Dana White "not interested" in Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz rematch | UFC 244 post fight presser

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
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  • jesus Guerra
    jesus Guerra 8 days ago

    Hahaha dana is fucked up sippin on alcohol

  • TejanoJ DC
    TejanoJ DC 21 day ago

    F...ufc man! Dana a true peice of shit for a human man! In the same sentence he seems to talk nice aboit nate but its blantly obvous he dont like diaz brothers.almost feels rascist to an extent.he is scared of blacks cause he lets jhon jones compete after not multiple but AAALOT of drug fails but nick smokes weed which is legal anf its not a enhance drug its a chill state drug.and he gets banned. gtfooh with that childesh sh....conner comes in and he got beat and gave him the rematch real fast.i dont care what people thunk about rascim but its here we just have to wipe it off are shoulders .he was proud of hie white boy winning then talks about boxing and lets him go to fight mayweather...he is proud diaz got beat and he will leave him there...he knows who he wants and needs to take care of...

  • maui wowi J.M.A.R
    maui wowi J.M.A.R 22 days ago

    This fooh hates on the Diaz brothers but like the money he generates from them.

  • Harchit Sanan
    Harchit Sanan 23 days ago

    Respect for Dana from India🇮🇳

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia 27 days ago

    Still to this exact moment I am trying to figure out why in the hell would anyone name their little boy Dana lmaooo....#good weed

  • jason bailey
    jason bailey 29 days ago

    Snake recognize snake

  • George James
    George James Month ago

    Dana White r u fuking serious this guy is super retarded." This is the fuking Fight game 2 of the biggest names in the UFC.!!! Diaz brothers r real fuking fighters and have been elite for a while. And Dana never was able to promote Nick and even Nate has had a long career. But as soon as Connor the leprechaun comes in with his fake ass personality. And all of a sudden Wow he had the UFC by the balls. Man GTFOH now Jorge Masvidal comes out of no where. Funny thing with Jorge he has been fighting just as long as the Diaz brothers. Do we see or smell the 💩 just yet.??? Dana is becoming more of a scum bag.

  • Oua H8ter
    Oua H8ter Month ago

    If it was danas bum buddy connor.. he would get a rematch.. total b.s. give nate that rematch.. nate deserves it..

  • Saidov Saidov
    Saidov Saidov Month ago

    Stipe Miocic - Jon Jones

  • MinoritiesRlazy
    MinoritiesRlazy Month ago

    Nate got his asswhipped. I love Nate and his bro but even he said he got his ass whipped. Ain’t nothin to be ashamed about

  • charlie garcia
    charlie garcia Month ago

    UFC is getting better and better every year, press conference as well

  • pawned pawned
    pawned pawned Month ago

    All you New comers to the sport listen up.dana is a snake oil sells man.is funny I love the UFC but hate Dana this guy is a walking contradiction lol listen you want to do boxing events coming from the UFC then criticize oscar for doing UFC fights?get the fuck outta here Dana

  • Orlando
    Orlando Month ago

    BULLSHIT!!! This money-hungry hypocrite Dana White is selling smoke, he says he's not interested in a rematch but that is just to get the fans going and of course, Dana is NOT going to let another sell out pass him by.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui Month ago

    never seen the egg this happy

  • Russ King
    Russ King Month ago

    Dana, "Fucking Wow"!!!....It's because of Diaz the so called president of the United States was there!!!! I don't know how you can't see that??!Let them do a Rematch for shit sakes! It will be Great for the FANS and especially great for the UFC!

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty Month ago

      The man said “he’s not interested” who cares ?! You guys go make the rematch at Bellator

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty Month ago

    Its 2019, and calling somebody weird is still one of the best insults around.

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui Month ago

      idea what this 5th round turn up shit is with Nate go back and look at his records. Quit repeating what other people say. Don’t even have a 5th round win.

  • DeinOnkel92
    DeinOnkel92 Month ago

    Fuck u Dana we wanna see a rematch

  • Xiaxci
    Xiaxci Month ago

    this shit reminds me of Connor and Nate. where Connor dominated early rounds. then Nate turned the tables and just made Connor his Wife.

  • Sebastian Poveda
    Sebastian Poveda Month ago

    Fuck Dana white fucking shit face Viva dias is the best that's why this mother fucker does not let him do the rematch fucking payed the doctor to stop the fight

  • Kesh Khooblall
    Kesh Khooblall Month ago

    Rematch with Stephen Thompson

  • kawa hamdi
    kawa hamdi Month ago

    Ariel Helwani... jewish instigation at its best lol

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson Month ago

    Dana you don't like Nate or nick just be fucking honest smgdh

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Month ago

      BMF bealt is all Nate Diaz, his the one that created it. UFC needs to pay him for this beautiful creation. Thank you Nate Diaz! Dont act dumb Dana white.

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G Month ago

    Dana white I used to have respect for but he tries to dawg Nate... dude the fight was that big BECAUSE OF NATE DUMMMY

  • scgamerd
    scgamerd Month ago

    The media does a good job of telling us that average American hates Donald Trump. But it’s actually the opposite. The way UFC fans reacted to Trump is a testament to that he’s liked and well received by majority.

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei Month ago

    Surely the bonuses should be more than $50k by now, they have been the same for like 10 years.

    ROMER Month ago

    Fuck Chump. And all the haters this comment is about to generate.

  • Beatle Juice
    Beatle Juice Month ago

    Dana white is a piece of shit lmao, he doesn’t care about a rematch he made his money ,
    He talks shit on de la Hoya when he’s just as bad , Dana white is only super rich cuz he pays his fighters close to nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Why would he give a shit about any fights 😂
    He’s pretty much a fat king watching his pawns get fucked over as he laughs on his throne

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei Month ago

      The fight with Floyd was a disgrace. If you don’t agree Dana, you’re a frickin moron. It was such a made up show it wasn’t funny. Dick!

  • Lawrence Reynolds
    Lawrence Reynolds Month ago

    Dana is all talk. De La Hoya will kill him. When you have body guards your the toughest guy in the room.

  • paul broussard
    paul broussard Month ago +1

    Nate already knew Dana would backstab him and he was correct, Dana is one not to be trusted, just like Cyborg rematch against Nunes, he's a crooked guy

  • kayrie Vie
    kayrie Vie Month ago

    The man said “he’s not interested” who cares ?! You guys go make the rematch at Bellator

  • Mean Joe
    Mean Joe Month ago

    Diaz has never been a champion. He’s tough as nails I get it, but on a scale of ten he’s a nine and other nines who are on their way to becoming tens use Nate. That doesn’t make him a champion. That makes him almost good enough but not quite. Also I’ve seen him cling to people who were beating his ass and manage a chokehold but I have no idea what this 5th round turn up shit is with Nate go back and look at his records. Quit repeating what other people say. Don’t even have a 5th round win.

  • glen glen
    glen glen Month ago

    Nate hasn't been paid enough for these fights he should retire until dana gives him what he deserves

  • Hot wheels Mustang
    Hot wheels Mustang Month ago

    Trump and Dana 2020!

    MARTINLOCZ Month ago

    Fucken Diaz Bros made the UFC worth watching for me 💯.

  • Diddy
    Diddy Month ago

    I'm a Diaz fan but dude got fucking smoked.His ground game has always been up but on his feet?His hands ain't matched jorge simple

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Month ago

    Bmf. Not right away. But come on. Pettis cut him. 9 weeks ago

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Month ago

    6.6 million. Did you thank nate

  • Little Mexico Taco Bars

    BMF bealt is all Nate Diaz, his the one that created it. UFC needs to pay him for this beautiful creation. Thank you Nate Diaz! Dont act dumb Dana white.

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir Month ago

    Nate needs that rematch. Everybody know he cuts like that. Should of kept going

  • RagBoyz RBS
    RagBoyz RBS Month ago

    Fuck Dana White real Bitch ass . Eddie Hearn needs to come to ufc Diaz all day

  • Wtf Zo
    Wtf Zo Month ago

    Fck u Dana!

  • Blaize
    Blaize Month ago

    Who is Dana white talking about? Saying he’s a disgrace to the sport

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Month ago

      Dana White is strictly a businessman

  • Jim Zuno
    Jim Zuno Month ago

    The fight with Floyd was a disgrace. If you don’t agree Dana, you’re a frickin moron. It was such a made up show it wasn’t funny. Dick!

  • Rene Martinez
    Rene Martinez Month ago

    Is he drinking vodka?lol

  • Buns Loco
    Buns Loco Month ago

    I’m not either. Don’t think any real MMA fans are. Don’t think we were much interested in the first place. About as predictable of an outcome as possible. What Diaz fight is everyone referring to where he took the kind of devastating ass whooping he did against Masvidal for 3 straight rounds and then came roaring back in the 4th and the 5th for a Rocky-esque comeback? 🤔 In 21 career victories, who has Diaz beat in the top 10? McGregor (a blown-up 45er, who technically was never ranked at the weight they fought at), Cowboy, and maybe Maynard? Nate Diaz is a complete hype job. His brother is too. 2 of the most overrated martial artist in history. Look, I get it. For a lot of ppl, they are very like able. I personally don’t see what is so engaging about a couple of fucking crybabies who say motherfucker like my 5 year old. But, that’s beyond the point. Nate Diaz sucks. You guys are smoking dick if you think anything happens in a rematch except the same exact thing or worse. Get real. Nate Diaz is slow, uncoordinated, zero leg activity, can’t kick/can’t defend kicks, zero wrestling ability, highly overrated boxing that pretty much features a half decent straight left with exceptional reach, he’s pretty good in the clinch I’ll give him that but all in all, by historical standards, a pretty average fighter. I mean, he’s 15-10 in the UFC for Christ’s sake lol

    EDIT: He beat Michael Johnson who was top 10, maybe even top 5 at the time. So, 3 maybe 4 top 10 wins in his entire career. Come on.

  • Seahawks Fan
    Seahawks Fan Month ago

    Dana is a d bag

  • Gypsi Payne
    Gypsi Payne Month ago

    How can the Baddest MotherFucker title be stopped for a cut. And Nate Diaz is the reason that Trump stupid ass was there that your gate was as high as it was. Are you crazy Mr. White??Nate Diaz is the most popular fighter you have not Kevin Lee not Jorge. UFC is trying to fuck Nate just like you did with Cyborg. And of course you are a Trump supporter most rich asshole are that’s not something to brag about and the crowd was Booing there ass off when he came in. The BMF should be a no holds bar fight that can’t be stopped for no reason .

  • Kyle brewer
    Kyle brewer Month ago

    Yea and all this was because of Nate you fat white cunt. He better get that rematch. Fuck this cunts a prick treats his top dudes like shit.

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez Month ago

    🤔Whats going on in Vegas on the 14th😳

  • Len Dog
    Len Dog Month ago

    Trump is the goat! Fucking gangsta ...

  • chay Stewart
    chay Stewart Month ago

    I’ve been a fan of Nate and nick for over ten years and I still say fuck the rematch Jorge dominated that fight and nothing was gonna change.

  • Badmofo! ramon
    Badmofo! ramon Month ago

    Dana mob ties. Any questions. Understand he's a puppet. And yes mob still exists. Money fronted from somewhere. Hands shook means sleep with one eye open.

  • Steven Stack
    Steven Stack Month ago

    Is this event gonna be on sometime for us lowly working stiff that dosent have time to sit down and order it on PPV??

  • Swimbait1
    Swimbait1 Month ago +1

    I had never heard of masvidal until this fight. I have followed Nate for a decade. Nate pretty much introduced masvidal

  • Swimbait1
    Swimbait1 Month ago +1

    Dana would make a good politician, slimy.

  • Eduardo Castrejon
    Eduardo Castrejon Month ago

    Fuck trump !

  • Jesse Loper
    Jesse Loper Month ago

    Dana White is strictly a businessman

  • Tomas Denis
    Tomas Denis Month ago


  • Tava 78
    Tava 78 Month ago

    Fuck the president and fuck you too Dana, you both are clowns, rich because both of you fukin clowns take advantage of people.

    BIG DUTTY. Month ago

    How can you not be interested given how it ended? Diaz always gets a raw deal man