World Exclusive: After Life Season 3: The First few Minutes

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • A world exclusive treat for you, the first few minutes of After Life Season 3, coming to Netflix around the world tomorrow - January 14th.

    No spoilers. Enjoy 👍

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  • Dark
    Dark 14 hours ago +60

    Just rewatched the show in anticipation for season 3. I cant wait for tomorrow!!! Im happy and sad at the same time knowing this is the last one.

  • Ronald SHAW
    Ronald SHAW 16 hours ago +78

    I am so looking forward to this.Ricky you have an incredible talent with all that you have undertook,and now this which will be seen in the future as a classic.Thanks again!

  • Jim Van Diver
    Jim Van Diver 12 hours ago +11

    Just watched after life 3, absolutely loved it. Such a tough subject to us all , it touches you on so many levels. Glad i watched it on my own though. I'm a 63 year old ' hairy arsed truck driver and blubbed like a 3 year old. Thank you Ricky and all your team for making us really feel emotional and happy at the same time.

  • Connor-Craig Sellars
    Connor-Craig Sellars 16 hours ago +80

    What an amazing show. heartfelt but seriously funny

  • Captain Tactless
    Captain Tactless 16 hours ago +145

    First 2 seasons i watched yesterday... They broke me. Season 3 will probably do the same.. This is so very close to home... It hurts watching, but, i think it's helping

  • Miloslav Vorlicek
    Miloslav Vorlicek 16 hours ago +60

    Can’t wait for Tmw. The release comes on the 1st anniversary of my moms passing away last year. After Life really helped me when she left me suddenly last year. Thank you. I am sure this new season will be helpful Tmw. ❤️

  • Anusha  Rajan
    Anusha Rajan 14 hours ago +65

    It is disappointing to know that raw, honest and heartfelt shows are close to extinction. Then I see this, and it makes my day. A remarkable piece of work. Excited for this season.

  • C T
    C T 9 hours ago +5

    Ricky is a genius. Heartbreakingly sad and hilarious, all in the same bundle.

  • Ravi Chandra Kolachala
    Ravi Chandra Kolachala 12 hours ago +4

    I just sat and watched the entire season last night. I lost someone dear to me few years back, i lived last few years weeping and in depression and not caring much for anything and anyone and i have lost that interest to get along and move forward. I was not even seeking help and i was lonely and somehow deep down i felt miserable about what i did and how i did. I cannot thank Ricky enough for writing and making this, deep down we are there in every character this series has, We are one Kathy, we are one brain, we are the postman. The ending of Season 3 was indeed changed my perspective. Live, be good and kind. Thank you Ricky and everyone involved in the making.

  • dammie OG
    dammie OG 16 hours ago +38

    Thanks for lightening up my day Ricky! Can’t wait to watch the rest!

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 16 hours ago +15

    This is a brutally beautiful series full of truth and laughs. Glad it’s back for another season.

  • Michael J W
    Michael J W 14 hours ago +11

    For me this series is very personal.. I went through loss very early in life, and Ricky Gervais doesn't sell it, he's a master craftsman, brilliant series

  • Jaydeepsinh Chavada
    Jaydeepsinh Chavada 12 hours ago +2

    Bingewatched last night! My heart always cry watching it but I was laughing throughout! What a masterpiece 😍 congratulations to team! I hope we get more shows like this.

  • Ash Rosetti
    Ash Rosetti 16 hours ago +16

    Can't wait to watch it tomorrow!! So excited!! One of the best shows ever made.

  • LayzeeTV
    LayzeeTV 16 hours ago +4

    Ricky is a legend absolutely love this guy

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 16 hours ago +31

    Couldn’t think of a better actress to work alongside Ricky. They have such natural chemistry and comedy timing

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol 14 hours ago +3

    Finished the show few hours ago and absolutely loved the way you ended it. Thanks for creating this amazing show. ❤️

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens 14 hours ago +6

    Laughs, sadness, regrets and love. Just real life (Afterlife) really. Going to binge on this. Ricky's character development gets better with each series. You really care about them. The cast is perfect. The last few minutes of season 2 brought me to tears.

  • Be Kind FFS
    Be Kind FFS 9 hours ago +1

    Just finished season 3. The ending made me tear up with nostalgia, sadness and I suppose joy. Beautiful ❤️ Thanks Ricky.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 11 hours ago

    Just finished season 3. The ending made me tear up with nostalgia, sadness and I suppose joy. Beautiful Thanks Ricky.