ExOne Sand Printing Process

  • Published on Sep 18, 2012
  • This video demonstrates ExOne's digital part materialization (3D printing) process for printing sand casting molds and cores, beginning with a digital file, going through solidification analysis, printing and finally casting a finished industrial part.
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  • Jerico Parazo
    Jerico Parazo Year ago

    Interesting, I was expecting the sand molds to have a sort of stepped appearance as in plastic 3d printing but the use of fine grains probably prevented this.

  • ML Franklin
    ML Franklin 2 years ago +1

    Very nice video. That's a pretty cool process. I think there is potentially an opportunity to move downmarket into the DIY community. A moldmaker in every garage.

  • Steve Tracy
    Steve Tracy 6 years ago +13

    Love the process video, but the breakout however shows a failed casting above the logo where the mold was incompletely filled! Also, lots of flashing at parting lines, which you did not show cleaning up!

  • adisharr
    adisharr 9 years ago +1

    What a great video - this is how to do a technology demonstration folks.

  • ExplainingTheFuture
    ExplainingTheFuture 9 years ago +1

    Fantastic video! :) And a great channel too.

  • Dinkys Workshop
    Dinkys Workshop 6 years ago +1

    what does a company charge to make a sand mold from a solidworks model?

    • Jennifer M
      Jennifer M 6 years ago

      +Dinkys Workshop We'd love to give you a quote. Please use our web site www.exone.com/lets-get-started to submit your file and get a quote. Or if you have questions first, feel free to reach out directly to our sales team at one of our US locations: www.exone.com/About-ExOne/Locations/The-Americas Thanks for your interest!

  • derek d
    derek d 8 years ago +2

    I was wondering the same thing. this cant be like good ol' green sand. i figure once the resin is set it has to be bonded hard as a rock.
    On a side note that guys should really be wearing a mask, even though he is at a down draft table.

  • Fernando Fernando
    Fernando Fernando 8 years ago

    I wonder what kind of sand and activator is used and what kind of quick drying resin is or can be used on a home project.. I have the system projected and partialy built , from the heads to deposit the resin, the dumpster to lay down the sand layers up to all the mechanical structural parts and electronics/software.. If anyone can help me with this information I will receive it gladly since I have not much experience with chemistry ... Thank You

    • John Jones
      John Jones 3 years ago

      @Fernando , did you have any luck Fernando? I know it is 4 years later, but maybe you still want to try?

  • SundaBesar
    SundaBesar 4 months ago


  • Joseph Boxmeyer
    Joseph Boxmeyer Year ago

    Why aren't the sand workers wearing supplied air hoods?

  • water_skipper
    water_skipper 9 years ago


  • Aaron Rosier
    Aaron Rosier 8 years ago +2

    Love it. Is this North Huntington?

    • Aaron Rosier
      Aaron Rosier 6 years ago +2

      awesome.. i'm just up here in Pittsburgh, and am a shareholder.. long since mid 2013, still have a ton of interest in seeing the facility and technologies face to face some day

    • junit483
      junit483 7 years ago +1

      Yes it is

  • Lanz David
    Lanz David 6 months ago


  • Ivan Salomatin
    Ivan Salomatin 7 years ago +1


  • Reinout Paardekooper

    Pov: You are here from donut media

  • Marco Escoscobar
    Marco Escoscobar Year ago +1

    The music is annoying

  • Hanny Dart
    Hanny Dart 4 years ago +1

    bin hier wegen GdFT am KIT :P