How Far Can You REALLY Drive On 1 Litre Of Fuel?

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Miles returns this week as Alex and Ethan see how far they can get with only a litre (0.26 gallons) of fuel...
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Comments • 1 693

  • fabio m
    fabio m 7 hours ago

    audi in 1989 had a diesel engine which made 100 km with 1.7l

  • Gamer Dad
    Gamer Dad 8 hours ago

    lol come to brazil ill show you my little 1.0 dohc 16 valve vw gol she might be old and ugly but she does wonders up and down hills on fumes

  • Magnitude 11
    Magnitude 11 2 days ago +1

    4:59 what it's like to drive the through bradford

  • KristapsJJ
    KristapsJJ 3 days ago

    What about the fuel pump? Aren't diesel fuel pumps especially sensitive to running dry?

  • Sm3dqvist
    Sm3dqvist 3 days ago

    its easy to now lol you dont need to do that, thats just stupid

  • Amigo
    Amigo 4 days ago

    what the fuck my honda fit hybrid gp4 with 1.5 liter engine work 15km/1L

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 5 days ago


  • Vanskis Jenkins
    Vanskis Jenkins 6 days ago

    1:34 I was so confused. I thought it was a torso.

  • PGreg
    PGreg 8 days ago

    How about modifying Miles to be even more fuel efficient?

  • AstoundingPilot -SW-

    I don't believe this car runs at 5p per mile. I have a VW polo 1.4 petrol that runs averages 15p per mile. Yeah you'd expect diesel to be more efficient but not 3X more efficient

  • Halid Altindas
    Halid Altindas 8 days ago

    Next time i see our car fuel almost empty i will not tank for 10€😂😂

  • Martin Blomqvist
    Martin Blomqvist 9 days ago

    2,65L/100km. That's insane.

  • Martin Coufalík
    Martin Coufalík 13 days ago

    Skoda...magic by VW

  • Mišan
    Mišan 14 days ago +1

    Czech car. :D

  • Eric Ericutzu
    Eric Ericutzu 15 days ago

    On my 1999 passat 1.9 tdi 116hp,(285xxx km) driving at around 1.7k RPM,in city,i get less than 6L/100k,which i think is great for a 21 yo car, german Power 😂

  • Gino Foogle
    Gino Foogle 16 days ago +3

    that eye squint right before that other chap said "thank you" and stopped chewing his food.. lol

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 16 days ago

    2:54 does it look like i can drive over 10 miles in my house

  • Neven Gajic
    Neven Gajic 19 days ago

    There is just no way that you have covered 35 kilometers with 1 l of fuel!!.What engine is that?? so almost 3 liters of diesel per 100 km?? that's insane bruv. :D

  • Soham Garg
    Soham Garg 21 day ago

    Great percentage TheXvid

    Yes 95%
    No 4%

  • Upendra_ Karanth
    Upendra_ Karanth 22 days ago +1

    41.5 km/ltr of diesel??
    How is it even possible???

  • Upendra_ Karanth
    Upendra_ Karanth 22 days ago +1

    The gallons and miles always sucks to me as i was usually used to deal with liters and kilometres 😂

  • Jace Albers
    Jace Albers 25 days ago

    1000 Miles with Ethan Driving

  • DonTrentino☮
    DonTrentino☮ 27 days ago

    I see škoda, I hit Like, simple

  • MantaRyan
    MantaRyan Month ago

    Give it back to the oringal owner

  • Andrei Alexandru
    Andrei Alexandru Month ago

    Past: we Will have flying cars
    Now:driving with 1 liter of gasoline

  • EdisKek
    EdisKek Month ago

    Its not really the case it depends on what car it is and how much it fuel it consumes

  • Kill yourself
    Kill yourself Month ago +3

    Imagine using Miles in 2019

  • elcriserds
    elcriserds Month ago

    I need more skoda videos please!! . Ive audi a3 1.9 tdi 90hp and im very happy. Congratulations with your channel!!!.

  • - Winter
    - Winter Month ago

    Why would you start the video with screaming omg

    GHO5T HITMAN Month ago

    What car is this I need this over my 10mpg 89 e150 with a 5.0 I need this car fucking 80 mpg

  • Mohammad Osman
    Mohammad Osman Month ago

    3:12 hasn't even started and it goes

    • Mohammad Osman
      Mohammad Osman Month ago

      @Abdulloh Abdullajanov as in like the engine goes out. That's what I meant.

    • Abdulloh Abdullajanov
      Abdulloh Abdullajanov Month ago

      Mohammad Osman it’s in neutral so it was just rolling with its inertia

  • Mohammad Osman
    Mohammad Osman Month ago +1

    their screams, in the beginning, would be the most annoying alarm clock in the world

  • Kaelygon
    Kaelygon Month ago +1

    20km my guess

  • Markus Schützdeller

    I thought 45 km

  • Giova Longdong
    Giova Longdong Month ago

    Wow. I was thinking about 20 o 30 kilometers. That's the octavia. Awesome.

  • Brent Baker
    Brent Baker Month ago

    From the US here, is that engine code ALH? We have the same engine, why does ours not get the same mileage ? Thanks

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers Month ago

    There is no way this car is putting up those numbers! Alex learn how to siphon

  • Zagor te nej
    Zagor te nej Month ago

    best engines best cars on planet earth vw makes cars to last and use for people, not like french and italian cars that are toy junk that takes all your money and even destroys you as a person. know older people who only take vw, skoda, seat, mercedes, these are cars.

  • Filip
    Filip Month ago

    So.. 1 euro = 1 hour for fun

  • Tom Degner
    Tom Degner Month ago

    if there was sediment it would be a problem immediately as cars draw the fuel from the bottom of the tank

  • Try To Play
    Try To Play Month ago

    LOl can`t

  • LilGucciBurrito
    LilGucciBurrito Month ago

    Typíčo škodovka 😂😂😂

  • zumwild
    zumwild Month ago

    Running dry while stationary will leave a little more fuel in the tank than running dry while moving. Very good result though.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog

    If I drove my Grand Marquis in a straight line holding 45mph, I could probably get close to eight miles on a quart.

  • G-master Dobrak
    G-master Dobrak 2 months ago +96

    Czech republic car!! Kdo je z české republiky like chudák škodovka takhle ji trápit xd

    • Robin Lukáš
      Robin Lukáš 5 days ago +1

      ​@G-master Dobrak most Mk.I Octavias were assembled in Mladá Boleslav :)

    • Tomáš Vodháněl
      Tomáš Vodháněl 5 days ago

      @Tobik Prokes cz tu zzt

    • Tobik Prokes
      Tobik Prokes 7 days ago

      Ne asi ta je ráda že ještě jede

    • Vindi Care
      Vindi Care 7 days ago +2

      I am simple polish I see cech comment i like it

    • Richard RSR
      Richard RSR 8 days ago

      @Moritz Dürholt yeah, but to make the motor so efficient, it surely needs oil change faster

  • Kal Hughes
    Kal Hughes 2 months ago

    I voted 15 miles

  • Suck Deez nutz
    Suck Deez nutz 2 months ago

    He should of done it with just him in the car less weight less more accurate

  • Chris Τop888
    Chris Τop888 2 months ago

    4,4 lit /klm

  • Zelty
    Zelty 2 months ago

    My car goes 8km with 1 liter bro I tried it out

  • Zukyy C7
    Zukyy C7 2 months ago

    Jeri dizel 1.9 sdi 😁

  • TomášTV
    TomášTV 2 months ago

    Pěkná škodovka.... :D

  • Smile_Score
    Smile_Score 2 months ago +1

    Lol Česko slovenské auto gdo je zo slovenska

  • Sebastian Young
    Sebastian Young 2 months ago

    Why the heck does Ethan’s top say Catthrottle???!

  • 100 k
    100 k 2 months ago +1

    Just use math
    How mutch miles can the car go with full feul÷how mutch leters ar in the feul holder
    My car:
    60.8÷381=6.2 ml/l
    Its a mustang
    And it will not be corect but vert near

    1NE LIFE CARS 3 months ago

    Hey love the channel! I'm a very small Car Tutorial Channel here in UK, would love to work with you guys one day, keep up the great work!

  • Vinochan Vi
    Vinochan Vi 3 months ago

    Driving in motorway 😨

  • TheBackup ONE
    TheBackup ONE 3 months ago +1

    Oh 'mile' god

  • kyle budd
    kyle budd 3 months ago

    ok serious point here, i read a newspaper the other day saying how un efficient diesel is and said a tesla model 3 is the cheapest to run vehicle at 33miles per pound of fuel

    1 litre of diesel = 25 miles
    1 litre of kerosene = 26 miles

    Diesel = 1.36
    Kerosene = 0.30

    3 litres of kerosene = 78 miles

    A diesel car will do 78 miles per pound


  • Garrett Richardson
    Garrett Richardson 3 months ago

    You’re never supposed to let a diesel run out that’s so bad for your car especially twice in a day😂

  • Alex Dalgleish
    Alex Dalgleish 3 months ago

    1000 miles on a tank nice idea but full tank is heavy. 800-900 miles maybe. Running car to run out not good idea.