Two Pets Swap Humans For A Weekend

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • A dog person is given a cat for a weekend, and a cat person is given a dog.
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Comments • 1 869

  • hbnm03
    hbnm03 2 hours ago

    I died when she said "nuch meeded coffee" instead of much needed.

  • Wasabi Qulolo
    Wasabi Qulolo 14 hours ago

    10 cats!! Woohoo!

  • Ima Wima
    Ima Wima 3 days ago

    She kind of reminds me of Ned's wife. "MY WIFE!!!!!"

  • Amigo
    Amigo 8 days ago

    I have both but I have to be honest, I’m more of a cat person

  • cuddelBug 21
    cuddelBug 21 8 days ago +2

    Cats are better

    *(in my opinion )*

  • Chloe Keim
    Chloe Keim 8 days ago

    My dogs name is Goldie too!!!!

  • MoekaLovesGaming
    MoekaLovesGaming 8 days ago +1

    I love all animals tbh ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

  • ☻ [s h i n e x x a i ] ☻

    If cat always wakes you up, just close your door, I always do that, and cat doesn’t get angry or sad, he’s okay 👌🏻

  • ☻ [s h i n e x x a i ] ☻

    Dogs for people who like to walk
    Cats for lazy people
    Cats are cute

  • Pate Editz
    Pate Editz 10 days ago +1

    I love kitten,I love dogs so don’t hate meh smh. I just have a stronger heart for cats, a little more than dogs!>3

  • Bettina Avila
    Bettina Avila 11 days ago +1

    2:01 no one else noticed how wrong this leash is? hahahaha

  • I. A.
    I. A. 11 days ago +1

    I feel like Jack was raised by cats, dude didn't even blink once.

  • lol production
    lol production 13 days ago +4


    Lets see who wins

  • Angela Edwards
    Angela Edwards 14 days ago

    *So the dog woke the guy up the first night and the cat woke the woman up on the same night? I don't thing so. Nice try.*

  • Sab Sab
    Sab Sab 15 days ago

    they do like a pet is a human baby lol

  • BeachFishing
    BeachFishing 17 days ago

    1) tell your boss that he is a latent homo.. actually.. there is no #2.. just that..

  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened 17 days ago

    *In nature, cats are mostly nocturnal,* so the cat did not confuse its day and night.

  • juan altredo
    juan altredo 17 days ago

    I feel like cats are the most misunderstood and unfairly maligned animals out there. They are affectionate, very much so, but they don't tolerate BS, and will only give you what you put in exchange. Most people who seem to think they don't like cats once they adopt or have one instantly change their tune. They're absolutely adorable, mysterious, dignified, ancient gods but also very playful

  • Chris Lecher
    Chris Lecher 19 days ago

    This is a horribly stressful thing to do to an animal. They should have left the animals in their own environment and the people switched homes!

  • Gaming with Eva
    Gaming with Eva 19 days ago

    Cats scare me :d

  • Jade Has Sum Squirt
    Jade Has Sum Squirt 21 day ago +1

    my cat is the best cat and you cant change my mind

  • Wade S
    Wade S 21 day ago

    7:00 you can tell she hit it off with Jenkins with how he reacted to her.

  • Uni Poop
    Uni Poop 22 days ago

    I love that for once I get to see both owners enjoying each others pets from the beginning and being open minded from the beginning! No ”ugh I hate cats” or ”I hate dogs”.

  • Yasmin Darette
    Yasmin Darette 23 days ago

    Jenkins’ dad is a mood.

  • El Elliot
    El Elliot 23 days ago

    I'm just here for cat

  • Mia Avocado Lee
    Mia Avocado Lee 25 days ago

    As a person who has no problem being with people but prefers being alone because is 70% of the time awkward with them i can totally say having 2 cats makes my life better. I dont know i just have all the love but also the space i need from them. I love my fluffy kits

  • auguste zasytyte
    auguste zasytyte 26 days ago

    I wish my cat was a little bit more like Jenkins. When I try to pet my cat he likes it for a minute or more and then scratches me. But I still love him very much and would still choose cats over dogs. It may also just be my cats personality because everyone is different

  • Applehead’s Glory
    Applehead’s Glory 26 days ago

    Kitty cat

  • FuckingArax
    FuckingArax 28 days ago

    4:21 it’s the next morning i’m sitting outside drinking some *nut*

  • narmada perera
    narmada perera 29 days ago

    Cat persons are mean like cats

  • S.
    S. 29 days ago

    The important thing here is that they're both animal people and they understand that, favorite kind or not, they must be treated well and with respect as any living being.

  • matthew seller
    matthew seller Month ago

    In my life, I've had 11 cats and 4 dogs. And at one point had two cats and three dogs and also another time 2 dogs and three cats (The cats we always in charge) I love dogs and I love cats. I think it good to have a mix of both at times

  • Ost & Soundtrack
    Ost & Soundtrack Month ago

    next time Swap parents 😂
    Asian VS American parents 😂 its gonna be fun to see how western or american people has too face Asian parent style and those asian has to face american parent

  • reidel70
    reidel70 Month ago

    Omg I can’t live 1 day with a dog

  • Sam Tahir
    Sam Tahir Month ago

    There eyes, popping and like plastic

  • Tilting Planet
    Tilting Planet Month ago

    Both animals were astoundingly well adjusted with swapping people and homes. My own cats hid for 3 days when I moved to a different house. Jenkins was a lovely, bold boy and Goldie was delightfully trusting

  • Jimmy Mockingbird
    Jimmy Mockingbird Month ago

    I’m a catog person

  • rose the cute kitty
    rose the cute kitty Month ago +1

    Cats= like
    Dogs= reply

  • Meag
    Meag Month ago

    I love cats and dogs but there’s just something about cats where they don’t just love anyone and they create a bond with one specific person which I find special

  • Su Tash
    Su Tash Month ago

    Everything was going well until she mentioned the "purchasing" word. Sighhhh

  • Out_Of_Order
    Out_Of_Order Month ago

    i could never give my cat to someone shes to precious

  • Me Me
    Me Me Month ago +1

    Dogs are life 🐶 🐶

  • TheLone Singer
    TheLone Singer Month ago

    I like the Title so much😂 'two pets swap humans' and not 'two persons swap pets'

  • YellOw Faced
    YellOw Faced Month ago

    Cat people are always open to other animals but dog people aren’t

  • Alia Robinson
    Alia Robinson Month ago

    ‘Two let’s swap owners’ so pretty much two people are swapping pets... what an interesting should fire whoever came up with that

  • Sylvania
    Sylvania Month ago

    I like how it's "pets swap humans' and not 'humans swap pets'

  • Please Don't
    Please Don't Month ago

    I am not a cat or a dog person, I have a cat called Viserys, and 5 dogs ( 1 big white pure breed shepherd called Lord, my old small female called Fetița and her 3 puppies called Rony Lucy and Heart) ! First it was my “old” ( she is the oldest , 6 years ) little girl, then came Lord because we needed a big dog to be our protector around the house, my cat came after because I had a cat who just died due to poisoning when I was away for 3 months and my father came home with this little thing which had no teeth and peed on my chest after I fed him, and these 3 little nuggets whom I love so much and they are so damn happy and they terrorise me with how much they love me and jump on my head !

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye Month ago

    Have any of you noticed the name?
    *Two pets swap humans for a weekend* 🤔

  • Mammimeow Mew
    Mammimeow Mew Month ago

    My cat is playful and loving

  • Alex Olan
    Alex Olan Month ago

    i literally had 11 cats before i had a dog, an even when i love my chihuahua so much, I still am a cat person

  • SIS *
    SIS * Month ago

    I don’t like the dude. There I said it.

  • glitter world
    glitter world Month ago

    When I saw the little doggies eyes light up it was really creepy but then I remembered my little kitty do the same thing 😂

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville Month ago

    That was the worst choice for a typical dog and cat to try this with.

  • Alaina Schrute
    Alaina Schrute Month ago

    I have one cat and two dogs and they all act like retarted humans. They sleep when we sleep and they just sleep all day. It’s weird.

  • ramesh nande
    ramesh nande Month ago

    My cat recognizes people !!!! Don't Let other to even touch

  • Prameow Meow
    Prameow Meow Month ago

    I love the caption ‘ two pets swipe human for a weekend’ instead of ‘ two people swipe pets for weekend’

  • Louisa Chaouche
    Louisa Chaouche Month ago

    Is it me or did he put the dogs harness on the wrong way the first time he walked it

  • Andrea Maan
    Andrea Maan Month ago

    6:16 she looks like Mrs.Potato head

  • M
    M Month ago

    Might help if he put the dog harness on the right way around with the D ring at the top!

  • Koykoy ONLY
    Koykoy ONLY Month ago

    There's something really *unnatural* about those two...

  • Rez
    Rez Month ago

    U see... a dog is very loyal... for the cat a cat is only living for food they are selfish...

  • S.Z.A
    S.Z.A Month ago

    Whats joker doing him???

  • Jacob Solbux
    Jacob Solbux Month ago

    this is in Austin, Texas. They showed Yard Bar on Burnet rd.

  • Cadance Magann
    Cadance Magann Month ago

    When my dog was still alive, she had horrible separation anxiety and wouldn't eat and also had bad diarrhea. Now I have a cat and she also has separation anxiety and won't eat and will destroy things and she's never like that. This wouldn't work for me 😂😂 they had to go everywhere and for my cat she will still go everywhere I go


    My cat goes outside the bathroom and waits

  • floww bucket
    floww bucket Month ago

    Baby 😍

  • Daniel Tsosie
    Daniel Tsosie Month ago

    The dad saying under no circumstances will he get a dog. Ha, new fathers are funny.

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos plz!


  • christopher Lucy
    christopher Lucy Month ago

    The nice lady could not replace Jenkins normal guardian so that's why he's meowing all the time because a disruption in his routine would be unsettling .she could get a crate or a box for Jenkins at least for awhile maybe put him in a separate room where she can't hear it at night time.and then let him come back to where she's sleeping later on when he adjusts to his new surroundings he seems like a rather friendly cat 😺!

  • Kristin Amadiegwu
    Kristin Amadiegwu Month ago

    The woman’s eyelashes are prett.

  • Lou X
    Lou X Month ago

    Why does he never blink?😂 His stare is kinda creepy...

  • Nicole Victrolia
    Nicole Victrolia Month ago

    I don’t think I could manage. When my grandma would take my dog for a weekend I would feel like I lost my best friend 😩😭😢😫.

  • The Classic Gamer
    The Classic Gamer Month ago

    This is realistic.

    Animals are weird.

  • Zan
    Zan Month ago

    Look How So Cute That Face Cats 8:08

  • CyberTiger 45
    CyberTiger 45 Month ago

    They were probably, scared shitless thinking they would never see their owners again just letting you know
    Especially the dog since 7x7 is 49 days

  • everywhere cat
    everywhere cat Month ago

    I would also own ten cats before a dog.

  • Rehan and Leena
    Rehan and Leena Month ago

    i’m not a human person...

  • Julianna Nemeth
    Julianna Nemeth Month ago

    That guy has a babysitters club shirt

  • Natalia baldeon
    Natalia baldeon Month ago

    Did the girl not know that cats are nocturnal?🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con


  • Gacha_Luna
    Gacha_Luna Month ago

    I love cats BUT this guy needs to calm down

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith Month ago

    I feel like most cats just wanna rome at night and take naps all day 😂 i can confirm this cause i have 5 of them that i love dearly 😍.

  • im afan
    im afan Month ago

    The guy slightly looks like 1971 Willy Wonka

  • gamergirl95
    gamergirl95 Month ago +1

    when you love your cat more than your baby LMAO

  • Kali S
    Kali S Month ago

    1:42 the baby’s face when he/she sees the dog🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Higdon
    Jon Higdon Month ago

    Not even 30 seconds in and I already know that guy has a giant golden rod up his ass...

  • Cecilie Weber Bjerre 7C Paarup Skole

    Aww such a cute lil baby

  • - Simplicity
    - Simplicity 2 months ago +1

    After reading the comments about these people...I dont know if I want to watch it lol

  • Hey Mensen
    Hey Mensen 2 months ago

    Why is the Cat-person just the same as the cat...

  • Yasmin Talks
    Yasmin Talks 2 months ago +1

    Cat owner is the human cat.

  • The Book Report
    The Book Report 2 months ago +4

    I truly believe that these people look like their pets and I am *living* for it

  • Deveney Smit
    Deveney Smit 2 months ago

    Cats aren’t better than dogs, and dogs aren’t better than cats. Just love em both ❤️

  • simply jessy
    simply jessy 2 months ago

    “SoMe KiNd Of DoG” 😂💀

  • Gitu Gacha
    Gitu Gacha 2 months ago

    They both look crazy................😐
    Btw why does every guy or husband on TheXvid look gay.

  • p u b l i c e n e m y
    p u b l i c e n e m y 2 months ago

    Poor pets with these buzz feed people

  • leahmusic
    leahmusic 2 months ago +6

    Like = Cat Person
    Comment = Dog Person

    I liked my own comment because I'm a cat person :)

  • Tishaya Thompson
    Tishaya Thompson 2 months ago

    Does your cat not sit outside your bathroom door and wait for you? 😅 is my cat a dog?

  • Broden B
    Broden B 2 months ago

    The guy who owns the cat looks like the guy from Venom.

  • XXX Sqi boots
    XXX Sqi boots 2 months ago +1

    When I got my cat's spaid they had to stay over night and I was almost crying

  • Ivo Krstulovic
    Ivo Krstulovic 2 months ago

    So irronic thing is that family person has a cat for a pet and person who is alone has a dog for a pet.