The World's Strangest Borders Part 2: Spain

  • Published on Jan 5, 2017
  • There are some really weird borders in the world, and Spain is probably the cause of some of the strangest.
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Comments • 13 044

  • Doom crunch
    Doom crunch 9 months ago +1218

    Morocco: takes a tiny uninhabited island with 12 soldiers
    UN, NATO, and Arab League: This is an Avengers level threat

    • Luismi Méndez
      Luismi Méndez Day ago

      @B. D. S. ....los traficantes marroquíes de drogas tendrán un gran negocio 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣

    • idk
      idk 3 days ago

      @B. D. S. okay

    • B. D. S.
      B. D. S. 4 days ago

      @idk Mientras esté la Legión Española y los Tabores de Regulares...

  • Jacob Gaming
    Jacob Gaming Year ago +917

    “Where do you live?”
    “Nice. Got any plans for today?”
    “I’m driving to Morocco”

    • melilillense
      melilillense 3 days ago +1

      This morning i have been in Morocco , iam from Melilla

    • Ilyas Luci
      Ilyas Luci 4 days ago

      @JM Moyano Moroccan kingdom is older than Spain amigo we are talking about (12 centuries) and we were living in liberia for 800 years so do we have the right to take all spain back ?!

    • A Ríos
      A Ríos 25 days ago

      I've literally had this conversation

    • Kidd arts
      Kidd arts Month ago

      @JM Moyano Morocco existed. It’s just wasn’t called Morocco, same land same history

    • JM Moyano
      JM Moyano Month ago

      @Kidd arts Ceuta and Melilla already belonged to Spain well before Morocco existed,

  • Dabo Life
    Dabo Life 10 months ago +1201

    It took me so many years to realise that someone can move from Africa (Morocco) to Spain on foot.

    • Fernando Castillo Molero
      Fernando Castillo Molero Day ago

      @Ryan Nation
      La primera civilización europea en España fueron las nativas, luego la Griega, Romana, Visigoda
      La civilización española existe porque Reconquistamos nuestro país de los musulmanes y los expulsamos.
      Por otra parte, los grandes monumentos islámicos están en España y no en Marruecos.
      Eso quiere decir que la civilización musulmana en la península es genuina y no provino del norte de África.

    • Federal1829
      Federal1829 19 days ago

      @Ryan Nation cool

    • Ryan Nation
      Ryan Nation 19 days ago

      @Federal1829 I didn't understand a thing of what you said.

    • Federal1829
      Federal1829 19 days ago +2

      @Ryan Nation haha this dude is funny. What We are is thanks to what we did to get out from the hell hole we were. And we did it by our own means without help. It's because UE we lost our industry in the north and many stuff because our industry was too competitive for the market of UE.
      Get serious, Spain is a good country with long history and those territories belong to us and never to you.

    • Ryan Nation
      Ryan Nation 22 days ago

      ​@Panjhisah El señor de los palillos Spain obviously has 10 times of the GDP (thanks to the European Union). Morocco relies on itself alone, it doesn't need other members to strengthen its economy. Whether you accept it or not, Morocco shall always remain an absolute Monarch power and it has a more rich history than Spain. FYI, the first European civilization was established by the Moroccans in Spain. Doesn't that tell you something?

  • Alex Fva
    Alex Fva Year ago +1946

    -12 Moroccans take a rock
    -the world: Sir we have a problem

    • LegacyAdrian 2.0
      LegacyAdrian 2.0 4 days ago

      Reconquista song starts

    • E I
      E I 11 days ago

      @david mora no, we aren't going to give them even a centimeter

    • Leighton Lyon real
      Leighton Lyon real Month ago +1

      The only country that did something was Spain

    • david mora
      david mora 3 months ago

      @Younes Barcelona? You mean those separarist?

    • Younes
      Younes 3 months ago

      @david mora then we should start with Barcelona

  • Ricardo Pessoa
    Ricardo Pessoa Year ago +22

    You should have mentioned that Ceuta was conquered in 1415 by Portugal on an attempt to control the flow of riches from the caravans that traveled from the East. And so remained until Portugal had a Spanish born king. In 1640, when the independence was guaranteed, only Ceuta did not proclaim the Portuguese king as his own, showing intention to remain under Spanish rule.

    • Adil Nourddine
      Adil Nourddine Day ago

      BS! Ceuta and melilia are not occupied for commercial reasons, far from it! Spain is actually loosing money there

  • Abel Suisse
    Abel Suisse Month ago +11

    The video grossly and wrongly identifies the historical background of those two cities.
    Ceuta and Melilla can't be 'returned' to Morocco because those territories are Spanish since before Morocco exists. It would be as silly as claiming that most of current Spain should be 'returned' to the Italians because one upon a time an empire located in that peninsula ruled over Iberia.
    In addition the cities were part of the Visigoth kingdom, which predates the Arabic and moorish invasions. Following the logic of 'returning' stuff, if those two cities were now part of Morocco, there should then be a video claiming that they'd need to be returned to Spain, home of the Visigothic kingdom

    • Ilyas Luci
      Ilyas Luci 4 days ago +3

      Moroccan kingdom is older than Spain we are talking about (12 centuries) and we were living in liberia from 800 years so do we have the right to take all spain back ?!

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 months ago +43

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

  • free agent
    free agent 8 months ago +71

    I took the ferry from Spain thinking it was going to Morocco, not knowing there is a part of Spain there. I was stunned went through the border to Morocco, as an a Australian I had no idea.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany

    “I live in the UK”
    “Oh cool what part”
    “Under Spain”

    • JAIME M
      JAIME M 5 days ago

      Gibraltar español 😎

    • Cycro the large planet / Windows 11
      Cycro the large planet / Windows 11 24 days ago

      @Richard R what

    • JM Moyano
      JM Moyano Month ago

      @Richard R its a colonial territory , that the Gibraltarians deny it is something else, that does not matter to me but it does not make sense that they say they are British

    • Billyipod
      Billyipod Month ago +2

      then comes some people, normally americans, who think spain is in mexico, yes i am spanish i heard it a lot of times...

    • Morg Zultowski
      Morg Zultowski 2 months ago

      @Iker Larrocea jajajajajaja choras

  • Velocity Launch systems

    The spain and France island is actually really cool concept

    • Lord Payo
      Lord Payo 6 days ago

      @Isaac Novo más que de Francia a España de algunas aldeas de los Pirineos. Y eso tradición como tal terminó. Ahora las venden

    • Juan
      Juan 21 day ago

      Desconozco esa tradición

    • Isaac Novo
      Isaac Novo Month ago +3

      @Kelly Stout Hay una tradición entre Francia y España en la que Francia le da vacas a España cada año,

    • Jake Young
      Jake Young 2 months ago +3

      it is dumb that nobody can visit because spain and france are both part of the schengen area

    • Kelly Stout
      Kelly Stout 2 months ago +2

      Yeah, I like it and think it actually builds good will between the two countries because they each share the same traditional ceremony.

  • MaaF-type beats
    MaaF-type beats 10 months ago +510

    "How weird is your border"
    Spain : yes

    • Marta Garcia
      Marta Garcia 10 days ago

      @aicha bouliss so Europeans at least since 1415, more than Granada. Also, when Portugal and Spain separate, Ceuta and Melilla specifically decided to continue being part of Spain instead of Portugal. They decided to be Spaniards in 1497. Just get over it. I do not really care for Gibraltar for example. People obsessed with that things instead of let them decide, just focus on your own life, it would be better for all.

    • Mr. Angeles
      Mr. Angeles 2 months ago +3

      @aicha bouliss That's great preparation and effort you go there buddy. BTW it's part of España

    • aicha bouliss
      aicha bouliss 2 months ago

      @Mr. Angeles hhhh that is what teaching you in your school? ceuta and melilla first was
      colonized by portugal in 1415 then spain take it from portugal in 1497 and just to know that happend after losing empire islamic that controled spain for 800 years and also just to know spain is not stealing from morocoo ceuta and melilla only she steal almost 15 island that they are just rocks and they are literally 100 m away from morocco like the last one that she wanted to take in 2008
      Layla Island and also ceuta and melilla was very small until 1859 Spain wanted to
      colonize morocco and we lose 'La Guerra de África' and spain take western sahra and north of morocco and in that time spain expanded ceuta and melilla and also in 1848 spain take Islas Chafarinas from us, what you have to say about that, and also you say that morocco wasn't excited yet when spain take ceuta and melilla , it's just the name that changed but it was a kingdom of Marinid State (you can google it) and Ihave a lot of things to say but my english is not googd and Idon't have time to write you should know two things : you can lie about history but you can't about geography ceuta and melilla is part of africa and morocco and what has been taken by power will be returned by power

    • Mr. Angeles
      Mr. Angeles 2 months ago

      @aicha bouliss It's part of Spain before Moroco even existed/founded. Wtf are you saying?

  • aqdm
    aqdm 9 months ago +233

    Morocco : takes a rock
    Spain : and I took that personaly

  • zizit.2004
    zizit.2004 4 months ago +50

    THANKS FOR EXPLAINING THIS! A part of my fam live in Melilla, and a lot of my friends find it weird when I call it Spain and say that Spain isn’t on Africa 😭

    • Speedymario
      Speedymario 21 day ago +2

      I also live in Melilla. Show your friends this comment:
      Melilla is as Spanish as Ceuta and the rest of the peninsula, the only difference is that it's located in Africa due to several past events.

    • MAXER4444
      MAXER4444 Month ago +5

      Show this video to your friends and one more thing... ¡VIVA ESPAÑAAA!

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff Year ago +154

    Interesting facts about Pheasant Island:
    • Wikipedia has a template that returns two different values depending on what time of the year it is.
    • Google Maps always shows the island to be part of Spain, instead of making a dashed line on each side.

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff Year ago +405

    You should really consider using "mi" for miles, since "m" is used for meter.

    • Nedron Bronzebeard
      Nedron Bronzebeard Month ago

      @Sammy Cat Hands are actually how Horses are measured.

    • fer262
      fer262 2 months ago

      @Lille’s Nebby it’s okay 😂

    • Lille’s Nebby
      Lille’s Nebby 2 months ago +1

      @Colton Kelley Explain how, with the Metric System it’s pretty simple, 10 of one unit = The next unit (Except for kilometers, as there is nothing after them), with the Imperial system 1 foot is 12 inches, a yard is 3 feet, and 1760 yards is a mile (Where on earth does THAT come from!?)

    • Lille’s Nebby
      Lille’s Nebby 2 months ago

      @fer262 Whoops, I’ll go delete the original

    • fer262
      fer262 2 months ago

      @Lille’s Nebby uh, I think you replied to the wrong guy

  • Federico Senatore
    Federico Senatore Year ago +10

    Honestly, I have to say that the border between Spain and France is way more interesting than I ever thought: we all know that Andorra exists, but not everyone knows the third exclave of Spain, Llívia, which happens to be completely surrounded by France. So it's actually Ceuta, Melilla and Llívia! Pheasant Island makes it even more interesting. This wiki says that: "The island is a condominium established by the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659, under joint sovereignty of Spain and France, and for alternating periods of six months is officially under the governance of the naval commanders of San Sebastián, Spain (1 February - 31 July) and of Bayonne, France (1 August - 31 January); in effect it is administered respectively by Irun (in Gipuzkoa, Spain) and Hendaye (in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France)".
    I have checked, and it seems as if this is the oldest condominium in the world. Others are: the Moselle near Schengen (Luxembourg-Germany, 1816); Lake Constance (Austria-Germany-Switzerland); the Gulf of Fonseca (El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua); Antarctica (29 parties to the Antarctic Treaty, 1959); the Joint Regime Area of Colombia-Jamaica; the Brčko District (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, 1999); Abyei Area (Sudan-South Sudan, 2005).

  • nemec1
    nemec1 8 months ago +4

    When I was young I thought nothing can beat Lesotho being in the middle of RSA (Republic of South Africa). I was like what could be weirder then having borders with just one state while not being an island and also have no borders by sea. Well now I know :D

  • LadyTarasque
    LadyTarasque 9 months ago +16

    I'm always baffled when countries keep tiny pieces in (seemingly) random spots.. wonder what their reasoning is 🤔

    • Paul V
      Paul V 7 days ago

      Strategic maritime shipping importance.

    • mdsatan
      mdsatan 2 months ago

      In part, owning the clay means owning the rights to resources and such a significant distance around the coastline. In part, bargaining chips for future diplomacy.

    • Ericson Benito
      Ericson Benito 6 months ago

      because they don't ask the Anglo-Saxons that they are very experts in conquering foreign territories like Gibraltar 🇬🇮 Belize 🇧🇿 Falkland Islands 🇦🇶 etc.

    • Yoel
      Yoel 8 months ago +5

      Tactical spots usually

    • Yon niii san
      Yon niii san 8 months ago +6

      It's for maritime borders they know what they are doing

  • Jens Schröder
    Jens Schröder Year ago +26

    3:44 Gibraltar remains in the Schengen area.
    That means that an EU citizen can cross the border between Spain and Gibraltar with an identity card.
    In most European countries you have to have an identity card with you.
    However, between the EU and the UK you need a passport and other documents.
    Interesting, Gibraltar remains freely accessible for citizens of the UK.
    The same should be done with Northern Ireland, where the EU and GB have the second land border.

    • Shadow 365
      Shadow 365 3 months ago +2

      @Kompridi its just a classic Spanish joke, for us, a rock ain’t that important. I know it’s not spanish

    • Kompridi
      Kompridi 3 months ago +1

      @Shadow 365 Thats only your opinion, but the reality is, it's an overseas territory of the UK, it's facts, you can still have your opinion, but the facts are facts.

  • jesus manuel navarro ardoy

    If someone would like to have deeper and clear info about how it became to this situation is interesting to read more history, is not only that spain "invaded" morocco, we are talking about events that took shape for a very long period (centuries) and is not as simple as one country invading another but different cultures, lands and religions being shaped at the same time, if you go further you will discover that it all comes from the ottoman defys to the catholic europe and then you will read a lot of interesting facts from those periods. in resum, when chatolic kings came to that northern part of africa it even was not a country or kingdom, spaniards or castellanos came to settle there without an invasion as you would imagine it, more like a emigration, however is a VERY long story

    • Raouf Deadboy
      Raouf Deadboy 2 months ago

      reading this comment made me giggle. it's funny how easy some people can twist and rewrite history to their advantage, and spreading that gives the above result. let me give you an example by rewriting what you said so you can understand what i mean : it's year 2322, in a Russian school, a teacher is teaching his students about history "back in 2022, there was this beautiful bordering piece of land called Ukraine(africa in your story), which some of our ancestors really liked and wanted to move and settle there (like you said catholic kings) peacefully with no harmful intentions, which in fact turned out to be empty with no ruler and people in it, but the bordering countries (ottomans) found out and attacked us for no reason and kicked us out"
      i mean no offense to you and no offense for mentioning russia and Ukraine, it was the only example i could use, and sorry for bad English since it's not my main language, and i do hope you get my point

  • Antonio Ferreira
    Antonio Ferreira Year ago +28

    Ceuta was conquered by Portugal in 1415 and so remained until 1640 when the city voted to become spanish . To this day its flag bears the portuguese coat of arms and the same exact flag of the portuguese capital , Lisbon

    • idk
      idk 4 months ago

      @Promoción ik the history of morocco. the moroccan arabic was always called darija, do you know what darija means?

    • idk
      idk 4 months ago

      @Promoción bro mauritania and morocco are the same people. how could you say morocco and mauritania has a difference

    • Promoción
      Promoción 4 months ago

      @idk The Almoravids were Berbers Sanhayas came from the south of present-day Mauritania and invaded the countries that were in present-day Morocco. The Almohads were Berbers Masmuda and fought for 40 years against the Almoravids.

    • Promoción
      Promoción 4 months ago

      @idk The Darija changed by the arrival of the Hilalian tribes. Don't you know the history of Morocco?

    • idk
      idk 4 months ago

      @Promoción morocco is named by the europeans that is correct, but the people of the old dynasty did talk amazigh and darija

  • Griffin P
    Griffin P Year ago +180

    “Oh cool, you live in Spain? I hear it’s really cool in Europe”

    • MAXER4444
      MAXER4444 Month ago +2

      the Canary Islands are in Africa too

    • Jon Mendez
      Jon Mendez Month ago

      Malvinas baby 😎

    • S V
      S V 10 months ago +5

      @Pandu POLUAN Yep, if I was born in Greece (an EU member) I can go live in South America any friggin time I want
      Edit: Granted I'm 18 or have parental consent

    • Pandu POLUAN
      Pandu POLUAN 10 months ago +7

      @S V Yup. French Guiana is a full-fledged department of France. A 'province', if you prefer. As such , French Guiana uses Euro, and is part of the European Union.

    • S V
      S V 10 months ago +2

      @Pandu POLUAN @French Guiana

  • GazilionPT
    GazilionPT Year ago +4

    Actually, Ceuta and other parts of Northern Morocco belonged to Portugal from 1415 until 1640, when the Portuguese revolted and ended the Iberian Union. But the Portuguese governor of Ceuta was pro-Union, so Ceuta passed to Spain. So Ceuta is Spanish for "only" 380 years, not 500.
    Fun fact: the flag of Ceuta is just the old Portuguese royal shield on top of black and white gironé pattern like in the flag of Lisbon.

  • yo yo
    yo yo Year ago +33

    Hace mas de 500 años de esas ciudades que pertenecen a españa.
    Mucho antes de que existiera el reino de Marruecos.
    No tienen nada que reclamar.
    Ceuta y meliñla no estan vistas como colonias lo cual no están permitidas en la actualidad, sin embargo si que existe Gibraltar.
    ¿ por que no hablas sobre eso?

    • yo yo
      yo yo 4 days ago +3

      @Guerryjazz no existia españa como tal pero existian los reinos que mas tarde crearon españa al unificarse y esos reinos al ser recuperados se llamo de tal manera.....
      Te falta leer mas y menos prepotencia chato

    • Contact info
      Contact info 4 days ago +1

      @Guerryjazz 2022-500=1522

    • Guerryjazz
      Guerryjazz 4 days ago +1

      Y España no existía en el 711 así que nunca existió una reconquista, habla de eso tú.

    • Contact info
      Contact info 17 days ago +5

      Porque no le conviene al guiri - yankee

    • yo yo
      yo yo 6 months ago +2

      @Leo Aksil la verdad, aprende historia y despues analiza lo que dices.

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace 3 months ago +2

    Spain and Morocco: "See that uninhabitable rock? I want it."
    The rest of the world: "No one gets that rock since you two wanna fight over it."

  • SaraLaProasaaB)
    SaraLaProasaaB) 9 months ago +2

    Im from spain, I can give info:
    The two cities that are in africa but are part of spain are called (in spanish) Ceuta and Melilla, and there are some islands that are far from spain, Canary Islands, and they cant appear in the map, so they are ussually in a square at the down left corner, that tiny part of water that separes Morrocco from Spain is called (again, in spanish) "Estrecho de Gibraltar"
    Did you know that Eiffel Tower was going to be in Barcelona and not in paris?
    I guess thats why Spain is the 2nd country with more tourists, because FRANCE is the first one, for many people France is Spain enemie, but I dont want any war to start soooo.... Maybe the best is to end this comment
    But.... i have to say this: I never travelled to morrocco, I only travelled to Portugal (I always wanted to travel to London) and there are litterally some towns further away from my city than Portugal is LOL

  • Pittre
    Pittre 2 days ago

    I went to "Penon de Velez de la Gomera" long ago when I visited a tourist house in that area, The guide called it "Badesse" and It's actually a beach and the way there was very wierd but fun because you had to go through a small village, up the hill, and down a cliff road to reach Badesse, when you reach It you are greeted by this beautiful view and then you go down a stairway made from stone to a beach side village and then you can enjoy the beach, When It's time to go back The guide rents some small boats to bring us back to that first small village we had to go through because the It's one sea with all of these different beaches (4 beaches to be exact), We circled the Spain islands before going and you can see the Spanish soldier guards on watchtowers holding rifles, When you reach that first Village we stayed there for a little bit to drink Green Tea (Which seems popular because everyone was drinking tea) and ate like these crispy fried long donuts then went back to the Tourist house on the bus.
    I recommend the trip 10/10

  • Check my about page link

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content

  • ???
    ??? Year ago +293

    *12 Moroccan soldiers decide to take over an uninhabited rock for fun and almost start WW3*
    EDIT: *(looks at replies)* Does anyone even understand the _concept_ of what a "joke" is anymore?

    • There's Nothing To Do Here
      There's Nothing To Do Here 4 months ago

      This is more toxic than inside of the concrete dome in Chernobyl.

    • labib hasan
      labib hasan 6 months ago +1

      @Coppy Kappa! the falklands are not part of England so educate yourself kid

  • Fergq 95
    Fergq 95 8 months ago +20

    "Hey dudes, let's go to Isla Perejil and put up a flag from our country just for the gags and to piss off the Spaniards a little"
    "That's a great idea, what's the worst that could happen?"
    This is how I imagined the interactions from those 12 soldiers, lmao.

  • Tony Gil
    Tony Gil 8 months ago

    Hey I live in Melilla and for your info, Ceuta and Melilla do not belong to the customs territory of the EU, so actually they are not part of the EU. Same thing happens with NATO. If we were to be attacked, countries do not have to defend Spain if we were to call upon the 5th Article

  • digabledoug
    digabledoug 11 months ago +49

    The rock in Morocco is probably still kept for extended fishing rights around it.

  • Michael J Del Toro
    Michael J Del Toro 4 months ago

    Most of these "stange" borders can be simply explained by 2 basic driving forces, military/economic strategy and/or the wishes of those living there.

  • Vandalle
    Vandalle Year ago +4956

    It's actually hilarious that Morocco and Spain had a fight over a rock and now no one can have it

    • Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar
      Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar 11 days ago

      @مواطن لا يكذب Ceuta and Melilla are one thing, but the Canary Islands belong to Spain since before the discovery of America, and besides, we did not conquer Ceuta and Melilla, only Portugal gave it to us, Morocco has been a country for only 60 years and Spain has been for more than 600 years you do not deserve to claim things that have been ours for hundreds of years

    • Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar
      Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar 11 days ago

      @NUEVO HEMRES Catalonia has been from Spain for 800 years and also do not get into the countries where you do not live and do not know anything

    • Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar
      Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar 11 days ago

      @No name... You were wrong, the Moors, you conquered all of Spain except northern Asturias. When you got there, you stagnated because King Pelayo won the battles. Later, the Kingdom of Asturias was formed, and then the Cid arrived and liberated half of Spain as far as Zaragoza, and then only Granada remained and it was finished

    • Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar
      Diego Enriquez de Navarra Colomar 11 days ago +1

      Ceuta and Melilla cannot be considered colonies since Spain had them before discovering America and Admeas cannot be Moroccan since Spain obtained them hundreds of years before Morocco existed. On the other hand, Gibraltar is a colony.

    • Luis Jiménez pardo
      Luis Jiménez pardo 14 days ago +1

      @Sebastian Tarragona dormidos,aplatanados estamos

  • Eva
    Eva Year ago +1

    Las fronteras de España son muy raras
    Hay un video entero de eso

  • Michael Falciglia

    There is nothing strange about it, it's actually rather simple, back before flight and modern warfare with powered ships and vehicles, these outer most beachheads were strategic military zones that could change the outcome of a war!

  • Aimad Elfizazi
    Aimad Elfizazi 8 months ago +2

    Actually I went to the first island mentioned in the video and took pictures near the 80 m wide border👍

  • Jesús
    Jesús Year ago +3

    Those places have been part of Spain for many centuries. Those rocks are oldest than many modern countries.😉

  • sabart5
    sabart5 9 months ago +2

    Everything looks awkward and weird when you don't explain the historic background properly. Ceuta has been linked to Spain since Roman times and the name is of Latin origin (Septem Fratres - Seven Hills). And at some point, it was s conquered by Portugal and ceded to Spain. The video is rather lacking in information. Many of those places were pirates nests and conquered to secure the seas. The mention of Barcelona being conquered by the French during Napoleonic war is totally out of context and unrelated to the rest of the video. The history in this video is so bad I guess the author must be from the USA.

  • Saúl Julian Rodriguez
    Saúl Julian Rodriguez 8 months ago

    As an spanish i love the way you pronounce the names of the places

  • FernanOrtega
    FernanOrtega 4 months ago

    0:25 You're wrong in two ways:
    - Portugal was the first to take some cities in Africa
    - Castile (not Spain at that moment) made an agreement with Portugal to share possessions and future invasions in Africa. After that, new moors invasions and treatments with Spain in centuries XVI and XVII (now yes).

  • Stack Games
    Stack Games 11 months ago +1

    Porque esses territórios, tirando as cidades e as ilhas Canárias, tem tanta importância por parte da Espanha?

    • Stack Games
      Stack Games 8 months ago

      @Zhiro Entendi Obrigado.

    • Zhiro
      Zhiro 8 months ago +3

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      Nathan Torres #stanevil 10 months ago

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    Four years ago I wrote a proposal (bilingual English/Castellano) to resolve the ages long conflict between Argentina and UK over the Falklands / malvinas
    Ppl had so far made it an All or Nothing game which is deadly and not fair since both countries have real, merited claims
    My proposal is basically this:
    East Falkland for GB
    West Falkland for Argentina
    St Charles strait international line
    I submitted the proposal written in 10 sections plus the proposed demarcation map.
    One island for each, and no battles
    East Falkland has been developed by Argentina from 1970-1974 and has almost everyone in the region.
    West Falkland only 193 miles from continental Argentina has no infrastructure and barely 100 ppl living there who travel to East Falkland for work supplies school etc on a daily basis.
    Couldn't be any easier. One side each

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    • aicha bouliss
      aicha bouliss 5 months ago

      @Omelet I suggest to you to go and see the map of morroco before 1880 and algeria she steal from us tow city tindouf and bachar and what you call spanish land is just occupied by portugal and spain steal from morocco 21 lands and most of them are just rocks and they are 100 meters away from morocco how you can't justify to anyone that they are spanish ?And what you would say about isla Lilly that spain just in 2002 try to steal it ? and if we follow what you say that these are spanish land because they were controlled 4 century by spain then portugal has the right in it because the first one that take ceuta and melilla is portugal and let me make you remember that empire muslim controll spain from 711 to 1492 is that mean that they are not spanish? and are spain think that south america is a spanish land?bro you can lie about history but you can't lie about geography and what was taken he must be returned either by peace or power and just wait for us to close the problem of western sahara that spain make it to us and we are gonna return our land

    • Omelet
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      @aicha bouliss Supongo eres marroquí, Marruecos quiere anexionarse territorios españoles, argelinos y mauritanos para formar el Gran Marruecos, obviamente se van a inventar los motivos para poder expandirse

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    I met a woman from Morocco and tried to impress her of my knowledge of the Spanish enclaves in her country. She wasn't impressed. I get the impression Moroccans don't like Spain very much.

    • Carolina
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      @The Book Was Better No. Spain is the one with the problems because of illegal immigration promoted by the Moroccan government and the occupation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic by Morocco.

    • Luca
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      @The Book Was Better Spain isn’t happy with Gibraltar though

    • The Book Was Better
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    • Jesús Ruiz
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    • Silvertongue Trollsson
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      @Mohammad Nasser Mujama needs to study history to not look like a fool when he talks...
      Native americans? From the Patagonia to Mexico you can see native DNA in every citizen,
      Navajo(Knife) Indians in texas? Geronimo?
      Search natives in any english colony...
      Usa natives? Australia natives?

    • MrCanon_es
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      @Mohammad Nasser Ehmmm...Why are you mixing America with Ceuta and Melilla? And Spain wasn’t the worst colonial power. You should read the Laws of Burgos, approved in 1512, in which rights are given to natives. Obviously there were abuses, but the Crown did a lot for protecting them compared to other countries.
      And again, the Autonomous cities aren’t occupied as they are fully integrated in the State Administration and they don’t have a permanent military presence.

    • Mohammad Nasser
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