• Published on Apr 20, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • 50 subscribers with one video

    Yea but did u exclude the time it took to set up the camera and talk to us

  • Nathan Shepard
    Nathan Shepard 10 days ago

    How much time do you think he spent on just moving, positioning, and using the camera. Maybe that is where those extra minutes went.

  • acid exploits
    acid exploits 11 days ago

    Shaggy only used 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 percent of his power to make this blade

  • acid exploits
    acid exploits 11 days ago

    Go on forged in fire you’d be good at it

  • Paul Blom
    Paul Blom 11 days ago

    You should make a little stubby knife some kind of Skinner with what’s left of that seems a shame to waste that handle

  • Leonardo Soto
    Leonardo Soto 18 days ago

    I want alec on the TV show, it will be awesome

  • JonInfect
    JonInfect 18 days ago

    16:25 Breaking point - "catastrophic failure"

  • Nova Void
    Nova Void 19 days ago

    But will it “KEEL”

  • vikingslayer34
    vikingslayer34 19 days ago

    Always looking on the bright side of things. I love it! But we are going to have to ask you to surrender your blade and leave the forge.

  • Bernard Price
    Bernard Price 23 days ago

    I just love the enthusiasm..

  • Kill Me Please
    Kill Me Please 24 days ago

    I think its unfair for you, you have to set up cameras and such. You would have easily won if you were there versus them

  • Mauricio Glindrönn
    Mauricio Glindrönn 28 days ago

    Well Alec, due to catastrophic failiur we have to ask you to leave forge, and Ben is going to tell you why
    As you can see Alec. Your blade passed the sharpness test, you have a well balanced knife and a beuatifull structure to it. But in the strenght test on the 3432 hit your blade showed weakness right here ( Shows the crack ). And thats why we want you to surrender your blade and leave the forge. You are not the forged in Fire champion

  • xokhayl mc
    xokhayl mc Month ago

    Hope you'll attempt this Forged In Fire Challenge in Montana ;)

  • Magnus Chang
    Magnus Chang Month ago

    maybe don't go on the phone next time and save yourself the ten minutes

  • Maximilianmus Soldier.

    I’d anyone else notice the hicky on his neck

  • alporosko
    alporosko Month ago

    D I S G U S T I N G

  • Michael Selander
    Michael Selander Month ago

    Oh there’s a bumble bee!!!

  • angry brit
    angry brit Month ago

    Am I wrong in thinking you can just cut a knife out of steel and shape and sharpen it?

  • Cody Lewis
    Cody Lewis Month ago

    keep it up man I hope and look forward to actually seeing you participate in the forged in fire championship

  • James Watts
    James Watts Month ago

    It was certainly still hard so it must have been a stress fracture in the blade that caused it to break. Doesn't look too grainy at all so it's still got a decent carbon content in it and it's still very sharp. Your blade will cut.

  • consistency man
    consistency man Month ago

    Why do u put chalk on your files?

    THE BEST VIDEOS Month ago

    " IT WILL KEE....."

  • Not a Panther
    Not a Panther Month ago

    I just realised that you uploaded this on my bithday

  • Ryan Mcdermottroe
    Ryan Mcdermottroe Month ago

    Plz i would really like to see u in forged in fire u should go apply

  • Keith Hill
    Keith Hill Month ago

    The guys on the show also don't mess around with the breathing respirator. And a lot of the guys just drill out their guards. Had you of cut them factors out you probably would have made it with time to spare. Other then that and the failure.... It was still a awesome job.

  • Barty Crowell
    Barty Crowell Month ago

    In your defense, using a super hard steel like that in ball bearings couldn't have helped on any front

  • Logan Robertson
    Logan Robertson Month ago

    New shaving tool

  • Markus Gutteridge
    Markus Gutteridge Month ago

    you see the brown red spots on the brake? thats from a crack that was formed before the quench, and had then rusted, thats probably why it broke in that particular spot


    Make me a sword to spar with

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher Month ago

    You ended up with a badass cheese still looks like a win

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon Month ago

    Gorgeous work! Been following you for a very long time! Never seen you out of your element, usually you are the subject matter expert!

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb Month ago +2

    in the first episode, you can see where it was going to snap while you were "normalizing". you can see the weak point heat up faster than the rest of the blade.

  • Dion Kirkwood
    Dion Kirkwood Month ago

    The short piece with the handle would make a great razor for a great shave from this 🧔to this 🤵...

  • Jackson Vieira
    Jackson Vieira 2 months ago +1

    Caramba mano ele esqueceu de revenir e colocar no percloreto !
    Faz parte do recuperando essa péça boa ! E segue o plano de cima☝👍

  • Mikey Flores
    Mikey Flores 2 months ago

    You look like the kid from meet the Robinsons

  • Typical Panda
    Typical Panda 2 months ago

    What is that tube one his back around 6:30

    LEEROY JENKINS 2 months ago

    You gotta do more of these forge in fire challenges

  • Craig torr
    Craig torr 2 months ago

    The rest can still be used to butter toast

  • FinneganFookface
    FinneganFookface 2 months ago

    Best youtube content ever. Albeit I have no particular interest in smithing, I have binge watched your vids since one showed up on my sidebar. You're awesome, keep up the good work !

  • Elsa McAllister
    Elsa McAllister 2 months ago


  • Davud Burekovic
    Davud Burekovic 2 months ago +1

    why don't you compete in the forged and fire competition

  • Volvary
    Volvary 2 months ago

    Now take those two pieces, lay them on a show plate with a slight gap between the blade and handle and immortalize the attempt.

  • Jonathan Guisa
    Jonathan Guisa 2 months ago

    It was a Dodge hehe

  • *** Sgt WarDaddy98 ***
    *** Sgt WarDaddy98 *** 2 months ago

    That's a beautiful knife.

  • Marcky 8o8
    Marcky 8o8 2 months ago

    Very nice knife! I could kill a lot of pigs with that in hawaii!!!

  • Bryan Barba
    Bryan Barba 2 months ago

    Well done

  • Bradley Bellwether
    Bradley Bellwether 2 months ago

    @ 14:51 I think he meant to say a tuba 6, instead of "tuba 4". lol
    Unless my eyes deceive me.

  • me curse you mimikyu
    me curse you mimikyu 2 months ago

    Gutted what a waste of time and effort

  • Thomas Briscoe
    Thomas Briscoe 2 months ago

    Do u ever sell any of your knifes

  • Holden Junior
    Holden Junior 2 months ago

    You should see if you can forge ar500 steel

  • It doesn’t matter
    It doesn’t matter 2 months ago

    I cringed so hard every time he hit that copper

  • Georgios Soumelidis
    Georgios Soumelidis 2 months ago

    Fantastic video! Learned a ton about steel properties from you and I am very grateful.
    But watching this one I came to wonder... is there a way one could repair this broken dagger?
    I believe this would be a very interesting challenge trying assembling back a broken knife or even a sword..
    Wouldn't you agree ?

  • Patrick Fouse
    Patrick Fouse 2 months ago

    To be fair, you were also carrying around a camera, and explaining what you were doing, during the 3 hours, I'm not sure it would have cut a significant amount of time, but just over all you were doing more than most people doing this challenge would have to

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 2 months ago

    If you want to practice. Set milestone alarms at each hour.

  • üřmœmğæý
    üřmœmğæý 2 months ago

    Why do you put chalk on the files?

  • Inventor Luis
    Inventor Luis 2 months ago

    it may not be done, but its still really good, but then it broke :/

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer 2 months ago


  • JeffHeidjuh
    JeffHeidjuh 2 months ago

    It will keel.

  • Nesa Popov
    Nesa Popov 2 months ago

    Alec the knife is not completed, but it will keeel

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 2 months ago

    If you would have heated the guard it would have dropped on. And been a very tight fit when cooled

  • Albu Andrey
    Albu Andrey 2 months ago

    why don't you compete in Forged in Fire ?

  • Rocket ammo
    Rocket ammo 3 months ago

    Your blade did not make the cut

  • jonny11995
    jonny11995 3 months ago

    but Alec the question is "will it keel?"

  • honorbound12
    honorbound12 3 months ago

    Too much of a gap from the blade to the guard it's just an extra stress point Bowie knifes don't have that gap and the ones that do are much much thicker

  • S.R. Ali
    S.R. Ali 3 months ago

    this is the kid from stuart little right?

  • Matthew MacDonald
    Matthew MacDonald 3 months ago

    That is one hell of a beautiful knife and if It didn't break I would have paid at least $350 for it. Do you sell any of your knifes you make when you're not under contest time restrictions?

  • Traps Are Gay
    Traps Are Gay 3 months ago

    All that just to destroy it

  • Spartan X
    Spartan X 3 months ago

    Song at 7:30

    • Jose Franco
      Jose Franco 2 months ago

      Spartan X kodiak tigerblood jewel epidemic sound

  • Liikwiid
    Liikwiid 3 months ago

    Love your energy bro. Vids are always a pleasure to watch.

  • Cameron Shoemaker
    Cameron Shoemaker 3 months ago

    Please go on forge in fire the show frfr that’s all a lot of people wanna see and I’ll bet money to it’s not ab the money it’s ab the viewers dawg get on the show

  • Stjepan Repanić-Gotal
    Stjepan Repanić-Gotal 3 months ago

    damn... so to turn of this guy?

  • modelleraren
    modelleraren 3 months ago

    Why do you need an air-filtering device when you are grinding?

  • Jorgos Gustavus
    Jorgos Gustavus 3 months ago

    R U okay?

  • Sima Simson
    Sima Simson 3 months ago

    I knew you will fail.
    You want everything to be perfect and that's just not gonna cut it(see what i did there).
    If you have a time limit, especially if you have a short time limit, you need to focus solely on the blade. That's probably why they use plastic and cords and whatnot for handles and some other random crap for guards.
    But damn, both videos were amazing to watch

  • SquiffedArdvark
    SquiffedArdvark 3 months ago

    there was a lot of bending in the blade from the copper...

  • ZedLaBSteR PH
    ZedLaBSteR PH 3 months ago

    Blade Smith we have the disition Alec steel is not make the cut

  • Whatever
    Whatever 3 months ago

    It will KEEL my friend

  • Albert Poulsen
    Albert Poulsen 3 months ago

    This is how you lose a finger

  • Ian Ismawi
    Ian Ismawi 3 months ago

    I T W I L L K E E L

  • Orlando Soto
    Orlando Soto 3 months ago

    Hmmm Alec Steel vs Matt Stagmer or Ilya in a sword building challenge forged in fire... my bets on Matt Stagmer and Ilya. Sorry Alec Steel.

  • local commoner
    local commoner 3 months ago

    *you should actually join on forged in fire*

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago

    Where do you live because I see a Texas a&m flag in the background and I live next to the college in college station

  • Jordy
    Jordy 3 months ago

    but it will keel?

  • beast of cayon
    beast of cayon 3 months ago

    In the forged in fire show they have 3 hours to make the blade not the handle so that is really imppressive

  • TheRocosi
    TheRocosi 3 months ago

    It will kill 😏

  • Earl Wright
    Earl Wright 3 months ago

    could've used a couple of socket wrench or a deep well socket wrench to drive the guard on

  • Trey Ingle
    Trey Ingle 3 months ago

    Wasn’t they supposed to forge a blade out and put the handle on and test them in the same day if so then this is not the same challenge as the show

  • Foxy Plays Minecraft
    Foxy Plays Minecraft 3 months ago

    The only thing the rest of that knife is good for is shaving ur neck beard

  • 817charger
    817charger 3 months ago

    I wish all my failures turned out as well!

  • Richard Sveum
    Richard Sveum 3 months ago

    You are a perfectionist, you can’t get perfection in 6 hours. What you produced however was a beautiful knife.

  • amirr zero
    amirr zero 3 months ago +1

    Well if u don’t stress about the camera and doing all these things u could have smashed it

  • Oliver's iron work and wood work

    Now it looks like the strangest clever 😂

  • sofus Andersen
    sofus Andersen 3 months ago


  • mark jackson
    mark jackson 3 months ago

    dude! as a hunter i want a knife identical to this!

  • Zip Drawing
    Zip Drawing 4 months ago

    This, will kiiiiiiiiiill

  • Blood Stone
    Blood Stone 4 months ago

    One question I have with the broken blade, how would you go about 'Fixing it" assuming that you could reforge it?

  • richard Turk
    richard Turk 4 months ago

    You are incredibly obnoxious.

  • 私 Invictus 刀
    私 Invictus 刀 4 months ago

    0:45 atleast its not a wasp.

  • yos doggo
    yos doggo 4 months ago

    "It will keel"

  • The gamer G
    The gamer G 4 months ago

    It’s 3 hours to make a blade