Mariana Trench: Record-breaking journey to the bottom of the ocean - BBC News

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • An American explorer has descended nearly 11km (seven miles) to the deepest place in the ocean - the Mariana Trench in the Pacific.
    Victor Vescovo spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench with the risk of his submersible imploding if anything were to go wrong.
    The dive was later verified to be 10,972m and Victor became the first person to reach the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.
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  • Jody Carter
    Jody Carter 3 years ago +2857

    It takes ALOT of guts to dive that deep knowing how immense the pressure is outside. I appreciate people that can do this and bring us new unexplored areas of the world to view. Thank you Sir.👍👏

    • BlazingDonkey
      BlazingDonkey 4 months ago +1

      Just comes down to trusting the equipment. You would die out in space, sailors would die outside a submarine. At the end of the day the result is death.

    • Ann Wahlquist
      Ann Wahlquist 4 months ago


    • John Highway
      John Highway 2 years ago

      It doesn't take guts, it takes simple knowledge on your equipment's abilities. These submarines are always tested in pressure chambers at pressures higher than what would ever be experienced at the trench.

    • AAron Thom
      AAron Thom 2 years ago

      I wouldn’t be afraid. If something went wrong, you would die instantly. I don’t think there could be faster way to die.

    • rocket queen
      rocket queen 2 years ago

      @Deepak Chauhan submersible*

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 2 years ago +2045

    I absolutely love the way when the other guy said , “you did it” and he corrected it to, “we all did it”. I don’t know why but I admire that leadership so much

    • Luilui
      Luilui 2 months ago

      Son is that you

    • J Andersen
      J Andersen 7 months ago +1

      It is all fake and manipulative.

    • charliemather_
      charliemather_ 7 months ago +9

      @Joe thePlumber just such a load of bollocks, he said we all did it because he understands that it was a collective effort that made it possible for him to reach the bottom. Unless he did all the R&D for the submarine, built it and drove the boat out to the Mariana's Trench all by himself of course...

    • Joe thePlumber
      Joe thePlumber 9 months ago +2

      B.S. Socially acceptable response. He agrees that *HE* did it, but social conventions dictate that he responded "no we all did it".

    • Deno
      Deno 10 months ago

      @IDK You Pick My Name still funny though

  • Hernán Rodríguez
    Hernán Rodríguez Year ago +852

    That man risked his life so we can all see now the deepest part of the ocean just by searching it on youtube, that’s braveness and madness

    • ManZ
      ManZ 3 months ago

      @Simon he prob failed science class lmao

    • Simon
      Simon 4 months ago +7

      @Emanuel you watch too much tv

    • peachxxx_
      peachxxx_ 4 months ago +5

      @J Andersen umm... who hurt you? :(

    • J Andersen
      J Andersen 7 months ago +1

      No, he did it to boost his personal image and to be liked by more people.

    • Emanuel
      Emanuel 7 months ago +2

      We didn’t see anything and this was a boring side of the earth we want to see other creatures and under water villages

  • Swa Sho
    Swa Sho Year ago +2997

    Viewer: "I wonder whats seven miles down at the bottom of the Earth?"
    Scientist: "A plastic bag"

    • Nigel 900
      Nigel 900 Month ago

      What was amazing was how rare it was to see any trash.

    • Gracie
      Gracie 2 months ago

      @Michael Lovegrove HELP

    • Ocean148
      Ocean148 5 months ago

      Seven miles is nothing bro

    • Kim A - yeong 김아영
      Kim A - yeong 김아영 7 months ago

      Don't play jokes on these type of great humans

  • Emergency Yadav
    Emergency Yadav 11 months ago +44

    My absolute respect to diver. There was literally zero margin for error down there, even one crack and every thing goes black. Thier devotion to science and discovery is immeasurable.

    • Kevin A
      Kevin A 5 months ago

      The first time that journey was done the viewing window cracked at the bottom

  • Crae-Mi A. Riwa
    Crae-Mi A. Riwa Year ago +214

    Sounds weird but I would love to know the story of that bag. Like how old is it, who bought it and where and how long did it took it to get there.

    • Deerlys
      Deerlys 4 months ago +6

      do you ever feeeeeel like a plastic baaaaag

    • Mr Grey
      Mr Grey 4 months ago +12

      They should make a movie about that bag, starring me

    • Jan Cudia
      Jan Cudia 6 months ago +11

      story of the plastic that you just saw
      throw plastic bag
      plastic bag flies and goes to water
      probably something helped it sink
      plastic bag reached the dark side without being eaten
      plastic bag hard to see because darkness
      plastic bag finally sinks to the deepest point of the sea
      it went camoflauge with the sand

  • Lucifer Collins
    Lucifer Collins Year ago +58

    It makes me feel less lonely to know that there is life down there, just peacefully thriving and enjoying being themselves, no matter how far from our human civilizations they are. There’s life in places where we humans cannot stay. There’s life down there...

    • Lucifer Collins
      Lucifer Collins 2 months ago

      @Brad Cooper also, bubba, i’m 15. i sincerely hope that you are *not* a grown man arguing with a teenager on the internet. have some self respect.

    • Lucifer Collins
      Lucifer Collins 2 months ago

      @Brad Cooper did you just- use asterisks? also, i’ve never been a fan of pokemon. :)

    • Brad Cooper
      Brad Cooper 2 months ago +1

      @Lucifer Collins bruh, you even look like the typical atheist 😂😂”*gags n snorts snot * AWCKtually, Jesus isn’t real cus eVoLuTiOn solves all oUr problems. Look at my Pokémon cards now” that’s u

    • Lucifer Collins
      Lucifer Collins 2 months ago

      @Brad Cooper hello, sir, do you have a moment to talk about out lord and savior: Satan?

    • Brad Cooper
      Brad Cooper 3 months ago +1

      @Lucifer Collins yes

  • charactered
    charactered Year ago +652

    the fact that a plastic bag has managed to get to the deepest part of the ocean in the world without getting caught on anything or being eaten just blows my mind.

    • D. N.
      D. N. Month ago

      Only one plastic bag made it. The rest didn’t make it 😔

    • Jevgeņijs Klimanovičs
      Jevgeņijs Klimanovičs 6 months ago

      It's very sad, actually 😞

    • Dario Rivera
      Dario Rivera 6 months ago

      @Milan Stevanović wtf 😂

    • Faez Al Aziz
      Faez Al Aziz 6 months ago

      Its a lieeeee !!

    • Graff Dey
      Graff Dey 8 months ago +3

      @Jeff Berridge i like the way you think

  • Caeruleum
    Caeruleum Year ago +416

    The plastic bag or even any plastic waste down there.....imagine it’s amazing journey it went through while drifting down to the bottom of the Mariana trench

    • Kharan Iqbal
      Kharan Iqbal Year ago +6

      @Carl Johnson it would eventually get crushed by the pressure

    • J F
      J F Year ago +1

      It wasn't at the bottom where the bag was spotted, it was on the way down. Still notable though.

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson Year ago

      We should throw cameras to the sea

    • Josh Horváth
      Josh Horváth Year ago +10

      Looking forward to the footage it releases on its youtube channel. "Plastic Vlogz" if anyone's interested.

  • Tina Vitale
    Tina Vitale Year ago +1

    What an amazing feeling! So proud and happy for all of your amazing research. Keep up your Fascinating phenomenon explorations!

  • Harminder Singh
    Harminder Singh Year ago

    I salute your effort for the conservation of the earth's deepest ocean floor The Mariana Trench.I respect you for your bravery and outrageous spirit.May god bless you and the entire Mariana Trench discovery squad.

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow 2 years ago +877

    *Awesome video. I love seeing this sort of stuff to uncover mysteries* ✅🙂

  • Theodora Delibasoglu

    What an amazing moment! I wish it was longer.

  • Benjamin Roelofse
    Benjamin Roelofse 2 years ago +4876

    this is the scariest thing I can imagine. 12 hours in a container and a risk that it might implode at any moment

    • Toxic YouTube Comments Guy
      Toxic YouTube Comments Guy Month ago

      @YellowFamilyFunny that‘s not the same scenario though. They sat inside a highly pressured cabin and they accidentally forgot to manage the air lock. So all the high pressure shot out from high to low -> pushing the people out of the cracks. In this case it would be reverse. The entire environment would crush upon the airpocket.

    • X
      X Month ago

      @Jack lmao thats right, every flat earther knows that

    • John Cover
      John Cover 3 months ago

      The sphere was shipped to Russia and tested to 45000 feet.

    • Jayman_g12
      Jayman_g12 3 months ago

      @PlayStation EU imagine crushing a pop can but a human

    • KanyeEast
      KanyeEast 5 months ago

      I prefer going to space than diving down there

  • Joakim Carlgren
    Joakim Carlgren Year ago +315

    If only plastic had voices of their own. Imagine the stories they'd tell

    • JT DiLauro
      JT DiLauro 6 months ago

      @Black McBain 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jellocicle
      Jellocicle 6 months ago +2

      They wouldn't be able to see underwater in the deep dark ocean though

    • Black McBain
      Black McBain 7 months ago

      Latex, specifically.

    • Martin
      Martin 8 months ago +11

      "Yea I fall to the depths of the abyss, shadows grow around me ever I fly deeper. What was that? A creature of darkness with teeth so frightening, I no not what else lurks beyond me. I'm so alone, no light for days as I continue to decend to a bottomless pit, a never ending fall. Ah, here alas I rest."

  • Vijaykumar Science &Vlogs

    Wonderful! First time watching that a man reached deepest trench. What a courageous person is he?

  • Arsi Rantanen
    Arsi Rantanen Year ago +37

    I would desperately to see 12 hours footage of this trip!!!

    • Microbio S
      Microbio S 8 months ago

      It's darkness and nothing for most of the trip. It would be boring

  • EatCornBread
    EatCornBread Year ago

    Job well done, Victor!! Congratulations to the team!!

  • オーリク
    オーリク 3 years ago +5788

    Imagine the reactions of these fishes to seeing light for the first time like "AHHH WTF BRO"

    • Jayman_g12
      Jayman_g12 3 months ago

      @Yuri tarded some are blind

    • Brandon Jannenga
      Brandon Jannenga 8 months ago

      The fish there is mostly blind lol, if you imagine if you had never seen light.

    • 네즈코7
      네즈코7 9 months ago

      literally when you turn on the discord light mode

    • nonsenseperson
      nonsenseperson 9 months ago

      Most fishes deep down are most likely to be blind

    • melontree
      melontree 10 months ago

      @S. W most of them use bioluminescence

  • Douglas von Freund
    Douglas von Freund Year ago +1

    It takes a lot of bravery to go that deep in a Sub . Awesome ! ⚓


    It awesome that there's life even at that depth. In that cold, dark place.

  • Lance Heckel
    Lance Heckel 4 months ago

    Give the engineers the credit they deserve. Viktor went down there, but someone designed and built that thing. Kudos to that team.

  • Niranjan Dev
    Niranjan Dev Year ago +3

    Great journey to watch
    Thank you
    Scientist,Engineers, & Explorers

  • Isabelle Gomez
    Isabelle Gomez 3 years ago +38381

    Shame that even in the deepest depths of the ocean you can see plastic waste

    • SlickChick
      SlickChick Month ago

      Earth cycles everything at all points.

    • Owyxl_YT
      Owyxl_YT 6 months ago

      Nah,it's not the bottom yet
      You'll see something u don't ever seen before

    • dadillonful
      dadillonful 6 months ago

      @Kapten Hiu you animals lovers are weird, not all humans waste

    • Gabe 277
      Gabe 277 6 months ago

      very upsetting

    • Dua Lipa ft. Lorde
      Dua Lipa ft. Lorde 7 months ago

      Unfortunately, the plastic waste is floating even in the space...

  • Amy Wideman
    Amy Wideman 11 months ago +2

    The person who went to the bottom in the container also went down and saw the titanic. This man is verified fearless.

  • T.D.G - Kevin
    T.D.G - Kevin Year ago +2

    James Cameron did this before these guys did, so great to see another mission successfully hit the bottom, both expeditions are immensely fascinating, i wish this were much longer than 2 minutes tho, great team, well done.

    • Paul Bloom
      Paul Bloom 7 months ago

      The spot they landed at was actually deeper than where James Cameron landed.

  • Capitan Pablo
    Capitan Pablo Year ago +33

    The old man he hugs when back on the ship seems to be Don Walsh, one of the two guys that went there for the first time back im 1960. He's a healthy 89 years old now.

  • Sia Henderson
    Sia Henderson 5 months ago

    There's actually life down there
    Life could happen in almost any environment

  • PCon
    PCon 3 years ago +901

    Mind blowing that life can survive down there under that kind of pressure a still resemble regular sealife.

    • TheFlyingSandWich
      TheFlyingSandWich 14 days ago

      @Tyler Solvestri its almost as if evolution is mind blowing

    • dasparado
      dasparado Month ago

      @Tyler Solvestri Pressure only effect air pockets. Thats why even though the pressure is many times sea level when you dive, say 130 feet, you feel no pressure on your body. As long as you have no air pockets, like all the life down there, pressure will not effect you in the least. Subs crack only because of the massive air pockets inside. If a diver could breath liquid oxygen, like PFC, the pressure would not effect him at all.

    • dasparado
      dasparado Month ago

      Its not what you think, when you dive at depth you dont even feel the pressure. Its only the air pockets in your body that have to deal with the pressure, lungs, sinus cavities and ears. Those animals have no air pockets so they feel no pressure. This is a huge misconception people have.

    • Jayman_g12
      Jayman_g12 3 months ago

      @Tyler Solvestri ?

    • Jayman_g12
      Jayman_g12 3 months ago

      @Tyler Solvestri lol

  • Jerry Grannan
    Jerry Grannan Year ago

    This man has tremendous courage.

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam Year ago

    Props to the guy who swam down there without any equipment, he must be the best swimmer!!!

  • Japsy Jr. JAVELLANA
    Japsy Jr. JAVELLANA Year ago +1

    divers are so brave!

  • The Depressed Cat
    The Depressed Cat 7 months ago +3

    Fun fact: even you can go there without a submarine, but only once

  • Maria Olivia
    Maria Olivia 2 years ago +2059

    *"We all did it."*
    - what a humble man...

    • Ryan Siraj
      Ryan Siraj 2 years ago +1

      @Ian Poh oh shit u kinda right 🤢
      Her last profile pic she looked older. I take that back💀🔫🔫🔫🔫

    • Ian Poh
      Ian Poh 2 years ago +8

      Ryan Siraj bro she looks young and you’re about 40

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago +30

    Imagine he's just chilling watching alien like fishes and he suddenly hears the metal creaking. My heart would literally stop beating.

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 11 months ago +5

      @We Remotely Low Yeah that's probably the craziest thing I've ever heard. Those two were out of their goddamn minds. I'd like to know more about how it didn't burst. Is it like how a concrete dome creates its own strength due to pressure?

    • We Remotely Low
      We Remotely Low Year ago +5

      Haha, well, during the first ever venture to the bottom of the sea, the outside glass on the submarine actually cracked, and they kept going.

  • philip gill
    philip gill 7 months ago

    The landing was a bit hard but that was great loved it

  • Peeper
    Peeper 10 months ago +1

    To me, this is as significant as the first person in space. I thought only probes made it this far until 2 minutes ago.

  • Dr. Snowman
    Dr. Snowman 5 months ago +2

    How the hell did a plastic bag get all the way down?
    that's amazing and must of taken quite the journey to get there

  • A guide To Bhutan
    A guide To Bhutan 2 years ago +1293

    When ever I hear something about Mariana Trench or a person going down there or even a machine, I always expect to see a Video footage of a 1000 feet huge creature passing by.

    • Carlos_A_M
      Carlos_A_M 5 months ago

      @Bruce Bruce found the tinfoil hat

    • Christian Orr
      Christian Orr 7 months ago +1

      @Spoonicks But doesn’t the largest fish species, i.e. the Whale Shark, eat mere plankton?

    • nonsenseperson
      nonsenseperson 9 months ago +1

      Maybe they're not at the very bottom, since there must not be a lot to eat there, rather somewhere else, that would be awesome tho

    • Zeb Groen
      Zeb Groen 10 months ago +3

      Giant squid belike i can live down here

    • sushma saxena
      sushma saxena 10 months ago

      Me too

  • Straight T
    Straight T 6 months ago

    Amazing how they focus in on the floor of the ocean instead of giving us a nice peak up. Also amazing how much light is down there.

  • bugszy busy
    bugszy busy 2 years ago +5

    Damn. One of my dreams is to dive this deep.

  • Japsy Jr. JAVELLANA

    divers are so brave!

  • AirForceA7x
    AirForceA7x Year ago

    Just looked up accomplishments of this man. Wow!, this guy is a boss 💪🏽

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 3 years ago +1198

    Explorer : You did it...
    Diver : We did it...
    Such humble man... I like him....

    • Dreadful Man
      Dreadful Man Year ago

      @magyarmem Horváth sad

    • Bry G
      Bry G 3 years ago

      Yes, ive noticed it too. Very humble.

    • Rohan
      Rohan 3 years ago

      And look at the chick who wrote 6% lines of codes and took all the credit for taking the first picture of a blackhole

    • jase verez
      jase verez 3 years ago

      Or just someone who lacks social anxiety and isn't a moron

    • Sanjeev Kumar
      Sanjeev Kumar 3 years ago

      *USSR anthem plays*

  • Leslie Chapa
    Leslie Chapa Year ago +2

    When they found that plastic bag my heart sank! Our wasteful ways have made their way to the deepest part of the ocean! It's truly sad!

  • Abraham Gill
    Abraham Gill Year ago

    Such a Brave People...Exploring the Deepest Parts of Ocean is a Tremendous Achievement, I m so pleased to watch this keep it up guys GOD BLESS !

  • Bwe Bwe Productions
    Bwe Bwe Productions 4 months ago +4

    That’s my uncle. He also got to explore the Titanic and has climbed many of the world highest peaks, including Everest. A true explorer and adventurer.

  • rohit joshi
    rohit joshi Year ago +1

    Imagine how much pressure applied over vessel 😯

  • Jena Prithviraj 043
    Jena Prithviraj 043 3 years ago +422

    This man is made up of anti-claustrophobic material and a ton of raw courage.

    • Andy
      Andy 3 years ago

      jena prithviraj Caves must be a nightmare for you then, especially the ones where you gotta crawl through to traverse in it. Feels bad.

    • Revenger 211
      Revenger 211 3 years ago +2

      More like anti-snowflake material

    • Jithu Sunny
      Jithu Sunny 3 years ago +1

      But more than that, not saying I'm not claustrophobic, how was the pressure scene handled? It is tens of thousands of Pascals per square inch there 😶

    • Jerm Inator
      Jerm Inator 3 years ago +3


    • spafro101
      spafro101 3 years ago +1

      I think I could do this no problem.

  • Kathryn Carter
    Kathryn Carter Year ago

    Long journey. I have problems driving that far.
    Glad they were successful. Now I want to see what they found.

  • coto 05
    coto 05 Year ago

    Amaría ir algún día con estar en ese lugar tsn hermoso

  • Sarah Leer
    Sarah Leer Year ago +1

    This video gives me shivers ! Absolutely amazing

  • Oli Dingin
    Oli Dingin Year ago +2

    [20] Sebuah senyawa non volatil Z, digunakan untuk membuat dua larutan yang
    berbeda. Larutan A mengandung 5 g senyawa Z yang dilarutkan dalam 100 g air.
    Sedangkan larutan B mengandung 2,31 g senyawa Z yang dilarutkan dalam 100 g
    benzen. Larutan A mempunyai tekanan uap 754,5 mmHg pada titik didih air normal
    dan larutan B mempunyai tekanan uap yang sama pada titik didih normal benzen.
    Hitunglah massa molar dari senyawa Z pada larutan A dan B!

  • Cum
    Cum 2 years ago +1985

    I wanted to see something like a giant sea creature

  • marjorie gopee
    marjorie gopee 5 months ago

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Nazihu Mohamed
    Nazihu Mohamed Year ago

    This man deserves a billion!

  • JackedLantern
    JackedLantern Year ago

    Makes me wanna be a deep sea biologist

  • the taxidermist
    the taxidermist Year ago

    Its crazy that we have an easier time exploring OTHER PLANETS than our own ocean

  • mizz maria
    mizz maria 3 years ago +266

    What a tremendous video. I really enjoyed the 30 seconds of which they actually showed footage from the Trench. Maybe they could do a follow-up 5-minute video and show us 40 seconds worth of footage

    • John Bull
      John Bull 3 years ago

      @Steven Henry like what?

    • Rodolfo Boygarcia
      Rodolfo Boygarcia 3 years ago

      Do you want your money back?

    • Steven Henry
      Steven Henry 3 years ago +2

      but then we would see things they dont want us to see

    • kay dar
      kay dar 3 years ago +3

      Ive swam this deep and let me tell you theres no plastic what so ever

    • aswatful
      aswatful 3 years ago

      @Expite this actually made me cry

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez Year ago +1

    Mabuti, at nakapunta sila sa pinaka malalim na bahagi Ng mundo ang mariana trench... Matagumpay at nakakamangha... 💖

  • Army and bts
    Army and bts 9 hours ago

    just imagine if he just landed on a cliff side or something and totally missed the real deep

  • kxmode
    kxmode Year ago

    I want to know how this submersible handled compression and decompression during descent and rise?

  • Brian E. C.
    Brian E. C. Year ago +1

    The mental strength that pilot must have. Made easier by a passionate team

  • Jashan Sidhu
    Jashan Sidhu 5 months ago +1

    cameraman is the only person who can reach anywhere in this universe

  • Diego_US3LESS
    Diego_US3LESS Year ago +1

    I do pay respects to those people that went to have a adventure to go to the deepest sea to find out what things ecist there

  • Shahzada Zulfiqar
    Shahzada Zulfiqar 7 months ago

    Victor Vescovo Brave Man, I Just Liked His Courage Bravery Determination.

  • ismokedaweazel
    ismokedaweazel Year ago

    Bottom of ocean so peaceful and calm would love to live down there no one to bother you 😌

  • arsenewenger30
    arsenewenger30 Year ago +1

    I remember telling two blokes in the pub about the Mariana Trench and they tried telling me that the Loch Ness was deeper :) That's a true story.

  • Baby Speece
    Baby Speece 6 months ago

    Massive respect for everyone, my thalassophobia could never.

  • Vincent K. McMahon
    Vincent K. McMahon 9 months ago +1

    How are those fish able to live down there without being crushed by all that pressure???

  • ⚡️Mr Airbnb Guru aka James Beaumont

    That’s incredible, good stuff

  • Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection 3 years ago +2282

    We managed to pollute one of the most isolated places on the planet. Go team, great job.

    • X
      X Month ago

      @mespn520 Thank you all, we wouldn't have made it without the support of this amazing team !!

    • Slump
      Slump 2 years ago

      the team didnt do it, some random person somewhere else did.....

    • a fkin pencil
      a fkin pencil 3 years ago

      Who is "we"? Speak for yourself

    • Anime Host
      Anime Host 3 years ago

      Achievement acquired

  • anotae
    anotae 7 months ago

    Amazing effort... 11km.

  • Ghuncha Fatma
    Ghuncha Fatma Year ago

    how did they even go back to the top 😲

  • EJ
    EJ Year ago +1

    Finally we have the tech to reach the bottom of the deepest trench

  • -Lorando the Piglet ° 13 years ago °

    11.034meters underwater. Wow. And im Impresed when I go to 15 meters.
    Edit:Its beetwen 10. 984 - 11.034

  • Sm gaming is live
    Sm gaming is live 7 months ago +1

    Well done guys 👍👍👍👍

  • thechad
    thechad 10 months ago

    I wonder how the ocean life adjusted to the light that was used. They'd literally never seen light before then.

  • Simon Mario Gondowidjojo

    if you went into the submarine for 11km descend in the morning, can you actually catch next flight at night?

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar 3 months ago

    We r proud of you 🙂🙂

  • Akaakaaka ak
    Akaakaaka ak 3 years ago +471

    Disappointing that the bag was there but I also think it's quite fascinating to think of the journey of the bag.

    • Bear 7453
      Bear 7453 3 years ago

      The NumBER -0 LOL sober as a rock... just sounds like something Pixar or Disney would make as a message about the dangers of recycling, something with a deeper meaning.

    • The NumBER -0
      The NumBER -0 3 years ago

      @Bear 7453 how high are you
      but i like the idea they should try and make it i'd love to watch something like this

    • Vincent Louis Castro
      Vincent Louis Castro 3 years ago

      Just choked some fish on the way

    • Optimus Prime
      Optimus Prime 3 years ago +1

      @Zack Wathen James Cameron littered it there... He was the last one to go there...🤣🤣🤣

    • Internet Composting
      Internet Composting 3 years ago +2

      So quit virtue-signalling & stop using them!

  • Pripyat.sadboi☢️

    so we've been at the moon years ago but only went to the deepest part of the ocean recently? 🤔

  • Gnik4144
    Gnik4144 2 months ago

    I wish this video was longer!!


    Proud to be earthian 🙏

  • Dj Cobbs
    Dj Cobbs Year ago +1

    I can only imagine what fossils and treasures are in the sediment underwater.

  • My Korean Chingu
    My Korean Chingu 3 years ago +12755

    i wouldn't be surprise if NASA found plastics on Mars

  • Payton Hope
    Payton Hope 7 months ago

    I thought they just sent the camera down. My jaw dropped when he climbed into it. My claustrophobia could NEVER

  • cilams
    cilams 2 years ago +6

    When diving is more time than exploring

  • cirile foja
    cirile foja Year ago

    amazing dive...

  • K B
    K B Year ago

    Bravest man on earth

  • 1450 Arya Waghmare

    Astronaut of the ocean 🔥

  • Gunslinger
    Gunslinger Year ago +1

    What happens to those species when you bring them outta water do they expand or change their shapes cause they are used to live in high pressure environment? Just curious what happens to them on surface?

  • M@$h
    M@$h 6 months ago

    Those people who do stuff like this are just ballsy people seriously 😳 to sit in something so small and go so deep down is just crazy 😧 just watching this makes me feel funny 😬
    Great job ladies and gentlemen doing things like this. Y'all got balls 💪🏽😎

  • ladychips
    ladychips Year ago +1

    is there a video showing his exploration at the bottom? i expected more from this :(

    • João Leote
      João Leote Year ago

      The rest of the footage is 4 hours of him seeing sand and water

  • CaliD0LL
    CaliD0LL 3 years ago +7

    Absolutely unreal!! Congratulations! Hope to see what discoveries you guys made.

  • ZoromalikTV
    ZoromalikTV Year ago +1

    Landing at the moon is 50 years easier than go inside of Mariana trench

  • Enoga Macka
    Enoga Macka 2 months ago +1

    Crazy that even at the deepest part of the ocean, where it took millions of dollars and teams of experts to get to..
    And there it is, a plastic bag.
    Seems to say a lot about us.

  • Binita Shah
    Binita Shah Year ago +1

    I can explore the beauty of the world by sitting at home❤️❤️

  • Aah Zeus
    Aah Zeus Year ago

    Imagine you're diving above marianas trench alone

  • FJB
    FJB 3 years ago +28

    Very cool! My late Uncle was a lead engineer with Continental Hydraulics and later the General Mills Electronics Group. He helped design the robotic arm on the original 'Alvin' deep sea submersible vehicle, which was commissioned in the early 60's. He would be absolutely thrilled to see this achievement!

    • Prisoner60863
      Prisoner60863 3 years ago +1

      So cool. I would have been asking him millions of questions.

    • Joe Urban
      Joe Urban 3 years ago +1

      @noneyerbidness How jaded can you get? On another note, thanks for the interesting story Matt! It made an awesome video all the more interesting!

    • noneyerbidness
      noneyerbidness 3 years ago

      No one asked