The Art of Self-Defense Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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    AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the Dark Comedy The Art of Self-Defense, if you are a little whimp like Jesse Eisenberg's character will taking Karate really make you a real man?
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Comments • 365

  • DiAGNALmusic
    DiAGNALmusic 19 hours ago

    It was boring and so is jesse eisenberg. Aimlessly weird.

  • Jeffro Kraus
    Jeffro Kraus 23 hours ago

    This was not an uninteresting movie. it's what I would call a half-Tarantino, because it goes in a direction that's unexpected and over-the-top, at some points, but it's kind of addictive and interesting as well, and I want to know what happens next with the characters. the only reason I give this a 7 out of 10, and not higher, is because I feel the movie really opened up in the last 10 or 15 minutes, and I want to see more after that point. 7 out of 10.

  • Magic Ghost
    Magic Ghost Day ago

    there is a difference between a psychotic loon like the sensei portrayed in this film and those who do what is right... unfortuntely any manly thing is bad for feminazi scum... the film itself is actually not bad... the ending is funny... brutal but funny...

  • 1000 names
    1000 names 3 days ago

    S P O I L E R S : I think dead rainbow sensei used handgun to kill 4 other senseis, but current sensei used shotgun (to kill rainbow sensei) therefore he cant say he used finger technic so he tells stupid lie about hunting incident. edit: also he adds rule 11, so he wouldn't be shot

  • Borislav Yordanov
    Borislav Yordanov 5 days ago

    He challenged Sensei to a HAND TO HAND combat, and it was established couple of times during the movie, that he ordered A HAND GUN from that shop. So technically he did not even cheated. Loved it :D

  • Mr nice guy *
    Mr nice guy * 5 days ago

    Sam Rockwell is the most underrated actor. The way he can deliver one of the most obscene lines with a straight face and realistic intention is legendary. I was rolling when he was telling the tale about the grandmaster being shit in the face while hiking because he was mistaken for a bird.

  • Szãm A
    Szãm A 6 days ago

    Guns >

  • sup mayn
    sup mayn 6 days ago +3

    I was high when I watched it. I expected it to be a Scott Pilgrim/Wes Anderson type movie. I kept trying to figure out the movie the whole time (at one point, I thought it was all in his head or a dream). I thought it was anti gun but realized it wasn't at the end. The part I realized what kind of movie it was, was the veterinarian scene where he mentions the oddness of the kick/punch (made me LOL). I realized that the movie was like a day dream or alternate universe with almost no real world rules or consequences.

  • philosopher IQ
    philosopher IQ 6 days ago

    Shity feminist movie

  • 101perspective
    101perspective 7 days ago

    I love dark humor but I simply didn't find hardly any of this movie funny. Most of the "jokes" were cringe if anything. I watched the whole thing though, but mainly just because it was well acted and the plot did have me wondering how it would end... even though many parts were still very predictable. So, I would still give it maybe a 6/10.

  • UltimusEvil
    UltimusEvil 7 days ago

    the only movies i liked with this actor were zombieland and both now you see me movies

  • UltimusEvil
    UltimusEvil 7 days ago

    i saw this movie before finishing watching the angry review and i didnt laugh one bit

    • Hail Hydra
      Hail Hydra 6 days ago

      "Dark Comedy", I laughed every minute of it.

  • zdevos
    zdevos 11 days ago

    Hated the modern feminist BS and the ending kind of sucked, but well made movie overall.

  • Vrerelious FellShadow
    Vrerelious FellShadow 11 days ago +4

    I think that was one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen.

  • TheRaziel07
    TheRaziel07 12 days ago

    Im a master of dark comedy but c'mon this movie was a pure garbage

  • id104335409
    id104335409 12 days ago +3

    Have you seen The Double?
    Its a masterpice!

  • Mickey Dickkener
    Mickey Dickkener 14 days ago

    Previewing: SJW Gordo Jose has SJW opinion.
    *edit* less than 5 mins in and Joe is white knighting.

  • Laxace Nastumi
    Laxace Nastumi Month ago

    O.J.!!! Love the shirt man! Where did you get it?!

  • Shawn Something
    Shawn Something Month ago

    I just the watch the movie and I liked it, would recommend. But I was super disturbed by the audience reaction. Like in the beginning, we were laughing at how awkward and weak Jesse is, and by the end we are cheering for him, even though Jesse started have more subtle traits for toxic masculinity. It was scary that almost no one realized that in the theatre

  • Tino Trivino
    Tino Trivino 2 months ago

    It sucks that its not here in Europe right now, I am eager to see it

  • trav v
    trav v 2 months ago +1

    It's a shithouse film promoting the idea of toxic masculinity tbh.

  • Southslice
    Southslice 2 months ago +1

    Sadly, I was the only one in the theater for this movie... Movie goers I know have never even heard of it.
    I was laughing my ass of when Sensai was putting on his belt at the desk! 😂
    And laughed even harder on the way home when I realized the "Index Finger instant death Punch" was from a gun. 😭

  • ytdlder
    ytdlder 2 months ago +1

    is it watchable if you practice Karate, or will you cringe a lot?

  • mm101ism
    mm101ism 2 months ago

    I was pissed at how my own movie theater wasn’t even playing this movie just because we didn’t have enough screens to play this film smh. But I did go to another theater that was playing this film just to watch it (still got in for free 🙌🏽) but shit this movie got intense towards the end. Definitely not better than the Karate Kid or Cobra Kai But definitely something enjoyable to watch.

  • Marvin Vinas
    Marvin Vinas 2 months ago

    I feel like this movie did the repetitive jokes better than "The Dead Don't Die".
    Does anyone agree with me on this?

  • Tina Loughran
    Tina Loughran 2 months ago

    A movie about toxic males is being reviewed by EXACTLY the ppl the movie is mocking. The guy in the middle especially calling him a "coward" was beautifully ironic.

  • Raven B
    Raven B 2 months ago

    I thought micheal cera was the main actor, not jesse eisenberg. Now I feel like they look the same

  • ShawN shawN
    ShawN shawN 2 months ago +1

    the wimpiness of the main character is great. Its a bit over the top in his meekness, but well done. I think the editing could have been a bit better. Thanks for sharing. Check my review if you get a chance.

  • Steve Ramsey
    Steve Ramsey 2 months ago

    This is the Cliffs Notes for the novel that is Fight Club.

  • krackshot322
    krackshot322 2 months ago

    lol toolboxes soyboys...yeah a pile of steaming shit!

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Fyodor Dostoevsky 2 months ago

    20:54 Strangely, the jokes are more funny to me in retrospect with you guys talking about them than they were while watching the movie. I'll admit, I didn't love this movie. I didn't hate it either, just thought it was fine.

  • Jaydingaling
    Jaydingaling 2 months ago +2

    I'm glad you guys liked this movie as much as I did. I think more people should really see this gem

  • vince gredo
    vince gredo 2 months ago

    This film was hecking awesome

  • Krystal Kubeck
    Krystal Kubeck 2 months ago +23

    Regarding the grand sensei: I think his secret karate move (killing a man with finger in skull) was actually done by the use of a gun versus using karate. Maybe that's stating the super obvious, but I feel compelled to share that..

    • Krystal Kubeck
      Krystal Kubeck 5 days ago +1

      I wanted to share my revelation and hear feedback/theories from others... which might also be super obvious to everyone but you.

    • Senpai
      Senpai 5 days ago

      What's the point of sharing it if you have no views on it anyways ? You said it yourself, super obvious

    • Southslice
      Southslice 2 months ago +5

      Definitely.. because at the end of the day, we're only human. Mortal. And that makes us weak... And the index finger squeezes the trigger, which "Punches" a hole in someone's head..

    • steverl22
      steverl22 2 months ago +1

      Hit the nail on the head!

  • Joseph Grigsby
    Joseph Grigsby 2 months ago

    What music do you listen to? Adult Contemporary Stop! Listen to Death Metal. aww yeeee! The movie was cool and yup Jesse Eisenberg was perfectly casted for this one.

  • Snot Nuf
    Snot Nuf 2 months ago +1

    The trailer didnt sell me on the movie but after this review im watching it. That stuber movie too.

  • KotorFan3231
    KotorFan3231 2 months ago +2

    This film absolutely was cultural commentary

    • KotorFan3231
      KotorFan3231 2 months ago

      @Radar Hawk it was very on the nose. I think we saw a different movie lol.

    • Radar Hawk
      Radar Hawk 2 months ago +1

      I liked it because it wasn't too on the nose about it

  • Bladekill1298
    Bladekill1298 2 months ago

    Loved the metal

  • The Undaunted
    The Undaunted 2 months ago +1

    On that note may we recommend Bubble Boy Part Deux: Journey to a Post Malone Concert in France

  • The Undaunted
    The Undaunted 2 months ago +1

    Like watching a Cohen Bros. film without the whole milk in the bowl. The Captain Crunch peanut buttery taste just lingers in your nostrils for two days.

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis 2 months ago +50

    It was an absolute gem of a dark comedy. The subtleness of the jokes and their delivery are what truly make the film great. Best film I've seen do far this year.

    • Blind Truth
      Blind Truth 3 days ago +1

      @zimple jack Little Miss Sunshine, Four Lions, M.A.S.H, Fargo, Trainspotting 1 & 2, Snatch, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels are all black comedies which I would recommend as being above average films if you find them great or not is down to personal choice but I found all of these very enjoyable and I hope you do the same if you watch them off my recommendations

    • zimple jack
      zimple jack 3 days ago

      Blind Truth let’s be honest... most dark comedies are at best average... unless u can enlighten me to a great one.

    • Blind Truth
      Blind Truth 4 days ago

      It had its moments but I found the movie, in my opinion, to be anything more than average.

    • zimple jack
      zimple jack Month ago

      You now should have complete understanding of the French language 😂

    • IdarkphoenixI
      IdarkphoenixI 2 months ago +3

      It's about as subtle as a train wreck. On a boat

  • T-rex Gamer101
    T-rex Gamer101 2 months ago +2

    Great film 👍 just watched it and might re watch

  • DeviLsCorner
    DeviLsCorner 2 months ago

    i didnt know this film until i saw the trailer like 2 months ago, and i really thought it already came out. im definitely going to watch it in the theaters once its out on my local area

  • Joseph Dutra
    Joseph Dutra 2 months ago +1

    This was a strange film, and I loved it!!

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 2 months ago +10

    I just saw this movie and it will make my list of best movies of 2019. People compare it to Napoleon Dynamite and Fight Club. I don't see it. The deadpan humor is there for a reason. It's there because we don't know how to differentiate the dark humor and the violence. What I mean is that parts are played so straightforward that when the violence happens we aren't sure if we should gasp or be amused. I feel it is a satire not only on hypernasculinity but masculinity in general. The sensei represents how males seek a strong arm leader and follow a blind allegiance. Seeking validation through titles. We also see how a patriarchal society that professes a fair system or one of meritocracy assigns its own set of awards and consequences; often at the expense of placing women in a lower status. The bigger question is what does it mean to be a male in a world that continues to see us as either two people: Alpha or Beta? A realm that sees compassion and signs of emotions as weakness. There are so many levels to this film I could discuss it all night. This certainly will be a movie not for everyone.

    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo 2 months ago

      @Jimbob StevensI think with Napeoleon Dynamite the characters are so quirky that they are played with little to no self realization. They don't know that they are acting in a deadpan manner but the audience senses it. That's why that movie worked. That's why it is so iconic. Fight Club is played too literal and the violence in the movie inspires even praises hypernasculinity. So much so that dumbasses were forming their own underground fight clubs throughout the country. AOSD is doing what David Fincher's film failed to do, it holds the mirror to masculine gender roles and our need to express ourselves with anger. The Napeoleon Dynamite and Fight Club references are used to market the film to a much bigger audience but it is different than both those films. And at some points plays like a horror movie.

    • Jimbob Stevens
      Jimbob Stevens 2 months ago

      How do you not see Napoleon dynamite or fight club? It’s like if edward norton didn’t have mental illness essentially

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf 2 months ago

    Toxic masculinity, i do not want to see feminism stuff, thanks for the warning Angry Joe.

  • ITyraxI
    ITyraxI 2 months ago

    Not finding it in my local cinemas =(

    • Zach Ruggiero
      Zach Ruggiero 2 months ago

      ITyraxI I recommend seeking it out even if it’s a little drive away. Saw it today and it’s really really good

  • Noble Six 0520
    Noble Six 0520 2 months ago

    what is toxic masculinity? isn't everyone toxic to a degree?

  • judy Radin
    judy Radin 2 months ago

    You what was the crazy ending

  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone 2 months ago

    For some reason when I saw this title I thought of The Act of Killing doc

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 3 months ago +16

    I was on the fence about going to this tomorrow night and having to pay full admission price because my AMC A-List doesn't reload till Friday, but you've convinced me to shell out the 10 bucks.

  • Vedran Nikolic
    Vedran Nikolic 3 months ago +1

    @AngryJoeShow When was the last time you made a game review. Now you're copying yong yea and are milking of controversies & farming GOT fanboys

  • Phantasmal Gaming
    Phantasmal Gaming 3 months ago +4

    a true dark comedy is "The Voices" ... this is a comedy drama,.. as listed by IMDB

  • Brent Ehlinger
    Brent Ehlinger 3 months ago +2

    Wheres the video game reviews? Can we really even call you a game reviewer anymore?

  • Funnygamera1ex
    Funnygamera1ex 3 months ago

    Hey Joe! Could you shoot us next time? I promise you WONT get demonitized! /:)

  • Bobman9420
    Bobman9420 3 months ago

    You had me at Jessie Eisenburg

  • Luis Daza
    Luis Daza 3 months ago +1

    Haha loved the ad during this vid... "Do you want to become a brutally effective fighter?" Spot on youtube, spot on

  • Robbie the Rabbit
    Robbie the Rabbit 3 months ago

    1:08 Tyrannicon
    ( never forgive you women ) XD XD

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 3 months ago +1

    Ive been doing fighting sounds randomly lately. Tsuu tsaaa huuuuu its so fun

  • King Hoffbeers
    King Hoffbeers 3 months ago

    Demonitized for violence!!!!!🤣👍👍 lol