• Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • We tried a new concept of the Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Holiday by doing a Christmas Day version with new rules and new ways to choose the teams. Leave a like for more Holidays in 2020! #SidemenSunday
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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  • TTV Trooper
    TTV Trooper 4 hours ago

    25.00 harry is enjoying the song

  • Will Stafford
    Will Stafford 5 hours ago

    Does anyone else realise how grateful and appreciative Tobi is, so heart warming❤️

  • A.K k.a.d.z
    A.K k.a.d.z 5 hours ago

    I hav de saym cowt as BABATUNDE


  • Savannah Morton
    Savannah Morton 13 hours ago

    When the sidemen wear TGFbro mercy it makes me happy

  • Shawn Rivera
    Shawn Rivera 16 hours ago

    what’s the song tobi plays for harry ? not the first one

  • Jericho Gratuito
    Jericho Gratuito 18 hours ago

    26:33 thats the first time i heard Tobi say the n word

  • Paige McCaslin
    Paige McCaslin Day ago

    Did anyone notice that harry was in the thumbnail in both
    Just me...

  • Blip head
    Blip head Day ago

    I have to say, I enjoy the random app version better. It makes it more interesting where neither the audience or the people involved know what is going on til it happens

  • EleCtRo
    EleCtRo Day ago

    I find it funny how Tobi always gets on the good team. Let's go #Teamtobi

  • Rhys. ツ
    Rhys. ツ Day ago

    Loll 25:20

  • Carmel Slender
    Carmel Slender Day ago +1

    Not to be rude but jj is rich as hell and only gives his parents 10k on Xmas but his mates get 10k for dumbass challenges dats messed up.

  • Olly Alcock
    Olly Alcock Day ago


  • RandomKid• PapaFranku

    Another one of this please

    JÄGER_LT Cx 2 days ago

    My ears were getting rape at 35:29

  • Torin Gross edits
    Torin Gross edits 2 days ago

    Rip Ethan

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming 2 days ago

    27:45 what is this tune?

  • FingyMower
    FingyMower 2 days ago +1

    36:03 that's what she said

  • Alex Varela
    Alex Varela 2 days ago

    Yo Ethan was laughing like Elmo lmao

  • Carl Riis
    Carl Riis 2 days ago +1

    17:53 Well Santa isn’t muslim

  • mashed potato 5XG
    mashed potato 5XG 2 days ago

    Ksi only got the bad one because of the challenges if it was a spin he would’ve won lol

  • Nkose Ngoma
    Nkose Ngoma 2 days ago

    ha ha my class room has a bigger tree

  • jnd tube
    jnd tube 2 days ago

    25:21 I'm dead!

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma 2 days ago

    They should do a sidemen cricket

  • Eddie Elfakhouri
    Eddie Elfakhouri 3 days ago +1

    1:10:51 Tobibaca?

  • Veluta
    Veluta 3 days ago

    1:12:13 Somebody make that a GIF.

  • ThemortimerClan
    ThemortimerClan 3 days ago

    Isn’t the black van in the background at 9:00 the one that rode over ethans😂😂

  • Yeboiwolfie
    Yeboiwolfie 3 days ago

    Of course Harry likes the family coming together

  • PabloProjectHD
    PabloProjectHD 3 days ago

    8:12 I really felt like my heart dropped lmao

  • sambo sambo
    sambo sambo 3 days ago

    Guys skip to the end and then replay the video to get no adds

  • Jero Nimo
    Jero Nimo 3 days ago +1

    Well it’s not €10.000 is it?

  • Jamison edits
    Jamison edits 3 days ago

    I got every question right

  • S C R Y N O Z A
    S C R Y N O Z A 3 days ago

    Josh: What is a reindeer name that
    Starts with B
    JJ: i dont know man

    Babatunde: Bambi

    I was dead

  • Mac Munro
    Mac Munro 3 days ago

    jj sounds like R2-D2 when he laughs

  • Novak Djokovic
    Novak Djokovic 3 days ago

    who rewind that clip of ethan getting hit haha 8:15

  • ConnorXC
    ConnorXC 3 days ago +2

    What is the music at 8:02

  • El_ Dre467
    El_ Dre467 4 days ago +2

    1:07:06 The guy in the background he couldn’t walk 😂

  • splaterpus23
    splaterpus23 4 days ago

    They 100% need to update the bad team with photos of the good teams experience just to make it worse haha

  • TP STT
    TP STT 4 days ago

    Song name. Helios-Lexica

  • Savannah Selwood
    Savannah Selwood 4 days ago

    Why did I replay 11:32 like 10 times

  • Mavo YT
    Mavo YT 4 days ago +1

    What’s the music when Ethan the tubby
    wreck gets hit by the car

  • hadi usman 123
    hadi usman 123 4 days ago


  • Dawson Loach
    Dawson Loach 4 days ago

    well atleast it was better than jj’s last christmas..

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 5 days ago

    8.17 Legit had a heart attack :L

  • Steph Chicken curry
    Steph Chicken curry 5 days ago +1

    I love how Harry was wearing a childish hoodie from tgf

  • Dave17373
    Dave17373 5 days ago

    Jingle Bells isn't a Christmas song right? It's for Thanksgiving isn't it?

  • TigarHD
    TigarHD 6 days ago

    Damn, whats that beat that harry was playing on that speaker?

  • PieLover- Joe
    PieLover- Joe 6 days ago

    I want one episode when they all have the nice one

  • TheOneIB
    TheOneIB 6 days ago +2

    27:43 song?

  • QadeerYT
    QadeerYT 7 days ago

    Whats the background music at 1:18:44

  • bluarang
    bluarang 7 days ago

    jj is like : i should’ve left the sdmn when i faked it

  • Rico Przychoda
    Rico Przychoda 7 days ago

    Cool vidio

  • zone the bone
    zone the bone 7 days ago

    41:46 🤣

  • Oliver Nutkins-Middleton

    Oh wow that Santa was amazing lol

  • Saketh Voora
    Saketh Voora 8 days ago

    This video's teams are the most repetitive team in their videos

  • Alfonso Playz
    Alfonso Playz 8 days ago

    Who say the guy in the background at 1:07:07

  • ALLDocks Kitten
    ALLDocks Kitten 8 days ago

    ksi: *breaths*
    person: oh...that ksi?

  • sherah95
    sherah95 8 days ago +1

    the dinner tantrum/meltdown is just the most hilarious thing

    RYAN JDM 8 days ago

    Can anyone just look at the thumbnail that at the numbers there tf wrong way round

  • TheATeam Gaming
    TheATeam Gaming 8 days ago

    Who else thought Simon and kk did it on purpose to be together

  • Dano
    Dano 8 days ago +1

    35:06 Ethan is weighing down the couch