KotlinConf 2018 - Graphics Programming with Kotlin by Romain Guy

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    Graphics programming is a field dominated by traditional languages like C and C++, or specialized languages like GLSL and HLSL. In this talk, we go over how Kotlin allows you to take advantage of a managed language while preserving the conciseness and expressiveness of low-level languages like C++ when writing math and graphics oriented code.

    About the Presenter:
    Romain Guy is an engineer at Google. He worked on the Android Framework team, leading the UI toolkit and UI renderer, and now works on new graphics related projects.

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  • Andre Artus
    Andre Artus 3 years ago +9

    I don't know if this is a translation issue, but normally (in English) for set operations we use::

  • Michael Kohlhaas
    Michael Kohlhaas 2 years ago +8

    A lecture about graphics programming without showing any graphics. Interesting. I see this style of presentation a lot!

  • kenyee88
    kenyee88 3 years ago

    would love kotlin-math as part of the KTX extensions...

  • Hoowwwww
    Hoowwwww 3 years ago

    autoboxing is really annoying, that is the reason i don't do any gamedev with java, it'll change with Valhalla but will Android support it ? does anyone know ?

  • Владимир Бекович

    Le bon accent français ^^

  • Диванные Войска

    Show the game beach!

  • Lord C. Ground
    Lord C. Ground 2 years ago +3

    completely useless. Today nobody creates graphics at this low level... There are tons of libs and engines.