Two Pets Swap Humans For A Weekend


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  • Gamez 24
    Gamez 24 13 hours ago

    Its always the nights that are bad.

  • leafyoyo
    leafyoyo 14 hours ago

    they act like they've never seen a cat/dog before, cuz im a cat person but I'd still know how to play with a dog and stuff lmao

  • Jung Hoseok’s Sprite
    Jung Hoseok’s Sprite 15 hours ago +1

    The fact that he kept referring to Goldie as, ‘the dog’ makes me think he’s one of those cat owners. Now, I myself don’t really like cats (it’s an opinion, don’t come at me) but some are really nice. It’s the same thing with their owners, some of them are really stuck up and think that cats are the supreme form of life, and deserve so much more love and attention than dogs. But, like I said most are really normal and kind like people should be...

  • Dog lover
    Dog lover 17 hours ago

    Most dogs are for outdoor active people for me it's simple stuff you feed,play bathe,take care,train and love the dog this might seem like a lot of work but it's all basic stuff to having the goodest boi

  • Tiger Girl
    Tiger Girl Day ago

    Cats owners can relate lol ur cat takes half the bed and u find a way to sleep around them 😂😂

  • SSO Klara Eventing

    *instructions for Jenkins*

  • SweetDreamsz Z
    SweetDreamsz Z Day ago

    Do 2 peapole swap pets 2. ( Bird , guinea pig)

  • SpringBouquet
    SpringBouquet Day ago

    I like how they put ' Humans ' instead of ' Owners ' Lol

  • GameDjeenie
    GameDjeenie 2 days ago

    Both are amazing animals. Can't believe there are "Cat" and "Dog" person... lmao

  • Ria flores
    Ria flores 2 days ago

    He looks like a cat lol

  • RottyScotty Salty
    RottyScotty Salty 2 days ago

    Pfft, doesn't like dogs?!~

    MYLES AUMOCK 3 days ago

    Looks like Jenkins likes to make biscuits

  • Cathrina Edits소갸ᅮᄆ


  • christian soriano
    christian soriano 3 days ago

    Why does dude look like a creeper?

  • Iram Ramos
    Iram Ramos 3 days ago

    6:51 eyebrows have left the chat

  • Iram Ramos
    Iram Ramos 3 days ago

    I like how to title says pets swap humans instead of humans swap pets

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 3 days ago +1

    "I would buy 10 cats"is the most relatable sentence I have ever heard

  • 0 5
    0 5 3 days ago

    Cat people are be polite.

  • pathways678
    pathways678 4 days ago

    Ain't nobody taken my cat for a week. HELL 2 the NO

  • Nicole Tapia
    Nicole Tapia 4 days ago

    I was thinking of this just lost week. Dreams do come true

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 4 days ago

    My cat would be so depressed. She doesn’t even let me take a shower. Funny cus my cats do some of these dog things. Such as sitting outside the bathroom.

  • karim lavji
    karim lavji 5 days ago


  • Dazz TV
    Dazz TV 5 days ago

    The dog was taking a dump in the start

  • Brittany Stante
    Brittany Stante 6 days ago

    What breed of cat is Jenkins ?! I grew up with a cat that looked exactly like him, temperament and all but we never found out what breed he was

  • Boss Chono
    Boss Chono 6 days ago

    I kind of hate these people. So long buzzfeed at least I tried to watch something.

  • Rushna Begum
    Rushna Begum 6 days ago

    We also have a baby. Awww he put the cat first. I love people that love cats so much.

  • Poop Doody
    Poop Doody 6 days ago +1

    If you give me a cat I'll take it. If you give me a dog I'll take it. Because I love them both.❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊

  • Mari-Chan_lockwood
    Mari-Chan_lockwood 7 days ago +2

    I wish they could do a video about pet birds! All the bird parents in the house :)

  • Twinkle Granger
    Twinkle Granger 7 days ago

    Jack I think that’s what his name is has a shirt I think from Baby Sitters Club.

  • Abby Martin
    Abby Martin 7 days ago

    Why does that girl look like the king from shrek

  • DAR1776
    DAR1776 7 days ago

    What’s with the short ass jean shorts 😂

    • Boss Chono
      Boss Chono 6 days ago

      lol goddamned 70's fashion coming back around.

  • Peluchien S
    Peluchien S 7 days ago

    She looks like 🗿

  • Twinziz O
    Twinziz O 7 days ago +1

    I would never trade my cat for a dog
    N. E. V. E. R.

    RANDOM 7 days ago

    As if their pets own them

  • F.B.I spy William
    F.B.I spy William 8 days ago


  • Gameknight999 :D
    Gameknight999 :D 8 days ago +1


  • Cutie Cane The Furries Life

    Bro he put the harness on wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ivana 7767
    Ivana 7767 8 days ago

    I've never had a cat before, and I've always been a dog person💓 but cats look pretty chill and cute, so I wanna experience living with one😊

  • Rob Dely
    Rob Dely 8 days ago

    *BuzzFeed* we ran out of ideas let's exploit pets

  • Rekha Nair
    Rekha Nair 8 days ago

    Lol still nothing can beat wife swap 😆

  • GE0M3TRY
    GE0M3TRY 8 days ago

    These people are weird. Please change people instead of animals

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson 8 days ago

    The guy almost never blinked.

  • -EpikzTheOne-
    -EpikzTheOne- 9 days ago +1

    4:23 do you all hear that to

  • Angie Lopez
    Angie Lopez 9 days ago

    Cringe cringe cringe aaaaagh.....☠

  • YoungSnagGod
    YoungSnagGod 9 days ago +2

    Spoiler: Both pets were killed in mere hours

  • Kat Buchan
    Kat Buchan 9 days ago

    I’m glad that my cat sleeps while we’re asleep. We just need to hide her ball coz she loves to play with it.

  • Yo Boi Pizza
    Yo Boi Pizza 9 days ago

    4:26 “I’m outside drinking some nut”

  • Real Lenin
    Real Lenin 9 days ago

    Dogs are the easier to love

  • Tim W
    Tim W 9 days ago

    I'm a Guinea pig person

  • Loki Lacaille
    Loki Lacaille 9 days ago

    Jenkins is a very cuddly cat :D Also... "You light up my life?" Great one! Gonna use that on my cat. I tell him I love him EVERY DAY and how BEAUTIFUL he is and how PERFECT AND NICE AND LOVELY AND CUTE AYCNAFOAGAFHO
    Also.. I have a dog and it took getting used to her energy! In the morning having her being super excited that I am finally awake was very surprising and exhausting at first. We found a middle ground ;)
    She's a real cutey and likes to play with my cats.

  • Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall 9 days ago

    I desperately need the Babysitters Club t-shirt that Jack is wearing in the beginning... It made my day! Any late 80's/early 90's kids that recognized the names?!

  • Antonia Stoynova
    Antonia Stoynova 9 days ago

    I like most animals but sneks are my favorite. Don't know why but last time I held one, I vibrated from happiness.

  • Good Moms
    Good Moms 10 days ago

    7:55 omg cutest thing ever

  • Who Is Alex
    Who Is Alex 10 days ago

    “Two pets swap humans”
    Cat:hey wanna switch humans?

  • Sosenna Frank
    Sosenna Frank 10 days ago

    The guy acted a little gay 😂

  • Derek May
    Derek May 10 days ago

    Ewwww cats

  • Angel Of Heaven
    Angel Of Heaven 10 days ago

    I dont let my Cat or Dog in when I sleep. They will constantly wake me up.

  • That one crazy anime girl

    99% of this video - Talking about cats
    1% of this video- Comparing the guy to someone
    I don't mind cats but no cats actually like me so I'm 100% a dog person

  • laith sharar
    laith sharar 10 days ago

    The girls eyes are very close and her cheeks are very big

  • Jenna White
    Jenna White 10 days ago

    Nope. I will keep my drama queens (two male cats).

  • Maverick A
    Maverick A 10 days ago

    2:40 that a whole man

  • - Sjdjdkwk -
    - Sjdjdkwk - 11 days ago

    Why do their pets looks like them?

  • xxBree xx
    xxBree xx 11 days ago

    I feel like they had more fun with the dog

  • ღ aqrile ღ
    ღ aqrile ღ 11 days ago

    Did anyone notice the guys shirt said Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacy and Mallory? If you don’t know it’s from the book The Babysitters Club

  • Sweet Tanner
    Sweet Tanner 11 days ago

    Cats have the,” I don’t give a damn attitude!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • keiimyen
    keiimyen 12 days ago

    The lady looks like the girl from the newest Hotel Trans-something-vania movie...

  • Ian Jurewicz
    Ian Jurewicz 12 days ago


  • Sara Podsecki
    Sara Podsecki 12 days ago

    Jenkins is my pride and joy. Yeah, we also have a baby. 😂😂😂

  • xXBrittany20Xx
    xXBrittany20Xx 12 days ago

    I have owned both cats and dogs. I love cats just a little more cause they are more low maintenance. But I have to own a dog. Their loyalty is so adorable. And both cats and dogs have pros and cons.

  • Sso _Crew 92
    Sso _Crew 92 12 days ago

    Nahhh man, I'm a horse person

  • R.K. Thakur
    R.K. Thakur 12 days ago

    I m basically a dog person but nowadays i m feeding a cat which cries at my door i also like cats but i like dogs more

  • Davis Schina
    Davis Schina 12 days ago

    I think you meant "HOOMANS"

  • Guilherme Tonon
    Guilherme Tonon 12 days ago

    This guy seems like an actor that i saw in a serie... but i can´t remember..

  • I’m Pubes
    I’m Pubes 13 days ago

    She got a weird head

  • Sonia Bart
    Sonia Bart 13 days ago

    Cat people are wierd......

  • MartiN _
    MartiN _ 13 days ago

    He is the catest cat person I have ever seen!!

  • Victoria Hood
    Victoria Hood 13 days ago

    Can I not point out that HE IS WEARIN A BABY SITTER CLUB TSHIRT woo hop there is another fan on this world!

  • plekkert meow
    plekkert meow 13 days ago

    Says : he is my best friend now :3
    (20 seconds later)
    He is not on my favorites list right now

  • Bryan Sturgill
    Bryan Sturgill 13 days ago

    I would never do this my pet is my pet

  • Sassycassie ASMR
    Sassycassie ASMR 13 days ago

    My cat sleeps with me and he’ll sleep either on my feet or beside my head and he sleeps all night when I wake up he’s still in the exact same spot cats are better than dogs ❤️

  • mizuko B.
    mizuko B. 13 days ago

    The pets look like the owner's man I'm sorry lol

  • Morgan Wayna
    Morgan Wayna 14 days ago

    Dogs always wrap themselves around you on a walk, it's just what they do

  • Alicat
    Alicat 14 days ago

    Is the girl watching Supernatural??

  • tsmith924
    tsmith924 14 days ago

    Nobody else gonna mention he’s wearing a baby sitters club shirt 😂

  • Priscila _Unicorn
    Priscila _Unicorn 14 days ago

    I have a dog and a cat...why are they so uncomfortable?

  • ITZ Sarah
    ITZ Sarah 14 days ago +6

    I loved it when the man sayd, "Oh yeah, we also have a baby"
    Like, dogs are great in a 'family/pack' they're pack leaders. I'm sure your baby will be perfectly save, dogs are truly the most loyal animals out there.

  • Yoo Hoo
    Yoo Hoo 15 days ago

    Why the title sound like the pets own the humans

    HIZZLE X BIZZLE 16 days ago


  • Isabella W
    Isabella W 16 days ago

    This was awesome! Hilarious! I want more of these!!!
    Feel like all homes needs a dog AND a cat lol.

  • Slushdog 101
    Slushdog 101 16 days ago

    Omg the pets look just like their owners.

  • Shana Sweatt
    Shana Sweatt 16 days ago

    That cat sure needs alot

  • Cora Rose
    Cora Rose 16 days ago

    I really hate cats! I have 3 cats :/

  • suzanne hourihane
    suzanne hourihane 16 days ago

    yeah dogs 100% better

  • Angryyoshi
    Angryyoshi 17 days ago

    Dogs are the best

  • That's the play, period

    They look like their pets!

  • oh no
    oh no 17 days ago

    -people swap pets for a weekend-
    *pets swap humans for a weeknd*

  • Claudia Butler
    Claudia Butler 17 days ago

    Why is my name on that dudes shirt...

  • Zak New
    Zak New 17 days ago

    He’s crazy tf

  • Sharky
    Sharky 17 days ago

    Isnt it two human swap pets?

  • Dog Cat
    Dog Cat 17 days ago

    I have both cat and dog those are adorable