The Best Complete Styles of DC Universe Online - Part 2


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  • los juegos de el ataque geometry dash

    thanks ORBIT thanks 👏

  • Vocalic Animations

    3:09 to 4:22???

  • TheMarvelKnight Dc comics

    I need that chest that looks like ironman

  • Eniola Adewalore
    Eniola Adewalore 2 years ago

    How do you get Exhaulted?

  • Lade Del
    Lade Del 2 years ago

    can i have the BioHazard Set ? (Please):

  • boy amersss
    boy amersss 2 years ago


  • halilbasic Vehid
    halilbasic Vehid 2 years ago

    does style change your stats

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  2 years ago

      +Vehid Halilbasic no

  • Fizzy Owl
    Fizzy Owl 3 years ago +1

    Is there any chance you could help me getting some styles? Because they look really nice.

  • Daniel Bloodrust
    Daniel Bloodrust 3 years ago

    lethal zelot could of passed for Owl Man...

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +Daniel Bloodrust good shout

  • Vaniel
    Vaniel 3 years ago

    biohazard looks beast especially on an atomic toon

  • Marvin Coghlan
    Marvin Coghlan 3 years ago

    well the angle style look cool

  • Marvin Coghlan
    Marvin Coghlan 3 years ago

    Well how do u get that demon style its really cool with blue and white u should go and try it pls pls pls ??;)

  • hosstheboss 23
    hosstheboss 23 3 years ago

    i have my own style called "Fast As Lightning"

    • hosstheboss 23
      hosstheboss 23 2 years ago

      +Esperanza Martinez yea, I also commented this 25 weeks ago in 2015

    • Esperanza Martinez
      Esperanza Martinez 2 years ago

      +Hoss TheBoss23 wtf was that you replied to your self 2 times

    • hosstheboss 23
      hosstheboss 23 3 years ago

      +Hoss TheBoss23 sorry again xD its called Thunder and Light.

    • hosstheboss 23
      hosstheboss 23 3 years ago

      +Hoss TheBoss23 sorry its actually called Static Shock

  • DaysOfRemembering
    DaysOfRemembering 3 years ago

    Exhaulted was beastly. Can't wait to get this game

  • kingofgames88
    kingofgames88 3 years ago

    how do u get the traces in time

  • Arop Arop
    Arop Arop 3 years ago

    How do you get the Traces in Time, Exhaulted, and Lethal Zealot.

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +Arop Arop traces in time is in nexus and paradox wave raid. exhaulted is from the wastelands missions from sonsof trigon DLC and lethal zealot is in promethium lock boxes

  • Triton Hovis
    Triton Hovis 3 years ago

    do you play on ps4 if you do can you help me get batman style batmandco

  • Eiad Fi
    Eiad Fi 3 years ago

    Man that was so spooky 4 me you should have put a warning 1.48

  • Marcus Mgodioso
    Marcus Mgodioso 3 years ago

    Orbit. Ur a hero ?

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +Marcus Mgodioso yes

  • A1 SECS
    A1 SECS 3 years ago

    What happend to the rest of the video

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +emmanuel solares i accidentally saved the video to be longer than it was

  • Livid Banter
    Livid Banter 3 years ago

    where do I get the lethal zealot armour?

  • Jonathan Ferreira
    Jonathan Ferreira 3 years ago

    Yo what color is on your Bio Hazard style pls ?

  • Antonio Payang
    Antonio Payang 3 years ago +3


    • King Arno
      King Arno 3 years ago

      +Antonio Payang I was thinking the same thing all I need is a slim red aura and the style then I'm finish

    • Antonio Payang
      Antonio Payang 3 years ago

      imagine traces in time with rage and red aura :0

  • Grant Moyes
    Grant Moyes 3 years ago


  • MysticGods DCUO
    MysticGods DCUO 3 years ago

    League of assassins should be in here😱

  • BloooEmericaz
    BloooEmericaz 3 years ago


    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +BloooEmericaz in the description

  • sufiy swagman
    sufiy swagman 3 years ago

    danm nice skins i like victorious knight and trace in time

  • Ovee
    Ovee 3 years ago

    Finally! Waited for this for such a long time. Love the vid Orbit.

  • 7th Jumpman
    7th Jumpman 3 years ago

    nice video

  • zoeken dcuo
    zoeken dcuo 3 years ago

    YO nice could u think about doing ur fav personal styles eg some styles that you would wear if the wizardly and astral alloy diddnt exist?(DU DU daaaa)

    • Zone Exellence
      Zone Exellence 3 years ago

      +ORBIT thank you i fanilly no time travaler back style were do you get it from t5 or 6

    • zoeken dcuo
      zoeken dcuo 3 years ago

      and again sorry 4 calling u a tranny and cant w8 ^

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago

      +jake peet yes i am doing something like this soon, :)

  • Jakub Nieckarz
    Jakub Nieckarz 3 years ago

    Why not just make a video including all styles since lvl 1 to w/e the latest is?

  • arda süerdem
    arda süerdem 3 years ago

    I want the Skelton

    • PrimeFuzion
      PrimeFuzion 3 years ago

      Make sure to play during the Halloween event, that's where u get the skeleton styles

    ATOM THEORY 3 years ago

    If you want to find all styles and where they drop, go to

  • mazen 511
    mazen 511 3 years ago

    Where the hell time traveller drops??

  • Ameen YT
    Ameen YT 3 years ago

    Never knew u had the plasmic :0 beer here for 2years

    ASXXXC 3 years ago +1

    Wtf is "exhaulted" ? lol

  • 4hunnid BPT
    4hunnid BPT 3 years ago

    get beasted in 2s 800-0

  • HyperHD Games
    HyperHD Games 3 years ago

    will u be making any movies like u done before mate as i am new sub btw

  • lord melis
    lord melis 3 years ago

    Nice end!

    • ORBIT
      ORBIT  3 years ago +1

      lol im sorry,i dont know how that happned, was not intended

  • DCUO Faults
    DCUO Faults 3 years ago +2

    First get in my son ;)

    ORBIT  3 years ago +3

    Missed part 1 ?

    • drowned man
      drowned man 2 years ago

      if you have a villain account could you help me level up when you're free? my dcuo name is DedByte

    • Vaniel
      Vaniel 3 years ago

      +ORBIT its VIRTUOUS knight btw

    • Abdulrhman Salama
      Abdulrhman Salama 3 years ago

      +ORBIT yeah or is that something you made for yourself cause that shit is bangin

    • Marquise Samuels
      Marquise Samuels 3 years ago +3

      Where do I find the orbit style ? X'D