• Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 750

  • Luke V.
    Luke V. 5 days ago

    What oil does he use?

  • waynester71
    waynester71 6 days ago

    1,2,3,4,5 cylinders = 👌🏼

  • Ian D
    Ian D 7 days ago

    Yep, because that is going to last long with a stock engine and chassis. I give the engine 3 years before it dies.

  • John G. Adams
    John G. Adams 11 days ago


  • Danny
    Danny 12 days ago

    Why has he got some shit SE tail lights ? Wierd all rs3 come with matrix

  • TheBurnAlive
    TheBurnAlive 12 days ago

    sorry but I don't get the Title , 110 km/h is not fast !

  • Aiding Disclosure
    Aiding Disclosure 13 days ago

    Please check the clouds in the background. What is moving about there?!

    TY. MASSIVE love to this channel.

  • Ben Schibler
    Ben Schibler 16 days ago

    What a boring video they are pair off drips mate awful

  • JMD535
    JMD535 19 days ago

    ...that fade to the Equalizer 2,...made me watch nearly the entire ad! LOL!

  • ravin bachnlal
    ravin bachnlal 24 days ago

    Fast car but how long will this engine last ???

  • XRPeon eon
    XRPeon eon 26 days ago

    I'm in the middle of researching my next car and it's between P90X M3 and RS3, can anybody give me advice from real experience on which is the better platform? I come from Chevy Corvette background and would like something with better overall handling and four doors

  • Bootney Lee
    Bootney Lee Month ago

    Was this tuned by ECOTUNE?

  • MrAudi220
    MrAudi220 Month ago

    If i had the money,that would be my pick right now or a ttrs.these new 5pot rs's are just on another level the new engines with aluminum block weigh 20kg less then the previous gen so the front will be less prone to understeer wich the 8p models where very prone to.I would be happy with 500-600hp in this car without the ethanol and maybe a different hybrid turbo for a little quicker spool(road use),the chassis just seems so balanced even with 740 hp,they really over engineerd these cars which is a very good thing.👍✌️👉

  • K 1
    K 1 Month ago

    Music name please

  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies Month ago

    Needs a detail, saw plenty of swirl marks ;)

  • Aleksander Blinn
    Aleksander Blinn Month ago

    Skyline stock does 2.9

  • Scot Wilson
    Scot Wilson Month ago

    Amazing sound, but should really get that engine built sooner rather than later. And I REALLY want to see a video showing the engine tear down to see its condition after this long with that insane power.
    I'm DYING to see that bottom end!

  • robbie gillespie
    robbie gillespie Month ago +1

    The baddest rs3 in Scotland🤪

  • Vax
    Vax Month ago

    To be honest, he says To be honest way too much! :)

  • Baby Trickshot
    Baby Trickshot Month ago

    First comment maybe

  • Baby Trickshot
    Baby Trickshot Month ago

    First comment maybe

  • Leo M
    Leo M Month ago

    Im about to puke from so much camera flipping effects.

  • Psilo Cybe
    Psilo Cybe Month ago

    ohohohohoh, we have 94 extr. expnsv. super car owners, that are 20 times more money and of corse, slower...:) LOL

  • Gypsy Strong
    Gypsy Strong Month ago

    The vast majority of everyone watching vids on rs3's are not wise too is that audi has had a 2.2l inline 5 cyl turbo around for 30 years you could pump 800horsepower out of, 30 fcking years lmao, obviously under heavier modifications comparatively to the modern one and internals would have to be swapped to get 800bhp range unlike this guy has had to do, but very different times where this market essentially didnt exist. Regardless 400 sedans came over and 150 avant wagon's came over in 91 i believe, the 20v 5cyl turbo audi wagon is and forever will be the origional "sleeper" hands down absolute , true sleepers do not exist anymore but that car in 1991 sedan or wagon wasnt even right, 3k put into it: chip euro, wastegate, full exhaust, stage 3'd with bigger turbo, not excessive monster booter, talking reliable mods daily driver in 91.... was 500 ft lbs prolly which banded max torque at 1900 rpm and pulled it to 6500 or whatever, go look up the number's on lambo or testorosa the 2 iconic supercars from that year, avant boxed audi wagon with "flared wheelwells"(this was the s-badge those years) crushes everything , like thumps the shit out of it one sided sillly. so passionate cause owned 2 sedans and use to 4k clutch dump my dad's stock wagon on erie blvd in syracuse friday nights and make meathead clowns in modded 400 hp camaro's be at a complete loss of words as a wagon full of 16 year olds just launched impossibly launched to 45 mph, such classic day's. Anyhow search for 20v turbo quattro launches, there is some badass videos here.. Audi innovation wise has always been on top, thank them for the modern turbo and all AWD's that exist today basically... they are money pits from a maintenance perspective since forever but this is how audi always built, leading edge.. so it's sweet they brought it back , like i shit my pants when i heard origionally and was confused why they went away.. 5cyls are billy , volvo gets some serious numbers out of theres from way back... godspeed all happy holiday..

  • George Mavrides
    George Mavrides Month ago

    The only thing stock is this car is its interior.

  • dubvalver
    dubvalver Month ago

    mans getting 35mpg in this and im over here getting 19mpg in my E46 M3.

  • DubTech Tv
    DubTech Tv Month ago

    Imagine this with a built engine, shitting out 1000hp.. Fucking animal, it would destroy anything on the road.

  • XRPeon eon
    XRPeon eon Month ago

    What year is this?

  • Tumi Mfolozi
    Tumi Mfolozi Month ago

    This guy is so honest 😂🤷🏽‍♂️..

    *GULLYGOD* Month ago +1

    Hellcat is still king I’m sorry

  • Earth Resident
    Earth Resident Month ago +1

    That transfer case will have a short lifespan

  • sean VDC
    sean VDC Month ago

    I always want to know what these guys do for a job

  • Jared Crawford
    Jared Crawford Month ago +10

    Cormier retires from the UFC and focuses more on his youtube channel. Dope.

  • Roy Blake
    Roy Blake Month ago +3

    Thought Ricky played this car down slightly, yer man was having to proclaim how good it was.
    The car (minus the stickers) is awesome!

  • Formula 382
    Formula 382 Month ago

    Awesome car, terrible color choice.

  • Q
    Q Month ago

    It’s a fucking 5 cylinder but it sounds like an R8 when he steps on it . Love it

  • Speedwelltuning
    Speedwelltuning Month ago

    Fastest reps car there is 😂

  • TheTNPfan
    TheTNPfan Month ago

    Nice video!

  • Frank Tank
    Frank Tank Month ago

    "740 HP" and no Ceramic Brakes :) :) :)

  • Haja
    Haja Month ago

    I smell Clutch

    WTF CHANNEL Month ago

    LLF - standard response ****ING HELL...X 3. Then eventually gives up with the ****mute and goes full FUCKING HELL.... every video lol

  • gummi xx
    gummi xx Month ago +1

    man i would never in a million years have those stickers on my beautiful audi but hey to each his own :S

  • Hekla Aurora
    Hekla Aurora Month ago +1

    A stripped down Tesla Model S in Ludicrous+ Mode can do 0-60 in 2.0 and that is stock engine. So take that you dumbass

  • Audi Car Mods
    Audi Car Mods Month ago

    Lovely car, shame somebody stole the front number plate

    • Audi Car Mods
      Audi Car Mods Month ago +1

      @Roberto Caira nice one. I need to put clips on mine makes it so much easier.

    • Roberto Caira
      Roberto Caira Month ago +1

      Chris P front plate was on when we were on the road mate it’s on clips . I took it off for when Ricky did the shots of it

  • E S
    E S Month ago +18

    77 dislikes are from those who bought the wrong car lol

  • CosmicGate184
    CosmicGate184 Month ago

    i read 1408HP in the thumb, now i'm disappointed :p

    • tony pazek
      tony pazek Month ago

      If it had 1408 hp it would do 2.1 sec. But with 740 hp maybe 3.0,3.1 seconds.

  • Bours911
    Bours911 Month ago +1

    Race it against the m4 or i am breaking everything !!

  • dave cartwright
    dave cartwright Month ago

    Nice... nice... fucking nice

  • Christian Hobkirk
    Christian Hobkirk Month ago

    Sounds just like an R8

  • ScotchEgg
    ScotchEgg Month ago

    Ecotune, are these the shysters from Scotland?

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +1

    Interesting that it's not the hatchback

  • onatrailnearyou
    onatrailnearyou Month ago

    I need to change the plugs and put some E85 in mine. Already running the APR dual map. They are great little package and come to life after a tune.

  • Tirikuenda Tserere
    Tirikuenda Tserere Month ago +1

    Audi r3

  • sonickills23
    sonickills23 Month ago


  • t k
    t k Month ago

    Your liv9nf the b8s4 boy dream... audi has made bonkers cars with a few b9lt ons.....crazy.....iv had 2 both broke a lot.....b5s4....b8s4...both crazy fo4 there're time
    .....your the product of my time.
    A super car for way less God bless apr...vw...and most boost...
    God bless boost😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Nicholas Donges
    Nicholas Donges Month ago

    Beautiful ….

  • Simon Adams
    Simon Adams Month ago

    I'll be honest here.
    I don't like this channel, because I don't agree with how they drive on public roads, with customer cars and some other things.
    But when I see that people are running 700+hp on an RS3 without changing anything in the engine at all. It really makes me wonder why I take so much care of mine all the time.
    It seems like I could treat it like shit for years and it will be totally fine...

  • Slashley gibbins
    Slashley gibbins Month ago +4

    Me: I can’t stand the ‘hold my beer’ comments
    I can’t stand the ‘hold my beer’ commenter: hold my beer

  • John Okedoke
    John Okedoke Month ago

    Potty mouth

  • Mike170874
    Mike170874 Month ago

    Those wheels are pants hate black alloys