Crazy Haunted House!! | Lele Pons

  • Published on Nov 2, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  2 months ago +2639

    Don't forget to LIKE the video!!!!

    • Ajay Harrar
      Ajay Harrar 3 days ago


    • Layla Monaghan
      Layla Monaghan 7 days ago

      Already did

    • Salam Ismail
      Salam Ismail 12 days ago

      I luv u so much lele i will for sure like ang subscribe and turn on all notifications❤❤😀

    • Kushal Bissessur
      Kushal Bissessur 18 days ago

      Lele you are so funny , LOVE YOU, Please do more funny videos again WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Atharv Pathak
      Atharv Pathak 21 day ago

      I like everything you do!

  • Willy JayLi
    Willy JayLi 5 hours ago

    Lele can you continue this story

  • Raymundo Juachi
    Raymundo Juachi 6 hours ago

    Are you guys with direct tv 😂

  • mocey
    mocey 11 hours ago

    2:44 someone is chillin😂

  • Itz Gacha_ Cookie
    Itz Gacha_ Cookie 20 hours ago

    3:05 String :3

  • Grand theft auto drifter and streamer

    We all see the strings on chicly

  • Byron Burrero
    Byron Burrero Day ago

    Lele te amo

  • Persephone Cook
    Persephone Cook Day ago

    How do you wake up dead if your dead

  • Jamal Muhumed
    Jamal Muhumed Day ago

    Yo those three girls are frickin scary 😱

  • Jamal Muhumed
    Jamal Muhumed Day ago

    Yo that crazy girl was freaking scary and they woke up dead what the fuck!

  • Jack McManus
    Jack McManus Day ago

    Did you see the strings on the chucky doll ?? Like if you did

  • Alexis Thomas
    Alexis Thomas 2 days ago +1

    I have a chucky and tiffiny doll

  • Angelina Tau
    Angelina Tau 3 days ago +2

    When you saw the string for the doll 😂😂♥️🤦‍♀️

  • Camboy Head
    Camboy Head 3 days ago +1

    Who else noticed that Peterson and Taylor are waring different clothes

  • Trina Farley
    Trina Farley 3 days ago

    I saw the string on chucky just to let u know (:

  • Kennadie Blumenthal
    Kennadie Blumenthal 3 days ago

    Is that brook drone Jessie

  • Milan Thapa
    Milan Thapa 4 days ago +1

    I can see the string of that ghost doll

  • Abigail Norris
    Abigail Norris 4 days ago

    You just leave your friends alone but your still one of the greatis TheXvider ever

  • Amirali Heidari
    Amirali Heidari 4 days ago

    Come here after a year! Still the same nonsense sh...

  • Alya Maral
    Alya Maral 4 days ago

    i'm sorry but how did they wake up dead?

  • net flix
    net flix 4 days ago +1

    Woke up dead ! Adam was really scared😂

  • John Miller
    John Miller 4 days ago

    Ohhhh!! 👌 ok. This was supposed to be comedy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ok you are funny I thought this was a serious video

  • Come get some Nay
    Come get some Nay 4 days ago

    0:26. You can’t wake up dead if your dead

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 5 days ago

    "ArE YOu GuYs WIth DiRcEt Tv"😭😭😭

  • Sally Brannigan
    Sally Brannigan 5 days ago

    just wakes up dead

  • Brayan Veloz
    Brayan Veloz 5 days ago

    I saw strings on chucky

  • Francis Tamba
    Francis Tamba 5 days ago

    He said I'm not scared across the street. That was really awesome.

  • matt
    matt 5 days ago

    I would never wish death upon someone, but can't Lele like, go into a coma for 2020 just so we can have a break from her for a little while?

  • Sapphire Ingram
    Sapphire Ingram 6 days ago

    We see the string were not dume it is on Chucky lol

  • Rosalie Salgado
    Rosalie Salgado 6 days ago

    2:28 how do u wake up but you are dead???

  • Selena Elliott
    Selena Elliott 6 days ago

    Isn't that brooks from jessie???

  • Sadie Ceni
    Sadie Ceni 7 days ago

    “Are you guys with direct tv?” I’m dying

  • mai thao
    mai thao 7 days ago


  • Nataleigh Ford
    Nataleigh Ford 7 days ago

    They all woke up dead 💀

  • Noarh نوره
    Noarh نوره 7 days ago

    انا احبك ليلي ❤️❤️

  • Ajna Sutkovic
    Ajna Sutkovic 7 days ago +1

    Adam's face in start😂😂

  • Cassey M
    Cassey M 8 days ago

    "They all woke up dead"😂😂😂

  • 子灯
    子灯 8 days ago

    So their friends actually dead and chase them out of the house to safe them?

  • CanOfBeanz690
    CanOfBeanz690 9 days ago

    Hmmm... I can't seem to find the funny.

  • little gacha_girl
    little gacha_girl 9 days ago +1


    Ya totally did not see strings on chunky

    Ya it's like u can wake up dead

  • avocado
    avocado 9 days ago +1

    "they all woke up dead''

    Guys chill
    every single comment is about it.
    IT WAS A *J O K E*

  • ・w ø ł f ÿ Ç h ä ñ ・


  • Sueli Vieira
    Sueli Vieira 10 days ago

    Olá sou do Brasil mais amo seus vídeos Lele

  • Rafe Jordan
    Rafe Jordan 11 days ago

    How'd they wake up if they were dead

  • Monica Manzanares
    Monica Manzanares 11 days ago +1

    Lol i seen the string holdin chuky

  • AMV ADDICTS last stand


  • Philippine Adventurer
    Philippine Adventurer 12 days ago +1

    1:55 thnk me later

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown 12 days ago

    How do u wake up dead

  • Tyreede Togistu
    Tyreede Togistu 12 days ago

    3:19 and he did it again but he dabed

  • Tyreede Togistu
    Tyreede Togistu 12 days ago

    3:13 My Maj Adam jibaited 5 times leshgo

  • Sammi Bradley
    Sammi Bradley 12 days ago

    Anyone notice how the guy stared in to your soul

  • Stoopid Kids123
    Stoopid Kids123 12 days ago +2

    I’m still watching in 2020 are you?
    But he said they woke up dead like if they are dead how did they wake up😂

  • Angie Santana
    Angie Santana 12 days ago

    Who else saw the strings on Chucky

  • Leon Tacher
    Leon Tacher 12 days ago

    I saw the string on chuky

  • Divi Vaa
    Divi Vaa 12 days ago

    ahhahah i find it really funny when i see Adam reacts to stuff hahaha facial reaction is really funny ...

  • キナシーAnime fan
    キナシーAnime fan 12 days ago +1

    There was a family in this house and they wwoke up dead

  • Sabian Azrean
    Sabian Azrean 12 days ago

    Who saw the string attached to the doll

  • brys king
    brys king 13 days ago

    Are you guys with Direct tv😂😂

  • Karlee Harbour
    Karlee Harbour 13 days ago +10

    People be like “how can you wake up when your dead?” It’s supposed to be funny that’s the point

  • gamez 4ever
    gamez 4ever 13 days ago

    how kud you wake up dead