Dance Moms: Chloe Cries Over Her Hair (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
  • Abby yells at a crying Chloe when she refuses to put her hair up for dance practice in this clip from Season 1, Episode 5, "When Stars Collide". #DanceMoms
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    Dance Moms
    Season 1
    Episode 5
    When Stars Collide
    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Comments • 3 146

  • Caitlin Mai
    Caitlin Mai 7 hours ago +1

    Abby: * hands Chloe a hair tie when she already has one *
    Like geeee thankssss Abby

  • nyasia young
    nyasia young 12 hours ago

    paige has her hair out

  • hareholu
    hareholu 14 hours ago

    She’s crying because abby is being mean

  • Sylvia Archer
    Sylvia Archer 16 hours ago

    She wasn't crying over her hair, she was crying that it was her birthday and her dance teacher couldn't even use her name

  • Miriam Wysocka
    Miriam Wysocka 17 hours ago +1

    Poor chloe 😭 I love how Brooke hug chloe ❤

  • Thirza Westland
    Thirza Westland Day ago

    I got so angry when I saw this.

  • Beatrix Flynn
    Beatrix Flynn 2 days ago

    poor chloe i think that she is the kindest and sweetest out of them all also there is no excuse for not being kind or"sweet"

  • Slime Berry Queen
    Slime Berry Queen 2 days ago

    ‘’Only cry if your arm is broken and it hanging off or someone died.......That’s It!
    Ok let’s see Abby has cried 1 2 3...........

  • karen Auer
    karen Auer 2 days ago +2

    I hate it when Abby talks about safety it is important, but she’s the one that threw a chair at Paige

  • Dorismars villarreals channel Villarreals

    Abby open your eyes and see that paige has her hair down

  • sofia francesca
    sofia francesca 3 days ago

    Paige has her hair down.....

  • Jazmin Castillo
    Jazmin Castillo 3 days ago

    Cole stop being a cry baby

  • NeverMindMyName
    NeverMindMyName 3 days ago

    I have to agree with Abby on this one. All Chloe had to do was ask for a hair band from someone. Gianna shouldn't have had to ask her four times and she definitely shouldn't have started turning again after the push-ups. She's old enough and knows better

  • Chloe’s World
    Chloe’s World 3 days ago

    Wait how come pagie has her hair down

  • Nilka Ventura
    Nilka Ventura 3 days ago

    I feel bad

  • alice hyland
    alice hyland 3 days ago

    i mean she did break the rules and ignore her teacher

  • Victoria Baron
    Victoria Baron 3 days ago

    The title makes Chloe seem like a brat wich she is not

  • ItsTaniaLuv12
    ItsTaniaLuv12 4 days ago

    Paiges hair is down

  • Ella Devena
    Ella Devena 4 days ago

    The title says Chloe cries because of her hair but she was crying because abby yelled at her and was mean

  • Penguin Minari
    Penguin Minari 4 days ago

    Chloe wasn’t crying because of her hair. It was her birthday but everyone forgot

  • euryah myers
    euryah myers 4 days ago

    Your so rude I would not want to train with you eww

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    I don’t get why it’s such a big deal to put her hair up?😂

  • Dance.cheer. Gymnastics

    Bro pages hair was down no ones yelling at her 🤣

  • monika
    monika 5 days ago +2

    Abby: '' Kids should cry when somebody died or their arm is hanging.''
    Me: So we should not cry is someone is bullying us and they hit us with sticks, wow abby.

  • Hannah Guest
    Hannah Guest 5 days ago

    I’m sorry but crying over your hair
    That’s just a different type of frustration
    The title makes sense

  • Minerva TWD
    Minerva TWD 6 days ago

    Bruh my arm broke and i didnt cry

  • Sophia Qu
    Sophia Qu 6 days ago

    A little harsh

  • Darine Jiha
    Darine Jiha 6 days ago +2

    Abby: yell at Chloé to put her hair up
    Me: see Paige with her hair down
    Me again: logic?!

  • Louie Lopez
    Louie Lopez 7 days ago

    One like one smack in the face for Abby

  • gracexedits
    gracexedits 8 days ago

    When I first saw the title, I thought Chloe was being a brat.

  • Hinemaia Rangiuaia
    Hinemaia Rangiuaia 8 days ago

    And u should cry when someone yells at you or bullying you or some other reason

  • Alina Lin
    Alina Lin 8 days ago

    Abby can sometimes be really mean

  • Diego Rafael
    Diego Rafael 8 days ago +1

    Abby is acting like she neverd cride

  • ***Josie**
    ***Josie** 8 days ago

    Abby you are so rude stop being rude let the kid have their hair down

  • Chronically Cassidy
    Chronically Cassidy 9 days ago

    Why doesn’t Paige need her hair up? Because it’s shorter ?

  • My life as Bianca
    My life as Bianca 9 days ago

    I love how brooke comforted chloe

  • gachacookie_xd
    gachacookie_xd 9 days ago

    Abby*i don’t have time to be nice and sweet.*
    Me*not like you ever are.*

  • Flores Family Fun
    Flores Family Fun 9 days ago

    It took her 20 minutes to get her hair up because she did not want to by Abby

  • Rosario Rodriguez
    Rosario Rodriguez 9 days ago


  • Marj Johnson
    Marj Johnson 9 days ago

    Abbey she is a kid jeez

  • Lilly Marissa
    Lilly Marissa 9 days ago


  • Shelby Brammer
    Shelby Brammer 9 days ago +1

    mate you cried when Maddie diddt do her solo so she's not allowed to cry and abby Lee come and do it at my face

  • Madina Hamiri
    Madina Hamiri 9 days ago

    Kids can cry whenever they want

  • and i oop sksksks
    and i oop sksksks 10 days ago +2

    Abby- *yells at chloe for her hair down*
    -minutes later-
    Camera View is on Paige with hair down

  • MonkSlo Productions
    MonkSlo Productions 10 days ago

    chloe cried because you mean when you say pu t your hair up i mean when abby say that

  • AnaTheGamer 1
    AnaTheGamer 1 10 days ago

    Maddie can have her hair down like EVERY TIME but NO ONE ELSE?Interesting.

  • Aleksandra Janczy
    Aleksandra Janczy 10 days ago


  • The Gaming Girl
    The Gaming Girl 10 days ago

    00.52 did anyone notice the mountain of doughnuts?

  • Nishka 3.14
    Nishka 3.14 10 days ago

    Title: Chloe cries over her hair.
    Video: Abby yells at Chloe over something as minor as having her hair down and makes her cry.

    • WoW Hi BoNjOuR
      WoW Hi BoNjOuR 8 days ago

      Not tying your long hair at dance isn’t really minor, it’s for safety reasons. Plus this whole incident could’ve have been avoided if Chloe just tied her hair in the first place. 🙃

  • Breanna Chartier
    Breanna Chartier 11 days ago +1

    Honestly that was nothing to cry about Chloe broke the rule didn’t listen and kept training and Abby kept a civil tone with her and gave her a hair band

  • Aria Flanders
    Aria Flanders 11 days ago

    “Rules are for safety” SAYS ABBY WHO THREW THE CHAIR AT PAIGE. My lord

  • Mariah Casto
    Mariah Casto 11 days ago

    Yup rules huu

  • MM LI
    MM LI 12 days ago

    Abby:I'm not trying to be nice this week.
    Me:when do you???😕

  • MM LI
    MM LI 12 days ago

    Ugh Abby is so rood!!!!!!

  • Red Ravenwing
    Red Ravenwing 12 days ago

    Abby is so mean and being mean to the children

  • Jayla Santillan
    Jayla Santillan 12 days ago

    Even though Paige also had her hair down when Chloe went back in

  • Mackenzie Tykwinski
    Mackenzie Tykwinski 13 days ago

    Did anyone notice Paige had her hair down

  • Sue girff :3
    Sue girff :3 13 days ago

    Paige had her hair down too

  • no name no name
    no name no name 14 days ago

    Paige had her hair down to

  • Morghan Ancelet
    Morghan Ancelet 14 days ago

    Omg than Paige's hair is down