Why Nuclear Fusion Really is Coming Soon

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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Comments • 7 855

  • Jason Welch
    Jason Welch 6 hours ago

    Everyone says that there's no nuclear waste, but what about the materials that break down over time within the reactor that need to be replaced.. wouldn't they have became highly irradiated?

  • Paul Lacroix
    Paul Lacroix 11 hours ago

    Loose the mustache

  • BigFatBoi
    BigFatBoi 12 hours ago

    Big oil flashbacks

  • jaketjriley
    jaketjriley 15 hours ago

    Brilliant video loved it๐Ÿ˜Š. what's that song called in the background 12 min 45 secs in lol?

  • Joel W
    Joel W 23 hours ago

    Another shilly fuck channel....the only ones with incentive to run a Demonitized channels are the DEMONIZED THEMSELVES

  • Gary Z
    Gary Z Day ago +1

    If we made fusion reactors how would they create electricity? would they power steam turbines?

    • sblcmcd
      sblcmcd 2 hours ago

      @Gary Z there are other gases that can be used and the most efficient depends on the temperature of the primary coolant loop (amongst other things) but yeah it's still moving a magnet through a coil in the end.

    • Gary Z
      Gary Z 2 hours ago

      @sblcmcd I see. Thanks! Seems strange to me that we're using beyond state of the art tech to boil water. There's got to be a better way to create power.

    • Gary Z
      Gary Z 2 hours ago

      @BeSo Official Music Thanks!

    • sblcmcd
      sblcmcd 19 hours ago

      Yes. They'll have some lithium compound based blanket to absorb neutrons. This absorption generates tritium (which is fed back into the reactor) and heat which is used to boil water.

    • BeSo Official Music
      BeSo Official Music 20 hours ago +1

      I guess they will, considering it's all about the heat and pressure

  • Jared Prince
    Jared Prince Day ago

    @Mark Harder
    The tokamak reactor is fiction. If it were a reactor it would produce energy. All it does is contain plasma. Containing plasma is not producing energy. Enjoy your fantasy.
    Edit: energy input exceeding (or equalling) energy output is not producing energy. "As of 2019, JET remains the record holder for fusion output, reaching 16 MW of output for 24 MW of input power."

    • sblcmcd
      sblcmcd 2 hours ago

      @Jared Prince JET got to 67% power gain, ITER has been designed to get to 500-1000%. No other fusion reactor has been built with the goal of producing net fusion power - to claim tokamaks have failed because they haven't done what they were never designed to do is ridiculous. ITER is designed to be the first to prove net power generation is possible.

    • Jared Prince
      Jared Prince 9 hours ago

      @sblcmcd It is a success if its intent is to prove sustainable fusion energy from a device on earth is a fantasy. Otherwise, it's a resounding failure.

    • sblcmcd
      sblcmcd 19 hours ago

      This is what ITER is being build to prove.

  • Jai Parker
    Jai Parker Day ago

    Another 18 months and it'll be here! Energy too cheap to meter. Just suck it up and eat coal for breakfast for another 18 months!

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose Day ago

    Total BS on g warming

  • Matt Cero
    Matt Cero Day ago

    Global warming is an emotional hijack hoax.

  • 717jeezy
    717jeezy Day ago


  • Paul Forster
    Paul Forster Day ago

    Anybody else considering Robert Bussard's 'Wiffle-ball'? re 'Should Google Go Nuclear' video, which also benefits from little/no residual radioactive by-products.
    Or Robert Murray Smith's 'Desktop Fusion Reactor'?
    Just like Fission reactors do not HAVE to start with Plutonium/Uranium (Re Thorium), there are many other ways of tackling 'fusion' and it doesn't just have to be Hydrogen/Deuterium, have a look at Lithium and other moderated light nuclei fusion pathways, in most cases the 'temperature' does not have to be so high because the momentum/KE of the particles is high enough at lower temperatures and/or the collisions with heavier nuclei boost enough of the lighter particles into higher velocities that they will fuse. Its just a matter of ratios and statistical distribution within the reactants not just overall temperature/energy and most energy out per unit reactant. Even if the reaction is less 'efficient' than H-H or H-D fusion, if it is easier to run and obtain then it is a viable method. Academically H-H fusion is 'neat', but business and economics could mean other methods is more applicable at this time. Coal powered. gas powered, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar; all have pros and cons but the end result is usable power out. Nuff said.

  • Joe American
    Joe American 2 days ago

    Thank you, well done.

  • Saladifier
    Saladifier 2 days ago +1

    you know what would be cool, since nasa used large computers when they went to the moon in the 60s and our phones are more powerful than those computers, imagine in the 2060s, the first fusion engines, then in the 2110's having much much smaller fusion engines, like even inside of a phone. Just a thought.

  • Matthew Curiel
    Matthew Curiel 2 days ago

    So idk if this may make sense even ... but would nuclear fusion be bad if the magnitude of the energy from the fusion is high enough and within earths atmosphere.
    The way i see it, its like having a miniature sun on earth as said in the video ... i feel like there would be some bad about that although ideally it has a lot of pros if that has to do with source of energy that will allow a lot of energy means to be more economically feasable and abundant. Because now we wont have to opt for a lot of nuclear fission methods for energy. And can stop utilizing a lot of renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy.
    The bad i fear has to do with having "sun like" energy sources within earths atmosphere possibly making the ozone worse in some way or having the magnitude of the energy dispersed around the world, around earths core, would catalize something weird i have no clue about. Like things like the sun or earth or other planets have a gravitational pull on things of lesser mass and stuff.
    As i said i may have the wrong idea entirely because i know nothing in regards to this. I just want to know if anyone who understands could give insight. And to see maybe if i were on the right track but to know how those things could or couldnt happen. Doesnt matter if im right on one thing or wrong on another im just curious is all.

  • Arthur O'Duffy
    Arthur O'Duffy 2 days ago

    Tesla came up with technology to electrical power the World for nothing The people who had the financial power did not want his technology to be adopted because they couldn't make money off of it. Scarcity drives economics.

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    4:18 punch line HAHA ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ†

  • Leo Zachary
    Leo Zachary 2 days ago

    At 2:53 I wonder if you really meant power "MW" instead of energy (MWh for example) when comparing a finite amount of fuel would yield, (half a gram) without mentioning the time to "burn" it?

  • John Kramer
    John Kramer 2 days ago


  • ninjazombie221
    ninjazombie221 2 days ago +1

    Mustache is cringe worthy man

  • d3m3n70r
    d3m3n70r 2 days ago

    The year 2225 isn't soon.

  • Jared Prince
    Jared Prince 2 days ago

    Imagine losing containment on a fusion reactor. Superheated plasma would be ejected with incredible pressure, at high velocity, burning everything in its path. It could create a heat wave of destruction spreading both vertically and horizontally for miles. It may not produce the fission waste products of nuclear energy but that doesn't translate to fusion energy being safer than fission energy. If we were to have a fusion energy regulatory commission as ineffective as the NRC, disaster would be imminent. Fortunately, the fusion reactor now in use is 93 million miles from us. Let's keep fusion energy far away.

  • csandlin
    csandlin 3 days ago +1

    Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak atoms stronger

  • BluntriX
    BluntriX 3 days ago +1

    Yeah, but how do we harness the power of the stache?

  • martel hinds
    martel hinds 3 days ago

    My idea to try to stabilize the fusion would be to try to put different types of magnetic liquid metals within the water so that the water can be directed and controlled however the metals themself might destabilize the fusion however I believe that if we persevered with this approach we might eventually find the right metal and the right metal combination. The first place to look might be inside the core of the Earth for I am told that the core of our Earth is a liquid metallic core now if we could find out the combination of that metallic structure at our Earth's core and then used it to control the flow and direction of the water in the fusion or the fusion in the water we could then manipulate it by pulling about this way and that and directing it so that it had to sit over the heat and not bubble away so then it would reach the correct temperature and would not bubble away from the heat but would have to fuse then we might actually be getting somewhere.

  • Divine Dragoon
    Divine Dragoon 3 days ago

    The Jupiter Theft by Donald Moffitt already had this tech predicted in 1977. Boron Fission with Carbon Dioxide lasers.

  • ron fryslan
    ron fryslan 3 days ago

    nice if we have power but not trees, 95% of the earth has become desert, oceans made of plastic in combination with water. so in 2040 maybe we have energy but no oxygen or clean water. well done

  • Brian Shepherd
    Brian Shepherd 3 days ago

    5:42 ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • connor donohoe
    connor donohoe 4 days ago

    Whats the music at 12:54?

  • A Boy Plays
    A Boy Plays 4 days ago

    Thatโ€™s a sexy mustache DONT SHAVE IT!!!!

  • C Lance Frazier
    C Lance Frazier 4 days ago

    "Fanks fuh wotchin'..."

  • Douglas Beglin
    Douglas Beglin 4 days ago

    Only cops, porn stars, and pervs with windowless vans sport a flavor saver like that, man. Just a heads up, officer Chester Wadsworth.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road 4 days ago

    Nice to see some optimism for a change. I love dystopian sci fi as much as the next guy, but when I was growing up sci fi was a mix of light and dark. Lately it's just all dark. I have a theory that pessimism and self-loathing is bad for society, for nations, and for humanity in general, and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy at some point. Deep down inside, I still believe a Star Trek-ish future is possible, even if we have to go through a period of Blade Runner-ism before we get there.
    BTW, Arthur C. Clark, in his novel 3001, Final Odyssey, predicted a possible future such as the one described here, where fusion power results in nearly limitless energy availability, but causes a new problem: runaway heat pollution from all the waste heat generated by less-than-perfectly-efficient devices using that energy. Somehow humans found a solution to that, too.

    • Jared Prince
      Jared Prince 2 days ago

      Charlatans and hucksters tend to be very optimistic in their presentations.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road 4 days ago

    Canadians are building a steampunk fusion reactor. For some reason this makes me smile.

  • Zoti Rruges
    Zoti Rruges 4 days ago

    Tokamak reactors, maybe one day

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight 4 days ago +2

    wasted time and money , earth already provides 24/7 free energy but if you harness it which you can your be killed for it.

    • Cheeki Breeki
      Cheeki Breeki 2 days ago

      Explain? How does the planet earth provide this energy? And who will kill you?

  • Orions Descendent
    Orions Descendent 4 days ago

    Rocking the porn stash

  • Hen3kusman godsluck
    Hen3kusman godsluck 4 days ago

    is there air to feed ?the sun is licht,thats sits well mustache

  • GreenOil UK
    GreenOil UK 4 days ago

    So we might be able to reignite the sun like in that film.

  • Waylon Webbon
    Waylon Webbon 5 days ago

    Unrealistic presentation. There is a lot of radioactive material produced by the fusion process consisting primarily of irradiation of materials used to contain fusion. Pretty dirty and long lived as well. Thorium liquid reactor has all the same promises of unlimited energy and, when properly designed, will have less radioactive material byproducts AND BE COMPLETELY SAFE. Provides essentially unlimited cheap clean energy for thousands of years ... enough to extract CO2 from the atmosphere ... convert seawater to fresh water ... very little chance of making nuclear bomb from it ... coverts long lived waste materials to shorter lived isotopes solving the nuclear waste problem and avoids global warming in the process by extracting the atmospheric CO2. It IS available in 10 years. Reactor already built and proven in the NINETEEN sixties at Oak Ridge. This technology in the United States is simply stopped by the shortsightedness of our government and by our scientists misrepresenting the fusion potential. The engineering for operational fusion power production has not been done and is incredibly difficult. So unrealistic presentation illustrating the head in the sand stance of our government and scientists. I know all this and I'm not a nuclear scientist, just an engineer. Check it out here on TheXvid. It's all here. 10 years away, safe, clean, essentially unlimited. Can make safe Thorium reactors that will fit in a truck or, perhaps even power a house like a refrigerator or a manufacturing plant on Mars or the moon or a spaceship. BUT WE HAVE TO WORK ON IT. NOT STICK OUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND PRETEND FUSION WILL DO THE SAME. NO IT WON'T, NOT FOR MANY, MANY YEARS.

    Let me repeat for those whose heads are very deep in the sand .... WE HAVE TO WORK ON IT. NOT STICK OUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND PRETEND FUSION WILL DO THE SAME. NO IT WON'T, NOT FOR MANY, MANY YEARS.

  • Alan Land
    Alan Land 5 days ago

    Actually, the corona has been measured as the hottest place we have seen on the Sun. The surface is less than 5% of the corona temps, and the Sunspots, which are holes in the surface, give us an even cooler reading inside them. These readings alone suggest your "model" of the Sun is incorrect. For a laboratory environment that seems to more closely mimic the Sun, see SafireProject.com. This is the most recent plasma research going on.

  • Ben Braceletspurple
    Ben Braceletspurple 5 days ago +1

    Also, the truth of a meltdown is you still get nuclear fission from the ridiculous heat involved. Also you need water to use the heat you make and lose the extra heat.
    Spreading fission is more viable and must be used first.

  • Ben Braceletspurple
    Ben Braceletspurple 5 days ago

    Doc Oc. Time.

  • Jonah Innuksuk
    Jonah Innuksuk 5 days ago

    What I find very concerning about fusion technology is that it turns sea water into helium and puts no sea water back in return. Instead helium floats out of our atmosphere. You say we have enough sea water to power our planet for 2 billion years but I would imagine we'd start feeling the effects of depleted water far less time than that, perhaps in just a couple hundred million years our ecosystem would start changing. If we could at least turn helium back to it's original sea water than I wouldn't worry.

  • Walhalla Dome
    Walhalla Dome 5 days ago +1

    One of the best TheXvid channels, period! Thank you.

    • hash force
      hash force Day ago

      The Moustache is back . Ill go buy 1 this afternoon

  • Rocco Rizzo
    Rocco Rizzo 5 days ago +15

    Nuclear fusion is already here. It is about 92 million miles away, and we have the technology to harness it from this distance.

  • Slow Poke
    Slow Poke 5 days ago


  • bagariddum
    bagariddum 5 days ago

    great explanation of nuclear + reactions and summary of where we're at with development of fusion reactor , thanks

  • Nash Mahmut
    Nash Mahmut 6 days ago

    So is this it? Reciting not so common knowledge in a northern accent is all it takes?

  • evisceron
    evisceron 6 days ago

    "Positive bullshit will finally be achieved" failed to realize that Fusion Energy, if achievable, good it is not achievable, but if, would inevitably make the entire planet a desert. Not naively proclaiming H turned into He be the mechanism that would make the planet a desert, it is the supplementary energy that makes that, inevitably. So cheer, it is very good that fusion energy is not possible.

  • evisceron
    evisceron 6 days ago

    This is not even science

  • evisceron
    evisceron 6 days ago

    Fusion Energy Illusion, much more irresponsible than burning hydrocarbon fuels!

  • evisceron
    evisceron 6 days ago

    "simulating".... and every single result of that "simulating", shows it does not work. Now leave aside the naive hope that Perpetuum Motion Machine are possible, or that Entropy can reverse!

  • Simon Coles
    Simon Coles 6 days ago +1

    Nuclear Fusion is probably one of the hardest things humans have ever tried to do. Other than attempt to get dried weetabix off of a cereal bowl.

  • Simon Ruszczak
    Simon Ruszczak 6 days ago

    Bullshit X 7
    1. The Sun's fusion is caused by electrical discharges at its surface, (Electric Universe Theory).
    2. Your parasite rulers wouldn't allow you to have cheap energy.
    3. CO2 is not a "greenhouse" gas.
    4. Einstein's stolen Relativity Theories are nonsense.
    5. Oil and gas are not "fossil fuels".
    6. Global warming is a scam.
    7 Renewable energy is a scam.

  • Tayfun Yildiz
    Tayfun Yildiz 6 days ago +1

    So only 30 years left

  • themusicmastera380
    themusicmastera380 6 days ago

    Goodness gracious, him with a mustach is officially the best thing Iโ€™ve ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑfucking dead ๐Ÿ’€

  • Tadesan
    Tadesan 6 days ago

    Megawatts isnโ€™t an amount of energy...

  • Mac
    Mac 6 days ago +4

    Dude, this guys accent is nearly a speech impediment. What is planet โ€œearfโ€?

    • Deipatrous
      Deipatrous 6 days ago +1

      Lots of Brits say it that way.

  • Will Fowler
    Will Fowler 6 days ago

    Those are some pie-in-the-sky dreams. Unfortunately I think you underestimate the influence of existing energy producers, like oil companies. They will fight tooth and nail to prevent fusion power from going mainstream, and in the current US political climate they would succeed.

  • Steve			 Fox
    Steve Fox 6 days ago

    loose that moustache, it makes you look like a paedophile!

  • Electro-Cute
    Electro-Cute 6 days ago

    Inertial confinement fusion is a pile of shit. People know of it because of its large funding. But most of that funding comes from the military which is interested in the lasers them selves. No person who know a bit about fusion takes NCF in anyway serious. There are far simpler ways to waste a bunch of energy on creating fusion reactions that doesn't cost billions of dollars.

  • Magda widlo
    Magda widlo 6 days ago

    developing countries will have chance to finally progress as there will be not much more other countries like england will will want to steal from them, well maybe apart from gold, diamonds and such

  • Gitana Maldita
    Gitana Maldita 6 days ago

    A fission reactor boils pressured water to move turbins to generate electricity.
    How a fusion reactor is supossed to work?
    And how is supossed to move a spaceship in the space where there is no atmosphere to gain momentum?

  • May May
    May May 7 days ago

    The oil giants will make sure this don't happen . Free energy, ughhhh......

  • Rob V.O.
    Rob V.O. 7 days ago

    Ah.. solar wind, up close , and personal.
    You'll be able to find the location of the Fusion generator, by the Aurora around it.

  • 0Guiltyone0
    0Guiltyone0 7 days ago

    Just 30 more years...

  • Ricky Barber
    Ricky Barber 7 days ago

    Are you really sure about what you're saying about the sun? Maybe on paper, but in reality...better back up, don't ya think?

  • Waylander
    Waylander 7 days ago

    Free energy (zero point) has already been done more than once but every time someone invents it big brother steps in and confiscates it in the name of national security. The excuse being that it would destroy the world's financial system. While I believe free energy can be released gradually great resistance follows from those who profit from other forms of energy that"they" can put a meter on it and charge us for it. Something has to change soon or Mother Earth won't survive.

  • build anything
    build anything 7 days ago

    Nuclear Fusion has been done ask Japan I think your thinking of cold fusion which is impossible energy equals heat