Film Theory: Is Daenerys Going MAD? - Game of Thrones

  • Published on Jul 21, 2016
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    Just like a Lannister always pays his debts, a MatPat always delivers his theories - and this one is a must see. With the finale of season 6 now behind us, it looks like Daenerys is in prime position to take back the throne. But I ask you loyal theorists, is that really what we want? I mean the apple usually doesn't fall to far from the try, and we all know what happened to the MAD KING! Is the same fate destined for Daenerys?
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  • Panda Queen
    Panda Queen Day ago

    You have no idea how right you were

  • Iam Dany
    Iam Dany 2 days ago

    Incest is normal in my Family... I mean my grandparents were cousin and cousin

  • the Hellhound
    the Hellhound 3 days ago +1

    No offence to anyone, but frankly speaking I would be more surprised if the people from GOT were sane. Like seriously have you seen the kind of shit they have been through?

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.
    Dr.FragensteinM.D. 3 days ago

    Good Job MatMat! After season 3 my sister was telling me how great Dany is and how she is 100% going to sit on the iron throne. I told her not if Dany goes mad first and I stuck to my guns ever since, boy oh boy was my sister mad 🤣

  • Radu Olteanu
    Radu Olteanu 7 days ago +1

    He got it

  • RacoonnyLord
    RacoonnyLord 9 days ago

    Do a theory on the wyverns or dragons or whatever they are and how they aren't actually dragons so i can finally prove it to my parents

  • Maxwell Hayden
    Maxwell Hayden 9 days ago

    This wouldn't be provable because of the rule of exemplarity effecting Valyrians and historically targaryens have been fine from inbreeding, the rule of exemplarity is cited in fire and blood and appears to have basis in fact

  • minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah)

    Season 8 haters like to forget about all this....

  • Tic Syringe
    Tic Syringe 12 days ago

    The moment i clicked i got an ad for the licenced GOT game

  • Tan Objeck
    Tan Objeck 17 days ago

    Yay Dorne is ripped apart im gonna call wolverine and i will always know that My friend will be always looking at his grave if dorne was still here i would have called jeff and evicted him but screw dorne i have a joke and im here to call 9buther11 because dorne boolzide me now i want revenge now i got the ban hammer and throw it like the abrostiline thor and noobmaster really just roasted thor but he aint gonna appriaciate from how many the avengers or marvel has created this is a battle of creation and some dumb dellusions lol it was just a joke but the only sentence that is true is screw dorne cuz his name sounds like a door but yeah noobmaster watch out for thors hammer because his about to get mad and screw you to space thats scary if i was you noobmaster i would say sorry

  • Tan Objeck
    Tan Objeck 17 days ago

    Matpat: *says a joke*
    me: *modifies the joke*
    me: Welcome to game theory where another knight is dead and another knight is about to kill a knight

  • Infinite Resolve
    Infinite Resolve 18 days ago +1

    G.O.T fans: were were right about her...tell your were right...

  • Max Arnold
    Max Arnold 19 days ago

    don’t even get started on star wars

  • Max Arnold
    Max Arnold 19 days ago

    i swear got is the only one he can predict

  • Mana Ch
    Mana Ch 19 days ago

    I think D&D saw this and used it as an excuse for the shitty ending we got TvT
    Before anyone says that Mad Queen was gonna happen, let me say I was actually considering a Mad Queen route. It’s not impossible and this video makes sure to highlight why it would be possible. The problem people have with Dany becoming he Mad Queen in the series is because they didn’t sufficiently set it up. Foreshadowing is not causation nor character development: they didn’t make it believable.
    If they had used let’s say another two seasons setting it up in a believable way, making sure that they don’t eff up her character development so far but developing her further into a Mad a Queen, hey that’s cool. You want a Mad Queen? Make her believable, scary. I want to fear her because I understand why she is doing what she did. Don’t make me question her entire authenticity. They can’t just SAY Targaryen gene unlocked in the last few episodes, they should have set it up from the get go, in the series. A Mad Queen would make sense, it makes sense! But only if you make the story go there in believable fashion!! That’s what a show is! Ok I’m done I’ll go cry in my corner again

  • maartenboy37
    maartenboy37 21 day ago +2

    6:35 Tywin Lannister married his cousin so... Yeah...

  • Eric Newell
    Eric Newell 22 days ago

    U killed it with this one!!!

  • Tparkar
    Tparkar 23 days ago +1

    you were right HOW DID U GET IT

  • Modernday Knight
    Modernday Knight 23 days ago

    your a mistake either way

  • Cathulhu
    Cathulhu 24 days ago +1

    saying he solved something: dead wrong
    saying something can't be solved: absolutely right

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 24 days ago


  • alex fatzinger
    alex fatzinger 24 days ago +2

    It’s safe to say this theory is correct😂

  • Play Jimmer
    Play Jimmer 24 days ago +1

    3:50 there’s a creeper top left

  • TwistedHeroMedia
    TwistedHeroMedia 25 days ago +1


  • dean arago
    dean arago 25 days ago +1


  • Rigard Liebenberg
    Rigard Liebenberg 25 days ago

    Considering Jon Snow's genetic makeup, the chances of him being so perfect should be close to zero according to this theory/fact

  • Adriana Coimbra
    Adriana Coimbra 27 days ago

    Wait, wait, wait Maria of Portugal isint referred to as the "Mad Queen" and she was not the queen when Portugal was invaded by Napoleon.
    Her son took over afeter she started going mad

  • Memoli 1
    Memoli 1 29 days ago


  • amu. jpeg
    amu. jpeg Month ago

    well shit

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    King George the 3rd or the mad king that lost America lost America because he was mad, madness caused by can you guess... Yep inbreding.

  • Clara kury
    Clara kury Month ago

    You got right

  • Alexandra Salusbury
    Alexandra Salusbury Month ago +2

    OMG, before I watched this video I got an ad for the Game Of Thrones app!
    Hah.Ironic or what?

  • ManOfTheMoon
    ManOfTheMoon Month ago

    Gonna be honest,
    that’s kinda scary... and we need to start a witch-hunt.

  • Joshua Ward
    Joshua Ward Month ago

    First :[]

  • John ManyJars
    John ManyJars Month ago

    God damn

  • Ph@tMantv
    Ph@tMantv Month ago

    So sad you predicted this correctly. I guess you can get it right once in awhile...?

    DERP FACE Month ago

    clap clap clap, MatPat you did it again

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith Month ago


  • Lucia's World
    Lucia's World Month ago

    We all ridiculed him, but he was right


  • sakurafan771
    sakurafan771 Month ago +1

    I don't watch Game Of Thrones lol and yet I'm watching this.

  • Kelsey Patton
    Kelsey Patton Month ago

    Well... this aged well.

  • dELTA13579111315
    dELTA13579111315 Month ago

    You predicted it years ago, and now that it's happening women are upset because "it's not like her"

  • Caldwell Kerth
    Caldwell Kerth Month ago

    Why does this remind me of the anti-vax meme

  • b.i.g Poperechny
    b.i.g Poperechny Month ago

    I fucking hate that you called it

  • Jennifer Gustafsson

    You werre right xD

  • Jay Woods
    Jay Woods Month ago

    Aaand he was right

  • Savannah Harville
    Savannah Harville Month ago

    "Madness and Greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a Targaryen is born, the Gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land"

  • Internet Assassin
    Internet Assassin Month ago

    *coughs in season 8*

  • Timothy Kirk
    Timothy Kirk Month ago

    Argon the unlikely: I TOLD YOU NOT TO IN BREED GAHHHHH

  • Really Bro Gameing
    Really Bro Gameing Month ago

    2 correct theory's the actual fuck

  • BradTheBreadstick
    BradTheBreadstick Month ago

    Damnit, everything he predicted came right in the worse way

  • s- noells
    s- noells Month ago

    I wonder how MatPat felt having his theory confirmed, but in the worst plotline in the show.

  • Anastasia Petridis
    Anastasia Petridis Month ago

    This aged well...

  • Manish Barle
    Manish Barle Month ago

    Goodness grace!!! He saw future....

  • LeeRoy3950
    LeeRoy3950 Month ago

    Your about three years to early.

  • Grandmother Aesthetic
    Grandmother Aesthetic Month ago +1

    This age well

  • Eli Tuchinsky
    Eli Tuchinsky Month ago

    if only fire and blood was out when this video was made

  • Spartan Fotus
    Spartan Fotus Month ago +1

    I've said it for years

  • what`s up
    what`s up Month ago +19

    Good thing jon killed her, its sad for jon but it had to be done...

    This show had enough incest.

  • Kalin Moultrie
    Kalin Moultrie Month ago +2

    Coming back to this comment section after the finale Is a goldmine