Nuclear Fusion is Finally Here

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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Comments • 8 959

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez 26 minutes ago

    Yes his porno stance is the ugliest

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez 28 minutes ago

    Fusion is the biggest hoax ever. You cannot create fusionif it was ever possible it would have been done. Gravity is the problem.

  • Der HerrDirektor
    Der HerrDirektor 6 hours ago

    Watt is the unit of power not energy. Go back to your sandbox and build a castle.

  • Damian Logan
    Damian Logan 9 hours ago

    once they lose control of this self sustaining "sun" in the tkamak because we cant even get cooling systems right as of yet in our future.. the tokamak will burn.... a lot of shit

  • Marina Sage
    Marina Sage 10 hours ago

    It's been around for years now, just not in mainstream media. $ always wins

  • Jesse Fritz
    Jesse Fritz 10 hours ago

    It's impossible. Why does it work in the sun? Because it's not touching anything. In-other for it to work, the core would need to literally levitate in space. Nuclear fusion is not the answer to have unlimited power. They're looking in the wrong place.

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen 13 hours ago

    Let’s put this in a way that’s easy for all to understand. For fusion to be viable, the machine would be more than a mile across. This would bankrupt the combined assets of two of the richest nations. Problem two; So much of the machine’s makeup would be dedicated to containment of the plasma that there is no room left to provide means to extract the product (heat). There is a myriad of other issues. Trying to replicate what’s happening core of a star.... mind bogglingly difficult. Humanity would be far better off solving more realistic issues like thorium reactors, better solar panels and energy storage. Or my great, great grandchildren will keep hearing “ fusion is around the corner”.

  • Chris Minifie
    Chris Minifie 15 hours ago

    1 gram of H produces 500mw hours not 500mw. Mw is a measure of power, mw hour is a measure of energy which is what a unit of fuel should be measured by

  • Donald Thomson
    Donald Thomson 17 hours ago

    What a Joke , Im getting on a bit in Years now and Iv'e been hearing that load of rubbish all my life, I live near Cullam and THEY DID IT Years Ago so they said < so were are all the 'Fusion' Power Stations 'Must have Vapourised themselves

  • David Swain
    David Swain 18 hours ago

    I love the tâche. Never, ever seen such a terrible/good one. Almost makes you look like Freddy Mercury...great video though ;-p

  • animefanic1
    animefanic1 20 hours ago

    Please at least grow a beard...

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell 20 hours ago

    The thinking on the Universe and the Sun is changing. It's not nuclear; it's electric.

  • Ben Mooney
    Ben Mooney 20 hours ago

    Nuclear fusion will never be sustainable until we move away from the gaseous sun model

  • Ted H
    Ted H Day ago

    9:05 He mentioned China but put photos of Taipei, Taiwan.

  • XfStef
    XfStef Day ago

    There is no impending climate doom. Everybody relax. But yes, we definitely need fusion power.

  • Aye Carumba
    Aye Carumba Day ago +1

    God create the sun
    It didn't evolve that's a lie
    Evolution was and is a theory
    There isn't anything in this material world that is created without a designer

  • Mr. Mic
    Mr. Mic Day ago

    ..... Energy would not be handed out to the people almost for free. That is not how capitalism works. Energy would still be expensive, but some already rich people would get even richer than they are today. The other people would get poorer. Just like it is now already - only more extreme. But nice video after all.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner Day ago

    There is no fucking man made global warming for the five fucking hundredth fucking time and no fucking accelerating fucking sea level it ?????

  • Matthew Peters
    Matthew Peters Day ago

    the sun is 6000 years old STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tarun Kashyap
    Tarun Kashyap Day ago

    Liked this vlog. Keep up the good work dude!!!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    AHHHH... Instead of all that rambling at the end you could have said something about the german reactor

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Your shirt your mustache and your hair dont matchup

  • Stephen Ancell
    Stephen Ancell Day ago

    All the time there are elitists, fission will always be 30 years away.

  • Micah Blomgren
    Micah Blomgren Day ago

    Fission power plants are very much not like a nuclear bomb. That was sort of dumb to say. Not that they are with out difficulties.

  • Eventful Earth
    Eventful Earth Day ago

    I really enjoyed the lesson on nuclear fusion! Congratulations on your book. This being my first time ever seeing any of your videos I can honestly say that I believe in you. Thank you for using that big brain of yours to educate others! Cheers :-)

  • Douglas Berard
    Douglas Berard Day ago

    Thorium is much better and more reliable.

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo Day ago

    Fake news click bait pseudo science prick.

  • Lad S.
    Lad S. Day ago

    Lessee...fossil fuels are causing rising levels of sea water...AND we also have a world-wide helium shortage...the world's energy needs, the safety of our waterside cities.... and the Party Stores - need this NOW - let's git-r-done.

  • Baker Boy
    Baker Boy Day ago

    This just sound like the plot to Spider-Man

  • Bjarke And
    Bjarke And Day ago


  • Scott Bros
    Scott Bros Day ago

    How can you have a theme park in the "frozen" Antarctic if you are also mentioning "global warming" the old term for Mann-Made CO2 Global Meltdown???
    CO2 is not a problem per the physics of CO2.

  • Francloy1
    Francloy1 Day ago

    4.6 billion years? I won't wait up.

  • CJ Boyle
    CJ Boyle Day ago +1

    It’s like watching a 1970s pornstar talk about science lol 😂

    • BrainGoo
      BrainGoo 11 hours ago

      CJ Boyle What you mean

  • Nicholas Labowitz


  • Emily Olsen
    Emily Olsen 2 days ago

    I'm just here to get ahead in chemistry

  • Brent Hill
    Brent Hill 2 days ago

    By the time fusion is actually here which is always about 65 years from the present we'll probably have something a lot better.

  • Gopnik Guy
    Gopnik Guy 2 days ago

    8:59 or the area 51 raid will actually happen and trump will accidentally bomb himself, destroying the entire world.

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen 2 days ago

    Fusion, keeping physicists employed into the unforeseeable future chasing the just out of reach.

  • garius Jarfar
    garius Jarfar 2 days ago

    I'm glad to believe, sorry I thought sun plasma sitting in infinity, so glad I don't have to see infinity.

  • William Switzer
    William Switzer 2 days ago

    I already see the chain reaction happening at extremely manipulative evil greedy leftist globalists headquarters who want absolute power and control over the human race plotting their new revised agenda 21 in the shadows in order for this discovery to be magically undiscovered.

  • extreme lifestyle
    extreme lifestyle 2 days ago

    David addairs rocket engine was much the same .

  • Nathan Sharp
    Nathan Sharp 2 days ago

    "What, you're thinking about your smart phone? I'm talking about your willie!"

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison 2 days ago

    Always has been. We call it the Sun.

  • sid roth
    sid roth 2 days ago

    Global Warming is a HOAX ! Fake Science !

  • sid roth
    sid roth 2 days ago

    All Theory ! If the sun is over 4 billions years old and it loses 4 million tons of matter each second then at one time it was so large it would have extended past earth's orbit and it seems that this planet and others wouldn't even be here.

  • David Loewen
    David Loewen 2 days ago

    I was hoping you were going to talk about the patent filed for a small nuclear fusion reactor by the US Navy in the last week. I only saw a headline, hoping for details. This video just re-iterated information long in the public domain.

  • gibsondrummer
    gibsondrummer 3 days ago

    Get to the point , stop repeating information we've known for 50- 100 years
    Where is the fusion reactor that outputs more energy than it consumes ?
    Hmmmm i thought so , still not here

  • Blah
    Blah 3 days ago

    "I didn't fail 10,000 times, I simply found 10,000 ways it didn't work" That quote is very apt for this video I think.👍✝

  • keith henry
    keith henry 3 days ago

    Let me ask you who designed the sun or of that matter who are what decided that a star/ planet should be born or to form??

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 19 hours ago

      There is no who. These things follow the natural laws of the universe.

    HERKON ENKI 3 days ago

    You video is great thanks.

    HERKON ENKI 3 days ago

    NUCLEAR FUSION IS FINALLY HERE ????????? JUST EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL CORRUPTION ... 16 billions euros plus 1.6 billions per years just to have rich intellectual babies playing scientist in Europe. Today is 13 October 2019, and up today the stupid machine can only function 11 seconds and everyone applause like the greatest thing ever happen on this planet. In 2012, the greatest scientist of all, was arrested and send to prison and the next day to a psychiatric hospital where he was injected some kind of green stuff. Up today, he live under house arrest and very poor and very ill in the forest, just because he's machine was 1000% better and able to be finish in just 4 years for just 2 billions. And the worst of all was, that he is an American citizen of Hispanic origin, and normally they are not allowed to have such a brain. Both Germans financial supporters of his project were killed a week later he was arrested. All the authorities wanted was the computer HD, but they found nothing at all cause he was using USB HD and was not there. The Europeans criminals in charge of this operation, spend 57 millions euros trying to design or copy his machine with no positive result at all. Waooo 2.5 years and 57 millions lost plus 16 billion plus 1.6 billion per year just to prove their idiotic and psychopathic bloody trash brain against an under human Hispanic American scientist former soldier of the US Army. I hope their ITER Explode in their faces... YOU DON'T NEED NUCLEAR FUSION. And his machine was a 300-year machine.

    HERKON ENKI 3 days ago

    SORRY but someone is attacking this video... I wrote one comment only and was multiplied many times. I was forced to erase over time.

    HERKON ENKI 3 days ago

    SORRY but someone is attacking this video... I wrote one comment only and was multiplied many times.

    HERKON ENKI 3 days ago

    NUCLEAR FUSION IS FINALLY HERE ??? NO NO NO NO Just corruption ignorance and arrogance. We're now in the 2019 and up today the stupid 16 billion euros machine plus 1.6 billion per year, can only run for 11 seconds and every year the time change as long as billions of euros continue coming...NOTHING MORE THAN CORRUPTION... The system of Mr. Santana was 1000000000%%%% better for our now time and the next 200 years... 2012.. Mr. Santana was immediately arrested like a wild beast and took to a very high security prison and at 12:30 at night transferred to a psychiatric hospital where he was injected some chemical in order to stop him from going to the European court. Up today, he live under house arrest in the forest. AND WHY?? Cause he's machine and system do over 5000% over unity and a Hispanic American don't suppose to have such a brain.

  • rokag333
    rokag333 3 days ago

    We are absolutely close !
    instability which was the biggest hurdle can be solve by real time adjustment using artificial intelligence (fast enough now).
    Energy crop is also problem solved.
    And the simulators are very efficient.
    Money is there and the best scientists and engineer are passionate by the subject .
    I follow this field for more than 20 years I bet the first stable energy positive reactor prototype will work in less than 5 years!

  • Peter Gambier
    Peter Gambier 3 days ago

    Can somebody send this to EDF who are currently building Hinkley Point nuclear plant because at the moment it's a massive white elephant which will cost us taxpayers dearly for years to come. Mr Tesla already found the source of free power and he wanted to give it away for free but nasty people like J.P Morgan made sure that he never succeeded because it would seriously compromise his own source of wealth using dirty energy and toxic materials.

  • Bad Donkey
    Bad Donkey 3 days ago

    Thoughty years

  • Bad Donkey
    Bad Donkey 3 days ago +1

    They been having to put more power in than they get out, unless we build a gravity field generator of some type it will always take more energy to create fusion than what fusion puts out

    • Bad Donkey
      Bad Donkey Day ago

      I wonder how the oil and gas companies are going to react once fusion finally becomes successful, I have a feeling they'll try to monopolize the energy companies by buying every share they can get their hands on and charge the shit out of us

    • ceu160193
      ceu160193 Day ago

      Problem isn't to start fusion, it's to make it cyclic. So far our ways to get energy out of fusion are fairly inefficient, involving old-fashioned steam turbine. Good thing, is that larger fusion reactor we make, more energy-efficient it becomes.

  • Samsonian
    Samsonian 3 days ago

    Look up Eugene Mallove if you think that cold fusion hasn’t succeeded and been covered up. There is a video of him discussing this information on Sirius Disclosure’s YT channel from the 2001 Disclosure event put on by Steven Greer and hosted in DC. Sadly, Eugene was a little too close to the answers and the wrong people caught wind he knew the data was being faked; thus, he was murdered and can’t apply his great mind to aforementioned questions and answers.

  • ScrotNimation
    ScrotNimation 3 days ago +3

    Let’s just say before December of 2019 fusion reactor we willfuse hydrogen to helium and split helium to hydrogen again.