FIFA 20 Career Mode! Joao Felix for Free?

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • New FIFA 20 Exclusive Career Mode Gameplay!
    FIFA 20 Career Mode playthrough! New Customisation!!
    FIFA 20 Career Mode Gameplay! Signing New Players!
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Comments • 786

  • Qays Uchiha
    Qays Uchiha 4 months ago +268

    Joao Felix will have a face update ???

    • Qays Uchiha
      Qays Uchiha 4 months ago +1

      @MattHDGamer it'll be awesome 👍

      AKEREDOLU OLUGBENGA 4 months ago +1

      I think there was a PC mod for his face for FIFA 19. And it looked nice

    • Perry
      Perry 4 months ago +2

      @Justin Not November, he's in the game from the start

    • Justin
      Justin 4 months ago +2

      @McAvoy Future Ranger novemeber update

  • Maria Guns
    Maria Guns 3 months ago

    I always start career mode with summer transers disabled. I like it realistic..

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox 4 months ago

    You sound like your in ypur late 40s🤣

  • TheBestFrenchFry ́
    TheBestFrenchFry ́ 4 months ago

    Soo can you start a career mode series?

  • Mizunoto Youri
    Mizunoto Youri 4 months ago

    ugliest manager i've ever seen lmao

  • Drago Dragoês
    Drago Dragoês 4 months ago

    The transfer disable is only for the first transfer window. I do that sometimes

  • Jan luan Gabut
    Jan luan Gabut 4 months ago

    João Felix was still look like a cartoon clown

  • Niels Oosting
    Niels Oosting 4 months ago

    Disable transfermode if youre playing with chelsea😂 (chelsea fan btw)

  • Simo Simo
    Simo Simo 4 months ago

    "Yaw Felix".

  • GrumpierFaceman
    GrumpierFaceman 4 months ago

    Player Chat is Very Football manager esk.

  • Danny smith
    Danny smith 4 months ago

    It the same as last year just updated outfits and release clause stop it with offering players new contact

  • Propan Butan
    Propan Butan 4 months ago

    Why make a such minging looking manager is beyond me

  • xHurtz
    xHurtz 4 months ago

    Looks exact same, just with manager customisation

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 4 months ago

    Dude looks like speedwaaaaaaaGON

  • Abdalmaula Elmnefi
    Abdalmaula Elmnefi 4 months ago

    Can u ever choose a normal manager

  • Ultimate Bro
    Ultimate Bro 4 months ago

    The undertaker will punish you for choosing his hat

  • Ultimate Bro
    Ultimate Bro 4 months ago

    Matt :manager editing menus is phenomenal
    2k sports : we have these since the 90s

  • Bo Georgiev
    Bo Georgiev 4 months ago

    THIS DUDE SUCKS !!! how can ppl be so much of a W hore and live with themselves :D I DONT KNOW !!!!!

  • nvm icak
    nvm icak 4 months ago

    matt sounds dead

  • Elias Lovestedt
    Elias Lovestedt 4 months ago +1

    At 4:27 it says "Import Face"... does anyone know how that works? thanks for a great vid!

  • Marius 14
    Marius 14 4 months ago

    broaah! is the same shit like every year😂

  • monjur 1395
    monjur 1395 4 months ago

    having piemonte calcio instead of Juve is a shame. some people act like it's a matter of pride

  • Ali Zaidi
    Ali Zaidi 4 months ago

    you could customize your manager for years on PES lmfao

  • Rjfb 97
    Rjfb 97 4 months ago

    You’re awful at this

  • Rafael Guia
    Rafael Guia 4 months ago +1

    Its not oao Félix its João felix

  • Ron Gal
    Ron Gal 4 months ago

    Congrats you made Bernardo Silva

  • Destiny Trump
    Destiny Trump 4 months ago

    Buy Manchester United home kit red 19.20 Juan Mata 8

  • Destiny Trump
    Destiny Trump 4 months ago

    Buy Angel Di Maria

  • Destiny Trump
    Destiny Trump 4 months ago

    Buy mats møller dæhli

  • Destiny Trump
    Destiny Trump 4 months ago

    Real Madrid career mode

  • heldervaz221
    heldervaz221 4 months ago

    @MattHDGamer It’s not pronounced “Yao Felix” it’s JoAo FElix 😉!!!

  • gus
    gus 4 months ago

    player creation its the same ?

  • James Birle
    James Birle 4 months ago

    Anybody know how the import face function works?

    FCB FCB 4 months ago +1

    Joao Felix, no real face, fifa :-( PES yes real face.

  • pattibjee
    pattibjee 4 months ago

    the budget is not final it will change when the game comes out

  • Andrew Hailstorm
    Andrew Hailstorm 4 months ago

    Didn’t know that Kid Rock was a football manager

  • Oliver Farthing
    Oliver Farthing 4 months ago

    Chellinis hairline is more articulate than a car battery

  • dd fb1907
    dd fb1907 4 months ago

    Turkish league?

  • Cris Ti
    Cris Ti 4 months ago

    Basically the same shit

  • Thor Olav
    Thor Olav 4 months ago

    suprise suprise. Career most is excactly the same this year. No wait you can wear HATS? Fucking HATS? Nobody plays with hats. FUCK you EA. Won't buy.

  • S!W!123
    S!W!123 4 months ago

    Swap deals are broken

  • Tom Ryder
    Tom Ryder 4 months ago

    This man really doesn’t know anything about career mode. He thinks everything is amazing thats been in it for years

  • F5
    F5 4 months ago

    Plz do career modes

  • George Packer
    George Packer 4 months ago

    The lack of accuracy is painful, no juve?? Whats the point

  • I'mUnlicensed
    I'mUnlicensed 4 months ago

    Lowkey Billy Ray Cyrus managing Piemonte calcio here

  • The Flump
    The Flump 4 months ago


  • Jeff Remley
    Jeff Remley 4 months ago

    I always disable first transfer window because the time has already passed

  • Cantriple Plays
    Cantriple Plays 4 months ago

    let's hope that wrestlemania 50 happens

  • Troy bc
    Troy bc 4 months ago

    This video showed you've either never touched career mode or haven't touched it since fut came out, you're suprised by shit that's been a thing in the game as if it's a new feature. Why did you even bother bro, just say you don't play this don't pretend like you have. You're trash

  • Munir Abdel Karim
    Munir Abdel Karim 4 months ago

    Are the ratings official? ( I mean will they change or not?)

  • Simen De Coster
    Simen De Coster 4 months ago

    It's JO À O

  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 4 months ago

    I'm so making Yashin for this shit with his bloody flat cap

  • AustrianCitizen
    AustrianCitizen 4 months ago +1

    9 mins in. It looks exactly like 19...

  • Nav Khan
    Nav Khan 4 months ago

    its the same as fifa 19

  • Alex Clementino
    Alex Clementino 4 months ago

    never watched these vids, was just curious about the new career mode but quickly realized you've never played it before lmao

  • Gabs Hands
    Gabs Hands 4 months ago

    It’s only the first transfer window

  • Shane Round
    Shane Round 4 months ago

    Same shit

  • UtdBuzz
    UtdBuzz 4 months ago

    Wtf it's basically EXACTLY the same, Matt.
    Why are you making it look like it's new? Either you've never played this mode or you can't speak up against them? Stupid man, so so stupid.

  • Mimmsy78 Albery
    Mimmsy78 Albery 4 months ago

    Wouldn't it be sick if you could change the kit after every season like a kit design

  • John
    John 4 months ago +2

    Why his manager look like Steven Tyler