The Parade That Ended The World

  • Published on Jul 6, 2019
  • Tanks but no tanks.
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  • Joyce B
    Joyce B 2 months ago

    Back in the day when I was growing up, there were always lots of parades every spring/summer.
    So now parades are a bad thing?
    People were proud to be in the parades, "everyone" use to come out and watch them, and enjoy being out.
    It was always a nice and fun time, what the hell has happened to people!

    It is insane how some are hating on everything including this country.
    Maybe a civil war is exactly what this country needs...
    to clean out these America haters, and put this country back on the right path. I am sick of these liberal left commies, they are always negative and are bullies.
    We need to wish them all to the cornfield.

  • Paul Easter
    Paul Easter 3 months ago

    thank you. Yes, Mussolini was a SOCIALIST!!!!

  • Count Of Elysium
    Count Of Elysium 4 months ago

    AEW > WWE

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus 4 months ago

    Jive. In this day and age? Bigots!!!

  • Troy Messer
    Troy Messer 4 months ago

    When I grew up, parades always seemed a corny cheeseball affair. Marching bands. Cheap floats. No fancy 3d printing, but paper machet over chicken wire. Down to earth as it were.
    And this parade was every bit as cheesy cornball Anericana as I remember from small town USA.
    And it really made me grateful to be lucky to be from the most fucking awesome country ever. America, Fuck Yeah!

  • Ki Swore
    Ki Swore 4 months ago

    Yes please can we teach history better. So we can stop repeating the damn past!?

  • Dropp1nDoughnuts
    Dropp1nDoughnuts 4 months ago

    My school never went over ww2. Farthest we got was ww1 then straight to the space one needs to learn about ww2 i guess.

  • Michael Wills
    Michael Wills 4 months ago

    I’ve been munching popcorn nonstop since the Morning After. My only fear is four more years will seriously threaten the supply.

  • Anax of Rhodes
    Anax of Rhodes 4 months ago

    Legit assumed this was about World of Tanks.

    NHMO OYTIS 4 months ago

    Tricked into opposing the 4th of July, all hail the Troll in Chief ;’)!

  • YT1300MF
    YT1300MF 5 months ago

    Seriously screw TheXvid. I have you subscribed and on notifications, and I only just now saw this video?

  • Z M
    Z M 5 months ago

    Bette Midler? I thought she was dead.

  • apdarkness905
    apdarkness905 5 months ago +1

    I now fucking despise Hollywood celebrities. These shitheels are completely immoral and unpossessed of any decency.

  • Liberty Blue
    Liberty Blue 5 months ago +1

    I just love how Alyssa Milano says that money should be used for *parks?* Parks when Los Angeles has such a severe homeless problem that Typhoid came back and there's legitimate fears of the Bubonic Plague returning due to the rat infestations. Couple that w/ the San Francisco poop problem, dirty needles everywhere, and junkies lining the sidewalks and streets. Then all of that w/ astronomical housing prices due to failed policy! And she's fckn worried about PARKS??!!!
    Ya, Commiefornia is doing fckn great.

  • ikill4klondikebars
    ikill4klondikebars 5 months ago

    Raz0r, please do a Metal Church Mythos.

  • The Other John Wayne
    The Other John Wayne 5 months ago

    I just wonder how this all will be looked back upon. Will they showcase the blatant ass backwardry of these soy socialists and cognac commies in the same history book or will it all be swept away under "McTrumpyism" with nothing more than a "Russian document" detailing Donnie boi's alleged golden shower?

  • ted dymski
    ted dymski 5 months ago

    Night Randy Savage mimicry Razor.

  • 5500somerandomdude
    5500somerandomdude 5 months ago

    Great vid Razor. Also glad someone has common sense in this world of emotional pussies, pc whiners, and sheltered crybabies.

  • SuzyBear Heart
    SuzyBear Heart 5 months ago

    This is my favorite video of yours so far!

  • EdgarInventor
    EdgarInventor 5 months ago

    Ganda maluco, pá! Vivó Razor!

  • EdgarInventor
    EdgarInventor 5 months ago +1

    If Trump writes "fart" on Twitter, the Deranged-o-crats will SMELL IT!

  • Gregory Rogalsky
    Gregory Rogalsky 5 months ago

    This is like that ...only real :).

  • Nabo42
    Nabo42 5 months ago

    This is one of your best.

  • Tingus Pingus
    Tingus Pingus 5 months ago

    The libs are playing 2d chess and trump is playing 3D chess and they’re on a 5d board. What I’m saying is that trump is retarded but the left is somehow more retarded than he is.

  • Spring Bloom
    Spring Bloom 5 months ago

    So, he *didn't* turn the tanks on the Democrats???

  • Worm Casting
    Worm Casting 5 months ago

    %^0. Just in... Breaking Action News straight from the Ceramic Throne...
    A Look At Some Headlines In The News For July 2019 - Without The Liberal Spin
    Think Like A Cop Published on Jul 7, 2019

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor 5 months ago

    Samantha B-list. Lol! You and Styx make the inter-webs worth fight for.

  • PatchPaws
    PatchPaws 5 months ago

    We have better parades here in Chile. A+ for trolling the left, though.

  • Uday Thambimuthu
    Uday Thambimuthu 5 months ago

    Politics should stay out of schools. Integrating it into the curriculum is nothing short of ridiculous.
    Kids need to be learning basic skills, not be smothered in propaganda when they literally haven't even learned to think yet.
    Basic math, basic language study, scientific principles, and the most unbiased possible view of history.
    History is already subjective enough depending on who wrote it, the last thing it needs is virtue signaling idiots altering it to the point where its just 'This man, bad. Killed many people. Was racist.'
    Completely fucking ignores geopolitics, causal relationships and other important factors.

    • Robert du Bois
      Robert du Bois 5 months ago

      Do you know why they came up with common core math? The old way was too hard to teach for the teachers, they did not understand it.

  • Triggerz McKnickers
    Triggerz McKnickers 5 months ago

    Can we just, like, hang all of the fucking corporate-commie traitors already?

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 5 months ago

    I just watched my first video from this dude on PARLER. SO glad i stumbled on it, from a fellow parler user, thanks JoshX @HA on parler
    Twitter SUCKS.

  • commissarmanul
    commissarmanul 5 months ago

    As far as parades go, this one is rather unempressive

  • Raster1990
    Raster1990 5 months ago

    Wont lie... that parade looked kinda fun... oldie rock and roll, American flags as far as the optic can process, if it had BBQ and fireworks, I'd call it a good time.

  • Brian K
    Brian K 5 months ago

    Lol bette midler calling someone fat lmao, has she looked in a mirror. Probably not since they all break when she looks into them. KAG 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ray Cist
    Ray Cist 5 months ago

    Best 4th since 1976!!!! 🇺🇸

  • HrvatskiHig
    HrvatskiHig 5 months ago

    Trump was inspired by the French Bastille Day parade.
    So I guess the French Republic is a fascist state.

  • Dan W
    Dan W 5 months ago

    You just echoed what I've been screaming for the last week!

  • comwes907
    comwes907 5 months ago

    What mic do you use?

  • skeletorrobo
    skeletorrobo 5 months ago

    Some display of force might be necessary after the conciliatory gestures towards NK earlier. Comparisons to Nazi Germany are rediculous.

  • greenghost2008_Progressive

    Is razor like Varg Vikenes?

  • Beau Peep
    Beau Peep 5 months ago


  • Kneon Knight
    Kneon Knight 5 months ago

    These twatwaffles fall into the trap every damned time. In the past few weeks, he has got every democrat candidate to admit they want open borders, Obamcare 2: Electric Bugaloo, no data showing how many actual citizens are in this country, higher taxes, and benefits that should rightly go to veterans and our own homeless to instead flow into the hands of illegal aliens. It would literally take a miracle of Biblical proportions and grandeur to allow any of them to be elected.

    GEOTUS is wise to all their bullshit, and knows exactly how to push their buttons to make them overreact in a way that leaves no doubt that the Democrat party is full anti-American, communist jerks that have no business ever holding any sort of power or political clout outside of a 3rd World dictatorship.

  • loszhor
    loszhor 5 months ago

    No musical outro!? FASCISM!

  • TheAtlasMarvel
    TheAtlasMarvel 5 months ago

    Be careful, we don’t want Onision making 4 videos about you for that sweet ad revenue.

  • DaLoneAdvocate
    DaLoneAdvocate 5 months ago

    Is that freaking Caillou at 1:55? LOL some Hitler-type parade.

  • Leo Hum
    Leo Hum 5 months ago

    What does World of Tanks have to do with this tho...

  • Jaegerrants
    Jaegerrants 5 months ago +2

    So military parade on independence day is fascistic... Does this mean Democrats will finally stop calling Finland socialist country as we do have two yearly military parades?

  • Flamboyant Opossum
    Flamboyant Opossum 5 months ago +1

    I don't exactly support Trump, but all he wanted to do was put tanks in a parade; this would literally only make the parade cooler! It's not like he's trying to reenact Tiananmen Square for Pete sake!

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 5 months ago


  • Scorpio808
    Scorpio808 5 months ago

    Where are the diverse parade performers? Like only anglos were the only 50s dancers and played in marching bands...

  • Happy Merchant
    Happy Merchant 5 months ago +1

    Disappointed no Abrams were in the parade
    And no free helicopter rides for the communists

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 5 months ago

      should modernize it and make it free jet rides for the commies, then eject them without parachutes

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 5 months ago

    I love how you give retards the middle finger, especially Kojima fanboys! Made a lifelong watcher here.

    And how you pretty much say how all these people don't support service members and whatnot...and how stupid they are. Well that's just fucking awesome.

  • Trey Tison
    Trey Tison 5 months ago +1

    Rumor has it those four tanks rumbling down the street are what caused the California earthquakes.

  • Z001332536893
    Z001332536893 5 months ago

    Can we just start the blood bath of rage in this country? The level of retardation in the nation is so high its bound to cause a collapse in society.

  • sam brownski
    sam brownski 5 months ago

    No tanks or troops or weapons no the air show is shit I was in it for the tanks.

  • Ihateliberals901
    Ihateliberals901 5 months ago

    500,000 gay parades also the number of the participant's white count.

  • bmay81
    bmay81 5 months ago

    Where the fuck was the parade broadcasted??? I couldn’t find it and looked everywhere.

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  5 months ago

      It was livestreamed all over TheXvid, and the OAN network carried the whole thing live on cable.

  • Simon Payne
    Simon Payne 5 months ago +1

    Does Alyssa Milano complain about the money spent organising the Pride marches and say that it should be spent on Parks?

  • sougay Barbosa
    sougay Barbosa 5 months ago


  • Roual Deetlefs
    Roual Deetlefs 5 months ago +1

    I know that whom God destroys, He first makes mad.
    And watching this, I hear how He proclaimed it ...
    And hearing this, I feel how He whispered it ...
    And feeling this, I taste a Gospel ...
    And that Gospel tastes sweet , but for some, it's always bitter ...
    And most of those some's, are powerful.