Everything Wrong With Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • *This video is a re-upload. Original release date was 3/20/17*
    With a new Power Rangers movie approaching, we thought it'd be fun to go looking for sins in the original 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. But it wasn't fun, it was grueling. It sucked ass. This movie is balls.
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    Thursday: Sins of yet another ill-fated sci-fi movie, this time starring a person famous for something other than acting.
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  • CinemaSins
    CinemaSins  6 months ago +838

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We'll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday as well as every Thursday during our September vacation. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday, and new ones every Thursday after our September vacation.

    • Little Oggie
      Little Oggie 24 days ago

      This movie doesn't look very good... I was going to add it to my "The Cinematic Works of Yahoo Serious and Other Great Movies" film festival, but I think I'll skip it...

    • Lewis Carson
      Lewis Carson Month ago

      Do Mario Brothers!!!

    • Val DeNay
      Val DeNay Month ago

      Sooo.....did y'all ever do Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Turbo? Because c'mon it's awesomely bad

    • Marcus Jackson
      Marcus Jackson 2 months ago

      No turbo a power rangers movie sins

    • Monster beast Leviathan
      Monster beast Leviathan 2 months ago

      CinemaSins Halloween 6 movie and Halloween 5

  • Sprote Industries
    Sprote Industries Day ago +1

    4:50 Why does Ivan Ooze look like the Penguin from the Tim Burton Batman movie?

  • Flash point
    Flash point 3 days ago

    The answer is nothing

  • S. Wright
    S. Wright 5 days ago

    U just fkn up all the good movies

  • SydneyRey
    SydneyRey 5 days ago

    when angel grove is where i live.................Sydney...Australia. nice one rangers.

  • Cynthia Orr
    Cynthia Orr 5 days ago

    I object to 100 Cins!! 😂 This movie was Bomb 💣 💥 and it still is!!! 90s Power Ranger forever!

  • Luke Rodrigues
    Luke Rodrigues 6 days ago

    "What kind of special magic power keeps you young in one geographical location but rapidly ages you in another?" Did someone say Tír na nÓg??? If you know, you know.

  • RedDragonM1
    RedDragonM1 7 days ago

    "I'm a frog." That was an ab-lib.

  • ChiefCannon
    ChiefCannon 8 days ago

    Rita still fine!

  • Nico Black
    Nico Black 12 days ago

    Yes, the sword has a mind.

  • Online Butterfly
    Online Butterfly 13 days ago

    So excited to see this when I was a preteen, but once I saw it in theaters I remembered feeling a little disappointed. Merely felt I watched another episode from the TV series with the very same campy qualities. The same jokes, same acting with differences only being that it was on a large screen and using a large budget of SFX/CGI. An overall plot with little to none to do with the main series.

  • Nate McCoy
    Nate McCoy 20 days ago

    This nigga zordon albino as a bitch

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 21 day ago

    Dam this was one of my favorites as a kid

  • nobodys99
    nobodys99 21 day ago

    Even as a kid, this movie wasn’t that good.

  • Jerromi Muckle
    Jerromi Muckle 22 days ago

    I don’t give af I’ll still watch the hell out of this movie. But it is cheesy and I’ll allow it

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 24 days ago

    This was easily the best power rangers film to date regardless of how terrible the video is due to this being from the 90's...still the best film. 2017 was okay... Not good, not bad.

  • Andrew Don
    Andrew Don 26 days ago

    Fun fact - angel grove is Sydney Australia

  • MiQuel Quiles
    MiQuel Quiles 29 days ago +1

    They probably landed on the roof or they're dead L.M.F.A.O 😂

  • Statutory Ape
    Statutory Ape Month ago

    Didn't Screatch go to jail for...like stabbing somebody?

  • Federico Salvador
    Federico Salvador Month ago

    Teenagers “smell like teen spirits”

  • Federico Salvador
    Federico Salvador Month ago

    Will you quit it you hipster “ lol

  • K Llo
    K Llo Month ago +1

    Aaaaaaaah!!!!"You should come and have a look at this" cliche🤣

  • Lewis Carson
    Lewis Carson Month ago

    Do Mario bros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Weird Science

  • Jake B
    Jake B Month ago

    Everything Wrong With 3 Ninjas, my all time favorite nineties movie.

  • jason wilson
    jason wilson Month ago

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is all you need to say

  • *Manic Pixie Fangirl *

    So basically the main threat is the same as in My Little Pony: The Movie.

  • Riyaad ACM
    Riyaad ACM Month ago

    Film is meant for kids not adults, kids dont see it rhe same way dumbass lol

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum

    They wouldnt let teenagers skydive by themselves going solo like that, with or without parental permission.

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum

    Hollywood should produce a movie specifically to get zero cinemasins.

  • Kaiso25Aeon
    Kaiso25Aeon Month ago

    They actually do have parents. At least Kimberley and Billy do. In fact, Kimberley's domestic life is a pretty long-running subplot for the show.

  • Lord Viktor
    Lord Viktor Month ago

    This movie is disgusting

  • XxAnimeBoyxX
    XxAnimeBoyxX Month ago

    I feel like this had the most bullshit sins given in all of cinema sins history

  • Christopher Marshall

    Everything wrong with movie sin when they psychoanalyze a children film. I mean gee did you think it was going to be an A rank movie

  • 314Drift
    314Drift Month ago

    Ok Kimberly was hot as fuck. Ahh my first childhood Hollywood crush

  • BlackCat01
    BlackCat01 Month ago

    Can't ruin MMPR for me~!

  • RBEO22
    RBEO22 Month ago

    Dibs on Amy.

  • Richy Garcia
    Richy Garcia Month ago

    Nothing wrong with this movie. Go🖕 yourself

  • Demark Taylor
    Demark Taylor Month ago

    Stay off my mighty Morphin power rangers. Instead going after a movie that is damn near over 20 years old. You need to talk about everything wrong with all these latest power ranger shows over the years. ThTs what you can talk about

  • kirby march barcena

    @12:13 I didn't know Xena to be this hot.

  • Epic_bliz
    Epic_bliz Month ago

    Yah st.louis mentioned

  • Smarchitect Mann
    Smarchitect Mann Month ago

    Do the Ninja Turtles movie from the 90's

  • Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer Month ago

    You wold think that with a franchise like MMPR, with the characters being in their mid teens, they would aim the show towards teens. I watched this as a kid and I understood very little of what went on during any of the episodes.

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig Month ago

    17:54 yep that's power rangers, also as fan of the power ranger series let me say that the whole not doing something earlier and getting it over with is kinda a common accurance

    • Daniel Moore
      Daniel Moore Month ago

      haha at a Comiccon questions segment a kid asked "Why didn't you guys just go ahead and grab the megasword at the beginning when you fight the monsters???"

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig Month ago

    10:28 at least you can't accuse the scene of not including a lapdance

  • ikhsan p
    ikhsan p Month ago

    this 1000x better than shit in 2017

  • Matthew Kersten
    Matthew Kersten Month ago

    Anyone else watching this from 2045?

  • The Champ
    The Champ Month ago

    Sin them costumes

  • Viper_Venom_007
    Viper_Venom_007 Month ago

    The outtakes were the best

  • Stl Certified
    Stl Certified Month ago

    This movie was my childhood and I still will watch it

  • reb1138
    reb1138 Month ago +1

    The pink Ranger is fucking hot

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa Month ago

    Go go power rangers

  • mattmanj gigs
    mattmanj gigs Month ago

    Hey fuck yourself you waist of a perfectly good use of a abortion tool set

  • Leah Unfeigned
    Leah Unfeigned Month ago

    I can't believe I made my parents take me to see this when I was little. They had to have been dying.

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis Month ago

    this movie was terrible

    CHASEMARC 2 months ago

    you could have taken points off for Kimberly and the alien "Xena" lady being hot. Also by your own admission at 10:30 "scene contains a lap-dance" one of the few movies that does so points off for that, lol

  • Subhaga Gurung
    Subhaga Gurung 2 months ago

    It's just a TV show and you need better content man

  • Heather Reagan
    Heather Reagan 2 months ago

    Wow, Goldar's face in the movie had less detail in it than it does in the actual show. I looked up some actual photos just now to check.

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal 2 months ago +1

    He mentioned the Brady Bunch Reunion because he's naming events of great evil, like the Black Plague.

  • poeticjustice1992
    poeticjustice1992 2 months ago

    This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I always had a crush on Kimberly but then again, in the 90s, what preteen, teenage boy, or adult man didn't have a crush on her? She was fine and now watching this movie as an adult I also find Dulcea pretty sexy.

  • Bombz away
    Bombz away 2 months ago

    312 sins So much

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow 2 months ago

    Here's something I've always wondered....once they morph into the Power Ranger suits, how do they see to fight the bad guys? They are wearing a helmet and the hole where there eyes are is black. Wouldn't that make it hard to see?

  • Red V Wolf
    Red V Wolf 2 months ago

    Never use Big birds name in vien

  • Jaxson _ 2099
    Jaxson _ 2099 2 months ago

    Jesus, this looked better when I was s child....now I realize that it has bad special effects, and bad action....

  • The Akumu King
    The Akumu King 2 months ago

    This movie was my childhood and I recently redound the movie.

  • Violet Baudelaire
    Violet Baudelaire 3 months ago +1


  • Violet Baudelaire
    Violet Baudelaire 3 months ago +1


  • audiodopebeats
    audiodopebeats 3 months ago

    14:15 - the funniest sin on this video! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosa Bethany Iglarsh
    Rosa Bethany Iglarsh 3 months ago

    “What kind of special magic power keeps you young in one geographical location, but then ages you rapidly when you cross into another? Who decided on that rule?”
    James Hilton, that’s who.

  • Texan 3
    Texan 3 3 months ago

    Stfu and let me watch the movie , it's a fucking movie

  • Seance Wilson
    Seance Wilson 3 months ago

    I was cringing so hard watching this lol

  • shoelesblondlady
    shoelesblondlady 3 months ago


  • shoelesblondlady
    shoelesblondlady 3 months ago

    Did u know Bryan Cranston played a few of the bad guys and zordon for a little while on the original tv show?

  • Chara Cipher
    Chara Cipher 3 months ago

    Ugh I knew this Ivan Ooze motherfucker would be purple...don’t ask how, I just had a hunch

  • Julian ́s Cartoons
    Julian ́s Cartoons 3 months ago

    watched this movie a lot on VHS as a kid.

  • Hbomb Weir
    Hbomb Weir 3 months ago

    Still have a soft spot for this movie

  • Mikedavis759
    Mikedavis759 3 months ago

    5:02 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fluffy Dumpling
    Fluffy Dumpling 3 months ago

    Power Rangers was my childhood. I still watch it because hello, it's Power Rangers.

  • TamilKing1
    TamilKing1 3 months ago

    Wait, isn’t this movie just Neon Genesis Evangelion?

  • Pandora Thompson
    Pandora Thompson 3 months ago

    Disappointed CinemaSins didn’t take the opportunity to make a joke about Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”

  • Raw and Uncensored
    Raw and Uncensored 3 months ago

    Teenagers smell like Axe and semen.

  • Landon Anderson
    Landon Anderson 3 months ago +1

    Hey if u like destroying my childhood movies so much why don't you do one on "Elmo in Grouchland" Jk tho I love these videos man, your very funny

  • surfing nerd621
    surfing nerd621 3 months ago

    Don't forget the ooze from Ghostbusters 2.... was that from the 90's? Ah close enough

  • Chris Neufeld
    Chris Neufeld 3 months ago

    You’ve done this one and its reboot, so “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie” you gotta do. No rush.

  • M. G. Seymour
    M. G. Seymour 4 months ago

    i am again reminded the 90s was terrible

  • Tadeu Ferreira
    Tadeu Ferreira 4 months ago

    14:15, Kung Lao Motal Kombat 2/Shaolin Monks/IX fatality wannabe, LOL!

  • Adrian Benningfield
    Adrian Benningfield 4 months ago

    The power in certain locations was made and decided by Indiana Jones part three

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival 4 months ago

    Alright, I'm perfectly fine with... everything else basically. But in their defense, could *you* (or indeed any average person) beat a sentient dinosaur skeleton and guardian statues with medieval weapons while barehanded? Yes, possibly, but plenty of other movie-people die like bitches to slow, shambling zombies all the time.

  • Aaron Guthrie
    Aaron Guthrie 4 months ago

    166 is my sin total as I'm a PR Fan since 1993 so no allowance of unjust sins for single instances

  • Alicia Fraser
    Alicia Fraser 4 months ago

    Hi there, only person who unironically, TRULY loves both this movie and Batman and Robin. Just wanted to let the world someone in that category does exist.

  • Fast & Furious Fan27
    Fast & Furious Fan27 4 months ago

    A Childhood Favorite

  • AcidSoul Tae
    AcidSoul Tae 4 months ago

    Love the white ranger

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 4 months ago

    This quality of this movie is equal or less the equivalent of Pete’s Dragon.

  • Brandon Condron
    Brandon Condron 4 months ago

    I love Cinema Sins so much

  • The C.I.A.
    The C.I.A. 4 months ago

    That God damn majestic White Ranger though.

  • Terry Mc
    Terry Mc 4 months ago

    Austrai..........I mean Angel Grove!!!

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher 4 months ago

    Everything. But it's still great!!🔥

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El 4 months ago

    Hilarious! 👍

  • With A Theater Nerd
    With A Theater Nerd 4 months ago

    *When your not a 90s kid but grew up watching every power Rangers show*

  • James Lightson
    James Lightson 4 months ago

    Oh look a movie based on a show THAT WONT F**KING DIE OFF

  • Chris Stick
    Chris Stick 4 months ago

    Yeah but can't we get a couple sins knocked off for the Van Halen ending song? Love that song.