I Gave My Best Friend An Extreme Body Makeover

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • Welcome to my new series, where I help guide someone through the fitness makeover of their dreams!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  9 months ago +5065

    I hope you guys love my brand new series! What other things would you like to see in upcoming episodes? :D Follow Olivia via her socials in the description!!! She kicked ass in this challenge :)

    • sopleasedtomeetU
      sopleasedtomeetU 18 days ago

      If you are going to show people’s weight and progress etc then you need to display their height right along with it. I’m 5’6” and the same weight as your subject- but my actual medically measured body fat is 40%. Is she 6’2”? We need to know.

    • Jessie J 271
      Jessie J 271 Month ago

      You should travel to different cities and work with subscribers like *cough cough* me!! In Boston!!

    • Ashleigh Berger
      Ashleigh Berger 2 months ago

      Would you be willing to do this with a single mom of 2 ??

    • Humaira Waseem
      Humaira Waseem 2 months ago

      I want meet you from pakistan

  • Christy Yoder
    Christy Yoder 2 days ago

    Hiiiiii, sitting at my desk on lunch break, just finished a salad and feeling OVERWHELMED by food and the gym. I would love to see you do a transformation for someone like me who feels like there's an insurmountable process ahead of her and has been battling weight for years! It would be so inspiring to see someone with a body shape like mine do this challenge with you. :) If you need help selecting someone, I volunteer! ;) Love this series so much, Michelle! Keep it up! xx

  • Priya Chand
    Priya Chand 2 days ago

    She is so gorgeous and her lips are out of this world perfect!

  • LivingThoughItAll
    LivingThoughItAll 3 days ago

    She’s so gorgeous I can’t stand it

  • Julz Alta
    Julz Alta 4 days ago

    No way her body fat in the beginning is 24%, she is at least 30. It's not the first time they widely underestimate body fat. The coach is obviously not good at it.

  • Amanda Malveira
    Amanda Malveira 5 days ago

    UAUUUUU so incredible this result! i'm in love and so motivated! :) kisses from Brazil!

  • Angela Roberts
    Angela Roberts 6 days ago

    gorgeous girls and great friends.... can we get a video on how to be supportive and real friends !

  • Angela Roberts
    Angela Roberts 6 days ago


  • grow in spirit
    grow in spirit 6 days ago +1

    Amazing transformation!!
    But it would be great to see more honest before and after pictures..
    same pose, neutral facial expression, same light etc

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Itza Masterpiece
    Itza Masterpiece 7 days ago

    Rewatching for motivation.

  • simply rouge
    simply rouge 8 days ago

    You’re gorgeous

  • Cailyn Adler
    Cailyn Adler 9 days ago

    This is weird but I did her lash lift.... @bespokebrowsnyc in NYC she’s so sweet! Hahaha

  • Claire Hoover
    Claire Hoover 10 days ago

    Yes pls! So motivational! :)

  • Jazzionajourney Sanchez

    She’s gorgeous! Wow!

  • Diamond heart6
    Diamond heart6 11 days ago

    This motivated me so much 😭😭 imma try my best to lose enough weight to feel more confident and beautiful

  • iris weiss
    iris weiss 12 days ago

    This made me smile soo much. It’s amazing how Olivia’s confidence changed soo much over the course of the 7 weeks

  • Mckailey Jordan
    Mckailey Jordan 13 days ago

    I want to do this so bad, I feel like this series is going to help me and motivate me so much

  • nina.wlmth
    nina.wlmth 13 days ago

    I like the video and all but seriously, when do you Americans have to work?? Do you all have to work at 9 or 10am? I have to work at 7am. I have to get up at 5:30... I wish I would have to get up at 7 am...😂🤨❤️

  • Kenechi Ikeanyi
    Kenechi Ikeanyi 14 days ago

    Sooooooo pretty

  • MsDarko909
    MsDarko909 15 days ago +2

    Amazing! Can we please have a 'one year later?'

  • İlkim Şen
    İlkim Şen 17 days ago +2

    this is my 375835th time watching this and im just mad at the fact that we cant like a vid multiple times lmao

  • Mother Liv
    Mother Liv 17 days ago

    I weigh 176lbs but it’s mostly muscle......

  • This Is Kassia
    This Is Kassia 18 days ago

    Wow, she had incredible results, she killed it! (Also, her lips are gorgeous!)

  • Maddie Hill
    Maddie Hill 18 days ago

    One like = 3 burpees ( search it up if you don’t know what it is)
    I really wanna loose weight and I think this will motivate me !!! 🥴

  • Maddie Hill
    Maddie Hill 18 days ago

    Please do Morgan Adams !!!!

  • Lindsey Carter
    Lindsey Carter 18 days ago

    Literally cried when they said her results. Can you do an update?

  • Condição Turma 5
    Condição Turma 5 19 days ago

    there is no WAY she was 24 percent body fat befor. she is soooo fat!! was* wtf? 24 is healty and not fat, and she absolutely hs a lot of fat. this is not correct annnd yhere is no way she is no2 16, she is still fat, 16 is so little...i dont know maybe at america you guys use some different tipe of percentages then here..cause..donesnt make sense

  • Rose_Peddles
    Rose_Peddles 20 days ago

    I wish my waist was as tiny as hers and my hips as big as hers 🤧🥺

  • hal ron
    hal ron 21 day ago

    I need this

  • boogie googie
    boogie googie 21 day ago

    awww this transformation made me emotional. =) great job!!! How expensive is it for the "average" us to get a plan like this (meal/workouts) with the two gentlemen???

  • Bianca Love
    Bianca Love 22 days ago

    Pick me 🖐

  • Mariette Mayisa
    Mariette Mayisa 23 days ago

    I like how normal Olivia was and how relatable her vlogs were, most of the time these types of make over vids the people seem fake (like either over exaggerate or the comments seem rehearsed.)

  • Francesca Fowoson
    Francesca Fowoson 24 days ago

    I wish I had Michelle as my best friend so she would make me slim!

  • Emily Ash
    Emily Ash 25 days ago

    i love these videos, but this one kinda bummed me out. she was so hyperfocused on appearance, whereas all of the other makeover videos have had more of a mental health slant to them. idk, just my two cents.

  • Hjb Productions
    Hjb Productions 26 days ago

    Yeah she definitely got an hour glass body... Its just harder to see cause flat chest.

  • zara
    zara 27 days ago

    ok but can we please talk about how GORGEOUS she is?

  • Sunshine Milkshake
    Sunshine Milkshake 27 days ago

    In the begging, I thought Olivia was soo absolutely gorgeous, like she could’ve been a model! Like even though she had some pounds on her, she still had a really nice face! The transformation just brought out more of the best in her cuz she was happier. She didn’t look all too bad before tbh.

  • Shelbie Langlois
    Shelbie Langlois 28 days ago

    So inspiring!

  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge 28 days ago

    Watching Michelle on the treadmill made me think of when I was doing a push-up challenge with friends... after I'd worked a summer as a camp counselor and archery instructor. I felt that energy Michelle was giving off. "This is so fun!!!!" (while everyone else was struggling).

  • Savannah Heldenbrand
    Savannah Heldenbrand 28 days ago

    What a badass

  • Faith Madi
    Faith Madi 28 days ago

    I can't say anything but DAMN goals... in all aspects of this video

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz 29 days ago

    I have “friends” that dont even want to hangout and you guys are doing stuff beyond that wow

  • Hannah Kirby
    Hannah Kirby 29 days ago

    why is it a makeover to become skinny, THIS IS DISGUSTING. stop being fat phobic u dumb fuck

    • maclach1
      maclach1 27 days ago

      Is your comment a joke? Please tell me that you're trolling. You know she's not underweight at the end of the makeover, right? She's just eating clean and exercising regularly. What's wrong with that?
      Being overweight or obese with excess body fat in unhealthy. Most people, in order to look and feel their best, need to be at a healthy body weight with a healthy body fat percentage. If you eat the right foods in the correct amounts and exercise regularly, an overweight person will naturally lose wight. It isn't fat-phobic to want to be healthier. And NO, you can NOT be healthy at any size. An 80 pound anorexic is technically "any size," and no one would try to argue that that is healthy. An overweight person with extremely high body fat percentage isn't healthy either.

  • Justice 2017
    Justice 2017 29 days ago

    Looks like tanna mog

  • Brookolyn Alexis Newton

    Awe! I love this video! So encouraging! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Esther
    Esther Month ago

    oof she even looks beter than Kim K

  • jewel baticados
    jewel baticados Month ago

    she is so- wow! beautiful before, during, and after 💘

  • Diana_aka_queen eyy

    Omg your lips 👄 I live for it

  • C.N. Vitale
    C.N. Vitale Month ago

    does anyone know the name of the instrument that they use to measure the body fat?

  • Gitte Van de velde
    Gitte Van de velde Month ago

    I am underweight (borderline, at 1m66 and 47 kg) and I am pretty skinny thereofre and honestly I'd just like to gain a shit ton of muscle, being FIT, but...Like...How? How do you start doing that as a thin tiny young woman? There isn't a lot of content on that, muscle is geared towards men and 'become thinner through cardio and pilates' is always advertised towards women. I don't need that.

    By the way, I do some random squats and other easy 'do it quickly in the bathroom when you go to the toilet' exercices daily, and some stretching and yoga-like stuff, and some planks once in a while, and combined with low body fat I do have abs and stuff (I don't have a lot of fat to hide my muscle) because of that but I just want to know how actually fit I could get, instead of just being 'relatively toned'. I have started just eating a little more and making sure I get a lot of 'healthy' food in there and exercising more and giving myself excuses to not sit down, but honestly, actually doing stuff at a gym and getting into nutrition hardcore is simply intimidating because I already being thin and relatively fit I am not the person who it is expected from.

  • crystal espinoza
    crystal espinoza Month ago

    Wow she looks so good 😍😍😍

  • Belinda Achieng
    Belinda Achieng Month ago

    i think imma need this kinda transformation too

  • aishwarya sen
    aishwarya sen Month ago

    The nutritionist though *heart eyes*

  • Candice p
    Candice p Month ago

    very inspiring! thank you for sharing

  • Isti I.B
    Isti I.B Month ago

    Happy n beautiful

  • It’s Yari
    It’s Yari Month ago

    i’m almost 170 pounds and i’m only 12 idk how i don’t even eat that much and it’s not like i’m not active idk what to do😕

  • Sapir Angel
    Sapir Angel Month ago

    She’s a bombshell

  • Tonia Murray
    Tonia Murray Month ago +3

    The body fat percentages always seem inaccurate. 16 percent is so low for a woman. You'd be able to see clear ab, leg, back, and arm definition and vascularity by that point

    • Tonia Murray
      Tonia Murray Month ago

      @Aya Hassan Definitely, the transformation is highly over exaggerated just like most of these videos. She looks about 28% before and about 25% afterwards.

    • Aya Hassan
      Aya Hassan Month ago +1

      Sonia Murray I don't think body fat percentage was measured right

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin Month ago

    I get it, J.Lo is my Beyoncé. I really like J.Lo, so beautiful and hardworking. I wanna be like that too😊
    Edit: I really like mayo too! It's ok in keto. Proud of you, you look great and beautiful!