Catch the Stronger Pokémon Alphabet Challenge

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
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    PokeMEN7 and I must catch a Pokémon for every letter of the alphabet, and the stronger Pokemon gets a point. Most points at the end wins!
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    Edited by Katie Rose

Comments • 1 916

  • MandJTV Plays
    MandJTV Plays  Day ago +2

    oh my god we skipped R and I have never been more embarrassed in my life

  • PokeMEN7 Plays
    PokeMEN7 Plays Day ago +2

    I just caught a Rayquaza so I'm claiming victory for the R round

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Day ago +1

    Aerodactyl having ONE BST more than Avalugg was brilliant

  • Brandon Barbier
    Brandon Barbier Day ago +514

    John: “What comes after V?”

  • The Determined Ninja
    The Determined Ninja 12 hours ago +37

    Honestly, Catching a Shiny at

  • Satanic VT
    Satanic VT Day ago +303

    I think this would be real interesting the other way around too. Harder possibly even. Knowing lower base stat totals is harder

  • Fallen Sariel
    Fallen Sariel Day ago +89

    Will it be interesting if we reversed the rules, as in whoever catches the weakest Pokemon per alphabet?

  • Tatiana Mask
    Tatiana Mask Day ago +286

    Do this randomized! It’s sounds like fun!

  • Caleb Good
    Caleb Good Day ago +356

    Maybe a surprise trade competition where whoever gets the better Pokemon wins could be interesting

  • Finn Van eekelen
    Finn Van eekelen Day ago +183

    I have to admit john asking a glalie “ay you! Where is she?” Is quantity per volume one of the best bits ever

  • Sans' Mimikyu
    Sans' Mimikyu Day ago +38

    I think its utterly hilarious that Cramorant has a higher BST than Crawdaunt, it would have actually been the better one to pick

  • Oshawott Main
    Oshawott Main Day ago +98

    Mikey winning by one point in the first round made my day!

  • z
    z Day ago +161

    Love this type of Content keep at it guy’s

  • lowjoyo
    lowjoyo Day ago +175


  • Peter Olds
    Peter Olds Day ago +54

    That’s crazy. Galvantula was my first shiny in Black 2. Good to see one again

  • Bloody rose
    Bloody rose Day ago +122

    You should totally do a randomized version of this, that would be so much fun! You also inspired me to attempt a nuzlocke where I'm only allowed to catch 1 Pokémon per letter in the alphabet, so wish me luck lol.

  • Robert Bull
    Robert Bull Day ago +8

    Do this randomized, with the points awarded for the difference between the two pokemon base stat totals. This would up the pressure!

  • Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends

    Surprised Mikey didn't go for Obstagoon in the O round. The one-time catch on Route 2, Bridge Field, and Ballimere Lake all have wandering Obstagoons

  • supertombrother
    supertombrother Day ago +13

    You forgot R. R is for redo. As in redo the whole challenge for skipping the letter R.

  • Natedawg19
    Natedawg19 Day ago +55

    I loved the "OH NO!!! OUR TABLE!!! IT'S BROKEN!!!!" meme from John when he wanted to catch that Avalugg.