Best of the Worst: Scary or Die, Chopping Mall, Exorcist II: The Heretic


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  • Dirk Bastardrelief
    Dirk Bastardrelief 3 days ago

    I always wondered what ethnicity Rich Evans was, until @0:58 when he gives it away by shouting "Jesus O'Creepy!"

  • Why is The limit 8mb?

    The end gag was actually a little creepy.

  • Jake Sorenson
    Jake Sorenson 7 days ago

    I'm surprised they didnt mention the head explosion in wes craven's deadly friend with a basketball

  • theoneandonlyyoko
    theoneandonlyyoko 8 days ago

    well Clown director ended up directing Spider-man Homecoming, so...

  • Mason Selsing
    Mason Selsing 10 days ago

    I do kinda like the artificially kind “Thank you, have a nice day” dialogue of the robots in Chopping Mall. It would honestly be kinda good juxtaposition if it was handled correctly.

  • Roondar Lastname
    Roondar Lastname 10 days ago

    Leapord v Locust v Tomato v Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Mandycat Cureton
    Mandycat Cureton 22 days ago

    Recently watched Chopping Mall as a double feature with Night of the Comet.

  • 4ndr3ww1gg1n
    4ndr3ww1gg1n 24 days ago

    I haven't seen the exorcist 2, but... Aren't all those hexagons a reference to a panopticon? Kinda looks like a metaphor for an all seeing eye...

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    I shat my pants

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    MIKE ! WAKE UP !

  • y e s
    y e s 25 days ago

    Is the one guy from chopping mall the guy from deathstalker 2?

  • Protheus
    Protheus 28 days ago

    Such a missed opportunity @40:17
    There's a living embodiment of a fuckbot 5000 among them...

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 28 days ago

    the director of Clown went on to direct spiderman homecoming

  • Mod Mysterio
    Mod Mysterio 28 days ago

    Is that the guy from ''Take this Lollipop ''?! In scary or die...

  • Mad Techpriest
    Mad Techpriest 29 days ago

    The RLM crew should make a were-clown movie based on their ideas

  • DoctorMeh
    DoctorMeh 29 days ago


  • Diogenes
    Diogenes 29 days ago

    Lol Rich's face after that bad pun.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Month ago

    "This was the Fist Full of Yen on the Anthology"
    It's okay Jay, I know you were talking about Kentucky Fried Movie

  • Dreamwalker Films
    Dreamwalker Films Month ago

    To anyone in the retrowave/synthwave scene:
    I recognized the robots from Chopping Mall and couldn't place where from. Came to me later - it's the cover album art for Protector 101's debut album. Hah!

    • bigevilworldwide1
      bigevilworldwide1 29 days ago

      Not sure why the film is called Chopping Mall, because its actually Killbots

  • MsHildur90
    MsHildur90 Month ago

    The ad in the middle of the scary end kinda ruined it for me xD

  • Byron Swain
    Byron Swain Month ago

    Chopping mall is so excellent.

    • bigevilworldwide1
      bigevilworldwide1 29 days ago +1

      They should have left it as Killbots, makes more sense than Chopping Mall....

  • The HarkonnenScum
    The HarkonnenScum Month ago

    Hey, the guy from Chopping Mall is Deathstalker too.

  • Geoffrey Blackmer
    Geoffrey Blackmer Month ago

    Jack Packard: Halloween Drunk

  • Jason Halstead
    Jason Halstead Month ago

    23:26 The director of Clown went on to direct Cop Car and Spider-man: Homecoming

  • Youtube Underground

    Who else is rewatching these for Halloween?

  • J Archer
    J Archer Month ago

    When you see jay laugh, more often than not, he seems to be laughing about how he knows he will edit what’s going on- more so than what’s actually being said/happening.

  • Haley McLain
    Haley McLain Month ago

    I've seen Chopping Mall before! Yesss

  • NANCY Noise
    NANCY Noise Month ago

    Hawaiian pizza and a Lynch marathon. Someone’s perfect date night...

  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1 Month ago

    There are gunshops in malls in Maryland.

  • J
    J Month ago

    51:06 Jay's "You're a loose cannon!" line is great, because could also be heard as "You're a loose canon!" Canons are religious positions in some Christian churches.

  • Stephen Escarcega
    Stephen Escarcega Month ago

    "Lightning evils evil" - Jay as Rich Evans

  • Erik Yuzwa
    Erik Yuzwa Month ago

    Linda Hamilton's coming to get you Jack!

  • Doctor Adventure
    Doctor Adventure Month ago

    the only good clown movie is Killer Klowns From Outer Space

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Month ago are an unfit mother. Your children will be taken and placed under custody of Carl's Jr. Carls Jr...fuck you, i'm

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Month ago

    Is the Exorcist lady the nurse from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?

  • Haz Matt
    Haz Matt Month ago

    i stand with rich. he's entirely right about pizza.

  • Tim Timmins
    Tim Timmins Month ago

    I think the rednecks were getting rid of zombies in the first place, not Mexicans

  • Ricki Ramlal
    Ricki Ramlal Month ago

    McCaulin Caulky is back baby

  • ComicBookSyndicate
    ComicBookSyndicate Month ago

    Exorcist II was the most painful 2 hours of my life.

  • NaneelQueenOfDarknes

    lol they clown short is basically my favorite aqua teen hunger force episode called the clowning, karl orders a wig that is actually infused with space clown dna which thus turns him into a clown/karl hybrid. At first his wig is bad ass kirk hammet style, but things soon take a turn for the worse when his feet swell up to the size of pontoons and he has to juggle everything he touches..... and its also hella contagious. Good times.

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly Month ago +1

    The director of Clown has since gone on to directed a little known indie film called Spider-Man Homecoming.

  • Sal Ami
    Sal Ami Month ago +1

    Anyone else think of High School Musical when they saw Corbin Bleu?

  • Shadowplay4Cats
    Shadowplay4Cats Month ago

    You know I only ever hear americans about a fear of clowns being a universal thing. I've never met a person in real life who told me they are afraid of clowns. Maybe because we don't hire complete strangers to entertain at our childrens birthday parties?

  • Lucio Leone
    Lucio Leone Month ago

    15:50 Holy shit, that's Dr. Wen from Scrubs!

  • The Majestic American Woodock

    The clown segment is literally a less enjoyable version of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode called "The Clowning"

  • C. Bell
    C. Bell Month ago

    Wait, but I really liked Scary or Die... I really did. 🤡 Great channel guys.

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 2 months ago

    Chopping Mall is #1

  • Matthieu Balu
    Matthieu Balu 2 months ago

    Why did you kill Mike Stoklabava

  • twag86
    twag86 2 months ago

    Pause it at 5:20 and read the names of the actors

  • SNES Fan89
    SNES Fan89 2 months ago

    Those robots reminds me of another horror movie - Evolver.

  • Eric J
    Eric J 2 months ago

    46:45 tfw your Catholic friend just assumes that everyone is as up on the nuances of Catholic doctrine as he is and vanishes down a theological rabbit-hole.

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that makers of Fallout (even 1 & 2) had seen Chopping Mall before designing the robots.

  • Kenny P
    Kenny P 2 months ago

    I like red letter mefia, but ehsts wrong with americans having their shoes on in their own House and even have them on in the couch?
    What a uncivilized people.
    Im apalled

  • Burgunbeerd
    Burgunbeerd 2 months ago

    Nothing like going from high school musical to be bitten by a clown. Rip corbin

  • pregnantwomenaresmug
    pregnantwomenaresmug 2 months ago

    "Go somewhere weird and do it." Oh Jay. Be still my heart.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 2 months ago

    It's deathstalker two in chopping mall

  • 0223x
    0223x 2 months ago

    Odd at 14:18 they don’t get that the ending of the Redneck Zombie film was just ripping off Night of the Living Dead.

  • Lachie Dazdarian
    Lachie Dazdarian 2 months ago

    sixpoint brewing resin?

  • Jack Kingsby
    Jack Kingsby 2 months ago

    Jack is fucking sloshed by the end of this episode

  • You don’t even own a suit!

    Omg I used to be into movies that were so bad they were funny and I loved Chopping Mall! Two more movies I recommend are The Devils Sword and Rock and Roll Nightmare.

  • dasuberedward
    dasuberedward 2 months ago

    Resin is a delicious beer. It is also like 9 percent alcohol. Rookie mistake. . .veteran decision?

  • Robson Hamada
    Robson Hamada 2 months ago

    Is Exorcist II the first bad famous sequel?

  • Ewido
    Ewido 2 months ago

    Please get a chopping block so you don't slam your axe onto concrete anymore.

  • mitchell zurbrigg
    mitchell zurbrigg 2 months ago

    chopping mall is one of the best of all time so good

  • woooudo
    woooudo 2 months ago

    They arent ''immigrants'' theyre 'migrants', Illegal border crossers.

  • Edith Pine
    Edith Pine 3 months ago

    Chopping mall is one of my favourites. It's just about perfect in every way.

  • Odin Perez
    Odin Perez 3 months ago

    Holy fucking shit now i know that awkward screaming-singing that Nile used in Among the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka comes from The Exorcist II lmao

  • Cobra Strike Down
    Cobra Strike Down 3 months ago


  • VoidisVirtue
    VoidisVirtue 3 months ago

    Truer words have never been spoken. Rich is always right.

  • Stas Constantine
    Stas Constantine 3 months ago

    they should have put a blood pack inside the DVD they destroyed to make it 80s-slashier

  • chromeinox
    chromeinox 3 months ago

    Let's do a poll: Who loves clowns?
    Leave your vote below!

  • Logan Jorgensen
    Logan Jorgensen 3 months ago

    Really people wanted the destruction back, that's probably been my least favorite part of RLM. I say throw those films back into the wild, especially the VHS tapes.

  • porlae
    porlae 3 months ago

    haha the guy in shopping mall is the guy from Death Stalker 2

  • JapaneseSniper1983
    JapaneseSniper1983 3 months ago

    "There are two types of people in this world. People who hate clowns... and clowns." - D.J. MacHale

  • Joe Mcginnis
    Joe Mcginnis 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie, chopping mall looks like a great time.

  • scotchfingers
    scotchfingers 3 months ago

    Why is no one talking about how Cordon Blue Chicken is Zac Efron's best friend in high school musical?

  • Alex Poho
    Alex Poho 3 months ago


  • jslvee
    jslvee 3 months ago

    I 100% thought Jack was drinking out of a Pringles can.

  • Jake Hernandez
    Jake Hernandez 3 months ago

    Reel scary

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie 3 months ago

    19:26 It looks like _someone_ watched IT recently

    SVMMVS 3 months ago

    chopping mall makes me think of night of the comet

  • Alevtina Sherman
    Alevtina Sherman 3 months ago

    The Babadook, the Baba Yaga, and the Penangan may be funny... But the Aswang (the monster in Filipino folklore) takes the cake

  • Brendan A. MacWade
    Brendan A. MacWade 3 months ago

    Bring back this set for Halloween 2018

  • parkpunk2
    parkpunk2 3 months ago


  • ThisAlbino
    ThisAlbino 3 months ago

    "You're a loose canon"

  • Furness Prime
    Furness Prime 3 months ago

    i love rich

  • Andrew Gaskins
    Andrew Gaskins 4 months ago

    "But I love pepperoni"

  • NoFunAloud
    NoFunAloud 4 months ago

    Chopping Mall actually looks really good.

  • zulium
    zulium 4 months ago

    Drunk Jack is best Jack

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 4 months ago

    The Frighteners had a good head explosion.

  • Julia Belyung
    Julia Belyung 4 months ago

    Drunk Jack is so good "aren't those the fights that infect us every day?"

  • Simon Bergeron
    Simon Bergeron 4 months ago

    That "13+" yellow sticker comes from Quebec, my native province o.O Wow... surprised/shocked to even see this in your collection.

  • Chronusx
    Chronusx 4 months ago

    Is Mike who enjoys bodacious boobage from Chopping Mall also Deathstalker in Deathstalker 2?

    • Erling Hansen
      Erling Hansen 3 months ago

      Yup. Josh mentions it in the episode with deathstalker 2.. They call him "tiny face"

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas 4 months ago

    7:23 SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menus.
    Remember that?

  • Late to the Game
    Late to the Game 4 months ago

    Aw, no show biz pizza bear?

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 4 months ago

    A double Pozuzu on the rocks for Dickie Burton! ...The sorry soused git.
    - He's just haggard jowls and alco-sweat, by this point. O__O - I do hear that *The Exorcist 3* is actually good! (the proper directors cut)

  • ArcangelParagon
    ArcangelParagon 4 months ago

    It'd be funny if "I like pepperoni" was just a random phrase that popped into Rich's head and blurted out loud. Didn't have anything to do with the movie. That was just coincidence.

  • albynoman
    albynoman 4 months ago

    I was so nervous for this episode when I saw that they were going to have both Jack and Josh on the panel at the same time. That’s usually a recipe for disaster.

  • HellecticMojo
    HellecticMojo 4 months ago

    Jay likes pineapple pizza, my life is complete

  • travis dudley
    travis dudley 4 months ago

    Jack and Josh have both fucked in Kaybee Toys haven’t they