Going Around A Ferris Wheel 1,000 Times Straight

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  28 days ago +32226

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  • Lps_sugar cube
    Lps_sugar cube 22 minutes ago

    Im allergic to trees........................................

  • William Mason
    William Mason Hour ago

    Owww you
    Hurt my ear because you and Chris won’t stop

  • Tati with ChubbyBear
    Tati with ChubbyBear 3 hours ago

    Chandler was trying to entertain himself The Whole time XD

  • l_Kurve_l
    l_Kurve_l 3 hours ago

    U deserve more sub than pewdiepie no cap

  • Ethan Salim
    Ethan Salim 4 hours ago

    13:31 R.I.P chandler

  • Adam
    Adam 4 hours ago


  • damen, aeyan and baby
    damen, aeyan and baby 4 hours ago

    love you t0

  • 별빛구름 B
    별빛구름 B 5 hours ago

    I am Korean, but I can speak English! I really love you guys challenging special and fun things!♥♥♥

  • Caleb dodo
    Caleb dodo 5 hours ago

    mmmm yes

  • Mitul Konwar
    Mitul Konwar 6 hours ago


  • doostan513
    doostan513 6 hours ago


  • Alenna Martinez
    Alenna Martinez 7 hours ago

    Everyone: sings music
    Me:gets angry
    everyone: silent

  • Serotonin Master
    Serotonin Master 7 hours ago

    It's my dream to have you subscribe to me beast!

  • EJ plays
    EJ plays 7 hours ago

    Mr.beast you are a very good person because you have a project for trees

  • LITTLE_ME_XD 0111
    LITTLE_ME_XD 0111 8 hours ago

    Cookie plz,
    Typing with my elbow is gift and apparently auto correct is to

  • LITTLE_ME_XD 0111
    LITTLE_ME_XD 0111 8 hours ago

    2019: planting 20 mil trees
    2020: Cleaning the ocean

    Spam so Mr. Beast can see

  • LITTLE_ME_XD 0111
    LITTLE_ME_XD 0111 8 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure they broke so many things, that if they added how much money the broken items cost, it would be more money then....
    Finish the sentence.

  • meme lovered
    meme lovered 8 hours ago


  • marisol reyes
    marisol reyes 9 hours ago

    When Mr.beast is talking about battle breakers

  • ChynDoes Parodies
    ChynDoes Parodies 9 hours ago

    *anotha wun*

  • Gamer PH
    Gamer PH 11 hours ago

    9:53 oh hry sand man or overlord lol

  • Creepers_miss
    Creepers_miss 11 hours ago

    Probably If mr beast joined one of the challenges to win money
    Would he win is he a pro ?

  • okay than
    okay than 12 hours ago


  • Snik the Hustler
    Snik the Hustler 12 hours ago


  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G 12 hours ago


  • Lana Chan_ لانا
    Lana Chan_ لانا 13 hours ago

    Gosh i love you 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ghost game project
    ghost game project 14 hours ago

    cant we take a moment to thank whoever counted the thousand rotations

  • Kylie Jener
    Kylie Jener 15 hours ago +1

    I love how Chris bullied us into liking trees

  • lemon_vxbes
    lemon_vxbes 16 hours ago +1

    Chanler has the personality of a crackhead and thats why i love him

  • A ZOX
    A ZOX 16 hours ago


  • Bluina
    Bluina 17 hours ago +1

    "What are we, normal youtubers?"
    lmao why is this so accurate to them

  • Lara Reinhard
    Lara Reinhard 18 hours ago

    I love how chandler is tiking out right at the beggining 😂😂💗

  • Oliver CQ Giroud
    Oliver CQ Giroud 19 hours ago

    Who is watching 2020

  • Ricardo Alvarado
    Ricardo Alvarado 19 hours ago

    MrBeast my all time wish is to own a Raptor, fly to Austin TX and surprise me lol

  • pro chiken 34
    pro chiken 34 20 hours ago

    Sub to pro chicken 34

  • Kailee NA
    Kailee NA Day ago

    Mrbeast is a savage (dab run dadadadadadada )

  • Jk Besh
    Jk Besh Day ago

    I would date any one of these people they are funny nice and good looking so lol

  • Voice Of Neha
    Voice Of Neha Day ago +1

    Can I just say that I LOVE Y'ALL ❤️❤️..

  • {Løst_ Animatiøn_} 齐尔兰

    0:08 *We HaVe To Do WuT?*

  • Opalfirekraker YT

    i love the flaggs if anyone noticed

  • TerminalATO
    TerminalATO Day ago

    Anyone realise that on 1:40 it was a scottish pipeband tune

  • Pastel Pig
    Pastel Pig Day ago

    your tree Kris was a CHRIStmas tree

  • Minecraft Series

    Where do you get a Ferris wheel

  • Kaley s
    Kaley s Day ago +14

    “We are on a date”

  • CuffedJeansAndDoritos

    2019: planting trees
    2020: cleaning the ocean

  • Michael Medina
    Michael Medina Day ago +1

    Missed opportunity to name the tree as Kris Pine

  • Juliana Petrillo
    Juliana Petrillo Day ago +1

    Donate to team trees we have a few weeks left!

  • Harry Johnston-Smith

    When there is no queue but you enjoy the ride:

  • Rafid Bhuiyan
    Rafid Bhuiyan Day ago +1

    12:24 just wait

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller Day ago +1


  • Holiday
    Holiday Day ago +1

    Did anyone notice the pansexual flags??

  • Samuel Stone
    Samuel Stone Day ago +4

    2019: planting 20 million trees
    2020: cleaning 20 million kg of trash in the ocean

    • eo de
      eo de 3 hours ago


    MELONY MELONZ 2 days ago


  • Peter no
    Peter no 2 days ago

    Epic games is ruining rocket league. You can't change my mind.

  • Opstry !!
    Opstry !! 2 days ago

    Do it on a roller coaster

  • StarWars66
    StarWars66 2 days ago

    Bruh Chandler is the most vulnerable person I ever seen...

  • Pradesh Gaming
    Pradesh Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Who think that 1:07 this the cutest moment of Chandler

  • Lily Guerrero-Morales

    Chandler get an ostrich

  • 11 000 subs no videos