Taking On Flat Earthers (TWOTI)

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • Taking on Flat Earthers with big George Memeulous..
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    Callum: thexvid.com/channel/UCdYBCyFyww-1mxvylJsIZOA
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  • Isaiah40:22
    Isaiah40:22 21 hour ago

    roundtards and globeheads are almost funny

  • Боян Василев

    2:28 his name is jack keith

  • DowntownDuck
    DowntownDuck 4 days ago

    touchdalight - more like touchdakids

  • Frank White
    Frank White 4 days ago

    Flat earthers ........ need mandatory sterilization

    ALAN CUMMING 8 days ago

    Am i missing something here? Sinse when could we take a photo of a globe? Try taking a photo a football. On any photo taken at any angle its going to look like a flat round disc. But you know you just took a photo of a ball cos you could feel it when you set it up. But try taking a photo of this ball and all you get is a flat disc.

  • Malcolm Canning
    Malcolm Canning 8 days ago


  • David Molinarolo
    David Molinarolo 9 days ago

    That yodeling kid in a shop was actually in my local Walmart in Harrisburg, IL. He's actually from a small river town south of H'Burg, but performed often in the Burg's Walmart. A few days after he had his Ellen appearance, they had an outdoor concert with him in the Walmart parking lot.

  • flavouric
    flavouric 12 days ago

    He sounds like the Joker hahaha

  • My Hero Gamers
    My Hero Gamers 17 days ago

    The Keith is called Jack Keith

  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop 18 days ago +1

    There are 100s of satellites in orbit around the Earth. They take constant videos from every direction. Only a total idiot would ever believe that the Earth is not a globe.

  • Connie AG
    Connie AG 20 days ago

    God I'm glad that its 2020

  • Izzypopps The ravenclaw

    Old guy flossing on the beach is my friend’s grandpa, lol!

  • Cosmic fire8030
    Cosmic fire8030 24 days ago

    Yodelling kid is an absolute fucking nonce

  • Denton Woods
    Denton Woods 28 days ago

    Yes, its flat.

  • RyanStar Galaxys
    RyanStar Galaxys 28 days ago +1

    Will Dat Intro

  • sub to willne
    sub to willne Month ago

    I sent this to my group chat...

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  • Adam Wassall
    Adam Wassall Month ago

    I accidentally left subtitles on and when Callum started talking it said tictac. No joke

  • Without Question
    Without Question Month ago

    🛑🛑Come and debate this subject every day on the Nathan Oakley 1980 flat earth debate.. have your say on the nature of the Earth.. NathanOakley1980🛑🛑

    • Stuart Gray
      Stuart Gray 16 days ago +1

      There is no "debate" with Nathan. He BLOCKS anyone who has an actual education greater than middle school.

  • JosePablo50
    JosePablo50 Month ago

    jack keith

  • Minecraft plant Review

    Not Gonna lie, I though that was big Jill in the thumbnail

  • Hollie Castle
    Hollie Castle Month ago

    Millie is not even 13😂😭

  • Mark Edmondson
    Mark Edmondson 2 months ago

    How can they clocked 40s they live in England and idiots can't have guns so a bit of a lie init

  • Eva Pinkie MSP
    Eva Pinkie MSP 2 months ago

    6:35 wow i never whould think where he is now that he whould do a vid like that

  • Ximena Flores
    Ximena Flores 2 months ago

    The lady in the thumbnail came to my campus

  • Eli's Montages!!!
    Eli's Montages!!! 2 months ago

    I was listening to R.I.P Roach by XXX when he played it in the vid xD

  • Issam Saidd
    Issam Saidd 2 months ago

    Why you hating on pulse from r6s

  • Angus Philippe
    Angus Philippe 2 months ago +1

    3:15 that’s Millie T not even his sister and not 13

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James 2 months ago +1

    Pause on 0:40
    Is face! 😂

  • Bogdan Bogsi
    Bogdan Bogsi 3 months ago +1

    Hey fellow Flat Earthers, I just discovered another thing they've been lying to us about. Water. We don't actually need it! I'm currently on day 7 of no fluids whatsoever and now my brain works at full capacity. That whole thing about only using 10% of our brains is actually because we're all drinking water which hinders the thought process. The government wanted us to keep drinking water so we're not smart enough to see through their lies. I guarantee you, stop drinking all fluids right now and in 3-4 days max you will see the light!

  • Martin Fowler
    Martin Fowler 3 months ago

    @thesmithplays how the mighty have fallen

  • Scooby Dawg
    Scooby Dawg 3 months ago +1

    I dont like people making 9/11 my cousin died in it
    He was a great pilot
    * *

  • Buchanan Games
    Buchanan Games 3 months ago +1

    where’s the original with George ? 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Gregory Jenner
    Gregory Jenner 3 months ago


  • Gregory Jenner
    Gregory Jenner 3 months ago

    8 mins left

  • Gregory Jenner
    Gregory Jenner 3 months ago +1

    I'm watching a 30 min ad wish me luck

  • MinimanZero2
    MinimanZero2 3 months ago

    watching these ages later. They're like archives

  • Chicken Of Ages
    Chicken Of Ages 3 months ago

    Isn't that Marshmello

  • Danny Glover
    Danny Glover 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ is the only way. Repent and believe the gospel

  • Gary Gaming
    Gary Gaming 4 months ago

    Cube earth theory anyone?

  • Burhan Kara
    Burhan Kara 4 months ago

    Gravity... duh

  • Aurumah
    Aurumah 4 months ago

    What has TheSmithPlays. I remember watching his videos all the time in 2015 about BO2 Zombies and now he posted “Top 10 Thiccest Fortnite characters (not clickbait)” like Jesus fuck

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick 4 months ago

    We need courageous smart clever people like you, WillNE, taking on the lying criminal terrorist fraudsters & religious cult FEcore and the FEcultists who run it who censor & shut down the channels of anyone teaching science & reality such as spherical earth.
    We need you to troll the hell out of them. I have encouraged everybody to file as many copyright & privacy complaints against FEcore as possible, and put down the names of other flat-earthers as the plaintiff, to get flatturds fighting amongst themselves & shutting down each others' videos.

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick 4 months ago

    Trump voter = cuntservatard hypocrite = flat-earther = Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers = Holocaust deniers =
    chemtrailer trash = 9/11 toofer = antivaxxer = evolution-denier = christurd

  • David Gjoshevski
    David Gjoshevski 4 months ago

    Squaer face

  • Phillip Walsh
    Phillip Walsh 4 months ago

    Will and Ne what ever your fucking name is, you’re a mong.
    You’re well out of your depth.
    The Earth is scientifically level using the empirical method.

  • mohammed qasim_123_NDL_FOR_LIFE

    I love niko

  • Dan Singleton
    Dan Singleton 4 months ago +1

    This was uploaded on my birthday snm

  • Ethang
    Ethang 4 months ago

    stranger things season 4 coming soon

  • Salty Gypsy
    Salty Gypsy 5 months ago

    Violets are blue, Roses are Red, WillNe is a massive TWAT:)

  • Paraliez
    Paraliez 5 months ago

    Did memeulous’s video actually get taken down by the flat earthers

  • Dioltas
    Dioltas 5 months ago

    Man, remember when thesmithplays did cod zombies but no now he does thicc fortnite characters

  • EnchantedBow
    EnchantedBow 5 months ago

    I got a strangerthings season 3 ad before the vid started go to the begining to understand

  • Chase F90
    Chase F90 5 months ago +1

    Hi Will,
    You sponsor my friend Gappinger Racing.His other channel is the Gappinger Tube HD.

  • Hbcoyi
    Hbcoyi 5 months ago +1

    2019 and the orange shirt kid is no longer an orange justice meme

  • forever Eve
    forever Eve 5 months ago

    She is not 13!!! She can’t be, I mean look at her !!!

  • Claudio Koellen
    Claudio Koellen 5 months ago


  • Carson white
    Carson white 5 months ago +1

    Am starting to think WillNE is your daily dose of Internet

  • Freebie 204
    Freebie 204 5 months ago +1

    Why did I think it was morgz mum when I first saw the thumbnail?

  • InfaMouse
    InfaMouse 6 months ago

    will waza willelene

  • InfaMouse
    InfaMouse 6 months ago