Encore's Regionals Finals Extended Dance - The Next Step 6

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • (SPOILERS) Working under Miss Angela's Encore Dance, can Lily and Davis combined beat The Next Step and AcroNation at the Absolute Dance Regionals?
    Extended #dance from #TheNextStep6 ep 25, "And Then There Were Three"
    Song: "Shadows" from the 'Songs form The Next Step 6: Volume 2' soundtrack album
    Dancers include:
    • Berkeley Ratzlaff (Davis)
    • Katie Ortencio (Lily)
    Josh Lamb (Jones)
    Special thanks to Joanne Chapman's School of Dance and their dancers.
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    #TheNextStep follows A-Troupe, a group of dancers who strive to win a number of dance competitions - all while dealing with their own drama and relationships.
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Comments • 304

    THE NEXT STEP  Year ago +102

    Yesterday people voted for a "sad" dance to be uploaded. What should we upload tomorrow? We'll give you 3 options, but not tell you what they are...
    - A Next Step dance
    - An AcroNation dance
    - The last bonus scene

    • James Nguyen
      James Nguyen Year ago

      A Troupe should get that male dancer from Encore

    • Dean Palmer
      Dean Palmer Year ago

      THE NEXT STEP acronaition

      ARMY_MOOMOO Year ago

      a next step dance

    • Bilal Kareem
      Bilal Kareem Year ago

      Can u do Richelle and Noah’s duet but even the part before and talking heads

    • rama Diallo
      rama Diallo Year ago

      A Next Step dance please ❤

  • Gemma
    Gemma 6 months ago

    Where’s the razzle dazzle?

  • HenrisBoi Er
    HenrisBoi Er 10 months ago +3

    1:26 is my fav

  • hh Boba
    hh Boba Year ago

    This dance u found kinda boring I’m not hating but like when u see the next step and AcroNation they have probs and so many things u can look at this is just really technical and boring bc there technically doing the same thing (as in the troop is all doing the same steps almost)

  • Ruby Servin
    Ruby Servin Year ago


    Even though this isn't there Dance and they stole it. It was beautiful but acronation and tns were wayyyy better.

  • Peeks Aboo
    Peeks Aboo Year ago

    This is a really good group dance, but it was out shined by acro nation and the next step! They just used bigger props and flashy moves. I’m not hating on the dances, I personally think the next steps dance was the best, but it could of been a winning routine at maybe a different regionals

  • Vlauci Cunhq
    Vlauci Cunhq Year ago

    Que lindo


    Elite,Gemini or Encore?

    ZOMBIESK8 LOL Year ago

    At the end Lily had shown that she isn’t the mean person

  • Milica Đorđević

    what hapened with the "FLASH" and the "WINK IT OUT!"

  • Dingle Wingle27
    Dingle Wingle27 Year ago +1

    Tbh the next step shouldn’t be at regionals they should be at internationals they are all amazing dancers

  • Bianca Ghinea
    Bianca Ghinea Year ago +1

    My fav dance 🤩🤩

  • TNS Stepper 101
    TNS Stepper 101 Year ago +17

    Davis still looks like an A-Trouper in this dance, which is a good thing, especially for a potential season 7

    • Dan Sor
      Dan Sor 10 days ago

      Well now you know its not coming true

  • Georgina Gaddum
    Georgina Gaddum Year ago

    Lily and Amy just come back to tns and have Piper and Ozzie go to b troupe no effence xx

  • Yasin Ganje
    Yasin Ganje Year ago +1

    Noah and richelles duet plzzzz

  • Awn Kanaan
    Awn Kanaan Year ago

    An AcroNation dance

  • Jasper Di Marco
    Jasper Di Marco Year ago

    upload acronation dance with the o

  • tasmiyah Makda
    tasmiyah Makda Year ago

    Encore is the new elite

  • jacy dinh
    jacy dinh Year ago

    TNS will never be the same without the OGS

  • Nalisha Chetty
    Nalisha Chetty Year ago

    When will you be uploading season 6 ?

  • Ecenaz Demirkan
    Ecenaz Demirkan Year ago

    An Acronation dance please!!!

  • oluwafunke Balogun

    I was watching on TV and I was crying I don't want nothing to leave it is so emotional😢

  • Kim Lavnge
    Kim Lavnge Year ago

    in the blooper video what was up with Kingston hugging Ozzy while crying what is that about? is that a delete sence?

  • ashton 1200
    ashton 1200 Year ago

    What I don’t get is how the senior A.D is supposed to be this really hard and gruelling competition but then acro nation encore and tns (which were all supposed to be in intermediate A.D) seem to waltz through without challenge

  • Davina Obiri-Yeboah
    Davina Obiri-Yeboah Year ago +2

    The last bonus scene duh 🙄 like if you agree

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Year ago +7

    Who just loves the next step.... ❤️❤️BEST SEASON YET...

  • Kwaku Baah
    Kwaku Baah Year ago

    THE NEXT STEP it shud be a tns joyfuldance

  • Hermes UL
    Hermes UL Year ago

    They did well

  • Itz_iqrx x
    Itz_iqrx x Year ago +1

    I love tns so much

  • Afrin Mohamed
    Afrin Mohamed Year ago

    She is literally BLONDE JAQUIE

  • Abigail Bassett
    Abigail Bassett Year ago

    A tns dance

  • Ines 27
    Ines 27 Year ago

    Little question: On which song did Noah and Richelle danced their pas de deux?

  • G B
    G B Year ago

    Next step dance



  • UnicornLover 123
    UnicornLover 123 Year ago +6

    Can we have a rope dance or duet of nochelle

  • PoLoLo L
    PoLoLo L Year ago

    Can anyone like help me create a acc from uk like gmail,idk if it illegal ornot😂😂,just want to watch tns season 6 since i from singapore

  • Chuck Up
    Chuck Up Year ago +2

    Weren’t good enough were they 😂😁☺️ still amazing tho ❤️❤️

  • UnicornLover 123
    UnicornLover 123 Year ago

    How is this a sad dance do u kno the regionals tie breaker was so sad for me I don't want myles to leave plz tell myles that personally that 4 me cuz I loved him since s2 omv plz plz plz im a mega fan of the next step plz heart and can I get over 100 likes plzzz

  • PoLoLo L
    PoLoLo L Year ago

    Hiii cn anyone suggect me whr to watch tns season 5 and 6,cause bbc iplayer dont work for me as i am not in uk and cause i live in singapore,really want to watch ittt

  • Yusuf Muhammed
    Yusuf Muhammed Year ago


  • Geometry Dash Gaming

    why do you have to watch the episode on tv on iplayer :(

  • I_am_ a_DANCER!
    I_am_ a_DANCER! Year ago +1

    Awesome, TNS r obviously better but go Davis!!!!xxxx

  • Lilly May
    Lilly May Year ago +13

    ⚠️ May contain spoilers ⚠️

    Even if they had choreographed this routine without cheating, I’m pretty sure TNS should have still beaten them first time around anyway. A-troupe’s dances were much better.

    • Daylynn Joseph
      Daylynn Joseph 9 months ago +1

      Lilly! at the disco I disagree, this has tricks, emotion, musicality and technique. I really loved this dance out of all of them.

    • Agathe
      Agathe 10 months ago

      How they cheated?

    • melodyfox
      melodyfox Year ago

      I like A-Troupe's dance better but I feel biased, plus I just hate Miss Angela xD

    • Itzabby xo
      Itzabby xo Year ago +3

      I liked this one better but at the end a troupe win

  • Lilly May
    Lilly May Year ago +168

    Lily is so talented. I hope in the future, she comes to TNS because I feel that she would fit in nicely. Her storyline reminds me of Amanda’s and just look how well she fitted in eventually. 🙌☺️

    • Rebecca Zamolo's Biggest fan
      Rebecca Zamolo's Biggest fan 6 months ago

      I hope

    • Iris 15
      Iris 15 Year ago +1

      Yeah I agree! But hopefully she doesn't do any spying!

    • Lilly May
      Lilly May Year ago +1

      Ivy.K same. I don’t think she would though because she can only improve as a dancer. But I may be wrong.

    • ivy_idk
      ivy_idk Year ago +2

      @Lilly May thank you but I hope she doesn't become an alternate like amanda

    • Lilly May
      Lilly May Year ago +6

      Ivy.K she was very kind and sacrificed her relationship with her mum to do what was right for everyone.

  • n&veena[142oo7] ;}

    I feel like Davis should have stayed at the next step

  • Amy Simpson
    Amy Simpson Year ago +1

    I really love the next step!!!!

  • Bubbly_ Sky
    Bubbly_ Sky Year ago

    I hope acronation win, mainly because TNS has won so much.

  • Greg Dilo
    Greg Dilo Year ago

    Can you please post acronation’s finals dance

  • Greg Dilo
    Greg Dilo Year ago

    This dance is good, but tns’ dance was far better and acronation’s routine was good, but tns is overall the best

    ARMY_MOOMOO Year ago +6

    please upload the tns dance with the ropes plz!

  • Sylva Bartlett
    Sylva Bartlett Year ago +1

    Lily is my fav for some reason XD

  • Emoji Girl
    Emoji Girl Year ago

    Do more bonus scenes plus ask Netflix to also add s4 5 6

  • Moon - Roblox
    Moon - Roblox Year ago

    Lilly is really nice i feel so bad for her 🤞🏻 But y does tns have to end i fianlly had something to be excited for on monday and now i hate to wait for season 7 :( pls make it soon

  • melodyfox
    melodyfox Year ago +27

    When in doubt, wink it out.
    Was that just... flown out the window or what? XD

    • Katerina Kosta
      Katerina Kosta Year ago +1

      Melody Fox I was surprised when there was no ‘flash” or ‘sparkle in the face’ oh and did I mention the ‘dazzle’? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nadia bouqaul
    nadia bouqaul Year ago


  • melodyfox
    melodyfox Year ago +2

    When Encore won I yelled "cheeeeeeeaters!" 😂
    But this dance is nice :)

  • Michelle Ampofo
    Michelle Ampofo Year ago +27

    Wow Davis is actually really good!👏👏👏

  • Jana Nanda
    Jana Nanda Year ago

    Please can anyone tell me who won regionals???

  • wilbbur
    wilbbur Year ago

    hehehh early

  • Sibuna Anubis
    Sibuna Anubis Year ago