Bodybuilders try clickbait fitness products *TESTING VIRAL FITNESS HACKS*

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    Bodybuilders try clickbait fitness products *TESTING VIRAL FITNESS HACKS*

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  • Tyrone From Wii Sports

    Zach looking like a douche w the airpods in

  • Tyler Timson
    Tyler Timson 13 days ago

    I could not stop laughing, well done guys 😁

  • Javin J
    Javin J 15 days ago

    are we all gonna skip the fact that he was leg pressing on a calf raise?

  • Wizbe
    Wizbe 15 days ago

    no luca no happy

  • sergiu mocreac
    sergiu mocreac 17 days ago


  • mersudaa
    mersudaa 18 days ago

    Someone thought wanking was like a workout and came up with that shake weight thing?

  • Michele Bogdan Craciun

    Look like a alluminium paper for the oven 😂😂

  • K. A
    K. A 21 day ago

    Does this guy still claim natty?

  • Landon Bragg
    Landon Bragg 21 day ago +1

    I get the same pump as that shake weigh every night

  • Corvo Fox-Gray
    Corvo Fox-Gray 21 day ago

    Every time I see a shake weight, I think of South Park.

  • Evan Jair Esqueda
    Evan Jair Esqueda 23 days ago

    Men already have a built in shake weight. Down side... you can only use one arm every workout

  • Fireehead
    Fireehead 26 days ago

    Why tf does he sit with one idick in the ear

  • andrea barone
    andrea barone 26 days ago

    The motion is the same as masturbating, the timing... 6 minutes... I mean... it works and you know it... why do you think your right hand is stronger than your left... I mean...

  • William patch
    William patch Month ago

    I got the shake weight for Christmas one year

  • ツAaWamone
    ツAaWamone Month ago

    Dropped a comment so you can get a dollar

  • You Thought
    You Thought Month ago +1

    The chances of you guys seeing this are very low, I understand, but are you 100% natural? I’m staying natural my whole life and I want to know if it’s possible to look like you while doing so

  • F U
    F U Month ago

    You did it wrong and you didn't do it for 6 minutes.

  • chugkingchris
    chugkingchris Month ago

    What about that thing you put in your mouth and shake your head with it...genius stuff

  • Morti
    Morti Month ago

    2 part plsss

  • JustGeorgiaxD
    JustGeorgiaxD Month ago

    Wear them for London fashion week and guaranteed you’ll get swarmed by photographers

  • Como Jogar
    Como Jogar Month ago

    Starts at 2:00

  • Meshack Johnson
    Meshack Johnson Month ago

    I died when the ad said they found the toughest guys around to try the weight shake LOL

  • Isambardify
    Isambardify Month ago

    I mean tbf this doesn't speak to what would happen if you actually used it for 6 months. I'm sure it's nothing, but still.

  • moonstrukk
    moonstrukk Month ago

    "They made it it mid-evil times..." close was the '80's😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vishal Patel
    Vishal Patel Month ago

    Promoting that extreme eddie hall dehydration

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike Month ago

    Brilliant show, love your content

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike Month ago

    Awesome show dude

  • Aj Skenk
    Aj Skenk Month ago

    First I thought he was some mean guy. Well looks are deceiving

  • Dorothy Aboagye
    Dorothy Aboagye Month ago

    I'm laughing so damn hard🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 wow what a hilarious video🤣 I'm going to come back to this video everytime I'm feeling down!

  • Max Conville
    Max Conville Month ago

    So he has time to open these products but doesn't have any time to make a Lucas intro

  • Manendar Verma
    Manendar Verma Month ago

    Matt, you did the space suits thing wrong. You should of weighed your selves first then put on the space suit and then weighed your self after to see if you lost any weight.

  • kevin ghasemi
    kevin ghasemi Month ago

    theres someone out there watching this video who owns one

  • Dj
    Dj Month ago

    Hahahaha. I wanna do the chin thing and the wank thing and wear the condom at the same time. And see how super ripped ill get

  • Ricky Murray
    Ricky Murray Month ago

    Your not actually doing the excersizes, your just joking about with them.
    Do the six min on the wank machine and then give a review...

  • Nate Lawton
    Nate Lawton Month ago

    Could not stop laughing 18:15

  • Gustav Brorson
    Gustav Brorson Month ago

    stupid products for stupid people

  • Faye Temple
    Faye Temple Month ago

    You look like my pe teacher 😂😂

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez Month ago

    Actually try the workout that comes with the shakewieght. You'll actually feel it start burning.

  • Con Andrews
    Con Andrews Month ago

    I wonder how many people actually believed these

  • Con Andrews
    Con Andrews Month ago



    TOM OUTDOORS Month ago

    That is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Ashamed to admit that I have only just found your channel and subbed. Brilliant stuff.

  • Ricardo Martins
    Ricardo Martins Month ago


  • DeepDiveDisco
    DeepDiveDisco Month ago

    Lol those people walking by looked in disgust then walked away

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P Month ago

    Shake weight - you get more exercise value getting this product out of the box than you do using this product.. so some have claimed, but it works for me, I was a size 24 hand size, now I'm a 16 hand size (no more chubby fingers)
    Neckline slimmer - I tried this for 4 weeks and now I've a chiselled jaw-line just like Pete Davidson.... oh shit maybe I got that wrong ?
    Workout arms - I got arms like Arnold in just 30 seconds a day for 3 weeks, and my improved mental health helped me to increase my investments by 60% in ONE MONTH !! Hasta La Vista, Baby
    I'm a bit lost on that next bit of plastic and rubber.. enough said..
    and finally we have the "no frills" space suit.. last time I saw one of those was at a "no frills" sex club in Soho.. a few celebs in that garb that evening as I recall.. but some had to go home early as they were on early morning TV.

  • Paper The Producer
    Paper The Producer Month ago

    You can literally push against your jaw with your hand and achieve the same exercise

  • Jan Alleman
    Jan Alleman Month ago

    I always knew shake weight was a fake. I've spent more than 6 minutes a day masturbating for years and It didnt make me look like half an Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • taekwondoughnut
    taekwondoughnut Month ago

    I'm new to your channel, Was well happy when you mentioned that you were skiing (Ive been skiing for many years)

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx Hypnos Month ago

    Neck line one sounds like Richard ayaode is voicing it

  • king j
    king j Month ago

    Crack up guys😁💪🏼💖

  • Nildo Braganca
    Nildo Braganca Month ago

    I dare you to wear the slim suit for 24rh

  • Digi Money
    Digi Money Month ago

    Bru can you just stop flexing your airpods it ruins the video.

  • Cesare Unno
    Cesare Unno Month ago

    The dramatic music at the beginning 😂

  • White hammer
    White hammer Month ago

    Bloke in the blue Definitely needs that neck exerciser with that pencil neck

  • Galaxi 7
    Galaxi 7 Month ago

    The shake weight doesn't look like the genuine one.

  • Filippo Fortini
    Filippo Fortini Month ago


  • Daniel Simmons
    Daniel Simmons Month ago

    no fucking way how did i miss this video when it came out my two favorite fitness youtubers

  • YumYumSauce666
    YumYumSauce666 Month ago +1

    I miss Luca intro

  • Gale Christensen
    Gale Christensen Month ago +2

    Well, to their credit, the Slim Suit DID say 'temporary" weight and inches lost. They just don't bother to tell you it's DANGEROUS temporary weight loss. And you guys never said if you lost weight after wearing the suits!

  • Cash money
    Cash money Month ago

    Do squats with "workout arms" and you got an entire body routine after 5 mins

  • Unnamed User _
    Unnamed User _ Month ago

    Mattdoesfitness should be changed to Mattdestroysfitnessproducts

  • shmodizzley
    shmodizzley Month ago

    Tell this fuck to take his AirPods out

  • Gay on Koosh
    Gay on Koosh Month ago

    They wearin' duct tape

  • Legacy Bros
    Legacy Bros Month ago

    One of the funniest videos EVER!!!

  • Edmund Dee
    Edmund Dee Month ago

    Hi Matt,
    Can you tell what watch you have ?

  • sandy beast
    sandy beast Month ago +1


  • lesson433
    lesson433 Month ago

    pretty sure ufc fighters wear that suit to cut weight lmao.

  • Peter S
    Peter S Month ago

    I am so happy this video appreared on my recomended list.
    Loved the video, have subscribed and hope you get 50k, as more reviews are a must.

  • Mr. Macedon
    Mr. Macedon Month ago +1

    12:20 the ultimate triceps workout

  • Wesz808
    Wesz808 Month ago

    Just imagine going to the gym, forgot your bag and you find a used slim suit in the lost and found. Definitely wearing it.

  • Ali Floth
    Ali Floth Month ago

    use them in the gym

  • greeyzone
    greeyzone Month ago

    Now I’ll never know, if the suit made you lose weight... 😢

  • leeSouthend
    leeSouthend Month ago

    South Park owned the Shake Weight ad.

  • Jan-Erik.G Nilsen
    Jan-Erik.G Nilsen Month ago

    LOL so bad, wonder who can bite on this advertising. Glad they not are allowed to send this on tv in my country, would be more like a comedy. And its american is very typical for this advertising. I see a lot over there of this, maybe its more easy to trick people there. This advertising was more normal in 80's and 90's they dont send this now or??!!Got to be stupied if you belive this advertising

  • PizzaMafioso
    PizzaMafioso Month ago

    I would like to see you guys trying the "Soldier's Dance"
    Would this be a good leg workout?

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine Month ago

    you wanna tell me that YOU HAVE TO shake the Shaker? I thought its shaking on its own O.o

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz Month ago

    Bro you gotta change that ugly picture on yo wall smh

  • Seth Fuqua
    Seth Fuqua Month ago

    “Worked out my dog”😂😂😂 couldn’t workout yourself though

  • Espionia
    Espionia Month ago

    “One size fits all” ok, now I wanna see Brain Shaw wearing one of these bad boys

  • vince Langlois
    vince Langlois Month ago

    why isa this funny asf

  • Wayne Anderson
    Wayne Anderson Month ago

    The last bit of this looks like a (even more) low rent production of red dwarf. Those sweat suits are... something.