Which Vacuum Sucks The Most? (TEST)

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Is a Dyson or a Dirt Devil the more superior vacuum when sucking up nutmeg on a white couch? We test a handful of vacuums to find out! GMM #1331.1
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Comments • 6 361

  • Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez
    Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez Year ago +7626

    It would behoover me to make a vacuum joke,but since it would probably suck I won't.

    • Minion You
      Minion You 25 days ago

      @Impromptu DTour aawwwww

    • yes
      yes 29 days ago

      ba dum tss

    • Mister Steak
      Mister Steak Month ago

      Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez son of a

  • Mario G
    Mario G 3 days ago

    Who else has a dyson

  • WaterShocks
    WaterShocks 5 days ago

    I'll take the roomba I want one

  • The Night Pack Alpha Female

    What did they use for the ashes? And im pretty sure earns arent brought at your average grocery store so im also curious about those if anyone thinks they know

  • res1492
    res1492 8 days ago

    I should have known, I came here for a hoover review got a comedy... It would help if either of these idiots knew how to use a hoover in the first place

  • DuBbZ RaRE308
    DuBbZ RaRE308 9 days ago

    rhett has a decent foot game for a fourty something year old dad

  • Dos Pianos
    Dos Pianos 10 days ago +1

    “Not HUMAN ashes”

  • Robus WhiteWolf
    Robus WhiteWolf 10 days ago +1

    I'm surprised they didn't test a Kirby.

    JCD JCD 12 days ago

    these vacuums are going to end their friendship

  • Chromes only Fan
    Chromes only Fan 13 days ago

    The bissel should not have gone far

  • Karen Cash-Lopez
    Karen Cash-Lopez 14 days ago


  • Mason Ezell
    Mason Ezell 16 days ago

    Not purple it’s pint

  • XxGacha-GalxX
    XxGacha-GalxX 16 days ago

    The title has 2 meaning

  • J pheonix
    J pheonix 17 days ago

    When the roomba said “V R O O M” i felt that

  • Elizabeth Gerasimova
    Elizabeth Gerasimova 19 days ago

    I know what vaccum to get now

  • Stanna Unruh
    Stanna Unruh 19 days ago +1

    So noone is going on say ANYTHING about Rhett's comment about the wedge pillows?? You naughty boy Rhett! 😂

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 19 days ago

    Uncle renold was trippin

  • Wolfie Kitty
    Wolfie Kitty 19 days ago

    Are those real human ashes??

  • ale dou
    ale dou 20 days ago

    My mum has got the winning vacuum

  • prky cck
    prky cck 21 day ago

    I want a donut now but I can’t leave my house for certain reasons to buy one. Thanks Good Mythical Morning

  • Nathan Dailey
    Nathan Dailey 21 day ago

    10:49 O H N O

  • Molly Super
    Molly Super 21 day ago

    How am I just now noticing how short chase is.

  • Mad Marx
    Mad Marx 22 days ago

    Everyone knows it's the Poltergust G-00

  • riversandlakes stimmel

    Wellllll...there goes my grandma

  • riversandlakes stimmel

    Link:let's talk about then

  • Meghan Tailfeathers
    Meghan Tailfeathers 23 days ago

    This was the first video I ever saw of good mythical morning and I remember being so confused by what this show was lol

  • 002
    002 24 days ago

    i heard that i dyson is the best vacuum i even to use it to clean my bed

  • ShrinkDavid 1982
    ShrinkDavid 1982 25 days ago +1

    you have to use the right tools for the job. And the Air Ram clogged.

  • Emily2618
    Emily2618 27 days ago

    My brother still has our grandmother's Kenmore vacuum from the 1950's and it works better than any other vacuum I've ever tried.

  • Layton Fancher
    Layton Fancher 28 days ago

    Says they finally agree with consumer reports..... eliminates the kenmore

  • SP3CTR4M
    SP3CTR4M 29 days ago

    The first one had ne dying

  • Black Yoshi
    Black Yoshi Month ago

    Thank you guys so much. I was really wondering what to do about my indoor sand castle.

  • Jack P
    Jack P Month ago

    I love you guys

  • Dash Walpert
    Dash Walpert Month ago

    If it’s not human ashes......

  • Fire and The flame
    Fire and The flame Month ago

    Did I watch this already

  • The Unknown33
    The Unknown33 Month ago

    There are to many variables in this experiment

  • Lauryn Lester
    Lauryn Lester Month ago +3

    what we want to know if a vacuum works good on: crumbs, dust, dirt
    what we got: ashes, powdered donuts,sand

  • RJ Cywinski
    RJ Cywinski Month ago

    i would still buy the $50

  • Jenna Johnson
    Jenna Johnson Month ago

    For the Miele you only use that head for the wood floors

  • JJKW0
    JJKW0 Month ago

    Dyson is the master of air.

  • Daniel Lust
    Daniel Lust Month ago

    Literally Nobody:
    Me when I eat at Taco Bell: 10:02

  • The Funny TV Man of the Night

    They act like vacuum fanatics and it’s the best!

  • SoccerBeast 4.0
    SoccerBeast 4.0 Month ago

    The face link makes when he realises he vacuumed his personality 10:50

  • CAG ShadowSnypr
    CAG ShadowSnypr Month ago

    You should have included the two best vacuums ever aka The Kirby and the Electrolux.

  • The_ Beard_96
    The_ Beard_96 Month ago

    0:58 what the frick is going on with Rhett’s feet?! 😭

  • Tooties McShmooties

    why is "you can tell I'm a strawberry now" cracking me up so much

  • James Timmons
    James Timmons Month ago

    Are those real ashes

  • Toby Sullivan
    Toby Sullivan Month ago +1

    yo thats a big sandcastle

  • Hollersin 1
    Hollersin 1 Month ago

    I have a robot vacuum.

  • Kerri Johnson
    Kerri Johnson Month ago +1

    I love you guys so much plz do a will it paint

  • herp derp
    herp derp Month ago

    On the final one they went over with the dyson like 4 more times than the bissell

  • Luke Hopkins
    Luke Hopkins Month ago

    I can’t imagine what it would be like if the kenmore was on the strawberry

  • Tristin Furlong
    Tristin Furlong Month ago

    Just two grown men sucking on sand castles together.

  • Sophia Willis
    Sophia Willis Month ago

    The normal part of me says: haha yeah this video is amasing

  • Satsuki Gacha
    Satsuki Gacha Month ago

    Grandma looks such like a good painting

  • Satsuki Gacha
    Satsuki Gacha Month ago

    Wait what if there a QUEEN not a KING hmmmmmm?

  • Satsuki Gacha
    Satsuki Gacha Month ago

    Ik the best best vacuum

  • Laith Habash
    Laith Habash Month ago +1

    I like u

  • Luke York
    Luke York Month ago

    What is the vaccum sucking tho

  • Jennifer Richardson

    The reason why the bissel didn’t win the finale is because Link went over the strawberry a few times whereas Rhett only went once