Which Vacuum Sucks The Most? (TEST)

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Is a Dyson or a Dirt Devil the more superior vacuum when sucking up nutmeg on a white couch? We test a handful of vacuums to find out! GMM #1331.1
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Comments • 6 261

  • Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez
    Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez Year ago +6679

    It would behoover me to make a vacuum joke,but since it would probably suck I won't.

  • Norris King
    Norris King 11 hours ago

    “Grandma is pushing back” 💀💀

    REAPERGAMING108 12 hours ago +1

    My ex

  • Matylda J
    Matylda J 20 hours ago

    why is there a pigeon painting in the backround?

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan 21 hour ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone want to clean up those couches or floors?

  • Tomoose Gaming
    Tomoose Gaming Day ago

    Bissel air ram? Here in the UK I'm sure it's made by a company called Gtech.

  • Megan Dorfan
    Megan Dorfan Day ago

    I knew The Dyson would win from the start😎😎😎😎

  • Megan Dorfan
    Megan Dorfan Day ago

    I bet the Dyson is going to win

  • Dank -O
    Dank -O Day ago

    Yo I got a Dyson

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Day ago +1

    15:35 they're both purplish

  • family guy
    family guy Day ago

    Do they control what they get or does another company control them

  • Alltrss
    Alltrss 2 days ago

    Why was this recommended to me after the brocetomy video 😂😂😂

  • Worst accent channel

    Goood mythical morningaaahhh

  • Ian Productions!
    Ian Productions! 3 days ago

    I guessed which one would win every time and I got it it right until the finale

  • Lily green
    Lily green 5 days ago

    Im 99% that the second bissell is the vacume my grandma hasXD

  • Pinkcat Hcfc
    Pinkcat Hcfc 9 days ago

    The Rainbow is a lot better than all of those vacuums

  • bobby heater
    bobby heater 11 days ago +1


  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America

    i love watching them but they do some nasty stuff i wonder if they are still married

  • Swiss Media Stuff
    Swiss Media Stuff 11 days ago

    It‘s 2 AM and I have nothing better to do!

  • Rio Helms
    Rio Helms 12 days ago

    I thought that was ashes

  • TheNerdUniverse
    TheNerdUniverse 15 days ago

    Im watching this at 2 am are you happy now

  • Derp 115
    Derp 115 17 days ago +1

    Actually bissell wins because it only did 1 swipe but the dyson took 2 or 3 swipes and link spent more time using it

  • ctOS 2.0
    ctOS 2.0 18 days ago

    I love watching vacuum commercials

  • Damian Bailey
    Damian Bailey 19 days ago

    the miele cannister vac has an upholstery nozzle

  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez 19 days ago

    My family has the dison and it works great

  • TheShrekPenguu
    TheShrekPenguu 20 days ago

    Where is Henry

  • Tittie Head
    Tittie Head 24 days ago

    We have the dyson

  • LazyPotato Playz
    LazyPotato Playz 25 days ago +3

    kinda unfair cuz link used the dyson 2 times(back and forward) while reth used it only one time :c
    For me i think the Bissell won ( ̄ω ̄)

  • Dan Aplet
    Dan Aplet 25 days ago

    I thought nothing cleans like a hoover. thexvid.com/video/Pw1QDE-WA4A/video.html

  • Gaming with Doomers
    Gaming with Doomers 26 days ago

    Do a tour in Sri Lanka

  • Spencer Morrow
    Spencer Morrow 26 days ago

    My dog is afraid of my vacuum

  • Brad Allison
    Brad Allison 26 days ago

    How much time do these guys spend on their hair?

  • M. Evripidou
    M. Evripidou 26 days ago

    A lot of those spills can be better tackled with using just the hose :)

  • New Mexico News Network

    Test a Kirby

  • Destructionz _Life
    Destructionz _Life 27 days ago

    28th is my bday may

  • Jonahnbs
    Jonahnbs 27 days ago

    Got the dyson one and it is amazing. It does come with multiple attachments.

  • James Honeycutt
    James Honeycutt 27 days ago

    Hey Chase! Haven't seen ya in awhile!

  • James Honeycutt
    James Honeycutt 27 days ago

    The fish test was too much lol you ALWAYS pick up the chunks of whatever before you vacuum.

  • Tomás Murphy
    Tomás Murphy 27 days ago

    “You’d better be quick, brother!”

  • Rexlog Gaming
    Rexlog Gaming 28 days ago

    I'm so happy because I have a Dyson at home

  • Shattered Zone
    Shattered Zone 28 days ago

    They should’ve got Michael reeves swearing roomba

    CHILL IN 29 days ago

    There goes My ears

    CHILL IN 29 days ago

    Who else has a dyson

  • 100-Mason
    100-Mason 29 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who gets anxiety from this?

  • Wesley Thompson
    Wesley Thompson 29 days ago +6

    “Grandma’s pushing back”!! 😂

  • TheTiger Tooth
    TheTiger Tooth 29 days ago

    That dude is short lol

  • Can I get Subscribers With No Videos

    I was looking for a vacum to slice down sand castle .... thanks finally i got it.

  • Areeba imtiaz
    Areeba imtiaz Month ago

    1:52 if they're not human ashes, which ashes are they?

  • Kyle Howell
    Kyle Howell Month ago

    So we are just going to forget that the Kirby vacuum is a thing?

  • Danhatman
    Danhatman Month ago

    shopvac gang

  • 29 North Motorsports

    I didn’t come on top of her I pushed her to the edge.

  • Tiffany Ng
    Tiffany Ng Month ago

    Look at that rumba

  • Elizabeth Phantom Wagner

    Roomba 10 seconds later, I am done

  • Max de vleermuis
    Max de vleermuis Month ago

    dyson must win

  • Lonergan Family
    Lonergan Family Month ago

    Weirdest scenarios ever

  • Liam Henderberg
    Liam Henderberg Month ago

    i’ve seen this video at least 20 times

  • Friend Wars
    Friend Wars Month ago +1

    Dat title tho

  • Fawexx
    Fawexx Month ago

    *your mom

  • Curteye
    Curteye Month ago

    Probably the most useful comparison episode they’ve done

  • Betty Moss
    Betty Moss Month ago

    REDO, it has to be the me test for all.

  • weird diy antenna
    weird diy antenna Month ago

    5:21 He is using a hard floor nozzle for couch upholstery..... Such disrespect to Miele vacuum cleaners...

  • Panda 123
    Panda 123 Month ago +1

    2018’s underdog story

    A vacuums life

  • Jimmy Neal Jr
    Jimmy Neal Jr Month ago


  • Shaan Khan
    Shaan Khan Month ago

    Now I know what to get for Mother’s Day 😂

  • Wj Chuah
    Wj Chuah Month ago

    Jordan on his feet !!

  • Leon
    Leon Month ago

    Nice, at least the overpriced vacuum we have got 1st place

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago


  • Obrian01
    Obrian01 Month ago

    16:15 look at the floor, Dyson plowed stuff on to floor

  • i need more subs like right now

    I think the bissell won.

  • Use code WILDCAT
    Use code WILDCAT Month ago

    My uncle

  • Anthony Aguilar
    Anthony Aguilar Month ago

    no one:
    me: 14:39

  • _Synıster _
    _Synıster _ Month ago +3

    Am I the only one who is kinda jelous of Rhett's J1's😆
    -May 1,2019

  • Dereck Marquez
    Dereck Marquez Month ago

    Link can't hold a nife but retth can't hold a vacuum. Go to 8:10

  • CHEF LION 777
    CHEF LION 777 Month ago

    In my opinion, all of THOSE contraptions are NOT REAL VACUUM CLEANERS! The ONLY REAL VACUUM CLEANER is KIRBY. You guys should check that one out. I used to sell them.

  • Supa Nova
    Supa Nova Month ago

    4:40 "Hey I finally finished my book about nut meg!"
    "Well it's about time"
    "No Kevin it's about not meg"

  • Erik Guve
    Erik Guve Month ago +1

    How is this so entertaining?!

  • Dog Person
    Dog Person Month ago

    Sometimes cheaper is better. 50 dollar bissel vs Miele

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago +1

    The fact that Henry isn't one of the highest rated vacuums is a crying shame.

  • Pink Pin
    Pink Pin Month ago

    Why does link look like a grandpa in this episode?

  • YouTube Bopped
    YouTube Bopped Month ago

    14:39 no link I won’t

  • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
    Ellie-Hope Suzanne Month ago

    I own the Dyson

  • turdl38
    turdl38 Month ago

    The bissel is 1/6 the price and doesn't void carpet warranties. It wins in my book

  • BoZo
    BoZo Month ago +2

    The 50$ Bissel was doing so well... until Rhett used it

  • michaelgrella
    michaelgrella Month ago

    All these comments and nobody mentions how the Dyson is named after one of the greatest Metal bands that ever existed, Motörhead!!!

  • michaelgrella
    michaelgrella Month ago +1

    All these vacuums and not one Kirby

  • Kaylee Sanders
    Kaylee Sanders Month ago +1

    You should do each other’s hair with vacuum cleaners!🤪😂😝

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra Month ago

    At 16:43, I thought he was gonna smash the vacuum

  • HannahBanana12369
    HannahBanana12369 Month ago

    11:20 lol Links face

  • Hanna Gabriel
    Hanna Gabriel Month ago

    “look at my crotch” -Link 2018

  • Regular Svensk
    Regular Svensk Month ago

    We have that Robot hoover, I call him Glenn
    But my dog is really scared of it. But gladely its Mine so it just hoover in my room

  • heyman3551
    heyman3551 Month ago

    Pushed her to the edge , both my grandparents are dead

  • Christian Nayfeh
    Christian Nayfeh Month ago

    Get you someone who looks at you like the way chase looks at rhett 16:36

  • N1KK3L
    N1KK3L Month ago

    Who else realized there are too many human experimental errors in these things?

  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight Month ago +1

    14:13 If my calculations are correct when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.

  • Victoria_Snyder And Producer

    I’m I the only one who saw a tiny flame come out of one of them. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  • Keira Films
    Keira Films Month ago

    Only here do we vacuum doughnuts😂🤣

  • Jesse Hixson
    Jesse Hixson Month ago

    you used the wrong vacuum tools for your test

  • Samual laird
    Samual laird Month ago

    The shark is bad

  • Random Rae
    Random Rae Month ago

    *gRaNdMa gOt rAn oVeR bY a vAcUm*
    *aFtEr LiTtLe ToDdLeR pOuReD hEr oUT*

  • Jordan Denford
    Jordan Denford 2 months ago

    Link: This could also double as a most satisfying video ever video
    Me: WTF!