Reds' Aristides Aquino Launches Three Homers

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • In this video we look at Aristides Aquino, Cincinnati Reds Rookie, crush 3 home runs in three consecutive at bats.
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  • Shawn Martinez
    Shawn Martinez Month ago +1

    My boy Alvarez here in Houston is a rookie...hit3 in 1game too...and is also

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith Month ago +1

    No coincidence that he’s wearing Eric Davis’s old #44.
    Dynamic power hitters with unique stances.

  • geddoe316
    geddoe316 Month ago

    impressive yes, but wake me up in a year and see how he's doing then. i've seen this "young batter is on fire" routine fizzle out so many times, it's no longer fun.

    • Juan Cero Baseball
      Juan Cero Baseball  Month ago

      geddoe316 all true. Sometimes you just have to enjoy it whenever it sprouts up

  • m sheppard
    m sheppard Month ago +1

    This kid is gonna be a PUNISHER!!!!!

  • cameo burns
    cameo burns Month ago +1

    Usually good things happen when you wear that number as a rookie Redleg!!!44 🔥. Lets make a 🏃 at the central!!

    • Shawn Martinez
      Shawn Martinez Month ago boy here in Houston Yordan Alvarez hit 3 in 1game is a rookie n wears #44...

  • Nick James
    Nick James Month ago +1

    The 3rd home run was just.... as soon as you heard the bat make contact, it was goodbye

  • psn pejelu
    psn pejelu Month ago check my highlight edit

  • um hi
    um hi Month ago +3

    This was an insane game. I was there! It was super fun, I witnessed history. Was anyone else here?

  • Joe Alvarez
    Joe Alvarez Month ago +2

    Great video guy, tonight's the first time I hear about this young phenom.

    • Joe Alvarez
      Joe Alvarez Month ago

      @Juan Cero Baseball you need do a video on astros star yordan alvarez.. by the way no relation to me.. lol. But I wish he was

    • Juan Cero Baseball
      Juan Cero Baseball  Month ago +1

      Joe Alvarez thank you, and thanks for watching. He came to my attention earlier in the week and then yesterday happened lol had to make a video

  • Walking Legend
    Walking Legend Month ago +1

    You’ve earned my sub !! Great video

  • Danny Schoe
    Danny Schoe Month ago +9

    I think his swing reminds me of Eric Davis former red and Oriole and ironically the same number

    • Damon Gwinn
      Damon Gwinn 24 days ago

      Eric Davis swing with George Foster power

    • Stan Smith
      Stan Smith Month ago

      Danny Schoe Lol I noticed the same thing and left a similar comment. Good to see other people are also smart lol.

    • Juan Cero Baseball
      Juan Cero Baseball  Month ago

      Danny Schoe oh, that’s a good one!!!

  • Regn Region
    Regn Region Month ago +4

    Great video

  • amiel tejada
    amiel tejada Month ago +1

    What is your outro song?

  • amiel tejada
    amiel tejada Month ago +1

    There is so many young talent in the league!!!

  • Thalia Reiley
    Thalia Reiley Month ago +1