Robbie Lyle Interviews Troy Deeney: Watford Legend | The Real Football Fan Show

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
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    Robbie Lyle interviews Watford Legend Troy Deeney!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  9 months ago +135

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    • Lord Claude GoonerTV
      Lord Claude GoonerTV 8 months ago

      My TY tells me that troy deeney aka Watford legend is not worthy of lacing the boots of Arsenal invincibles

    • Erek Campbell
      Erek Campbell 8 months ago


    • Michael Beaton
      Michael Beaton 8 months ago

      Absolute great guy and footballer. If we lose Auba or Laca we should sign him at Arsenal. He would be a fan favourite!

    • Vic O
      Vic O 8 months ago +1

      love deeney solid bloke

  • Swolo
    Swolo Month ago

    Who's Robbie Lyle? Bring Don Robbie back

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago

    Watford fan but respect to Robbie, great bloke

  • Pa Musa Ngom
    Pa Musa Ngom 2 months ago

    Much respect to both of you

  • Anonymous 7
    Anonymous 7 4 months ago +1


  • Kenny Lees
    Kenny Lees 4 months ago

    Nice guy met him my son was mascot at Walsall his brother nice guy to met him play for Worcester he big guy to .they both been in bit bother Elliot played with a tag on .at least Troy mentioned Walsall other ex player's never mentioned us .

  • Delboy Silva
    Delboy Silva 5 months ago

    Deeney bluenose cunt

  • og87
    og87 7 months ago

    Can't cut out milk. It's my vice

  • Aminoor 49
    Aminoor 49 8 months ago

    Robbie the queen

  • wayupn
    wayupn 8 months ago

    no wonder he was calling for Arsenal to have more balls, the guy's a cunt!

    TOMMY C 8 months ago

    Respect to Troy. Normal bloke respecting the normal fan.

    • TOMMY C
      TOMMY C 8 months ago

      Ps Robbie you’re a natural!

  • kenneth David
    kenneth David 8 months ago

    "When am good am good when am bad am still good "
    Nice one Troy

  • 14UnDeAd14
    14UnDeAd14 8 months ago

    I pretty humble guy. I have my opinion changed for now on you Troy !

  • King Drazhar
    King Drazhar 8 months ago

    What a boss, I'm an arsenal fan.. but I got a lot of time for Troy.

  • Manuel Semente
    Manuel Semente 8 months ago

    hate this dude

  • Samuel Stanley
    Samuel Stanley 8 months ago

    gotta love Troy - Arsenal fan

  • Bookem Danno
    Bookem Danno 8 months ago +1

    As loathed as he often is by us Gooners, he spoke the truth, and I respect him for it. Great interview, Robbie! Keep being real, Troy. Fans of every team appreciate it!

  • Jake Harrington
    Jake Harrington 8 months ago

    My mate played against Deeney was Troy was in jail he said nobody could get near him he was levels above good job Watford stood by he’s been a baller for them

  • Adrian Jacobs
    Adrian Jacobs 8 months ago

    Real dude Troy very humble and is taking his socond chance.

  • Ike Afiari
    Ike Afiari 8 months ago

    That was a really good interview, and thanks for the tip Troy and trying to loss some pounds here.

  • DeepVoice Gad
    DeepVoice Gad 8 months ago

    always liked and respected man like troy deeney.
    a genuine one.

  • Ozzie AG
    Ozzie AG 8 months ago


  • Krishan Pandya
    Krishan Pandya 8 months ago

    Troy Deeney, excellent grounded interview, wish more players were like yourself...

  • Darryl Kemp
    Darryl Kemp 8 months ago

    Why does the top of Robbies head look like it's been flattened?

  • ahhmeeman
    ahhmeeman 8 months ago


  • Brian Lessly
    Brian Lessly 8 months ago +1

    I see Troy, I hear echos of "cojones" over n over.....I forgive you.

  • Gunner4Life
    Gunner4Life 8 months ago

    Does Robbie work for Channel 4? weh, he is so employable.

  • รุ่น ก่อน


  • Dial Square
    Dial Square 8 months ago

    Fabianski makes a double save from Knockaert! Watford counter attack; DEANEY!!!!!!

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D 8 months ago

    robbie is good on his own, but some of them muppet, celeb wannabees,, ruin it

  • Charlie Peters
    Charlie Peters 8 months ago

    Well done for sticking by your club Robbie some geezer talk shit about us and you think of the money once again, tell ya one thing stop this hate getting spread about Ramsey he’s one of our longest serving players we have left now! Makes me sick how wankers like dt are turning on all our homegrown players let alone the manager

  • Jerome Mcdee
    Jerome Mcdee 8 months ago

    Troy’s forehead is fucked. Looks like he’s been branded with a swarsticka

  • banares hussain
    banares hussain 8 months ago

    Mustafi had Troy Deeney in his pocket all game yesterday it was embarrassing to watch 😂😂😂

  • Akash Babu
    Akash Babu 8 months ago

    Massive respect what a guy...hats off troy deeney

  • TJ17
    TJ17 8 months ago +1

    butters asf

  • Kenyan Blood
    Kenyan Blood 8 months ago

    That Logo on Deeney's forehead is familiar

  • traida111
    traida111 8 months ago

    he's alrite aint he

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 8 months ago

    Troy Deeney is a Premier League legend. Brilliant player.

  • MrJourney2anywhere
    MrJourney2anywhere 8 months ago

    What a cool guy... Nice interview

  • Ilija Stojanovski
    Ilija Stojanovski 8 months ago

    Isn't legend passed tense ?

  • Block4Gooner
    Block4Gooner 8 months ago

    got more respect for Deeney after seeing this. And that's from a gooner!

  • Dhruv Mishra
    Dhruv Mishra 8 months ago

    arsenal legend with a watford fan

  • chris Izuchukwu
    chris Izuchukwu 8 months ago

    Troy is the man.....great bloke.

  • Red Til I’m Dead
    Red Til I’m Dead 8 months ago

    I've got a lot of respect for Troy, as he's a bad boy come good. I mean he's been to Prison and done his time, now he's learned from his mistakes and totally turned his life around. I'll also add that he's a decent tidy player who definitely should be in the England squad, as he has some strong traits to his game.

  • Flow 1989
    Flow 1989 8 months ago

    Troy is full of Bad mind

  • Tesfalem M. Dalu
    Tesfalem M. Dalu 8 months ago

    Big up man Dem ... Deeney ... A gooner

  • jeff griffin
    jeff griffin 8 months ago

    He will get banter at weekend but he were rite the gooner ad no bollox under wenger. good luck to him after the weekend.

  • lanre babarinde
    lanre babarinde 8 months ago

    cajones! lol

  • Chucky Childs play
    Chucky Childs play 8 months ago +1

    Proper nice bloke troy but u got no cajonas hahaha

  • ЦрногорацЛуди

    DEENEY needs to play for england!

  • Xcraigy85X
    Xcraigy85X 8 months ago

    Top man Troy deeney is, on the pitch it’s all business, can’t hate him for that... he’s bullied our defenders a lot over the years but at least we got sokratis who is looking a top defender now, and he’s very aggressive and physical, hoping he puts it on deeney if he’s fit 😊

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV
    Lord Claude GoonerTV 8 months ago

    My TY tells me that troy deeney aka Watford legends, is not worthy to lace the boots of the Arsenal incincibles

  • Jermaine Headley
    Jermaine Headley 8 months ago

    Big up yu self Troy real g

  • ShadowAussie101
    ShadowAussie101 8 months ago

    ask him will arsenal have the cojones to be watford this season

  • salemdxb
    salemdxb 8 months ago

    Robbie can only use iphone x max with those fingers

  • gingergreek
    gingergreek 8 months ago

    Class act, always!

  • Goose
    Goose 8 months ago

    man like troy deeney

  • vishagan sheagar
    vishagan sheagar 8 months ago

    damn this guy can be the people's champ

  • Herbert Chapman AFC
    Herbert Chapman AFC 8 months ago

    will boo you to F on saturday

  • shellsbignumber2
    shellsbignumber2 8 months ago

    The day Troy got to meet Robbie.

  • kay wise
    kay wise 8 months ago

    Respect troy from a arsenal fan your a up standing man

  • obi108
    obi108 8 months ago

    Hats off to Troy used think he was a prick but seems proper down to earth kool dude!!

  • Ice Jay
    Ice Jay 8 months ago

    Robbie I never knew you had Jamaican connection.

  • Mr Reality
    Mr Reality 8 months ago

    Robbies not serious about this diet ting, c'mon robbie i see a super model in you.

  • Aza Penberfier
    Aza Penberfier 8 months ago

    Arsenal fan here - have to day every respect to Troy, probably one of the most humble and down to earth footballers in the Prem, if not further out! Can't hate him for throwing shade at Arsenal in the past, especially when it was so deserved and true!

  • Dj iBreeze
    Dj iBreeze 8 months ago

    Kool guy

  • nightfall
    nightfall 8 months ago

    great lad

  • Marcin Palyska
    Marcin Palyska 8 months ago

    Great host, Robbie deserves all the success.

  • Gooner ForLife
    Gooner ForLife 8 months ago +23

    Nice for Robbie to interview Troy in his back yard

  • Muhammad Abdullahi
    Muhammad Abdullahi 8 months ago


  • dwan cousins
    dwan cousins 8 months ago

    troy,come play for jamaica mon

  • Faisal
    Faisal 8 months ago

    Humble guy ❤️

  • Mark almond
    Mark almond 8 months ago

    Robbie out aftv out

  • Ben Pantera
    Ben Pantera 8 months ago

    He is second english player i love after milner. I know he is not wirld beater but his characters and insight probally my favourite.

  • Nick Donnelly
    Nick Donnelly 8 months ago

    Take the tea bag out ARE YOU A SAVAGE?
    Oh it's green tea...

  • Nick Donnelly
    Nick Donnelly 8 months ago

    Someone mention Cajones.
    Good lad though to be fair.

  • MegaHertz
    MegaHertz 8 months ago +1

    Troy's like when one of your mates plays pro football

  • Justin De Vito
    Justin De Vito 8 months ago

    Robbie is almost a pioneer

  • Callum Lawlor
    Callum Lawlor 8 months ago

    Some say Robbie is troys new agent

  • paul Mccullough
    paul Mccullough 8 months ago

    after the Kahunas comments he made i couldnt stand this guy..change of opinion big time.seems like a real genuine down to earth guy.great interview..

  • William Boyle
    William Boyle 8 months ago

    Troy Deeney looks like a pug. I'll just leave that here for you all to enjoy.

    • Gaffer
      Gaffer 8 months ago

      William Boyle dead 💀

  • Prasoon Manandhar
    Prasoon Manandhar 8 months ago

    Top lad TROY! I want him at arsenal for a year or so

  • Chef da cpfc
    Chef da cpfc 8 months ago +2

    I hate it when he is playing against us but top bloke.

  • Martin Foster
    Martin Foster 8 months ago +1

    Robbie slyly rocking the Patek Phillipe......`

  • brian orina okeyo
    brian orina okeyo 8 months ago

    Deeney is a stand up guy. I think the banter we, Arsenal fans, have with him and the way he took stick from us and embraced it, made us appreciate him. Hope they finish above Man Useless.

  • amstrong
    amstrong 8 months ago

    I love this guy. Down to earth and humble. Should have been at the world cup compared to vardy and Harry karry

  • Neddie2k
    Neddie2k 8 months ago

    Robbie, expected you to find out what he thinks about Arsenal without Winger.

  • Simon Hobden
    Simon Hobden 8 months ago

    Robbie got that whale on the back of his head again...

  • TheJaats007
    TheJaats007 8 months ago

    awesome guy..!!

  • Robert Robert
    Robert Robert 8 months ago

    2 nice guys

  • Mats Karlsson
    Mats Karlsson 8 months ago

    Troy seem to be a nice guy to hang out with

  • Prabhat Timilsina
    Prabhat Timilsina 8 months ago

    He looks like Kizaru !!!

  • Ballar_m
    Ballar_m 8 months ago

    Loved this... Great job Robbie!

  • Laidback Lifestyle
    Laidback Lifestyle 8 months ago

    Fucking love this guy. Arsenal fan here🙌🏾

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M 8 months ago +1

    Respects to Mr Deeney.

  • Mike Chiu
    Mike Chiu 8 months ago

    First thing he says - "just a normal person who happens to play football." DEFINITION of humility. Absolutely wrong, though, he is definitely a legend!

  • Julian Israel
    Julian Israel 8 months ago

    troy is bare safe

  • Jerome S
    Jerome S 8 months ago

    Such a gent, but troy u realy passing up the oxtail man.

  • god time
    god time 8 months ago

    is this the troy deeney chap that said something about arsenal few years back and your robbie your interviewing him RAHHHHHHH

  • Lukas Kudrynski
    Lukas Kudrynski 8 months ago

    Great interview Rob. Troy's such a top bloke. No bs, down to earth nice guy