christy is her mom

    FLORIN CHITEZ 10 days ago

    Wait why does she need to ask you for a hair tie when her is up in a ponytail?

    FLORIN CHITEZ 10 days ago +4

    Abby: “You only cry when someone died or when you broke a bone!”
    Me: so chole can’t cry because someone forgot her birthday yet you cry when mums tell you the truth?

  • Susie Alvarado
    Susie Alvarado 11 days ago


  • It’s y’all girl Nightmare


  • natalie enriquez
    natalie enriquez 11 days ago

    chloe doing push ups is me

  • Taylor Austin
    Taylor Austin 11 days ago

    Chole is not ridiculous
    Abby is ridiculous

  • oliviam muzza
    oliviam muzza 11 days ago

    But Paige's hair was down as well.