every pop music fan ever

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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  • MusicMusic

Comments • 2 985

  • Alocin
    Alocin 18 hours ago

    No way
    No way!
    Yeah we love music
    NO WAY!

  • sustain & resonance
    sustain & resonance 4 days ago

    Damn this is the realist shit ive ever seen

  • Frosty4427
    Frosty4427 6 days ago +1

    "I love all kinds of music." usually just seems to translate to "I don't really like any kind of music in particular."

  • TacoBeans21
    TacoBeans21 11 days ago

    I only like old music from the 50s - 90s tbh

  • Ulioh
    Ulioh 26 days ago


  • Maitei Aguilera
    Maitei Aguilera 27 days ago

    Holy shit your rude stare really intimidates me

  • YOZZii
    YOZZii 27 days ago

    I can’t stand Ariana grande.

    Fight me.

  • lizardboi v2
    lizardboi v2 29 days ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford Month ago


  • ? What
    ? What Month ago

    Your content is brilliant enough to not add that meme ear rape at the end.
    You can handle endings well, just dont follow those cringy earrape trends.

  • Sandor Bronn
    Sandor Bronn Month ago

    Manson Lamps

  • zahra khodabakhshi
    zahra khodabakhshi Month ago +1

    I want to punch those two

  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson Month ago +2


    • Alice Thompson
      Alice Thompson Month ago +1

      Kim Plausible yeah there’s pop but it’s not only pop and it kind of pisses me off that most people only know those songs:(

    • Kim Plausible
      Kim Plausible Month ago

      2013 -2019 Panic are pop

    • sarina
      sarina Month ago +2


  • Pigeon McCoo
    Pigeon McCoo Month ago

    We as an entire society gotta change on how we see other people’s tastes

  • Somebody that You used to know

    Me when I was 8

  • jasmi201303
    jasmi201303 Month ago


  • Alex Second
    Alex Second Month ago

    billie ellish whispers

  • souksou mouksou
    souksou mouksou Month ago

    I hope he went to grab a music piece on paper and tell him to sing it

    AMITA MRIDHA Month ago

    As a pop fan... this is accurate but also very exaggerated at the same time and I don’t know what to feel I just feel attacked

  • jenithesinger1
    jenithesinger1 Month ago +1

    Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? I'm fine, how are you? Good, how are you? Good, how are you? Good, how are you?

  • Elino Snip
    Elino Snip Month ago +1

    I guess you can't really say that you listen to all kinds of music without being taken seriously. That's kinda stupid cause there sure are people who listen to a wide variety of music but they just get labeled for having no music taste at all. Bro when i say i listen to different kinds of music it's because i don't wanna name every fuckin genre i listen to and sometimes i don't even know the genre for certain artists

    • Miguel Ruiz
      Miguel Ruiz Month ago

      It's cause most people that say that gave it a bad rep cause they only listen to whatever is popular at the moment

  • PieceOfPumpkin
    PieceOfPumpkin Month ago +1

    "y'like jazz?"

  • J. Devine
    J. Devine Month ago +1

    take a shot everytime somebody in the comments doesnt realize this video is a joke

  • Ivan Rusev
    Ivan Rusev Month ago

    Nice video. Made me laugh. But the comment section is often even more entertaining. Guys, it's ok to like whatever kind of music you like. If you're offended, you're missing the point...

  • Jesse Newby
    Jesse Newby Month ago

    Your comments are weak

  • Pan Stavr
    Pan Stavr Month ago

    You can be a pop music fan but not necessarily like every bullshit that radio constantly plays.There are still some great pop artists even though many of them are not mainstream

  • Magnus Mæhle Berggreen

    This video is how i felt when i used to hang out in the metalcore scene and tried talking to them about old school metal.

  • Edenium Music
    Edenium Music Month ago

    This made me angry

  • Katelyn Atwood
    Katelyn Atwood Month ago +1

    All did N O T include Panic! At the Disco into the genre of POP?!?
    Man screw these people nowadays...

  • mary poppins
    mary poppins Month ago

    he’s so chill

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    Next one Kpop Fan

  • Zach Coma
    Zach Coma Month ago

    Anyone who generically says, "I love music" needs to constantly be pushed down stairs.

  • Forever More
    Forever More Month ago +1

    I genuinely get irritated when people say "I listen to everything" and I'm like "got a favorite band?" Then they say "not really, i listen to everything though" 🤔😐

  • Ass Bread
    Ass Bread Month ago

    Ed Sheeran is the next EVH, fight me.

  • Khánh Nguyễn
    Khánh Nguyễn Month ago

    Ariana and Billie are ok, panic and sam smith are pretty shite

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    me: what sort of music do you listen to
    they: oh I listen to everything
    me: ok what sort of music don't you like
    they: country and rap

  • ElSaltaCohetes
    ElSaltaCohetes Month ago

    yesterday i woke up sucking on a lemon

  • Edie Boyter
    Edie Boyter Month ago

    ... ya like jazzzz?

  • vscitizen
    vscitizen Month ago

    This video popped up right when I was listening to some Panic at the Disco

  • Silent Eyes
    Silent Eyes Month ago

    Who is Sam Smith? Never heard of the guy

  • El correo de Andres

    Just funk yourself!

  • My Name Is [Soph]
    My Name Is [Soph] Month ago

    “Panic! At the Disco-“

    *I feel attacked*

  • ••
    •• Month ago

    I see y’all tryna fill your empty and boring self by claiming listening to one genre in particular makes you superior or inferior. pretentious af 💀

  • Alternative Arrowhead

    These guys: You don't know anything about music if you can't sing.
    Every guitarist, bassist, drummer, and EDM producer ever: *am I a joke to you?*

  • Scotty Li
    Scotty Li Month ago

    dude I woulda knocked these foos out

  • Verboten Liturgies from Abhorrent Serpentine Tumuli

    When it comes to KPOP, it gets way worse, cuz I AM Korean, so I know deeper than you know about how cancerous they be.

  • I’m Kool
    I’m Kool Month ago

    i dont know what genre of music i listen to-

  • wait, it isnt 2004?

    hey now panic! used to be alt rock :') rip old panic! 😔

  • Kawsaki
    Kawsaki Month ago +1

    Yeah pretty much

  • y e e t
    y e e t Month ago +1

    y o u l i k e j a z z

  • Ruben Chapman
    Ruben Chapman Month ago

    0:24 that escalated quickly xD

  • David Iulian
    David Iulian Month ago

    Yeah, i totally feel it. You described perfectly my friends.

  • Alocin
    Alocin Month ago

    I love youtube recommendations, what's the background music though?

  • armyporg
    armyporg Month ago

    When I say that I like the Beatles everyone in my class is just like
    Oh YeAh I lIsTenEd To SoMe Of ThEiR sOnGs AnD tHeY sUcK

  • Bastet
    Bastet Month ago

    I swear man, those people who love Metal music has massive ego and they claim the only quality music is Metal, and all the other music genres (especially pop and rap) are trash. While me, literally love to listen classical music, jazz, blues, pop, rap and rock etc. don't care what other people listen, and I don't try to shame people for what kind of music they are listening.

  • Vojin Milojkovic
    Vojin Milojkovic Month ago +9

    I once heard from a girl that *"JAZZ DOES NOT HAVE RHYTHM"*
    i died inside on that day

    • John vincent
      John vincent 29 days ago

      Probably a metalhead girl lmao. They are some of the dumbest creatures to walk this earth.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago +1

    Pop music is the main genre of music that has VOCALS as the focal point (the vocal point, if you will) whereas other genres prioritize instrumentation, like i understand that music buff dudes wanna shit all over pop music because yall dont like it and sonically speaking the tracks are super basic most of the time, but in terms of voice, someone like Whitney Houston is a virtuoso and allows the otherwise basic music to transcend the limits of its genre. just a thought i know this is a comedic video but still.

  • TJ Sten
    TJ Sten Month ago +4

    i say i like all kinds of music because i listen to irish folk, death, doom, groove, thrash, or porno-grind metal, synthwave, math rock, post hardcore, kpop, bedroom pop, indie pop, progressive house, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, dubstep, extratone, free jazz, bebop, big band, any country before the 90s, acoustic folk, baroque, romantic, pop punk, power metal, emo, norwegian black (both the satanic stuff and atmospheric stuff), blues, classic punk, bossa nova, lofi hip-hop, ska, future bass, chiptune, musicals, or anything you can call legitimate art regularly.
    ariana grande kinda sucks tho tbh

  • Jillian Monroe
    Jillian Monroe Month ago +3

    the 369 dislikes are people who like pop who were offended by the truth

  • nemesis
    nemesis Month ago

    You’re so cocky😂
    Pop is also a good part of the music culture
    But it’s true it’s musical talent bot singing talent